o BR1!89-66ConnecticutState, UniversityEastern Southern RESOLUTIONWesternP.O. Box 2008, New Britain, Connecticut 06050concerningChairman of the Board(203) 827-7700AWARD OF THE TITLECONNECI'ICUT STATE UNIVERSITY PROFESSORApril 7, 1989 WHEREAS,The faculty of Central Connecticut state university has recommendedProfessor Stanislaus Blejwas for the title of Connecticut stateUniversity Professor, andWHEREAS,The President of Central Connecticut state University, JohnShumaker, has recommended award of the title to Professor Blejwas,Connecticut State University President Beal concurring, andWHEREAS,Professor Blejwas has served Central Connecticut State universityfor many years in the History Department developing a PolishStudies program and serving as its Director while fulfilling thehighest ideals of outstanding teaching, scholarly achievement andpublic service, andWHEREAS,Professor Blejwaswas instrumental as project director for theNational Historical Publications and Records Commission of theNational Archives in securing the organization and development ofthe Connecticut Polish American Archives and Manuscript Collectionat Central Connecticut State University, andWHEREAS,Professor Blejwas also developed, organized, and co-produced thewell-received documentary, llpolish Survivors of the Holocaust, II afive-part program broadcast on the Connecticut Public Radio, andWHEREAS,Professor Blejwas has been recognized by peers in the field forprofessional excellence, now therefore, be itRESOLVED,That the title, Connecticut State university Professor, is herewithawarded by the Board of Trustees to Stanislaus Blejwas of CentralConnecticut State University pursuant to the BOT/AAUP Agreement,and be it furtherRESOLVED,That the salary of CSU Professor Stanislaus Blejwas shall beadjusted to 1.10 times his base salary, effective April 7, 1989.A Certified True Copy: An EqualOpportunityEmployer-- l'

oCentral Connecticut State University New Britain, Connecticut 06050A campus of Connecticut State UniversityOffice of the President(203) 827-7203January 31, 1989'IQ:Dallas K. Beal, PresidentConnecticut State universityFROM:John w. shumake PresidentSUBJ:csu Professor-fI am extremely pleased to forward to you the recommendation of the facultyat Central Connecticut State University that Professor Stanislaus Blejwas ofour Department of History be Central Connecticut's first nominee for a CSUProfessorship. A faculty committee appointed according to the guidelines specified in theAAUP/BOT contracts recommended Professor Blejwas to me. I believe he is fullydeserving of this special honor and is an ideal candidate for the first CSUProfessorship.Professor Blejwas has served the University for many years as a Director ofour Polish Studies Program and as a Professor of History. He has built thePolish Studies Program into a model community based academic activity.Indoing so he has generated tremendous public support for Central ConnecticutState University.At the same time, Professor Blejwas has been extraordinarily active as ascholar and teacher. As you will note in his attached resume, he is a prolificwriter and speaker. His scholarly achievements reflect his dedication to thefield of Polish Studies. Moreover, he is an outstanding teacher who inspiresstudents to study topics in depth and with great intellectual care. Because ofhis outstanding record in public service, scholarship, teaching, and universityservice, he represents the paradigm of what a Connecticut State universityprofessor should be.Professor Blejwas is a great asset to the University and will wear thEltitle of CSU Professorship with honor and dignity. i ;'t cp/ll.3Attachmentcc: Vice President Richard PattenaudeDean George ClarkeProfessor Ross BaieraProfessor Stanislaus BlejwasRECEIVEDLr: P. ('.'\989,HE CONNEC11Clli5TAlE UNWi.RSIT"{

-, stanislaus A. Blejwas, Ph.D .23 Avalon RoadWest Hartford, CT 06119(203) 521-25561963-1973Columbia University, New York City.M.A. in History and Certificate of th Instituteon East Central Europe, May, 1966Ph.D. in Modern East European and Polish History,May, 1973Dissertation:Warsaw Positivism 1864-1890:OrganicWork as an Expression of National Survival inNineteenth Century Poland.1967-19681969-1970University of Warsaw, Warsaw,Dissertation Research1959-1963Providence College, Providence, Rhode IslandA.B. in History, mm g m ! Q . June, 1963.1955-1959Holy Trinity High School, Westfield,College Preparatory Degree Poland.New Jersey. n!Y !tY Qm!n! t t!Y Q ! ng gQQ Q!n tQ Q! EQ!!§h t Q! §Connecticut State University,(1984-present),New Britain, CT.Central(history,Basicdutiesincludeteachingtwo Polishpolitical science, literature, or Polish American history)courses asemester,and coordinating the Polish StudiesProgram. Duties of Coordinator:organizing and promoting eveninglectures, films, and cultural activities (over120 eventsin afifteenyear period);developing the University'sPolish Heritage Collection (the collection has increasedfrom 50 to over 6,000 catalogues books and periodicals);maintaining liason with the Connecticut Polish Americancommunity; and fund raising (The Copernican Polish HeritageEndowment Fund has grown from 4,500 to over 80,000.Additionally, a separate Martin & Sophie Grzyb Prize forExcellence In Polish Studies, with a principal of 5,000,has been established, aswellas the Annual FiedorczykLecture in Polish American Studies ( 10,000 Endowment) andthe Rudewicz Endowment ( 5,000)forthe support of theConnecticutPolishAmericanArchives and ManuscriptCollection. )-1-

'.'. TheCoordinator prepares an annualreport,whichispresented to the PolishStudiesAdvisoryCommittee(Executive Dean of Development,the Dean of Arts andSciences, the Coordinator, and four members o the PolishcommunityMonsignor John P. Wodarski, Mr.Stanley Pac,Connecticut Commissioner of Environmental Protection,Mr.Theodore S.Kolzak, President of the Coleman Corporation,a d Atty.Walter Kozloski of New Britain).TheCoordinator's fund-raising activities include thepreparation and distribution ofpublicitymaterials;personalmeetings with potential donors;depositandacknowledgment of gifts;the listing of donors in theannual Q!!§h t Q! § Qg m §! tt ;and arranging forthe engraving and the addition of nameplates to the plaqueforPolish Studies in the University library, which wasunveiled in November, 1984.gh ! Q §QQ i! § ! §§l Q! th Q!y §!tY- !Q g !g ! mgQmm!tt The Committee continually reviews and approves curriculumand academic program.There are 48 members oftheCommittee, which has six sub-committees.The Committee andits sub-committees meet regularly six times during theacademic year. The Chairperson's responsibilities include establishing anddistributingtheagenda;attendance at sub-committeemeetings; chairing the full-committee meetings;organizing QhQg committees as mandated by the Faculty Senate;preparing and distributing to the entire faculty the reportof the full Committee;andpresenting forapprovaltheCommittee reportbefore the Faculty Senate.The Chair isassisted by a Recording Secretary and an AdministrativeSecretary.The Curriculum Committee,next to the Faculty Senate,the major faculty committee at the University.is mQ i! § ! §§ g Q m!g Y l Q! th Q!y §!tY I Q QQ E QmQt!QQ Qmm!tt The es,and recommends to the President for tenure andpromotion. This year 70 applications were reviewed. Qj gt Q! gtQ (1986-1987) of a one-year grant( 59,000)forthe NationalHistoricalPublications and RecordsCommission of the National Archives for the organizing anddevelopment of the Connecticut Polish American Archives andManuscript Collection.The Project Director organized andwrote the grant application; obtained the approvalofthenecessaryUniversity administratorsand ofthe -2-

.' . grant-fundedpositions; and interviewed, together with thelibrary director andassistant director,andhiredthegrant staff(Field Director and Archival· Assistant).TheProject Director will be responsible foroverseeingtheproject staff;arranging contacts for the donation of newmaterials; promoting the CPAAMC (production of brochure andnewspaper articles, and organizing aCommunity andoverseeing the production and distribution ofacatalogueforthe CPAAMC.In 1987 successfully lobbied forstate( 25,000)andprivate ( 7,000) funds for the CPAAMC. In 1988 successfullylobbied for the funding of two line-item positions fortheCPAAMC with a total allocation of 63,000.e Qj g Q! g Q (1980-1982) of an oral"Polish Survivors of the Holocaust." historyproject,The ProjectDirector organized andwrotethegrantapplication, which was funded by the Connecticut HumanitiesCouncilfor 16.000; hired the Project Staff (a full-timebi-lingualtypist-transcriber;twopart-time bi-lingualinterviewers;anda volunteer interviewer); and, togetherwith a producer from Connecticut Public Radio,editedthematerials andprepared afive-partprogramwhichwasbroadcast on the CPR in April, 1982.TheProjectDirector organized and coordinated staffmeetings;arrangedinterviews and equipmentfortheinterviewers;oversaw the transcription ofinterviews;prepared and filed the interim and the finalreports;andco-produced the radio documentary.Established themonographicseries,and organized andco-edited the' first volume. Managed the entire project fromsoliciting essays and subscribers,arrangingtype-settingand book production, to distribution, publicity and sales. §§!§ Qt Q! g Q ,Columbia University, Institute1970-1974.onEastCentralEurope,Duties annual 50,000budget;editing andpublication ofInstitute's annual §! ;studentadvising;assistinginthepreparationand drafting o grant proposals (Ford ofNorth and vesupportforconferences;andscheduling oflecturers andvisitingfaculty fellows .Additionalresponsibilities-3 -also included the compilation

.'and editing o § g ! Q g Q!g§ § Q gStudents Guide (1973).tIt Q!g§: ::: : :: ! Y Qm! !§ !yg- g !g gg e g§!Qg i,Polish American Historical Association (1(J86).include arranging mid-year Executive Committeem eting; preparing program or annual business and academicmeeting in December; liason with the American HistoricalAssociation; answering correspondence; appointing chairs o standing committees,andjournal editor; and overseeingpublication and inances.Dutiese g§!Qg i,PolishAmericanConnecticut (1983-1987).Congress,Districto Organizing monthly,quarterly,and annualmeetings orstate-wide Polish American umbrella organization with 125organizational andindividualmembers.Duties delegation;contactwith media; organizing annual picnicand 40th anniversary banquet- und raiser (435 guests);andliason with nationalPAC.Also convinced the members topurchase a computer or membership records and mailings. QQ! ggiQ o Kosciuszko! Q!Y!Q !Q Q g Qg Foundation Summer Polish Language and Culture Program,Cracow,Poland,July-August,Jagiellonian University,Program, Copernicus University,1973-1978,and FolkArtTorun, Poland, July-August, 1978.Responsibility or student groups ranging in size rom 60to 125 individuals.Duties included liason with the Polishside, assuring student participation in program activities,answering student questions, lecturing on Polish and PolishAmerican history, and preparing an evaluation at the end o each program or the Kosciuszko Foundation.Assistant (1974-1979), Associate (1979-1984), and Pro essoro rsity,New Britain,CT.Courses in Polish history,literature, politics, and on Poles in America, as wellasWestern Civilization.Visiting Adjunct Associate Pro essor o History, ColumbiaUniversity, Fall, 1984 and Fall, 1985."History o ModernPoland. " Director,Regional1982.Visiting ive-partseminar on Poland orPomperangHigh School,Southbury,CT. November-December,AssociatePro essor- 4 -o History,Wesleyan

University Graduate Liberal Studies Program, Middletown,CT.Fall, 1982. "Totalitarianism in Crisis: The Strikes inPoland and the Origins of Solidarity.Visiting Associate Professor of History, Hartford Collegefor Women, Hartford, CT . June, 1982.Mini-course-"Polandbefore the Headlines:The Roots of sleyanUniversity Graduate Liberal Studies Program, Middletown,.CT.Spring and Summer, 1980."The History and Culture ofPolish Americans."TheLecturer at the Slavic and East European Center,Spring 1977, 1978,University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT.and 1979. Courses of Modern Eastern Europe and a History ofPoland.Visiting Assistant Professor of History, Alliance College,Cambridge Springs,PA.Spring(Mini-course)and Fall,1973.History of Poland.Instructor in History.Columbia University.1973-1974."The Social and Political History of East Central Europe inthe 19th and 20th Centuries."E Q!!E2t!Qn§ QQ § B 2!!§m !n EQ!!§Q EQ!!t!E§ 2 §2 EQ§!t!y!§m 2nQ 2t!Qn2!§ Y!Y2! !n !n t ntQ g nt y EQ!2nQ.New Haven: Yale andSlavic and East European Monographs, nr. 5, 1984.Reviews:IQ m !E2n· H!§tQ !E2! B Y! ,Vol.90,nr. 3 (June,1985), 731; IQ EQ!!§Q g y! , XXX, nr.3(1985),306-7; 2§t QQ n t !Y, XX, nr. 1 (Spring, 1986), 127-8; 2 QQ EQ!§ !,December 20,1984,p.4; Et EQ!Qn!E H!§tQ !E2'Vol.54(1986),217-20;and 2 t !n! H!§tQ YE nY, Vol.94, nr. 2 (1988), pp.248-55.Biskupski, editor.E2§tQ Q! tn EQ! § EQ!!§QNew Britain: Polish Studies ProgramMonographs, I, .1982. Reviews: g2tQQ!!E H!§tQ !E2! B Y! ,LXXI,nr.1(January,1985), 136-7; JQ n2! Q! m !E2n tQn!E H!§tQ Y, III, nr.2(Spring,1984),97-8; 2 QQEQ!§ !,August 9, 1984; gQnn Et!E t H!§tQ Y, XXV (January,1984),84-6;E g!2QEQ!Qn!jnYEn,XI,nr.3(1985),127-29;EQ! m !E2(Fall,1983, p. 17; andE §QQgt!y §,Vol. 14 ( Sept Oct, 1984), 366-67.With M.B. m !E2n §§2Y§.E !t2n§,Y n §,2nQ EQ! §: Ih ng! nQ b!t Y !m g Q! EQ!!§n !mm!g nt E m §·In preparation: -5-

.- In Progress: "Columbia University Conceeds to the ColdWar: The Adam Mickiewicz Chair of Polish Culture (1948- 1954]"."Alternatives toRomanticism: KOR and the Traditionsof Polish Positivism,"forthcominging n Q! n§! YQn!g § Q! §'"Polish Americans and the Media Presentation oftheHolocaust".Forthcoming as part of the proceedings oftgeInternational Conference onthe HistoryandCultureofPolish Jews,theHebrew University,Jerusalem, Israel. February, 1988.Annotated (20 pages of footnotes) the New EnglandchapterofWaclawKruszka,tl!§ Q Y eQ!§ m yg , which was originally published in 1908.It iscurrently being·translated and annotatedundertheauspices of the Polish American Hist.orical Associationin prepration for publication (1989-90] by UniversityPresses -of-America."Polemic as History: Shmuel Krakowski, The War of theDoomed. Jewish Armed Resistance in Poland, 1942-1944."eQ!!n, III (1988), 391-406. "Voiceless Immigrants", EQ!!§t! m !g n Q! §, XLV,Nr. 1 (Spring, 1988), 5 - 11. Presidential address forPolish American Historical Association."'Equal with Equals':The Polish NationalCatholicChurch andtheFounding ofthe PolishAmericanCongress, "eQ!!§t! m !g n § Q! §, XLIV, Nr. 2(Autumn,' 1987), pp.5-23."Puritans and Poles: The New England Literary Image ofthe Polish Peasant Immigrant," eQ!!§t! m !9 n § Q! §,XLII,nr. 2 (Autumn, 1985), 46-88."Polish§ Q! §,Positivism andtheJews,"J. !§hXLVI, nr. 1 Winter, 1984), 21-35. n"The Local Ethnic Lobby. The Polish American Congressin Connecticut, 1944-1974," in Frank Renkiewicz, ed.,Thein CanadaAmerica(Toronto:--- Polish- - - - - - Presence ------- and-------The MulticulturalHistory Society of Ontario, 1982),305-25.---- --- "Pastor ofthePoles: The Second Generation." in S.A.Blejwas and M. B. Biskupski, eds., E §iQ Q! it! EQ! § EQ!!§t! m !g n §§ y§(NewBritain,Connecticut: Polish Studies Program Monographs,I,1982), 1-19."PatriotismMisunderstood-6-WarsawPosi t i vism,

1863-1890,"47-54 .In EQ!!§nR Y! ,XXVII,Nos.1-2 (1982),"Old and NewPolonias:Tensions within an EthnicNo.2Community," eQ!!§n !g n t Q! §, XXXVIII,(Autumn, 1981), 55-83."Researching Ethnic History in Connecticut: The PolishQuestion," gQnn gt!g t tl!§tQ h Studies of CentralConnecticut State College." In Q§g! § Q EQ nQ :!:!Qn §! tt , XXXII, No. 2 (311) (1977-1978), 1-3."A Polish Community in Transition: Holy Cross Parish,New Britain, Connecticut 1927-1977,"EQ!!§n !g9n t Q! §, XXXIV,No.1 (1977), 26-69, XXXV, Nos.1-2(1978), 23-53, and reprint."Hartford's Polonia,"to be published as part of theEthnic History·Project of the Hartford Public Schools."Poland andAmerica:The Economic ConnectionAComment,"eQ!!§n !g n t Q! §, XXXII, No. 2 (1975Autumn), 51-54. "The Historiography(SlavicStudies,Institute, Sapporo,delivered attheInstitute of ArtsApril, 1971.of Organic Work," 9Q n 1974,191-205.(TheSlavicJapan).This paper was originallySecond Congress of thePolishand Sciences in America, New York,"Recent Polish Historiography of thePeriod ofthePartitions," §t !9ntl!§tQ Y 9 QQQ , VIII (1973),161-176."The Origins and Practice of 'Organic Work'1795-1863," In Q!!§n R Y! ,XV,No.23-54.in Poland:4( 1970) ,Napoleonand the Polish Question: 1830-1852,"II(New York:Columbia UniversityQ n':'§Press, 1966), 135-55."Louise9Q §,WithLinda !g ,!nSlonimski,gQnn gt!g t.SallyInnis Gould.Connecticut, 1980) . In eQ! §: 9§t g n:!: ! QQ 9n t Q! § (Columbus,Ohio:!nIh ! tlQ !9nQ,!nEdited by Frank A.Stoneand(Storrs, Connecticut: The University of8 9Q 9:!: t Q n:!:§8 !Q American Association for the Advancement- 7 -

of Slavic Studies,1973). JQ n !!§ !2 §§ Y§l"Milosz and Polish Americans," Ib IQ I! § QQ November 21, 1987.B Y! , In Poland, reform still depends on Jaruzelski and thebureaucracy," Ib tl !Q Q n , November 24, 1987."SovietsmustacknowledgetheirpastIb sins,"tl !Q Q n , August 10,1987,and Ib §I !Q n Woodbridge, New Jersey),August 13,1987.Also appeared as "An atrocity in Poland tests Sovietsincerity," !nn QQ!!§h § n I !Q n , August14,1987."To Lithuania's political prisoners,'glasnost'mustseem like a cruel joke," Ib tl !Q Q 2n , April24, 1987. Republished in Ib QQ§ YQ published bythe Lithuanian Catholic Federation of America), May,1987."The Flame of Freedom Still Flickers in1986.Poland,ftIh tl !Q Q n , December 3,(Jv('r.1ookB Gentile Assistance," Ih tl !Q QMay2, 1986. Q n ,"'Shoah' "Polish, Philippine Revolutions: Geography Shaped theOutcome,"Ih tl2 i!Q Q Q 2n , March 9, 1986.Also"Big powers influence democratic reform,"inR2yiQn2 22bgY n!ng §,March 13, 1986, and "Big PowersHold Key in Popular Revolutions," in Ib In n2 !Qn2!tl 2!Q I !Q n , March 15, 1986."At Geneva: Arms Control Plus Human Rights EqualsPeace,"Ih tl2 t!Q Q Q 2nt, November 12, 1985, andas"Poland ElectedReagan,"Ih E!2!nR 2! (Cleveland),November15,1985,and "The ForgottenSide of Summitry," in Ib EQ!!§b !g2n, IV, Nr.12 December, 1985), 16."Fatheris Remembered,"PopieluszkoNovember 1, 1985, 1.I 2n§g !Qt,"Religious Liberty is a Stranger in Lithuania underSoviet Hule, ft Ih tl2 t!Q Q Q oughrose-colored glasses, ft Ih EQ!!§h !g2n, IV, Nr.5 May, 1985), 11. "Whitewash in Torun, April, 1985), 6.-8IV,ft-Nr.'"I

Ih Q!!§h m !g ,"Reverend Jerzy Popieluszko,"Nr.2 (February, 1985 , 8 .IV,"3 Years Later:Jaruzelski's HollowVictory OverSolidarity," Ih tl !Q Q Q n , December 13, 1984."'Orwell' in Warsaw," Ih Q!!§h m !g , III, Nr.(January, 1984 , 15-6."New Phase of Resistance,"H !Q Q Q , December 13, 1983.1Ih "Holocaust Illiteracy." Ih Q!!§h m !g , III, No.6 (June, 1983 , 12-6.Also published in tlQ ! Q Q!!§h m r!g n B Y! ,IX,Nrs.4-6(June-August,1983 ,7,15;and Q g !y ,XIII,Nr.5(September-October, 1983 , 257, 260-3."What is Reality in 'Normalized'August 25, 1983. Q r n ,"Will Eight Days of'Freedom'Leadto More AfterPope's Visit?" Ih tl !Q Q Q r n , June 24, 1983."Walesa's Release May Further Dilute Hopes for a FreerPoland." Ih tl r !Q Q gQ , November 14, 1982. "StoryofSeptember 21,"TheDozynki. "1982 .InvisibleGeneration."9 m r!g B y! VIII,Nr.published in Q! m !g ,1982/83 , tlQ ! Qn8-10."Martial Law in Poland: A Time forMore,Sanctions." Ih tl r !Q Q gQ r n , July 25,"Can the16, 1981. Q!!§h(1982 ,5,16.AlsoV, Nos. 3-4 (Fall-Winter,Not1982.FewerRule?" Ih tl !Q Q Q ,. DecemberArmy"Stefan Wyszynskitl r !QrQ gQ r ,The ShepherdJune 1, 1981.ofPoland. ""'Fighting Poland'-A Nation Confident in its Renewal."January 2, 1981.Ih tl !Q Q Q r ,"BuildingAugust 24,"ItBeganaSe·cond1980.inPoland. "Poland:The Month was September." Ih September 3, 1979.With Dr Michaeltl r !QrQ gQ r n ,A. Peszke .Daniel Beauvois. QQ! ,-9-

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Historical Association, 1977. pp.EQ!1§h B Y1 , XXVI, No.3 (1981),100.Reviewedpp. 109-11.inAlvin Marcus Foundation II

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