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Dear MacBook Pro Owner,Thank you for your purchase of the LandingZone Docking Station forMacBook Pro with Touch Bar. We hope the LandingZone will be anexcellent addition to your workspace. This manual will help guide youthrough setup and answer any questions you may have.If you have any questions or need support, please contact us [email protected] or by calling 888-872-3251 during normalbusiness hours.Sincerely,LandingZone TeaminfiniWing, Inc.3

MODEL NUMBERLZ5013T – LandingZone Docking Station for 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch BarLZ5015T – LandingZone Docking Station for 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch BarCOMPATIBILITYThe LZ5013T works with the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch BarThe LZ5015T works with the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch BarWHAT’S IN THE BOX?LandingZone Docking Station for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 96W Power AdapterQuick Start GuideWarranty & Registration Card4

BENEFITSThe LandingZone for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is our most advanced dockingstation to date. With an astounding 16 ports and connections, it is designed totransform the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar into a powerful and versatile workstation.FEATURES3 x USB Type-C Ports (Data Only)Gigabit Ethernet Port2 x USB Type-A Ports (Data Only)SD Card Slot & Micro SD Card Slot1 x USB 3.1 Type A PortTwo-Way Audio Jack(Data & 1.5A High-Powered Charging)Kensington Security SlotUSB Type-C Passthrough Port(Lock Sold Separately)HDM 1 Port or Mini DisplayPort(3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz) - Only One3-Color LED Status Indicator Light96W LandingZone Power AdapterActive At A TimeHDMI 2 Port (3840 x 2160 @ 30 HZ)5

DOCKINGDOCKINGStep 1: Connecting Power and PeripheralsConnect the 96W LandingZone Power Adapter to thePower Port on the LandingZone.Connect Ethernet & peripherals such as monitors,keyboards, mice, storage devices, speakers, etc.6

DOCKINGDOCKINGStep 2: Docking Your MacBook ProPlace your MacBook Pro on theLandingZone.Slide the MacBook to the left,connecting the Type-C ports onthe MacBook Pro with the Type-Cconnectors on the LandingZone.7

DOCKINGDOCKINGStep 3: Connecting Your MacBookPush the right wing of theOptional: Connect a KensingtonLandingZone into the portsLock (not included) to the Kensingtonon the MacBook Pro.Lock Slot.8

UNDOCKINGUNDOCKINGSafely eject all devices inthe operating system of theMacBook ProSlide the right wing of theLandingZone out of the MacBook.Push the release lever on the leftwing of the LandingZone.9

UNDOCKINGUNDOCKINGRemove the MacBook from the LandingZone.10

CUSTOMERSUPPORTCUSTOMER SUPPORTOnline SupportGo to www.landingzone.net/FAQsPhone SupportCall 1-888-872-3251 during normal business hoursE-mail SupportSend email to [email protected]

DEVICE CAREPROPER OPERATING ENVIRONMENTOperating temperature: 50 to 95 F (10 to 35 C)Storage temperature: -13 to 113 F (-24 to 45 C)Relative humidity: 0% to 90% non-condensingMaximum operating altitude: 10,000 feetMaximum storage altitude: 15,000 feetMaximum shipping altitude: 35,000 feet12

HELP & FAQsTROUBLESHOOTING / FAQsUSB Devices Are Not Working / MacBook is Not Charging:Make sure that both sides of the LandingZone are completely closedand flush against the MacBook Pro. Confirm that the LandingZonePower Adapter is properly plugged into your wall outlet and connectedto the LandingZone.How do you Reset the LandingZone?You can reset or power-cycle the LandingZone by undockingthe MacBook Pro, disconnecting all connected devices and theLandingZone Power Adapter, and allowing the LandingZone to restfor a minute or two. After resting the LandingZone, reconnect theLandingZone Power Adapter, reconnect the devices, and dock theMacBook Pro to the LandingZone.13

DEVICE CARECARE & CLEANINGClean with a soft cloth. Do not use water or cleaning solutions to cleanthe LandingZone.DISPOSALApplicable laws may limit how you can dispose of this product.Accordingly, please make sure you follow your local, state, federal,and country ordinances, laws, regulations, and other guidelines toproperly dispose of this product and the accompanying packagingmaterials.14

WARNINGSWARNINGSThe LandingZone is not designed to charge multiple high-powereddevices, such as smartphones or tablets, at the same time.Do not dock to the LandingZone if a smartphone or tablet is alreadyconnected to the High-Powered Charging Port. Please disconnect anysmartphone or tablet before docking and reconnect it after the MacBookhas been docked.The Mini DisplayPort on the LandingZone uses Type-C Alt Mode andsome older Mini DisplayPort Adapters may not be compatible with thisnew standard.The LandingZone is designed to work with the 20.5V power adapterincluded with the LandingZone. Using a higher voltage power adaptermay damage the LandingZone and MacBook.15

COPYRIGHTCOPYRIGHT & TRADEMARK INFORMATION 2017 infiniWing, Inc. LandingZone is a trademark of InifiniWing, Inc. Apple,the Apple logo, MacBook, macOS are trademarks of Apple, Inc., registeredin the US and other countries. Kensington is a registered trademark ofKensington Computer Group, a division of ACCO Brands. HDMI and HighDefinition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks ofHDMI Licensing LLC. All other company and product names mentioned maybe trademarks of their respective companies. Mention of third-party productsis for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement orrecommendation. infiniWing, Inc. assumes no responsibility with regard to theperformance of products mentioned.Designed in San Jose, CA & manufactured in China. Protected byUS Patent #9,651,994 and foreign patents.16

LandingZone Docking Station for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar . mice, storage devices, speakers, etc. DOCKING DOCKING Step 1: Connecting Power and Peripherals. 7 DOCKING Place your MacBook Pro on the LandingZone. . smartphone or tablet before