Liebert APM UPS 15-90 kVA/kWScalable, Highly Efficient, Row-BasedPower Protection

LIEBERT APM UPSA Scalable UPS as Dynamic as Your Data CenterPrevent power interruptions and ensure the future flexibility and efficiency of your data centerinfrastructure, with the Liebert APM UPS. Leverage the innovative modular configuration,cost-efficient operation and flexibility to match increasing power demands all while ensuringcritical reliability.AVAILABILITY AND FLEXIBILITY IS ENHANCED WITHSTANDARD AND OPTIONAL FEATURESObtain redundancy and scalability using innovative Liebert modular power core assemblies. Eachincludes distributed intelligence and scalable power in one common module.This technology allows configuration of a completely redundant power and controlsystem, sized to match the capacity of the protected equipment. When powerrequirements change, capacity is easily added – without increasing the system footprint.The Liebert APM UPS scales from 15 to 45kW in a cabinet configuration that includesinternal batteries, or from 15 to 90kW in 15kW increments in a configuration thatreserves a cabinet for capacity that is paired with an external battery cabinet. Thisapproach allows for right-sizing of the UPS, resulting in improved energy efficiency andreduced power expenditures.Liebert APM UPS supports dynamic environments and IT growthFlexibilityyyCapacity can be expanded in 15kW increments using modular power core assembliesyy45kW model includes internal batteries and can also obtain extended run time withexternal battery cabinetsyy90kW model uses external battery cabinets onlyyyEasy Installation – front service access, smaller footprintyy208V, 480V and 600V input configurationsyyMatching bypass and distribution cabinet – increase reliability and safety byswitching the protected load to bypass power for maintenance and serviceyyTop or bottom cable entry – enables installation on raised or non-raised floorsThe row-based Liebert APM is ideally suited for:yy Small to medium-size data centersyy Telecommunicationsyy Server roomsyy Process control centersyy Production areasyy Edge of the network locationsyy Labs and testing facilities2

Resilient and Reliable for Mission Critical ApplicationsThe Liebert APM UPS ensures reliable operation throughquality components, intelligent design, and the industry’s largestlocal support network.Higher AvailabilityyyMinimizes single points of failureyyRedundant Internal power supplyyyDistributed controls – each power core assembly includes DSP controlsyyStandalone static bypass module – features independent controls in separateassembly to provide higher reliabilityyyParallel UPS Systems - configure for redundancy or increased capacityLiebert APM 45 kW UPS with internal batteriesCapacity and Agility, On DemandWith the innovative power modules, capacity deployments can occur rapidly.Power core hardware assembliesenable quick and easy capacity increases.Expand for capacity or redundancy in15kW increments within a singlecabinet – 15kW to 45kW to 90kW.Power assemblies may be addedwithout powering down connectedequipment.Distributed controls – Each powercore assembly includes DSP controls,minimizing possibility of single pointof failure.Standalone static bypass modulefeatures independent controls in separateassembly to provide higher reliability.Liebert APM 90 kW UPSIndependent Static Bypass assembly with Liebert Intellislot ports3

LIEBERT APM UPSEfficient Design and Operation Through-out the LifecycleECONOMICAL AND EFFICIENT – SAVES ON OPERATING AND CAPITAL EXPENSESyyLow Total Cost of OwnershipyyHigh-efficiency rating (up to 94%), rom50-100% loadyyENERGY STAR qualified UPSEfficiencies with and without Eco-Mode100%95%System EfficiencyLiebert APM UPS offers excellentefficiency, up to 94% in doubleconversion and up to 98% in ActiveEco-mode. More importantly, with itsoptimized modular design, high efficiencylevels can be obtained with the initialsystem, instead of purchasing largercapacity systems to anticipate futurerequirements.90%TypicalLoad Range85%80%yyExpand as you need with the flexibilityto add capacity as demand increases75%yyOne-year warranty – provides fullsystem coverage70%Normal % LoadLiebert APM UPS Efficiency CurveThe 90kW Liebert APM UPS at full load has up to 2% efficiency advantage overcompetitive UPS, saving up to 1800 annually (assuming 0.10 per kW/Hr).Dynamic Configurations Enhance DeploymentFrom left: Liebert APM BDC — Liebert APMUPS — Liebert APM External Battery Cabinet4UPS CabinetBypass Distribution CabinetyyOne assembly per cabinet maybe used for redundancy (up to30kW 15kW redundant; up to75kW 15kW redundant)yyExternal maintenance bypass forcomplete serviceability while load isrunning on bypass utility powerBattery CabinetyyIntegral distribution savesspace and costyyAdd runtime for 45 kW system;required for 90 kW systemyyKirk-key interlock ensuresproper operationyyOptional Albér factoryintegrated battery monitoring forproactive battery management toensure availabilityyy65 kAIC rating meets highelectrical withstand requirementsBattery Cabinet

Intelligence — Where and How You Need ItThe Liebert APM UPS provides robust, flexible ancillary features to ensurethe system meets your demands.Simple and Comprehensive MonitoringThe menu-driven control panel on Liebert APM UPS is easy to read and use.Multiple parameters are monitored; data is recorded, stored and easily viewable.Unit metering and status information is displayed in a logical format, and isselectable in multiple languages. The UPS also includes three Liebert IntelliSlot ports for web-based communications capability:yyLiebert IS-UNITY-DP allows 2 simultaneous 3rd party communicationprotocols, LIFE Services and environmental sensor supportyyLiebert IntelliSlot card IS-WEBL allows communication with LiebertNform and web page accessSimplified Monitoring with theUnity Communications Cardyy Up to 10 Liebert sensors can bewired in series and can report adiscrete SNMP trap when theirstatus changesyy Any SNMP monitoring andnotification software, such asLiebert Nform can be usedyy Monitor temperature, humidity,door open status, leak detectionand moreyyLiebert IntelliSlot IS-IPBML offers Web Configuration, Telnet and Modbusor BACnet IP for connectivity to a Building Management SystemyyLiebert IntelliSlot IS-485L offers serial configuration and Modus 485connection to a Building Management System or Liebert SiteScan Enterprise-Quality Batteries Increase ReliabilityBattery quality is key to the reliability of the UPS and to the availability of the protectedequipment. Liebert APM UPS provides the same reliable battery technology thatsupports enterprise UPS systems.yyLower initial costyyBetter service lifeyyBattery warranty – 3 years fullwarranty, 7 years pro-ratedyyBacked by the largest serviceorganization in the industryyyOptional Albér battery monitoringensures battery reliability allowingfor proactive management (see page6 for more information).Shown: Optional Albér integrated battery monitoring5

LIEBERT APM UPSIntelligence — Where and How You Need ItINNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES MAKE THE LIEBERT APM UPS AN INTELLIGENT DEVICEFOR ENHANCED CONNECTIVITY, VISIBILITY AND CONTROLManagement and Control SolutionsThe UPS includes multiple Liebert communication ports for important connectivity andvisibility for rich infrastructure management:yyThe Trellis Platform: Provides robust Data Center Information Management(DCIM) capabilities using selectable modules and suites.yyLiebert SiteScan : Offers centralized monitoring and control of all criticalinfrastructure systems, using a variety of network protocols.yyLiebert Nform : Enables data center monitoring for any SNMP device that supportsa network interface.The Trellis PlatformyyThird party BMS systems: integrates seamlesslyAlbér Battery Monitoring Systems:With a new, easy to use software interface, an Albér factory integrated or stand alonebattery monitoring system provides advance warning of pending UPS battery failures,the most common cause of unplanned data center outages.Utilizing its patented DC resistance testing method, Albér provides real-time system andcomponent level visibility by verifying the state of health of the entire battery system.Liebert SiteScanAlbér Battery Xplorer DashboardLiebert NformSystem ViewView data on parallel battery stringssimultaneously6String ViewView a trend graph showing the history ofall the string level parameters

Services Can Provide Local or Remote Coverage, 24x7CRITICAL SERVICES AND SUPPORTLIFE Services, offered by Vertiv ,provides increased uptime andoperational efficiency through continuousmonitoring, expert analysis, and proactiveresponse that ultimately helps youoptimize the health of the Liebert APM UPS and have peace of mind.Detailed parametric data is continuouslycaptured with advanced technologyembedded in the Liebert APM UPS. Thedata is transmitted safely and efficientlyto an authorized remote service centerstaffed with system engineers. Should anoperating anomaly or alarm conditionarise, the engineer performs an immediateanalysis and initiates an appropriateresponse to quickly, safely, and accuratelyrestore to its proper operating condition.LIFE Services offers following benefits:1. Uptime assurance delivered by24x7 monitoring; early detection oftrends and operating anomalies thatmay lead to critical failures if notaddressed; and interpretation of alarmand status messages to understandpotential impact.2. Rapid incident response deliveredby the Liebert APM UPS alarmmessages and relevant dataautomatically transmitted for analysis,trending and diagnosis; remotediagnosis of the equipment whilecustomer engineer is beingdispatched to the site; and shipmentof parts necessary to perform thecorrective maintenance.3. Increased insight and ease ofmanagement delivered by notificationof operating conditions that mayimpact the health of the Liebert APMUPS; explanation of critical systemhealth with trend and analysis reportsdelivered quarterly; and integration ofservices from remote detection ofcritical and anomaly conditionsthrough on-site response to restorethe critical system.Monitoringice Cee ServRemotnteryy24x7 continuous remote monitoringyyExpert analysis and diagnosiscalCriti 2UnitEmcalCriti 1UnityyQuick, safe and accurate responsetomCusiteer Soner srkwoNetAnalysis &DiagnosticserPowerinengr E itme e VisstoCu n-SitOResponseVertiv ServicesONLY VERTIVPROACTIVEExtend the Lifeof Your SystemSystem-WidePerspectiveEquipmentLevelDecrease CapitalInvestmentOptimizeSystemFEWPREVENTIVERepair NormalOperational ntReliabilityRepair OnceFault HasOccurredMaximizing the performance andefficiency of your data center’suninterruptible power supply (UPS)and other power distribution systemsrequires systems be properlymaintained by factory-trainedtechnicians. Trust Vertiv Services totake your critical maintenance to thenext level — proactive maintenancethat can significantly extend the lifeof your power systems, decrease yourcapital investment, optimize systemefficiency and effectiveness, andincrease overall system availability.The Vertiv Difference7

LIEBERT APM UPSTechnical Specifications - Liebert APM UPSPower Rating – kW/kVA15, 30, 4515, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90Frame Size45kW90kWInput AC SpecificationsPhase3Power Factor0.99 lagging minimum at full loadFrequency Range40-70 HzInput Voltage208, 220, 480, 600VAC, 60Hz, 3-phase, 4-wire plus groundGeneral SpecificationsUPS TechnologyOn-Line, Double ConversionBattery SpecificationsBattery Test TypeOnlineBattery TechnologyValve-regulated lead acid battery; supplied by EnersysOutput AC SpecificationsVoltage208/120, 220/127VAC, 60Hz 3-phase, 3- or 4-wire plus groundFrequency Hz60 HzCommunicationsCommunications OptionsLiebert IntelliSlot IS-485EXT, Liebert SiteScan, IS-WEBL, Liebert NformPhysical Data UPSDimensions, W X D X H in (mm)31.8 x 39.5 x 78.7 (800, 1000, 2000)Note: 12 inches of rear clearance required for coolingUPS RatingUnit Weight lb (kg)15kW919 (417)705 (320)30kW994 (451)780 (354)45kW1069 (485)855 (388)60kWNA930 (422)75kWNA1005 (456)90kWNA1080 (490)Physical Data Bypass Distribution CabinetDimensions, W X D X H in (mm)23.625 x 39.5 x 78.75 (600 x 1000 x 2000)Weight lb (kg)902 (410)Physical Data Battery CabinetDimensions, W X D X H in (mm)23.625 x 39.5 x 78.75 (600 x 1000 x 2000)Weight lb (kg)1554 (705) with Hx150 batteries, 1693 (768) with HX205 batteries, 2101 (953) with HX300 batteries,and 2366 (1073) with HX330 batteries.EnvironmentalOperating Temperature, F ( C)UPS: 32 to 104 F (0-40 C); Battery: 68 to 86 F (20-30 C)Relative Humidity0% to 95%, non-condensingOperating AltitudeUp to 3,300 ft. (1,000m) without deratingAcoustical Noise, db, at 39 in.Less than 56 dBA typical, 3.3 ft. (1m) from the unitAgency/Certification/ConformanceListed to UL 1778 and UL 924 UPS standards, and CSA certified.Meets current requirements for safe high performance UPS operation.ENERGY STAR qualifed UPS – 208V modelsWarrantyStandard81 Year

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LIEBERT APM UPS Liebert APM UPS offers excellent efficiency, up to 94% in double conversion and up to 98% in Active Eco-mode. More importantly, with its optimized modular design, high efficiency levels can be obtained with the initial system, instead of purchasing l