Altaro VM Backup 7.6 vs. Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5Altaro VM Backup 7.6 vs. Veeam Backupand Replication 9.5Veeam’s Backup and Replication (Veeam) is one of the most well-known products in thehypervisor backup market. Its popularity comes with high costs of ownership, however.Executive Summary In fiscal terms, Veeam is much costlier than Altaro VM Backup. The pricing model is verycomplicated.Veeam is very difficult to use with a steep learning curve. Altaro VM Backup is designed forease-of-use.Veeam’s installation path is very long and involved. Altaro VM Backup can be set up andoperational in a few minutes.Veeam doesn’t offer direct offsite backups to Azure, only by adding on a costly appliance.Altaro VM Backup is more efficient at reducing the storage footprint for protected VMs withits new Augmented In-line Deduplication and offers full control of backup/restoreoperations via web console (Altaro Cloud Management Console).www.altaro.com ALTARO 2018 1

Altaro VM Backup 7.6 vs. Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5Veeam Weaknesses against Altaro VM BackupThere are several aspects of Veeam that make the product a far from ideal fit for SMB-sizedorganizations. High cost: Measuring features per dollar, Veeam Backup and Replication is one of the mostexpensive backup products on the market today. This includes their method of providingbackup storage in the public cloud. Altaro VM Backup is an affordable, full-featuredalternative.o Veeam’s cheapest option is more expensive than Altaro VM Backup’s most expensiveoption.Complicated pricing model: The pricing model is a complicated multi-tier structure thatmakes it difficult to determine what you need to pay for and what you'll be receiving.Additionally, support is a separate purchase. If your organization starts out within thearbitrary limit set for the “Essentials” package (fewer than 6 total CPU sockets) but latercrosses over into the range where an Enterprise license is necessary, the sticker shock can beextreme. Altaro VM Backup has a very simplistic pricing model that scales predictably.Added indirect cost: In addition to its own license, Veeam requires a separate installation ofWindows and some sort of Microsoft SQL Server installation. Express Edition is acceptable forsmaller institutions but Standard or higher, along with the requisite license, is preferred.This adds hardware and Microsoft licensing expenses on top of Veeam’s cost. Altaro VMBackup requires no heavy database system and includes a lightweight console that can rundirectly from the virtualization host if necessary.Storage Efficiency: With Altaro’s new Augmented In-Line Deduplication, Veeam is not asefficient when compressing and deduping protected workloads. In identical tests, Altaro VMBackup compressed and deduped 206GBs of data from 10VMs down to 73.9GB, while Veeamwas only able to shrink it to 119GBs. This difference when compared against largerworkloads is projected to be even more significant.Web Console Lacks Full Control of Backup/Restore Operations: The Veeam ManagedBackup Portal is a web based interface for managing multiple Veeam installations acrossseveral customers. However, while the Veeam Managed Backup Portal allows the user tomanage endpoints and view reports and licensing, there currently does not appear to be away to Create and Apply Backup Jobs from the web UI. The job has to be created in the onpremise application and *then* it can be executed from the web UI.Difficult to use: Veeam’s products are so difficult to use that they’ve found it necessary toimplement a certification program. Initial configuration of backup jobs is not straightforwardand may fail or not provide complete protection until the user learns what the variousoptions and error messages mean. The descriptions for features and errors are often cryptic,especially for a new user. Day-to-day management of a functional environment is relativelysimple, but the product’s difficulty could be an added frustration during an emergencyrecovery operation, especially if the user performing the recovery has not practiced usingVeeam. One of Altaro VM Backup’s central design goals is ease of use such that even a noviceuser should face no meaningful barriers.www.altaro.com ALTARO 2018 2

Altaro VM Backup 7.6 vs. Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5 Complicated installation: As with the overall difficulty of the product, the installation processis not straightforward. There are a number of questions, such as around the “vPower NFS”service, that a new user won’t know how to handle. Additionally, the inclusion of License filesadds an added step into the mix which may prove difficult for a novice user that is not awareof such things. Altaro VM Backup’s installation is very straightforward.Veeam REQUIRES an appliance (Veeam Cloud Connect) running in Azure to facilitate OffsiteBackups into Azure. This increases cost and complexity into the solution. Altaro VM Backupcan connect directly to an Azure Based Storage account for maximum efficiency and costsavings.Veeam Backup and Replication Strengths against Altaro VM BackupThe primary strengths of Veeam against Altaro VM Backup involve its larger overall featureset. Many of these are more important for larger environments. Backup to tape: Veeam supports backing up to tape drives.Pre-/post- scripts Inside the UI: Veeam can schedule special routines to run before and afterbackup. Altaro can do this, but with the scriptable API instead.More Granular Restore Options: Linux File Level Item Restore, SQL Object Restores, and ADobject level restores add an additional level of granularity.Replication: Veeam can replicate VMs directly to another host.Feature comparisonSize of install filesTime to InstallAltaro VM Backup 7.6Veeam Backup andReplication 9.5315MB1.5 GBMain installer.Does not include latest patches.Less than 5 minutesVaries, 30 minutes minimum.Additional time required if a cleanWindows environment is not prepared.Additional time is required if anadditional SQL instance needs to be setup.If .Net Framework is already installed.Time to first backupMajor RequirementsLess than 5 minutes.10 minutes or moreDepends mainly on the speed inwhich the operator can configure abackup target.Depends on operator's understandingof the software and complexity of theenvironment after installation.Hyper-V: No separatesystem necessary.Windows installation andSQLThe entire product can be installed ona Hyper-V host.Windows installation should bededicated. SQL Express is adequatefor small organizations.VMware: The managementconsole can be installed on anycompatible Windows system,www.altaro.com ALTARO 2018 3

Altaro VM Backup 7.6 vs. Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5including a desktop operating system.Does not need to be a dedicatedenvironment.Ease of useVery simple to useExtremely difficult to useA novice user should be able toperform both backups and restoreswithout much effort.Settings are not well-explained. Errormessages are not clear. Veeam hasfound it necessary to set up acertification path for its productsbecause they are so difficult to use.Admin maintenancerequiredMinimalMinimal to moderateCost of ownershipLowExpensiveMaximum 875 per host. 950 minimum per host. (AssumesBackup Essentials which Maxes out at6 CPU Sockets) 515 - 875 950 ( 475 per socket)(Lowest: Standard Highest: UnlimitedPlus Edition. Both incl. 1 year SMA*)(incl. 1 year SMA)Price for 1 server host(2 sockets)If all is well, should require minimalintervention. Problems could taketime to sort out.(This assumes Veeam BackupEssentials which does not contain allfeatures and becomes moreexpensive after 6 CPU sockets)Price for 5 server host(2 sockets per server) 2,575 - 4,375 7,800 ( 780 per socket)(Standard / Unlimited Edition /Unlimited Plus, incl. 1 year SMA)(incl. 1 year SMA)(Going over 6 sockets requiresstandard licensing, which again doesnot include all features)Pricing structureMaintenance and SupportcostQuality of SupportStraightforwardComplicatedPriced per host.Multi-tier, multi-product structure.Can use "Essentials" priced per socketpair, but only if using a total of 6sockets or fewer. For 7 or moresockets, must use another licensetype which will be a bundle of somesort. Different Features at DifferentTiers of the product25% Of current license fee.20% of initial license fee.First year included with initial licensepurchase, with 5-10% discounts onmultiple year renewals.(discounts for multiple years)99% client satisfactionVeeam support generallyhas mixed-reviews. While22s avg response time – phone 1h avg response time – email16s avg response time – live chatwww.altaro.com ALTARO 2018(Basic Support Comes with License,Production Support is an addedCharge)some larger organizations seem to behappy with it, there have been some 4

Altaro VM Backup 7.6 vs. Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5reports from smaller organizationsthat have reported issues.Fit for SMB organizations(1-50 hosts)Storage Efficiency StatisticsPerfect fitAltaro provides a product with afeature set and pricing model that fitswell with SMB needs and budgets.Compresses and Dedupes 206GB ofdata over 10 VMs down to 73.9GBToo complicated andexpensivePrice jump from 6 to 7 sockets will bea budget-shock.In same test Veeam compresses anddedupes 206GB of data over 10 VMsdown to 119GBCSV-aware / Support forvCenterAgentlessOffsite Replication w/ WANAccelerationStart VM Directly fromBackupLive Backups of Windowsand non-Windows VMsHyper-V and VMwareSupportWeb Based ManagementAvailable?Conduct Backup andRestore Operations fromwithin Web Console?Can backup directly to anAzure Blob StorageAccount?Can run backups every 15minutes?Tape Support* SMA Software Maintenance Agreement that covers software updates and Technical Supportwww.altaro.com ALTARO 2018 5

Altaro VM Backup 7.6 vs. Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5 Veeam Weaknesses against Altaro VM Backup There are several aspects of Veeam that make the product a far from ideal fit for SMB-sized organizations. High cost: Measuring features per dollar, Veeam Backup and Replication is one of the most expens