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Operating InstructionsDigital Cordless Answering SystemModel No.KX-TGH220EKX-TGH222EKX-TGH223EModel shown is KX-TGH220.Before initial use, see “Getting Started”on page 10.Thank you for purchasing a Panasonic product.Please read these operating instructions before using the unit and save them forfuture reference.Please access our online customer survey:http://panasonic.net/pcc/tel/qTGH22xE(en) 1211 ver031.pdf12013/12/1117:47:41

Table of ContentsIntroductionModel composition .3Accessory information .3General information .5Important InformationFor your safety .6Important safety instructions .7For best performance .7Other information .8Specifications .8Getting StartedSetting up .10Controls .12Display icons .13Turning the power on/off .14Language setting .14Date and time .14Recording your greeting message .14Other settings .14Greeting message .38Listening to messages .39Advanced new message alertingfeatures .40Remote operation .42Answering system settings .43Useful InformationVoice mail service .45Character entry .45Error messages .47Troubleshooting .47Conditions of guarantee .52IndexIndex.53Making/Answering CallsMaking calls .17Answering calls .17Useful features during a call .18Intercom .19Key lock .19PhonebookPhonebook .20Speed dial .21ProgrammingMenu list .23Alarm .29Do not disturb mode .30Nuisance call block .31Baby monitor .32Other programming .33Registering a unit .34Caller ID ServiceUsing Caller ID service .36Caller list .36Answering SystemAnswering system .38Turning the answering system on/off .382TGH22xE(en) 1211 ver031.pdf22013/12/1117:47:41

IntroductionModel compositionBase unitHandsetPart No.Part X-TGHA212KX-TGH223KX-TGH220KX-TGHA213SeriesModel No.KX-TGH220seriesQuantityAccessory informationSupplied accessoriesNo.QuantityAccessory item/Part numberKX-TGH220KX-TGH222KX-TGH223AAC adaptor for base unit/PNLV226EZ111BTelephone line cord/PNJA1037Z (forU.K.)111CRechargeable batteries*1246DHandset cover*2123ECharger/PNLC1054ZB–12FAC adaptor for charger/PNLV233EKZ–12*1*2See page 3 for replacement battery information.The handset cover comes attached to the handset.ABCDEFAdditional/replacement accessoriesPlease contact your nearest Panasonic dealer for sales information.Accessory itemModel numberRechargeablebatteriesHHR-4MVE*1DECT repeaterKX-A405Battery type:– Nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH)– 2 x AAA (R03) size for each handsetHelpline Tel. No.: U.K. 0844 844 3899 Ireland 01289 8333TGH22xE(en) 1211 ver031.pdf32013/12/11317:47:41

IntroductionAccessory itemModel numberKey finderKX-TGA20EX*2*1*2Replacement batteries may have a different capacity from that of the supplied batteries.By registering the key finder (4 max.) to a Panasonic Digital Cordless Phone and attaching itto an easy-to-lose item in advance, you can locate and find the mislaid item to which the keyfinder is attached. Please visit our Web /tga20/Please contact Panasonic or authorised sales department for availability of key finder in yourarea.Other informationR Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.R The illustrations in these instructions may vary slightly from the actual product.Expanding your phone systemHandset (optional): KX-TGHA20EYou can expand your phone system byregistering optional handsets (6 max.) to asingle base unit.R Optional handsets may be a differentcolour from that of the supplied handsets.Sales and support informationCustomer Communications CentreR For customers within the U.K.: 0844 844 3899R For customers within Ireland: 01289 8333R For further support on your product, please visit our website: www.panasonic.co.ukDirect Sales at Panasonic U.K.R Order accessory and consumable items for your product with ease and confidence by phoningour Customer Communications Centre Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm (Excluding publicholidays).R Go on line through our Internet Accessory ordering application at www.pas-europe.comR Most major credit and debit cards accepted.R All enquiries transactions and distribution facilities are provided directly by Panasonic U.K.R Also available through our Internet is direct shopping for a wide range of finished products.Take a browse on our website for further details.http://shop.panasonic.co.uk/4Helpline Tel. No.: U.K. 0844 844 3899 Ireland 01289 8333TGH22xE(en) 1211 ver031.pdf42013/12/1117:47:41

IntroductionGeneral informationR This equipment is designed for use on the U.K. and Ireland analogue telephone network.R In the event of problems, you should contact your equipment supplier in the first instance.Declaration of Conformity:R Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd. declares that this equipment is in compliance with theessential requirements and other relevant provisions of Radio & Telecommunications TerminalEquipment (R&TTE) Directive 1999/5/EC.Declarations of Conformity for the relevant Panasonic products described in this manual areavailable for download by visiting:http://www.ptc.panasonic.euContact to Authorised Representative:Panasonic Testing CentrePanasonic Marketing Europe GmbHWinsbergring 15, 22525 Hamburg, GermanyFor your future referenceWe recommend keeping a record of the following information to assist with any repair underwarranty.Serial No.Date of purchase(found on the bottom of the base unit)Name and address of dealerAttach your purchase receipt here.Helpline Tel. No.: U.K. 0844 844 3899 Ireland 01289 8333TGH22xE(en) 1211 ver031.pdf52013/12/11517:47:41

Important InformationFor your safetyTo prevent severe injury and loss of life/property, read this section carefully beforeusing the product to ensure proper and safeoperation of your product.WARNINGPower connectionR Use only the power source marked on theproduct.R Do not overload power outlets andextension cords. This can result in the riskof fire or electric shock.R Completely insert the AC adaptor/powerplug into the power outlet. Failure to do somay cause electric shock and/or excessiveheat resulting in a fire.R Regularly remove any dust, etc. from theAC adaptor/power plug by pulling it fromthe power outlet, then wiping with a drycloth. Accumulated dust may cause aninsulation defect from moisture, etc.resulting in a fire.R Unplug the product from power outlets if itemits smoke, an abnormal smell, or makesan unusual noise. These conditions cancause fire or electric shock. Confirm thatsmoke has stopped emitting and contact anauthorised service centre.R Unplug from power outlets and never touchthe inside of the product if its casing hasbeen broken open.R Never touch the plug with wet hands.Danger of electric shock exists.InstallationR To prevent the risk of fire or electricalshock, do not expose the product to rain orany type of moisture.R Do not place or use this product nearautomatically controlled devices such asautomatic doors and fire alarms. Radiowaves emitted from this product may causesuch devices to malfunction resulting in anaccident.6R Do not allow the AC adaptor or telephoneline cord to be excessively pulled, bent orplaced under heavy objects.Operating safeguardsR Unplug the product from power outletsbefore cleaning. Do not use liquid oraerosol cleaners.R Do not disassemble the product.R Do not spill liquids (detergents, cleansers,etc.) onto the telephone line cord plug, orallow it to become wet at all. This maycause a fire. If the telephone line cord plugbecomes wet, immediately pull it from thetelephone wall jack, and do not use.MedicalR Consult the manufacturer of any personalmedical devices, such as pacemakers orhearing aids, to determine if they areadequately shielded from external RF(radio frequency) energy. (The productoperates in the frequency range of1.88 GHz to 1.90 GHz, and the RFtransmission power is 250 mW (max.).)R Do not use the product in health carefacilities if any regulations posted in thearea instruct you not to do so. Hospitals orhealth care facilities may be usingequipment that could be sensitive toexternal RF energy.CAUTIONInstallation and locationR Never install telephone wiring during anelectrical storm.R Never install telephone line jacks in wetlocations unless the jack is specificallydesigned for wet locations.R Never touch uninsulated telephone wires orterminals unless the telephone line hasbeen disconnected at the network interface.R Use caution when installing or modifyingtelephone lines.R The AC adaptor is used as the maindisconnect device. Ensure that the ACoutlet is installed near the product and iseasily accessible.Helpline Tel. No.: U.K. 0844 844 3899 Ireland 01289 8333TGH22xE(en) 1211 ver031.pdf62013/12/1117:47:41

Important InformationR This product is unable to make calls when:– the handset batteries need recharging orhave failed.– there is a power failure.– the key lock feature is turned on.4. Use only the power cord and batteriesindicated in this manual. Do not dispose ofbatteries in a fire. They may explode.Check with local codes for possible specialdisposal instructions.SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONSBatteryR We recommend using the batteries notedon page 3. USE ONLY rechargeableNi-MH batteries AAA (R03) size.R Do not mix old and new batteries.R Do not open or mutilate the batteries.Released electrolyte from the batteries iscorrosive and may cause burns or injury tothe eyes or skin. The electrolyte is toxic andmay be harmful if swallowed.R Exercise care when handling the batteries.Do not allow conductive materials such asrings, bracelets, or keys to touch thebatteries, otherwise a short circuit maycause the batteries and/or the conductivematerial to overheat and cause burns.R Charge the batteries provided with oridentified for use with this product only, inaccordance with the instructions andlimitations specified in this manual.R Only use a compatible base unit (orcharger) to charge the batteries. Do nottamper with the base unit (or charger).Failure to follow these instructions maycause the batteries to swell or explode.Important safetyinstructionsWhen using your product, basic safetyprecautions should always be followed toreduce the risk of fire, electric shock, andinjury to persons, including the following:1. Do not use this product near water forexample, near a bathtub, washbowl,kitchen sink, or laundry tub, in a wetbasement or near a swimming pool.2. Avoid using a telephone (other than acordless type) during an electrical storm.There may be a remote risk of electricshock from lightning.3. Do not use the telephone to report a gasleak in the vicinity of the leak.For best performanceBase unit location/avoiding noiseThe base unit and other compatible Panasonicunits use radio waves to communicate witheach other.R For maximum coverage and noise-freecommunications, place your base unit:– at a convenient, high, and centrallocation with no obstructions betweenthe handset and base unit in an indoorenvironment.– away from electronic appliances such asTVs, radios, personal computers,wireless devices, or other phones.– facing away from radio frequencytransmitters, such as external antennasof mobile phone cell stations. (Avoidputting the base unit on a bay window ornear a window.)R Coverage and voice quality depends on thelocal environmental conditions.R If the reception for a base unit location isnot satisfactory, move the base unit toanother location for better reception.EnvironmentR Keep the product away from electrical noisegenerating devices, such as fluorescentlamps and motors.R The product should be kept free fromexcessive smoke, dust, high temperature,and vibration.R The product should not be exposed todirect sunlight.R Do not place heavy objects on top of theproduct.R When you leave the product unused for along period of time, unplug the product fromthe power outlet.R The product should be kept away from heatsources such as radiators, cookers, etc. ItHelpline Tel. No.: U.K. 0844 844 3899 Ireland 01289 8333TGH22xE(en) 1211 ver031.pdf72013/12/11717:47:41

Important Informationshould not be placed in rooms where thetemperature is less than 0 C or greaterthan 40 C. Damp basements should alsobe avoided.R The maximum calling distance may beshortened when the product is used in thefollowing places: Near obstacles such ashills, tunnels, underground, near metalobjects such as wire fences, etc.R Operating the product near electricalappliances may cause interference. Moveaway from the electrical appliances.Routine careR Wipe the outer surface of the productwith a soft moist cloth.R Do not use benzine, thinner, or anyabrasive powder.Other informationCAUTION: Risk of explosion if battery isreplaced by an incorrect type. Dispose of usedbatteries according to the instructions.Notice for product disposal, transfer,or returnR This product can store your private/confidential information. To protect yourprivacy/confidentiality, we recommend thatyou erase information such as phonebookor caller list entries from the memory beforeyou dispose of, transfer, or return theproduct.Information for Users on Collectionand Disposal of Old Equipment andused Batteries123These symbols (A, B, C) on the products,packaging, and/or accompanying documentsmean that used electrical and electronicproducts and batteries should not be mixedwith general household waste.For proper treatment, recovery and recyclingof old products and used batteries, pleasetake them to applicable collection points, inaccordance with your national legislation andthe Directives 2002/96/EC and 2006/66/EC.By disposing of these products and batteriescorrectly, you will help to save valuableresources and prevent any potential negativeeffects on human health and the environmentwhich could otherwise arise from inappropriatewaste handling.For more information about collection andrecycling of old products and batteries, pleasecontact your local municipality, your wastedisposal service or the point of sale where youpurchased the items.Penalties may be applicable for incorrectdisposal of this waste, in accordance withnational legislation.For business users in the EuropeanUnionIf you wish to discard electrical and electronicequipment, please contact your dealer orsupplier for further information.Information on Disposal in otherCountries outside the European UnionThese symbols (A, B, C) are only valid inthe European Union. If you wish to discardthese items, please contact your localauthorities or dealer and ask for the correctmethod of disposal.Note for the battery symbolThis symbol (B) might be used incombination with a chemical symbol (C). Inthis case it complies with the requirement setby the Directive for the chemical involved.SpecificationsR Standard:8Helpline Tel. No.: U.K. 0844 844 3899 Ireland 01289 8333TGH22xE(en) 1211 ver031.pdf82013/12/1117:47:41

Important InformationRRRRRDECT (Digital Enhanced CordlessTelecommunications),GAP (Generic Access Profile)Frequency range:1.88 GHz to 1.90 GHzRF transmission power:Approx. 10 mW (average power perchannel)Power source:220–240 V AC, 50/60 HzPower consumption:Base unit:Standby: Approx. 0.70 WMaximum: Approx. 2.8 WCharger:Standby: Approx. 0.12 WMaximum: Approx. 1.8 WOperating conditions:0 C–40 C, 20 %–80 % relative airhumidity (dry)Helpline Tel. No.: U.K. 0844 844 3899 Ireland 01289 8333TGH22xE(en) 1211 ver031.pdf92013/12/11917:47:41

Getting Startedn ChargerConnect the AC adaptor plug to the unituntil you hear a click.Connect the AC adaptor to the poweroutlet.Setting upConnectionsn Base unitConnect the AC adaptor to the unit bypressing the plug firmly.Fasten the cord by hooking it.Connect the AC adaptor to the poweroutlet.Connect the telephone line cord to theunit, then to the telephone line jack untilyou hear a click.A DSL/ADSL filter (not supplied) isrequired if you have a DSL/ADSL service.Note:R Use only the supplied Panasonic ACadaptor PNLV226E.R Use only the supplied telephone line cord.412Note:R Use only the supplied Panasonic ACadaptor PNLV233E.Battery installationR USE ONLY rechargeable Ni-MH batteriesAAA (R03) size (1).R Do NOT use Alkaline/Manganese/Ni-Cdbatteries.).R Confirm correct polarities ( ,34511210R Follow the directions on the display to setup the unit.Helpline Tel. No.: U.K. 0844 844 3899 Ireland 01289 8333TGH22xE(en) 1211 ver031.pdf102013/12/1117:47:41

Getting StartedBattery chargingNote for battery chargingCharge for about 7 hours.R Confirm “Charging” is displayed (1).R When the batteries are fully charged,“Fully Charged” is displayed.1R It is normal for the handset to feel warmduring charging.R Clean the charge contacts of the handset,base unit, and charger with a soft and drycloth once a month. Before cleaning theunit, disconnect from power outlets and anytelephone line cords. Clean more often ifthe unit is exposed to grease, dust, or highhumidity.Battery levelIconBattery levelHighMediumLowNote when setting upNeeds charging.Note for connectionsR The AC adaptor must remain connected atall times. (It is normal for the adaptor to feelwarm during use.)R The AC adaptor should be connected to avertically oriented or floor-mounted ACoutlet. Do not connect the AC adaptor to aceiling-mounted AC outlet, as the weight ofthe adaptor may cause it to becomedisconnected.During a power failureThe unit will not work during a power failure.We recommend connecting a corded-typetelephone (without AC adaptor) to the sametelephone line or to the same telephone linejack using a T-adaptor. Your Panasonic salesshop can offer you more information aboutconnection possibilities.Panasonic Ni-MH batteryperformance (supplied batteries)OperationOperating timeIn continuous use14 hours max.Not in use (standby)250 hours max.Note:R Actual battery performance depends onusage and ambient environment.R When eco mode is set to “Eco Plus”, thebase unit stops communicating with thehandset while it is in standby mode. As aresult, the handset uses more power thanusual to search for the base unit andtherefore battery usage time is shortened(page 15).Note for battery installationR Use the supplied rechargeable batteries.For replacement, we recommend using thePanasonic rechargeable batteries noted onpage 3, 7.Helpline Tel. No.: U.K. 0844 844 3899 Ireland 01289 8333TGH22xE(en) 1211 ver031.pdf112013/12/111117:47:41

Getting StartedindicatorCharge contactsControlsHandsetFGAHBCIJDEKn Control typeSoft keysBy pressing a soft key, you can select thefeature shown directly above it on thedisplay.Navigator keyNavigator keys functions as follows.SymbolMeaningMNMDNUpM NMCNDownMWNMFNLeftMTNMENRight– MDN, MCN, MFN, or MEN: Scroll throughvarious lists and items.– MDN or MCN ( ): Adjust the receiver orspeaker volume while talking.– M N (Caller list): View the caller list.– MWN (Phonebook): View the phonebookentry.– MTN (Redial): View the redial list.Base unitAACABSpeakerMN (Talk)Dial keypadMZN (Speakerphone)MicrophoneReceiverDisplayMN (Off/Power)MR/ECONR: Recall/FlashECO: Eco mode shortcut keyMN (Smart Function Key/Noisereduction key)12BD E FG HIJCharge contactsSpeakerMjN/MkN ( : Volume up/down)ANSWER ON/OFF indicator ()MANSWER ON/OFFNHelpline Tel. No.: U.K. 0844 844 3899 Ireland 01289 8333TGH22xE(en) 1211 ver031.pdf122013/12/1117:47:41

Getting StartedMN (PLAY/STOP)Message indicatorM N (Repeat)M N (Skip)MERASENM /LOCATORNR You can locate a misplaced handsetby pressing MLOCATORN.ItemR When displayed next to thebattery icon: Answeringsystem is on. (page 38)R When displayed with anumber: New messageshave been recorded.(page 39)“Greeting Only” isselected. Caller messagesare not recorded. (page 44)Display iconsBattery levelHandset display itemsItemMeaningAlarm is on. (page 29)MeaningPrivacy mode is on.(page 28)Range status: The more barsvisible, the closer the handsetis to the base unit.Ringer volume is off.(page 26)Out of base unit rangeDo not disturb mode is on.(page 30)Security for phone calls is setto “Enhanced”. (page 34)Paging, intercom modeNuisance call blocked.*1(page 31)Speakerphone is on.(page 17)New voice mail messagereceived.*2 (page 45)The line is in use.R When flashing slowly: Thecall is put on hold.R When flashing rapidly: Anincoming call is now beingreceived.Baby monitor is activated.The name/number displayednext to the icon indicates themonitoring unit. (page 32)Line inuseSomeone is using the line.Missed call*1 (page 36)IN USEAnswering system is beingused by another handset orthe base unit.Eco mode is set to “Eco”.(page 15)Eco mode is set to “EcoPlus”. (page 15)*1*2Noise reduction is set.(page 18)Handset soft key iconsThe key backlight is off.(page 27)Caller ID subscribers onlyVoice mail subscribers onlyIconActionOKAccepts the current selection.Temporarily turns off the ringerfor incoming calls. (page 17)WOpens the phonebook.Turns the key lock feature off.(page 19)Helpline Tel. No.: U.K. 0844 844 3899 Ireland 01289 8333TGH22xE(en) 1211 ver031.pdf132013/12/111317:47:41

Getting Startedn When you select a language other thanEnglishIcon3MNActionReturns to the previous screen oroutside call.Displays the menu.Makes a call.Date and time12Places a call on hold.Switches the screen to confirmthe detailed information.Allows you to edit phonenumbers.Adds new entry.3Enter the current hour and minute.Example: 9:3009 30R You can select 24-hour or 12-hourclock format (“AM” or “PM”) bypressing *.4MOKN a MDisplays the phonebook searchmenu.Stops alarm.Snooze button on the alarm.Selects entries or handsets.MMENUN (right soft key) #101Enter the current date, month, and year.a MOKNExample: 15 July, 201415 07 14R You can select the date format bypressing #:– dd/mm/yy (date/month/year)– yy/mm/ddNPlays a message.Stops recording or playback.nStores phone numbers.Erases the selected item.Allows you to make an intercomcall.CErases a number/character.Puts the call on mute.Turning the power on/offPress MN for about 2 seconds.Recording your greetingmessageYou can record your own greeting messageinstead of using a pre-recorded greetingmessage. See page 38 for details.123MMENUN (right soft key) #302MbN: “Yes” a MOKNRecord a greeting message. a MSTOPNaMNOther settingsLanguage settingSmart Function Key (Display languagekey) is locatedThe Smart Function Key (on the bottom of the handset and informs youwith its flashing to allow you to activate thefollowing features by simply pressing this key.1214MMENUN (right soft key) #110MbN: Select your desired language. aMOKNHelpline Tel. No.: U.K. 0844 844 3899 Ireland 01289 8333TGH22xE(en) 1211 ver031.pdf142013/12/1117:47:41key)

Getting Startedn When theindicator flashes rapidly,you can:– Answer the call (outside call, intercom).(page 17, 19)– Stop paging.– Stop the alarm sound. (page 30)n When theindicator flashes slowly instandby mode, you can:– Listen to new messages. (page 39)– View the caller list when there aremissed calls. (page 36)To activate these features, their SmartFunction Key must be “On”. (page 15)Using the Smart Function Key (key)When theindicator flashes rapidly/slowly,press MN.R The above features can be activateddepending the situation.R If you answer a call using the SmartFunction Key, the speakerphone isactivated.R Even if the handset is placed on the baseunit or charger, the feature can beactivated. You can talk or listen to newmessages without lifting up the handset. Ifyou want to perform further operations, liftup the handset.R When the unit has new messages andmissed calls, the unit can be operated toplay the new messages first and then showthe missed calls.Note:R While key lock is on (page 19), incomingcalls can be answered, but the followingfeatures are disabled even when theindicator flashes slowly.– Listen to new messages. (page 39)– View the caller list when there aremissed calls. (page 36)Setting the Smart Function KeyThe Smart Function Key for the followingfeatures must be “On”.– “New Message” (Default: On)– “Missed Call” (Default: Off)The settings can be set for each handset.123MMENUN (right soft key) #278MbN: Select the desired setting and pressMSELECTN.R “ ” is displayed next to the selectedfeatures.R To cancel a selected feature, pressMSELECTN again. “ ” disappears.MOKN a MNNote:R If theindicator flashes when thehandset is not placed on the base unit orcharger, battery consumption is faster thanusual.Screen saver modeThe backlight goes dark when on a call orturns off completely after 1 minute ofinactivity if the handset is not on the base unitor charger.Activate the handset display again by:– pressing MN when on a call.– pressing MN at all other times.Eco mode settingYou can select the desired eco mode settingby pressing MR/ECON.The following settings are available for ecomode.– “Eco”: Reduces the base unit transmissionpower by up to 90 % in standby mode.isWhen this setting is selected,displayed on the handset display instead of.– “Eco Plus”: Reduces the base unittransmission power completely in standbymode.When this setting is selected,isdisplayed on the handset display instead of.– “Eco Off” (default setting): Turns off ecomode./When this setting is selected,are not displayed in the handset display.Helpline Tel. No.: U.K. 0844 844 3899 Ireland 01289 8333TGH22xE(en) 1211 ver031.pdf152013/12/111517:47:41

Getting StartedNote:R If there is a handset that is not compatiblewith Eco Plus registered to the base unit,“Eco Plus” is not available. If thathandset is registered while “Eco Plus”was already selected, the setting changesto “Eco Off”.R When there is another cordless phone inuse nearby, the base unit transmissionpower may not be reduced.R When eco mode is set to “Eco Plus”,there is a delay between when calls arereceived and when the handset startsringing.R When eco mode is active, the range of thebase unit is reduced in standby mode.R If you set repeater mode to “On”(page 35):– Eco mode is disabled.– “Eco Mode” is not displayed in thedisplay menu (page 27).R When eco mode is set to “Eco Plus”,battery usage time is shortened (page 11).16Helpline Tel. No.: U.K. 0844 844 3899 Ireland 01289 8333TGH22xE(en) 1211 ver031.pdf162013/12/1117:47:41

Making/Answering CallsMaking calls1Lift the handset and dial the phonenumber.R To correct a digit, press MCLEARN.23MNN orWhen you finish talking, press Mplace the handset on the base unit orcharger.and/or PIN in the phonebook, a pause is alsoneeded (page 21).Example: If you need to dial the line accessnumber “0” when making outside calls with aPBX:120 a MDN (Pause)Dial the phone number. a MNNote:R A 3 second pause is inserted each time MDN(Pause) is pressed.Using the speakerphone12Dial the phone number and press MZN.Answering callsWhen you finish talking, press M1N.Note:R To switch back to the receiver, press MZN/MN.Lift the handset and press Mwhen the unit rings.N or MZN2Making a call using the redial listWhen you finish talking, press MN orplace the handset on the base unit orcharger.Any key answer: You can answer the call bypressing any dial key.Auto talk: You can answer calls simply bylifting the handset (page 28).Temporary handset ringer off: You can turnthe ringer off temporarily by pressing M N.The last 10 phone numbers dialled are storedin the redial list (each 24 digits max.).Using the Smart Function KeyAdjusting the receiver or speakervolumePress MDN or MCN repeatedly while talking.123MTNMbN: Select the desired entry.MN/MZNR If MZN is pressed and the other party’sline is engaged, the unit automaticallyredials multiple times.Erasing a number in the redial list123When theindicator flashes rapidly, pressMN.R You can answer the call even if the handsetis placed on the base unit or charger(page 15).You can finish talking by pressing MNwithout lifting up the handset.Adjusting the ringer volumeMTNMbN: Select the desired entry. aMERASENMbN: “Yes” a MOKN a MNPause (for PBX/long distance serviceusers)A pause is sometimes required when makingcalls using a PBX or long distance service.When storing a calling card access numberHandsetPress MDN or MC

KX-TGH220 KX-TGH220 KX-TGHA21 1 KX-TGH222 KX-TGH220 KX-TGHA21 2 KX-TGH223 KX-TGH220 KX-TGHA21 3 Accessory information Supplied accessories No. Accessory item/Part number Quantity KX-TGH220 KX-TGH222 KX-TGH223 A AC adaptor for base unit/PNLV226EZ 1 1 1 B Telephone line cord/PNJA10