Albuquerque Police DepartmentMonthly ReportOCTOBER 2014Richard J. BerryMayorGorden E. Eden, Jr.Chief of Police

Albuquerque Police Department Monthly Report - October 2014APD Notables.Field Services Bureau Open Space. Open Space Officers assisted with the 2014Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta fromOctober 4 -12. Personnel patrolled from 0400in the morning until the end of daily activitiesat 2300 hours. Open Space Officers patrolledthe Balloon Fiesta Park and bike paths onmountain bikes, assisted with the safe returnof numerous lost children, as well as handlingcalls for service in the Balloon Fiesta Park andthe immediate surrounding area. Open SpaceOfficers provided river patrol utilizing thehovercraft to assist balloonists that needed helpin areas of the Bosque that were unable to bereached using other methods.On October 26th, Open Space Officersparticipated in the 2014 Day of the Tread tobenefit the Carrie Tingley Hospital. Officersprovided a bike escort for a group of disabledchildren that rode under the banner of the FreeWheelers. The event was a great opportunityfor community outreach and positiveinteraction with citizens of Albuquerque and thesurrounding areas.On October 21st, there was a male threateningto commit suicide by jumping off the bridgeinto the Rio Grande River. As the man onlyspoke Spanish, Lieutenant Art Sanchez handledthe negotiations. A SWAT officer was put in aharness and anchored to a vehicle so that hecould act as support to the Lieutenant and toprevent him from being pulled over the edge.Officers Harvey, Martinez and McDaniel tookup posts under the bridge so that they couldaffect a water rescue if anyone fell or leapedoff. The man was successfully talked off of thebridge by Lt. Sanchez.On October 23rd, Officers Martinez andMontoya responded to a lost hiker in the areaof CNM Westside. The caller indicated he wasjust west of CNM and lost with no water afterhis vehicle broke down. Air1 responded andfound a faint light on the cliff edge of the RioPuerco. Air1 guided Open Space Officers to thelight about 2 miles south of a useable road. Themale subject was located at the light source. Hehad trouble breathing, a fast heart beat and chestpains. Due to the remote location he was loaded into an Open Space Tahoe and was drivenout with the 4x4 towards Rio Rancho to meetmedical personnel. He was taken to the hospitalfor the onset of a heart attack.On October 25th, Officers Martinez, Okino,and TDY Officer Candelaria responded to a lostrunner in the area of Montano and the River. Thecaller indicated her son went running somewherein the area and had become lost in a marsh. Herson stated he could not move and his phonewas dead. Open Space Officers, NW Officers,and a SWAT Officer responded to help with thesearch. He was located after Officers were ableto make voice contact with him. He was in aremote Bosque marsh stuck in water and mudto his waist. Officers were able to coach himinto being able to free himself and guided himto the bank with voice commands and lights. Hewas checked for hypothermia and turned over torescue personnel.Special Operations Division. 2The month of October was filled with a majorityof directed activity. One big event was theBalloon Fiesta. Tactical Officers were assignedall shifts and major events. The event endedsuccessfully with no major problems. During theBalloon Fiesta, Officers worked closely with theMake-A-Wish Foundation to help make a dreancome true for a special child.Most of the vehicles in the section were madeuniform with paint jobs to match the departmentvehicles. The Bear Cat was painted black withgraphics indicating police. The Rook will benext to get a paint job to match departmentvehicles. Other military type vehicles wereremoved from the section such as the V100s andthe military blazer.In October, the Bomb Squad responded to ninecallouts. Three were K-9 requests for bombsweeps. The others consisted of the following:a suspicious package at Presbyterian UrgentCare (no explosives inside), an acid bomb thatswelled but did not explode at McMahon andBandelier NW (disrupted with pellet gun),a piece of military ordnance at a residence(ordnance was inert), an incendiary devicethrown at an Islamic Mosque (device burneditself out in the parking lot), a smoke grenadelocated at a residence, and a standby at a middleschool for a student threatening to bring a bombto school.

Albuquerque Police Department Monthly Report - October 2014Field Services Bureau - EastSoutheast Area Command.During the dates of October 4-12th, the BombSquad was assigned to the Balloon Fiesta forbomb sweeps, standby for IED’s and for anyradiological or Nuclear device.APD’s Bomb Squad participated in 18 hours oftraining. Topics covered were robot proficiency,X-ray training, and firearms training.APD’s Bomb Squad conducted twodemonstrations during the month of October.The first was for a school and the other waspublic safety day at a large retail establishment.The Bomb Squad also provided training for TheCitizens Police Academy on October 16th.APD’s Bomb Squad continued to assist FieldServices Bureau throughout the month by taking34 calls for service.The K-9 Unit was tasked with numerousprojects for the month of October. The teamnot only participated in several communityevents, but continued to meet its obligation tothe patrol division. The K-9 Unit is working onthe objectives set forth during a team meeting.These areas were outlined specifically by theTactical Commander.The K-9 Unit is one of the highest profileunits in the Albuquerque Police Department.Numerous requests are received each monthto attend community sponsored functions toshowcase the police service dogs. On October7th, several handlers conducted a presentationfor the Citizen’s Police Academy. On October26th, several handlers conducted a staticdemonstration at the “Almost Home” canineevent. There were 100 members from variousanimal groups and rescue organizations inattendance. A second static demonstration washeld on the same day at Hinkle Family FunCenter “Fall Festival”. Metro Traffic Division. The DWI Unit obtained 105 DWIs in October.In October, the Traffic Division issued 537moving citations and one cell phone violationcitation.Seventy nine crashes were investigated.There were 252 calls for service and 281 on-siteactivities.Fatal traffic accidents occurred at Central andCarlisle, Montgomery and Eubank, and Zuni andCharleston intersections. 3Officer Liccione caught two subjects whorobbed a male on Central. One of the suspectshad three felony warrants.Officer Burt contacted a male for jaywalkingat Central and Indiana. The suspect wasfound to have a butterfly style knife andmethamphetamines on his person.Officer Kenny was flagged down during atraffic stop near a bar in reference to a malewith a felony warrant inside the bar. Theestablishment’s personnel escorted the maleout and it was discovered he had a felonywarrant for vehicular homicide. Several hoursafter this, the brother and friend of the malearrested, jumped an off-duty BCSO Deputy,who had given the tip. The subjects fled in avehicle striking a building. Officers located bothsuspects and one was booked with intimidationof a witness.Officer Liccione attempted to stop a truck for nothaving a plate. The truck was driven recklessly,and the driver subsequently abandoned it. Aperimeter was established and Air 1 arrived. Air1 observed a car leave the perimeter and whenofficers attempted to stop the car it fled. Air 1followed the car until running low on gas nearIsleta. Shortly after Air 1 disengaged, Officerslocated the driver of the first car that fled fromunits. The offender was taken into custody andbooked into MDC.On October 29th, Officer Ramos conducteda traffic stop on a male suspect, who wassubsequently found to be DWI. The Officercalled NM Probation/Parole and had hisprobation revoked.On October 3rd, Officer Fuchs was on randompatrol near the university when he heard apossible fight occurring at a local bar. Upon hisarrival, he located an individual that had beenstabbed in his torso. Officer Fuchs, along withother assisting Officers, located the offenderwith the knife which was still in his possessionand covered in blood. Officer Fuchs detained theoffender and began interviewing witnesses. Theassistance of of Impact detectives was requested;they arrived and took over the investigation.On October 5th, Officer Galvan was on arobbery call helping other Officers in locatinga stolen phone. Galvan noticed a suspiciousvehicle and contacted the driver. Through his

Albuquerque Police Department Monthly Report - October 2014 investigation, he observed signs of intoxicationwhich led him to perform the SFST on thedriver. Officer Galvan placed the driver underarrest for DWI and learned that it was his fiftharrest. Officer Galvan charged the driver withfelony charges due to the numerous past arrestsfor DWI. The driver was also charged with thepossession of drug paraphernalia.Officer Markwick was dispatched to a retailstore in reference to a shoplifting call. The calleradvised that two subjects were inside the storetaking items without paying for them. Bothsubjects were detained and one was found tohave been issued a criminal trespass notificationin the past. Officer Markwick was able torecover the stolen items and he placed theindividual under arrest for commercial burglary.On October 27th, Officer Carpenter wasdispatched to the a large retailer in referenceto a shoplifting call. Upon arriving, OfficerCarpenter was able to contact an individual whowas seen taking numerous items from the storewithout paying. Through Officer Carpenter’sinvestigation, she learned that the subject hadbeen issued a trespass notification before. TheOfficer was able to recover the stolen items,and placed the subject into custody for felonycommercial burglary charges.On October 3, 2014,Officers Saenz and Moorearrested a female suspect. Two other individualshad a felony warrant, misdemeanor warrant,drinking in public and marijuana charges.Officers were conducting a bus stop tacticalplan in the area of San Mateo and Central. TheSoutheast Area Command has received severalcomplaints of vagrants using the bus stops todrink and loiter Officers observed these subjectsdrinking beer and contacted them. Officersfound a male suspect to be on probation andcontacted his probation officer, who revokedhis probation. The other three subjects werechecked for warrants and two had misdemeanorwarrants. One male suspect was arrested fordrinking in public and was found to be inpossession of marijuana. All subjects werebooked on the listed charges.On October 3, 2014,Officer Hernandez arresteda female suspect on a felony and misdemeanorwarrant. The Officer observed a white carwith expired license plates. Officer Hernandezcontacted the driver who was cited for theexpired plate. Officer Hernandez was able to identify the passenger as the female suspect whowas arrested on the listed charges.On October 7, 2014, Officers Welch andFisher arrested a female and a male suspecton possession of a controlled substance,tampering with evidence and felony warrantcharges. Officers were on patrol in the area ofPennsylvania and Central when they observedthese two individuals shooting up heroin in theparking lot of a retail establishment. As theofficer approached one of the suspects, he stoodup and dropped a loaded syringe. The femalesuspect picked up the syringe and disposed ofthe substance onto the ground. Officers foundthe female suspect to have a felony warrantand also located a small amount of heroin nearboth subjects. Both were booked on the listedcharges.Northeast Area Command. 4Internal Revenue Service agents were assistedwith the execution of a search warrant at a retailbusiness. The officers assisted approximately 15agents with a site and route assessment. Officersprovided an escort for the agents to the locationand helped maintain the scene.On October 21st, Officers Quade and Simmonsresponded to the area of Eubank and Copperin reference to a victim of an auto burglarywho had been in telephone contact with thesuspect who was attempting to sell a stolenIMac computer back to the victim. Uponarrival, Officers contacted the victim who hadher vehicle broken into two days prior. AnIMac computer, Ipod, and two back packs werestolen from the car. The next day the victimreceived a text from a female claiming to haveher computer. The female told her that shebought the computer and that it was locked.The female offered to sell the computer backto her for 375.00. The female asked to meether at a retail establishment near Eubank andCopper. Officers set up across the street to see ifthe suspects would show up with the computer.The suspects were in telephone contact with thevictim and changed the meeting location severaltimes because they were afraid that the victimhad contacted the police. The suspects finallyagreed to meet at another retailer near Eubankand Chico. As the suspects were meeting withthe victim, they attempted to leave as Officersarrived. The Officers were able to

Albuquerque Police Department Monthly Report - October 2014 stop the suspects in the parking lot. The officersidentified three suspects and found the victim’sstolen IMac in the back seat of the suspect’svehicle.On October 12th, Officers Gunderson and Myersresponded to the call of a deceased person in thearea of Academy and Burleson. Upon contactwith the Office of the Medical Investigator,Officer Gunderson uncovered what appearedto be child pornography on the computer of thedeceased male. Child Exploitation Detectives(CED) were notified and responded to the scene.CED detectives were able to get a consent tosearch signed by the male’s widow and removedeight hard drives and over 1,000 DVDs ofvarious child pornography titles from the home.Officers Gunderson and Myers responded toa residential burglary in progress in the areaof San Francisco and Ventura. Upon arrival,Officer Myers was able to contact an eye witnessthat gave a vehicle description matching theoffender’s vehicle. Officer Myers broadcast thevehicle information which led to other Officerslocating and detaining three individuals in thesuspect’s vehicle. The suspects still had severalof the original victim’s belongings in theirpossession at the time of detention. A fourthsuspect reported to his probation officer shortlyafter the burglary. Using GPS tracking on thesuspect, he was placed at the scene of the crimeand was verified to be the fourth offender.Burglary detectives were able to clear 33 felonycrimes committed by the four individuals.On October 2nd, Officer Hollier was dispatchedto a transit center in reference to a robbery call.Officer Hollier contacted the female victim,who explained that while waiting for the bus,a male subject forcefully pulled the phonefrom her hand and struck her in the side of thehead. Officer Hollier searched the area for thethree suspects and located them in the southernparking lot of a large shopping center. All threesubjects were arrested for the Robbery andConspiracy.On October 29th, Officer Steward wasdispatched in reference to a stolen vehicle. Thevehicle was located in the area by an undercoverauto theft detective who requested marked unitsrespond to the area to conduct a vehicle stop.Officer Steward made contact with the victims,who verified the vehicle was stolen. The victimknew the offender who was the son of a family 5friend. Officer Steward and Hoffman conducteda felony stop and safely placed the offender intocustody. Through additional investigation it wasdetermined that the suspect was linked to severalother stolen vehicles and residential burglaries.A deputy from BCSO also arrived on scene andadvised BCSO was currently looking for suspectin reference to a stolen vehicle in the County.On October 21st, Officer LaForce and otherOfficers responded to a felony shoplifting ata local retail store. Several offenders wereinvolved and a foot chase ensued. One maleoffender had disguised himself as a female andtried desperately to conceal his identity. Aftera thorough and professional investigation, thesubject was positively identified and found tohave three felony warrants, two misdemeanorwarrants, and was booked by Officer LaForcefor felony shoplifting and conspiracy.Foothills Area Command.On October 9th, Officer Barnard was dispatchedto the area of Western Skies and Singing ArrowSE in reference to a down and out call. Theremarks on the call advised that a male subjectwas lying on the side of the road near the gutter.He was unconscious and had blood on his handsand did not appear to be breathing. Upon arrival,Sergeant Lockey and Officer Barnard locatedthe subject who appeared to be deceased whichwas confirmed by medical personnel on scene.A perimeter was quickly set up and treated as acrime scene. When the Field Investigator arrivedon scene, he made it a full homicide call out.Officers from team 7 and team 8 completed acanvass of the area which was a big area dueto numerous apartments adjacent to the crimescene. When Criminalistics arrived on the scenethey were briefed by Officer Barnard and tookover the investigation at that point.On October 29th, Officer Matthew Reederwas dispatched to the area of Western Skiesand Central SE in reference to a male subjectthat was chasing another male subject with ahandgun. Upon arrival, Officer Reeder locatedone of the subjects. While Officer Reeder wastalking with the subject, another male subjectcame running towards Officer Reeder. He wasout of breath and appeared to be scared. He toldthe officer that a male subject with dreadlockswearing a gray shirt just threatened him with agun and was attempting to steal his car. Officer

Albuquerque Police Department Monthly Report - October 2014 Reeder immediately went to the area along withother officers and located the possible offender.The two victims involved in this incident wereable to positively identify a male suspect asthe offender. He was booked into MDC fortwo counts of Aggravated Assault with adeadlyweapon. One of the victims was able to disarmthe offender and the gun was recovered andtagged into evidence.On October 16th, Officer Lampiris-Trembaassisted Foothills Impact Detectives with atraffic stop and capture of an auto theft suspect.The suspect was in a high school teacher’s stolenpick-up truck, repainted, with the wrong licenseplate and two VIN numbers.Officer responded to a residence in reference toa domestic dispute. Upon their arrival, it wasdetermined that shots had been fired prior totheir arrival on the scene. Officers conductedverbal announcements outside the residence tothe occupants inside. One subject exited andanother subject was found inside moments laterwho had been shot. The subject who steppedout for officers was taken into custody anddetermined to be the offender’s brother of thevictim. Violent Crimes detectives assumedinvestigation.On October 7th, Foothills Detective Benavidezwas running license plates in the parking lotof a local establishment. Detective Benavidezlocated an embezzled vehicle, at which timehe contacted Foothills Impact Detective Allredfor assistance on conducting surveillance onthe vehicle. While Detective Allred watched,a male entered the vehicle. The male suspectwas wearing latex gloves and began wipingthe inside of the vehicle. The suspect themproceeded to a room of the retail restablishment,at which point field Officers contacted theoccupants of the room. Officers detained themale and female suspects. During the sweep ofthe room, Officers observed altered identificationcards, scanner printers and laptops. During thesearch of the male suspect, a large knife waslocated on his person. Detectives observed aHalloween mask on the front passenger side ofthe vehicle. Detective Benavidez immediatelyrecognized the mask was similar in appearanceto one used in an armed robbery of anotherretail establishment. Robbery Detective Shookresponded to the scene and was in possession of a picture of the mask used during the robbery,which was a perfect match. Also inside of thevehicle was a mask similar in description tothe one the second offender of the robberywas wearing. Robbery Detective Gonzalesalso responded, advising both the male andfemale suspect were similar in description totwo subjects he was investigating for severalarmed robberies throughout the Albuquerquearea. As a result of detectives’ interview withthe two subjects, they admitted to committingfour armed robberies at various restaurants andadvised they committed several other robberiesthey could not specifically recall at this time.A search warrant was obtained for the room,which revealed the black BB gun used duringthe crimes as well as a plethora of white collarparaphernalia. The investigation is still ongoingfor all detectives; however, as a result of theinvestigation thus far, the male and femalesuspects were arrested on the charges of ArmedRobbery (4 counts), Conspiracy, Tampering withEvidence and EmbezzlementField Services Bureau - WestOffice of Emergency Management(OEM). 6The Director is leading new CABQComprehensive Emergency Management Plandevelopment.Coordinated the creation of an emergencymanagement and homeland security capabilitiesassessment which will be used to establishpriorities for enhancing the preparedness andresponse ability of the city. OEM is the onlyjurisdiction in New Mexico to develop thisassessment.Led an Albuquerque Regional Coalitionof Healthcare Providers emergency publicinformation design group to review responseprotocols between hospitals, EMS providers,and jurisdictional EOC’s for the Ebola Virus andother possible emergencies.The Director participated as a committeemember to evaluate and improve the NMDepartment of Health Emergency PublicInformation plan revision over a three monthperiod.CERT Organization: Convened a CommunityEmergency Response Team monthly meeting

Albuquerque Police Department Monthly Report -October 2014 with more than 25 CERT volunteers to discussthe CERT program goals.Cities Readiness Initiative: Attended CDCOperational Readiness Review (ORR) forthe Cities Readiness Initiative which OEMcoordinates. The CRI Program focuses onplans and procedures that support medicalcountermeasure distribution and dispensing(MCMDD) for all-hazards events including thecapability to respond to a large-scale biologicattack with anthrax as the primary threatconsideration.CRI regional coordination meeting to discussforthcoming goals and grant contracts.Attended CDC ORR for the CRI program annualreview for compliance with state and federalguidelines.Valley Area Command. On October 9th, Officers Garcia and Lujanresponded to a suicidal subject at Paseo DelNorte and Jefferson. A 15 year old boy calledhis aunt and told her he was going to commitsuicide by jumping off a bridge. He madeclaims that he would be at the bridge on PaseoDel Norte by General Mills and wanted tokill himself. The aunt called 911 and Officersbegan to search the area for the juvenile subject.The aunt advised that he was suffering fromPTSD and other mental health issues. Officerswere able to locate the male subject on PaseoDel Norte. Officers Garcia and Lujan, bothexperienced CIT officers, began to talk tothe subject. He advised that he was upset andhad originally planned to jump into the river.However, he said he figured that if he jumpedalong Paseo Del Norte, the constructionworkers would find his body quicker. Thesubject was very upset and determined to endhis life. Through delicate communication andnegotiations, Officers were able to have himmove away from the bridge edge. He was thenevaluated by rescue personnel. His father arrivedon scene and both were taken by ambulance toAnna Kaseman Hospital.On October 4th, Officer Clemons andOfficer Jones were dispatched to a drinkingestablishment in reference several possible gangmembers walking around with firearms. Uponarrival, Officers contacted a subject who wasfound to be in possession of approximately 2grams of cocaine. The subject was arrested for .7.possession of a controlled substance.On October 12th, Officer Wickens and OfficerWhite were flagged down in front of a bar toassist Lieutenant Parson with an intoxicatedsubject. The subject was kicked out of the cluband refused to leave the property despite theLieutenant giving him several commands todo so. At one point the subject charged at Lt.Parsons in an aggressive manner and attemptedto strike him several times. All Officers wenthands on with the subject in order to control hisactions. Officers used the Arm Bar and FaceDown Stabilization techniques in order to takethe subject into custody safely. The subjectwas subsequently arrested and charged withassault on a Peace Officer. After the altercation,Officers noticed that the subject did have asuperficial injury to his shoulder. The subject,under his own admission, stated the injury wassustained earlier in the day and was not a resultof the altercation with Officers.On October 16th, Officer Munoz was dispatchedin reference to a possible rape. Security reportedthat a female had exited a vehicle crying, hadher pants down, and was bleeding from the face.While Officers were in route, security detaineda male suspect who was outside the vehicle.Officer Munoz determined that the female victimwas sleeping in her car when she awoke to themale suspect on top of her and he was touchingher inappropriately. When the female tried toescape the suspect struck her several times inthe face causing temporary disfigurement. Thevictim was taken to the hospital and the suspectwas arrested and charged with aggravatedbattery with great bodily harm and attemptedrape.On October 21st, Officers Clemons and Keslerwere dispatched to the Rio Grand Mobile HomePark in reference an assault. The Officersarrived on the scene and were notified by thevictim that a neighbor had tried to run herand another victim over in a car. The victimsadvised there is an on-going dispute betweenfamilies in the mobile home park. The suspectwas located at her residence in the park and wasarrested for two counts of aggravated assaultwith a deadly weapon.Southwest Area Command.Officer Quesada was conducting a Tactical Planat a local retail outlet when he identified

Albuquerque Police Department Monthly Report - October 2014 a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot. Thecontact resulted in the arrest of the driver for afelony warrant.Officer Gallegos assisted auto theft detectivesin locating and arresting a male suspect, anauto theft offender known to steal vehicles anddump them inside the mobile home park wherehe lives. Since his arrest the problem has beenalleviated.On October 1st, Officers Cravens and Higdonwere dispatched to a residentail area in referenceto a male and female having a dispute in thestreet. Comments on the call advised that thefemale was screaming for help. Officer Cravenslocated the two individuals at another location.Officer Cravens determined that the male wasconcealing his identity. Once he positivelyidentified the male subject it was confirmedthat he had an outstanding felony warrant forauto theft and a misdemeanor warrant for trafficoffences.On October 15th, Officers McMurrough andHinson were dispatched to a residential locationafter several subjects armed with firearms hadcome to this residence threatening a female.Upon the Officers’ arrival the suspects whowere armed with firearms had already left theresidence. The female who rented the residencewas found to be under the influence of alcoholor drugs, and several other persons at the homealso appeared to be narcotic users. The femalewas extremely uncooperative with Officers.Throughout Officer McMurrough’s investigationhe made a CYFD referral after determining thatthe mother, and the living conditions were notsuitable for children. CYFD took custody of thechildren and it appears that the female had beenevicted from low income government housing.On October 24th, Officers Sanchez andMcMurrough were dispatched to a businessin reference to a mental patient call. Officerswere advised that the caller was in the officeasking for help after an individual came insideappearing to be in a mental health crisis. Whenthe Officers arrived, the subject was veryuncooperative, stating that he wanted to killhimself, others, and the police Officers. OfficerSanchez had just completed CIT training andusing his newly acquired CIT skills was able tode-escalate the tense situation, and convince thesubject to obtain an evaluation.On October 21st, Officer Vallejos was 8dispatched to a family fight in which the malewas physically attacking the female in the street.When Officers arrived, the male and female raninside the home and locked the door. EventuallyOfficers were able to talk the female into exitingthe home which brought the male outside aswell. Due to the statements of the victim, themale was arrested for false imprisonment,intimidation of a witness and attempting toescape custody. The male was extremely irateand out of control throughout the process andthrew an office chair at the window of theholding cell, shattering it.On October 21st, Officer Apodaca wasdispatched to a shoplifting call in which amale had brandished a pocket knife as a lossprevention employee attempted to stop him.Officer Apodaca located the male at a nearbybus stop and took him into custody. A fieldidentification was conducted in which the victimpointed out the male. He was later arrestedfor aggravated assault with a deadly weapon,shoplifting and possession of drug paraphernalia.On October 3rd, Officers responded to a subjectwith a possible felony warrant. Officers arrivedon scene and received no answer at the doorof the residence. Team 3 officers stayed in thearea and were able to locate the subject whowas attempting to leave on the walkway of adrainage ditch. The subject was found to havetwo ou

Albuquerque Police Department Monthly Report - October 2014 During the dates of October 4-12th, the Bomb Squad was assigned to the Balloon Fiesta for bomb sweeps, standby for IED’s and for any radiological or Nuclear device. APD’s Bomb Squad participated in 18