ISDS205ISDS205 User GuideInstruStar Electronic Technology2019-02-25InstruStar Electronic Technology1

ISDS205contents1.Introduction 12.Feature Description 13.Software Installation 24.Interface 35.Oscilloscope / Spectrum Analyzer/DDS 56.Data Recorder 57.Logic Analyzer 58.Saleae Logic Logic Analyzer 6InstruStar Electronic Technology2

ISDS205PC SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Windows XP,Win7,Win8,Win10 Pentium or higer processor USB2.0 High speed port. 512MB RAM 1GB hard disk spaceInstruStar Electronic Technology3

ISDS2051.IntroductionISDS205 dual-channel digital oscilloscope, with "low-cost, high-performance"as the design goals. well-designed bandwidth of 16M, 48M sampling rate, 2 channels,alternating support X-T and XY alternating pattern of two-channel virtualoscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, data recorder.205C and 205X support logic analyzer. Logic analyzer support our Logicsoftware and Saleae Logic 2 kinds of software, Saleae Logic supports SPI, IIC, UART,etc. 17 kinds protocol analysis.205B and 205X support DDS function. DDS support 5 kinds of waveform output,OscilloscopeSpectrum AnalyzerISDS205A ISDS205B ISDS205C ISDS205X Sine wave can output up to 20M. Data RecorderLogic Analyzer DDS 2.Feature DescriptionDigital OscilloscopeChannels21MΩ 25pFImpedanceCouplingAC/DCVertical Resolution8Bit-5V 5V(probe X1)-50V 50V(probe X10)Gain RangeVertical Accuracy 3%Time Base Range10ns/div-100ms/divInput ProtectionDiode,50VpkAuto SetYes(10Hz to 10MHz)Trigger ModeAuto、Normal and SignalTrigger TypeNo、Rising edge、Falling edge、Rising edge or Falling edgeTrigger LevelYesTrigger SourceCH1, CH2Buffer Size1MB/CHBandwidth16MHz(Max 20M)Max SampleInstruStar Electronic Technology48MS/s4

ISDS205Vertical ModeCH1, CH2, ADD, SUB, MULDisplay ModeX、Y-T 和 X-YMeasurementsYesWave SaveOsc(Private)、Excel and BmpSpectrum AnalyzersChannels2Bandwidth16MHzAlgorithmFFT(18 windows)、correlationFFT Points8-1048576/CHNFFT SFDRFilter ProcessFIR filter supports arbitrary range of frequencysampling method , and Rectangle, bartlett, triangular,cosine, hanning, bartlett hanning, hamming, blackman,blackman Harris, tukey, Nuttall, FlatTop, Bohman,Parzen, Lanczos, kaiser, gaussand dolph chebyshev,window method design.IIR filter support "Butterworth", "Chebyshev I","Chebyshev II", "Elliptic" type of filter designNote:1, The oscilloscope factory calibration, if you are not satisfied with themeasurements, can manual calibration, the specific reference oscilloscopeinstructions.2, Oscilloscope with probe: X1 can measure -5V to 5V voltage, X10 can measure-50V to 50V.3, The measurement of the electric supply 220V/110V is different from thenormal waveform measurement and needs to be re-measured by an isolatedtransformer.Data RecorderChannel21MΩ 25pFImpedanceCouplingAC/DCVertical Resolution8Bit-5V 5V(probe X1)-50V 50V(probe X10)Gain Range1 channel : 1K 24M Hz2 channel : 1K 16M HzSampleSave FileInstruStar Electronic TechnologyThe maximum 4G, recording time associated with thesampling rate5

ISDS205Note: The specific speed recorder with computer processing speed, and if usehigh sampling rate, the situation may break.Logic Analyzer(205C/205X)Channel16Sample8 channel: 250K 24M Hz16 channel: 250K 16M HzSample Points1M-2GBSaleae Logic Logic Analyzer (205C/205X)Channel8Sample25K 24M HzProtocol AnalyzerAtmel SWI、BiSS TAG、LIN、Manchester、1-WIRE、UNI/O、Simple Parallel、MDIO、USB1.1、PS/2 Keyboard/MouseSample Points1MB 10TBDDS(205B/205X)WaveSine, Square(Duty circle variable),Triangle,UpSawtooth,Down SawtoothAmplitude 9Vp-p(no load)Impedance200Ω 10%OffsetFrequency Range 2.5V1Hz 20MHz(Sine), 1Hz 2MHz(Others)Frequency Resolution1HzFrequency Steadiness 1 10-3Frequency Precision 5 10-3 98% (1Hz 10kHz)Triangular Wave Linearity 0.8% (1kHz)Sine Wave Distortion 100nsSquare Wave Rising/Falling TimeSquare Wave Duty Circle1% 99%SweepSweep RangeFs 到 FeSweep Time Range0.1 10 sAmplitude0.5Vp-p 10Vp-p3.Software InstallationPlease refer to the "Software and Driver Installation.pdf".InstruStar Electronic Technology6

ISDS2054.Interface4.1 ISDS205AOscilloscopeCH1 channelOscilloscopeCH2 channelBenchmark 1K2Vpp square wavePower LedUSB4.2 ISDS205BOscilloscopeCH1 channelOscilloscopeCH2 channelDDS Amplitude adjustBenchmark 1K2Vpp square waveDDS Bias adjustPower LedDDS OutputUSB4.3 ISDS205CInstruStar Electronic Technology7

ISDS205OscilloscopeCH1 channelBenchmark 1K2Vpp square waveOscilloscopeCH2 channelLogic Analyzer interfaceSaleae LogicMulti VirAnalyzer SwitchPower LedUSB4.4 ISDS205XOscilloscopeCH1 channelOscilloscopeCH2 channelLogic Analyzer interfaceBenchmark 1K2Vpp square wavePower LedUSBDDS OutputSaleae LogicMulti VirAnalyzer Switch5.Oscilloscope / Spectrum analyzer/DDSPlease refer to the "Multi VirAnalyzer User Guide.pdf", "Digital storage oscilloscope(Professional Version).pdf" and "Digital storage oscilloscope (Simplified Version).pdf".6.Data RecorderPlease refer to the "Data Recorder.pdf".7.Logic AnalyzerAfter the success of USB devices, data recoder, equipmentselection drop-downcombo box will appear ISDS205C/X(1.0)(N) option, choose a good future, the interface in Figure 7.1.InstruStar Electronic Technology8

ISDS2057.1 Basic control7.1.1 Channel ControlStart or Stop Capture.7.1.2 Channel NumSet the num of the channels to be collected.7.1.3 Sample LengthSet the length of the data to be collected.7.1.4 SampleSelect the speed of data collection.Figure 7.1 properties7.2 RecordClick the lower right corner "data record", the interfaceappears in Figure 6.2. Can display the recorded file. Double click the corresponding file, you canFigure 7.2 data recordload, view the collected data.8.Saleae Logic Logic AnalyzerThe device to support Saleae Logic software, the development of the hardware aboveappropriated Saleae Logic position. Plugged into the USB, the software automatically recognizesand displays the Connected. Interface shown in Figure 8.1More information, please view Saleae Logic software instructions, is located in "\SaleaeLogic\Logic Guide.pdf"Figure 8.1 Saleae Logic interfaceInstruStar Electronic Technology9

oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, data recorder. 205C and 205X support logic analyzer. Logic analyzer support our Logic software and Saleae Logic 2 kinds of software, Saleae Logic supports SPI, IIC, UART, etc. 17 kinds protocol analysis. 205B and 205X support DDS function. DDS support 5