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OUR STORYLumico Medigap Solutionsare designed to help solvetwo big problems - thatpeople don’t have enoughhealth insurance, and thatthey find purchasing theseproducts confusing.As you get older, you mightstart thinking about waysto make the tough choicesjust a little bit easier.Especially when it comesto protecting your familyand your health in theyears to come.That’s why we’recommitted to providingyou with the rightproducts, with a simpleprocess at an affordableprice.The result? More familieshave the peace of mindthat comes with havingthe coverage they needwhen they need it most.For Agent Use Only ELI-MS-Guide-2021-001

Lumico Medigap Solutions are here to help. Think clear options,designed to create great customer experiences.We recognize that buying insurance can be complicated,confusing and tough — but with Lumico Medigap Solutions, itdoesn’t have to be.Here’s why:We offer simple, clear andaffordable health insurance.While other carriers mayrequire lengthy underwritingdecisions to process yourapplications, we keep itsimple.We work to understandyour needs to find thesolution that’s best for you.We personalize your buyingexperience, so every step isseamless.For Agent Use Only ELI-MS-Guide-2021-001Our straightforwarddigital journey enablesqualified applicants toreceive instant decisionand immediate coverageeasily.

MORE ABOUT LUMICOMEDIGAP SOLUTIONSLumico Medigap Solutions is underwritten by ElipsLife Insurance Company and is rated “A” (Excellent)by A.M. Best1, the leading insurance rating agency.As the second highest rating that is awarded, ourcompany is financially stable and secure.With millions of dollars of insurance coverage inforce, we protect thousands of satisfied customersevery day. We have an impeccable 50 years ofexperience insuring individuals just like you.Lumico Medigap Solutions underwritten by Elips LifeInsurance Company is proud to be part of Swiss Re,a global financial services organization and Fortune500 company that has been protecting families since1865.Policyissuancewithin 24 hoursClaimsprocessingin 4 daysCalls answeredin 30 seconds 97% of the time1These ratings reflect claims paying ability but are not a guarantee of future performance, as of May 2019.That’s why ourcustomers chooseLumico MedigapSolutions.For Agent Use Only ELI-MS-Guide-2021-001

What isMedicareSupplementinsurance?We offer Medicare Supplement insurance - one of the mostcommonly needed health insurance products for people who are 65or older. This type of insurance complements your Original Medicare(Part A and B) by helping to cover medical expenses, while giving youthe freedom to choose your own medical providers.Easy to apply.Guaranteed renewableevery year.Selection of plans to meetyour budget.Ideal for: people withOriginal Medicare whowant to secure additionalcoverage to help withexpenses such as co-paysand deductibles thatMedicare doesn’t cover.For Agent Use Only ELI-MS-Guide-2021-001

DID YOU KNOW?Medicare Part B only covers 80% of your outpatient medical careor doctor visits.1 Our Medicare Supplement plans can help pick upthe remaining costs.DOCTOR BILLSMEDICARE PAYSWE PAYYour doctor provides amedical service and billsMedicare.Medicare pays theapproved portion of thebill and sends the excessamount to us.Our company pays theremaining amount,according to your MedicareSupplement plan’s terms.Medical debt is a seriousfinancial issue for manyAmericans.6 in 10adults havechronic disease285% 11,300of health care costsare for diabetes andheart disease2is the average annualhealth care cost forpeople age 65 3With Medicare Supplement, there are no network restrictions.You can see and select your own physicians without referrals as long as theyaccept Medicare, 2020;, October 23 2019;, January 8 2020For Agent Use Only ELI-MS-Guide-2021-001

Your choicesare a wholelot clearer.Choices should be clear, simple and easy to understand. And with Lumico Medigap Solutions,Medicare Supplement has never been clearer.What your Original Medicare covers:Medicare Part B - Medical insuranceMedicare Part A - Hospital insurance Includes hospital inpatient and recovery carein skilled nursing facilities, hospice and homehealthcare services. Covers some medically necessary services fromdoctors and other healthcare providers, pluspreventive services.What Medicare Supplement covers:BenefitsPlan AHighPlan F1 Plan G Plan N DeductiblePlan G2Basic benefits3(including hospice) Part B coinsurance Part A deductible Skilled nursingfacility coinsurance Foreign travelemergency Part B excesscharges Part B deductible Competitive advantage We offer some of the lowest ratesamong our competitors Enjoy Household Discounts whenyou reside with your spouse or aneligible adult5 Affordable premiums to help meetyour financial planning needsA clear value Lower out of pocket costsInstant coverage - no waiting periodGuaranteed renewableNo provider restrictions41Plan F is available only to individuals that became eligible for Medicare before January 1, 2020.2For High Deductible Plan G you must pay for Medicare-covered costs up to the deductible amount of 2,370 before your Medigap plan pays anything.3Basic benefits include Part A coinsurance, Part A hospice care coinsurance or copayment, Part B coinsurance or copayment, and first three pints of blood per year.4Any provider who accepts Medicare patients accepts Medicare Supplement insurance.5Household discounts are not available in all states, discount amount and qualification criteria vary by state.For Agent Use Only ELI-MS-Guide-2021-001

FAQWhat is Medicare Supplement insurance(otherwise known as Medigap)?Medicare Supplement insurancehelps you pay some of the health careexpenses that your Original Medicaredoes not cover such as co-paymentsor deductibles. Medicare Supplementinsurance is guaranteed renewable everyyear.Is anyone eligible for MedicareSupplement insurance?To purchase Medicare Supplementinsurance, you need to already haveMedicare Part A and Part B.Does Medicare cover care for COVID-19?Testing for COVID-19 is covered underMedicare Part B when it is ordered by adoctor or another health care providerthat accepts Medicare.Any needed outpatient services willbe covered under Part B, and for anymedically necessary hospitalization, will becovered under Medicare Part A coveragerules. The costs you are responsiblefor under Medicare Part A include adeductible of 1,484 for each stay anddaily coinsurance if your stay exceeds 60days. Our Medicare Supplement productmay cover all or part of the Medicare PartA and B coinsurance and/or deductiblesaccording to the plan you choose.For Agent Use Only ELI-MS-Guide-2021-001Can I get a household discount for meand my spouse/partner?Household discount is available in moststates if you reside with your spouse/partner or an eligible adult. Pleaseconsult with your sales representative forexact details.Does your Medicare Supplementinsurance cover prescription drugs?No, any Medicare Supplement policythat was sold after January 1, 2006 isnot allowed to include prescription drugcoverage.Do I need to re-apply each year to securemy Medicare Supplement insurance?No - your policy is renewable as long asyou continue to pay premiums when theyare due.


Get intouch!Medicare Supplement insurance plans, also known as Medigap plans, are standardized by the government, which means that allplans have exactly the same basic benefits, regardless of which insurance company you choose. Medicare Supplement plans aregenerally available to individuals age 65 and above, and in some states, these plans are available to disabled individuals under age65 that are eligible for Medicare.Elips Life Insurance Company (“ELIC”) underwrites Medicare Supplement policies. ELIC is not connected with or endorsed by theU.S. Government or the federal Medicare program. Premium and benefits vary by plan selected. Plan availability varies by state.This is a solicitation of insurance and a licensed insurance agent/producer may contact you. Exclusions or limitations mayapply. For costs and complete details of the coverage, contact your insurance agent.This brochure is designed as a marketing aid and is not a legal contract for insurance. This brochure does not pertain to stateswhere no coverage is available and is not intended for use outside of the United States. Please refer to the policy for the full termsand conditions of coverage.For Agent Use Only ELI-MS-Guide-2021-001

Medicare Supplement insurance helps you pay some of the health care expenses that your Original Medicare does not cover such as co-payments or deductibles. Medicare Supplement insurance is guaranteed renewable every year. Is anyone eligible for Medicare Supplement insurance? To purchase Medicare Supple