FRIENDSHIPHEIGHTSFORTTOTTENROCK CREEKPARKTENLEYTOWNVAN NESS /UDCWISAMERICAN U.TENLEY WORTHENWWNATIONALZOO13TH ST GHTSEMBASSY ROWE NWGEORGIA AVTTTICSEECUNNCHWSAENAMERICAN U.MAIN CAMPUSASAVM16TH STREET NWNSSPRINGVALLEYBROOKLANDSHAW /HOWARD UBLOOMINGDALERH14TH & U STREETCORRIDORDC Market OverviewWashington DC is a city of unique, vibrant neighborhoods connectedby a comprehensive and multi-modal mass transit system. Thanks tostrong infrastructure and major employment generators, Tenleytown,along with the District as a whole, is experiencing extensive growthin the residential, commercial, and entertainment sectors. Thenation’s capital – with Tenleytown emerging as one of its most vibrantneighborhoods – is widely recognized as one of the most progressivecultural and economic powerhouses in the nation.ODLAE NCENTER NORTHGEORGETOWNNEK ST NWFOGGYBOTTOMWYKORANVEWORNOMAIDAAVENEK ST NW

Tenleytown ProfileOn the Red Line, and with bustling Wisconsin Avenue as its main street, thousands of employees, students, and residents call Tenleytown home.Its dozens of restaurants and shops – anchored by Whole Foods, Best Buy, The Container Store, and Safeway – makes the neighborhood one of themost mature, desirable areas of the District, with American University adding an air of intellect and constant influx of young people.DININGCONNECTINGJust two blocks from the Metro Red Line and CapitalBikeshare. Plus within ¼ mile of 11 Metrobus lines.Over 15,000 people live withina ¾ mile radius of Tenley View.6,766 undergrads and 3,464 graduatestudents attend American University.STUDYINGLess than a block away from fieldsand tennis courts at Fort Reno Park.LIVINGPLAYINGWithin ¼ mile of CVS, Whole Foods,Safeway, or The Container Store.SHOPPINGOver two dozen Zagat-ratedrestaurants within a 1 mile radius.

Corridor MapKEY TENANTS OF WISCONSIN AVENUE CORRIDOR WITHIN ½ MILE1Rodman’s5100 Wisconsin Avenue NW26Washington Karate Academy4001 Brandywine Street NW2Coldwell Bankers5028 Wisconsin Avenue NW27Northwest Sport & Health4001 Brandywine Street NW3York Flowers5023 Wisconsin Avenue NW28CVS Pharmacy4555 Wisconsin Avenue NW4Citibank5001 Wisconsin Avenue NW29Hudson Trail Outfitters4530 Wisconsin Avenue NW5Rome Pizza & Sub5000 Wisconsin Avenue NW30Whole Foods Market4530 Tenley Circle NW6Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza4940 Wisconsin Avenue NW31Sears Home Appliance Showroom4530 40th Street NW7Matisse4934 Wisconsin Avenue NW32Angelico Pizza4529 Wisconsin Avenue NW8National Diving Center4932 Wisconsin Avenue NW33Guapo’s4515 Wisconsin Avenue NW9Wells Fargo Home Mortgage4926 Wisconsin Avenue NW34Starbucks4513 Wisconsin Avenue NW35Payless Shoe Source4505 Wisconsin Avenue NW11Bikram Yoga4908 Wisconsin Avenue NW36Panera Bread4501 Wisconsin Avenue NW12DC Dance Collective4908 Wisconsin Avenue NW37The Container Store4500 Wisconsin Avenue NW13Le Chat Noir4907 Wisconsin Avenue NW38Best Buy4500 Wisconsin Avenue NW14 Happy Paws4904 Wisconsin Avenue NW39Tenley-Friendship Library4450 Wisconsin Avenue NW15 TD Bank4849 Wisconsin Avenue NW40Tenley Market4326 Wisconsin Avenue NW16 Safeway4203 Davenport Street NW41Z Burger4321 Wisconsin Avenue NWYosaku Japanese4712 Wisconsin Avenue NW427 Eleven4319 Wisconsin Avenue NW18 Osman & Joe’s Steak ‘n Egg Kitchen4700 Wisconsin Avenue NW43Popeye’s4309 Wisconsin Avenue NW19 State Farm Insurance4701 Wisconsin Avenue NW44Hour Eyes4301 Wisconsin Avenue NW20 Papa John’s4656 Wisconsin Avenue NW45Chipotle4301 Wisconsin Avenue NW21 Satay Club4654 Wisconsin Avenue NW46PNC Bank4249 Wisconsin Avenue NW22 Kitty O’Shea’s4624 Wisconsin Avenue NW47Cava Mezze Grill4237 Wisconsin Avenue NW23 Murasaki Japanese4620 Wisconsin Avenue NW48Pizza Autentica4200 Wisconsin Avenue NW24 Dancing Crab4611 Wisconsin Avenue NW49The UPS Store4200 Wisconsin Avenue NW25 Public4611 41st Street NW50Sullivan’s Art Supply4200 Wisconsin Avenue NW10 Tanad Thai Cuisine4912 Wisconsin Avenue NW171Just south of shopping powerhouse Friendship Heights,Tenleytown is coming into its own as a retail and diningdestination. With bustling Wisconsin Avenue as its spine,Tenleytown is home to a thriving community poised toexperience a new wave of growth and development.2354678910 131112 14½ MILE15¼ MILE16FORT RENOPARK171821222319202425 26 27WOODROW WILSONHIGH SCHOOL2928323330 313435 TENLEYTOWN-AUMETRO36383739AMERICAN UNIVERSITYTENLEY CAMPUS4142434044454647CORRIDOR MAP KEYKey RetailPoints Of InterestCapital Bikeshare Station4948 50

Demographics PsychodemographicsPopula on (2008)The demographic profile in Tenleytown is extremely strong, as is the growth rate, both past and projected thanks to its historichousing stock, Metro access, and prime location within the District. Incomes are very high, as are housing values, corroborating theneighborhood’s reputation as one of the most affluent in the city. With continued development in DC expected to remain strong, itis expected that these numbers will continue to move in a positive direction. With a solid base of mature professionals, students,and young urbanites – groups that together make up the psychodemographic profile – the area continues to grow and evolve asconsumers demand more experiential dining, retail, and living opportunities. Per Capita Income (2008)Popula on (2008)%%Popula on (2008)Population2013Growth2000-2010 Per Capita Income (2008)Growth2010-2013%ProjectedGrowth2013-2018 AverageHH Income2013-2018Housing Value2013¼ Mile1,67027.70%6.85%11.44%Households (2008)½ Mile5,83123.27%6.13%10.39% 178,296 ¾ Mile15,17413.26% Average HH Income (2008)% 167,747 695,176Projected Popula onMoney & BrainsGrowth (2008-2013) 6.20%10.51% 176,935% Population2013 Projected Popula onGrowth (2008-2013) Per Capita Income (2008)1,953Average HH Income (2008) 699,8387,313Average HH Income (2008)Households (2008) Popula on (2008)HouseholdsMedian (2008) DaytimePer Capita Income (2008) Households (2008)% 685,31916,526Projected Popula on Average HH Income (2008)Growth (2008-2013)KEY PSYCHODEMOGRAPHIC SECTORS WITHIN ¾ MILE- 3,844 Households (66%)The residents of Money & Brains seem to have it all: highincomes, advanced degrees, and sophisticated tastes to matchtheir credentials. Many of these city dwellers are marriedHousing who live in fashionable homes oncouples withMedianfew childrenValue (2008)small, manicured lots.YoungDigeratiMedianHousingValue (2008)%Projected(33%)Popula on- 2,325 HouseholdsGrowth (2008-2013)Young Digerati are tech-savvy and live in fashionableMedian Housingneighborhoods on the urban fringe. Affluent, highly educated,Value (2008)and ethnically mixed, Young Digerati communities are typicallyMedianHousingfilled with trendy apartments and condos, fitnessclubsandValue (2008)clothing boutiques, casual restaurants, and all types of bars –from juice to coffee to microbrew.While demographics are facts and figures about income, education, population andthe like, psychodemographics indicate the true nature of how a population lives.

Retail Suite4,531 SF

Access & VisibilityFORT RENO PARKTenley View is easily seen and accessed via Wisconsin Avenue, one ofthe most important transportation and activity corridors in the city. Justtwo blocks from the Tenleytown-AU Metro and its Capital Bikesharestation, and a quarter mile from American University’s Tenley Campus,the building is all-access and high-profile at the same time.CHESAPEAKE STREET NWWILSON H.S.DANCING CRABRIPUBLICRROADNW//0VPDHUDSON TRAILOUTFITTERSCVSVPD28,800NW //40TH STREET NW40VENUENSIN A42ND STREET NW9,BRANDYWINE STREET NWWISCOBRANDYWINE STREET NWVENORTHWEST SPORT& HEALTHANGELICO PIZZAWHOLE FOODSMARKETACE HARDWAREGUAPO’SSTARBUCKSBEST BUYPAYLESS SHOESOURCESEARS HOMEAPPLIANCE SHOWROOMPANERA BREAD2 WAY TRAFFIC1 WAY TRAFFICCAPITAL BIKESHARETHE CONTAINERSTORETENLEYTOWN - AU7,070AVG WEEKDAY EXITS

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Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza 4940 Wisconsin Avenue NW Matisse 4934 Wisconsin Avenue NW National Diving Center 4932 Wisconsin Avenue NW Wells Fargo Home Mortgage 4926 Wisconsin Avenue NW Tanad Thai Cuisine 4912 Wisconsin Avenue NW Bikram Yoga 4908 Wisconsin Avenue NW DC Danc