RANGER 260MPX Welder/GeneratorShown:Ranger 260MPX (K3458-1)Do More with LessProcesses »Stick, MIG, TIG, Flux-CoredINCOLN ELECTOutput »Input »RICLThe Ranger 260MPX engine driven welder/generator excels on the job. The unit’sindustry-leading design makes it smaller, lighter and quieter than other machines inits class, while an intuitive user interface with advanced technology helps simplifyoperation and improve arc control. You can also count on a reliable source of cleangenerator power to run a variety of tools and sensitive equipment. Get the job donewith the Ranger 260MPX welder/generator.Applications »ConstructionMaintenance & RepairService TruckProduct Number »K3458-1 Ranger 260MPXPublication E6.105 Issue Date 07/20 Lincoln Global Inc. All Rights Reserved All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective

KEY FEATURESINDUSTRY LEADING DESIGNCOMPACT SIZEThe smaller size enables you to maneuver the Ranger 260MPX welder/generator around the jobsite with ease, and allows more space for additionaltools and equipment.» Compact Size helps streamlineoperations on the jobsite» Low Decibel Rating helpsenhance comfort and safetyUp to 20%Smaller Footprint» Digital User Interface makessetup quicker and easierUp to 31%Smaller in Volume98.4 in98.4 in– Ready.Set.Weld. – Chopper Technology – CrossLinc Lighter*81.6 in81.6 in» Advanced Technology improvesarc control:Up to 25%Similar Model28 x 20 x 40.5 inRanger 260MPX26 x 20 x 36 inLOW DECIBEL RATINGReduced noise levels help improve jobsite comfort and safety, and also makethe Ranger 260MPX welder/generator an ideal option for use in low-noisework environments like schools or hospitals.» Clean Generator Power enablesthe operation of various tools» Maintenance Alerts ensureproper service when neededUp to 60%Quieter**Compared to other machines in its class.INNOVATIVE USER INTERFACEAn easy-to-use digital interface withsimple push-and-turn controls, combinedwith technology designed for quick setupand improved arc control, enables you toget started in no time.1.Amps2.Fuel Gauge3.Weld Mode4.Home Button5.Local/Remote Button6.Output7.Ready.Set.Weld. Parameters8.Back Button9.Help Button1. 260MPX [ 2 ]

INNOVATIVE USER INTERFACEReady.Set.Weld technology simplifies setup by recommendingoptimal welding parameters for a given welding procedure. Just followthe 5-step process and enter the requested information to obtainrecommended settings:Maintenance Alerts keep track of engine functions andprovide real-time data and notifications when service isrequired. The maintenance screen clearly displays hoursremaining, and settings can be customized to issue alertsat preferred intervals.1 Process2 Electrode Type3 Electrode Diameter4 Plate Thickness5 PolarityCrossLinc remote technology communicates voltage controlsto the welding power source through one common weld cable,reducing cable clutter and minimizing unnecessary movementaround the jobsite.CLEAN AC GENERATOR POWERWhether powering up tools on the jobsite or running appliances at home, you cancount on the Ranger 260MPX welder/generator. 9.5kW of clean AC generator power accomodates a variety of tools and equipment Operate sensitive electronics, like laptops, without concern - this unit deliversclean generator power with 5% Total Harmonic Distortion Run generator power and weld at the same time, without interruptionRanger 260MPX [ 3 ]Chopper Technology feature provides easystarts, a smooth and consistent arc, and lowspatter to help achieve optimal bead appearance

KEY CONTROLS1.Digital User Interface2.Engine Choke Control3.GFCI4.120/240 Volt AC Full KVA Receptacle5.Output Studs6.Front battery access for easymaintenance7.Engine Start Switch8.Scroll Knob9.240 Volt AC Receptacles10.Ground Stud11.120 Volt AC Receptacles12.Galvanized base to increase the life ofthe machine and help prevent rusting13.Strain relief shackles for improvedlife on cables (Do not lift by strainrelief shackles) pin connector for easy to connectremote control operations, or footor hand amptrol15.Circuit Breakers16.7 pin connector for the first in classdirect connect spool gun14.15.16.[ 4 ] Ranger 260MPX

NEW BOLT PATTERN SPECIFICATIONSBASE VIEW11.39 in(289.4 mm)16.5 in(419.1 mm)22.3 in(566.4 mm).50 in(12.8 mm)Diameter2.13 in(54.2 mm)* New bolt patterncompatible with thecompetition1.75 in(44.4 mm)FEATURED ACCESSORYMagnum PRO 250LX GT Spool Gun is the first directspool gun in its class to provide a cost saving solution,with no additional accessories required. Plugs directly into the Ranger 260MPX welder/generator without the need for an adapter Uses premium Magnum PRO expendables forextended contact tip lifeShown:Ranger 260MPX (K3458-1) with Magnum PRO250LX GT Spool Gun (K3569-2)[ 5 ] Ranger 260MPX

RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIESPOWER SOURCESSTICK OPTIONSSquare Wave TIG 200A TIG welder that includes ACfrequency controls and AC balancefor great results on aluminum.Order K5126-1Accessory Kit400 amp nominal rating stickwelding kit with: electrode holder,work clamp, 35’ 2/0 cables, helmet, &electrode holder.Order K704POWER MIG 210 MP A multi-process CV and CC welderprovides easy to use interfaceto help achieve consistent weldperformance.Order K3963-1POWER MIG 180CCompact CV wire welder for MIGand flux-cored welding.Order K2473-2 omahawk 1000TPortable plasma cutter for fast andprecise metal cutting.Order K2808-1TIG ModulePortable, high frequency unit withgas valve for TIG welding. Rated at300 amps/60% duty cycle.Order K930-2TIG Module CableConnects TIG Module to the powersource with a 9-pin connector to a6-pin connector.Order K936-3Accessory KitFor stick welding. Includes 20 ft.(6.1 m) #6 electrode cable with lug,15 ft. (4.6 m) #6 work cable withlugs, headshield, filter plate, workclamp, electrode holder and samplepack of mild steel electrode. 150amp capacity.Order K875Remote Control KitA control box allowing adjustableoutput from varying cable lengths.Order:K857-1 for 100ftK4330-1 for 125ftK4268-1 for 125ft with 115VACreceptacleTRAILERS AND UNDERCARRIAGESShown withoptional K2639-1Fender & Light KitAll Terrain UndercarriagePortable cart for the movingthe engine drive by hand overconstruction sites with heavy- dutypuncture resistant tires.Order K3590-1WIRE FEEDERSActiv8X Compact wire feeder providingsimple controls and across-the-arcoperations.Order K3519-1LN-25X Portable, easy to set, and reliablewire feeder with CrossLinc Technology.Order K4267-1LN-25X / Magnum PRO Curve 045COne-Pak Wire Feeder Includes: LN-25XFeeder, Magnum PRO Curve welding gun Ready-Pak , .040-.045in. (1.0-1.2 mm) Cored Wire DriveRoll Kit.Order K4100-1LN-25X / K126 PRO 1/16-5/64COne-PakWire Feeder Includes: LN-25X WireFeeder, K126 PRO Innershield 350A FCAW-SS Welding Gun, 5/64in. (2.0mm) Solid/Cored Wire DriveRoll Kit, 1/16 in. (1.6mm) Cored WireDrive Roll Kit.Order K4100-2Magnum 250 LX GT Spool GunA quick-connect hand heldsemiautomatic wire feeder forwelding 1lb spools.Order K3569-2Adjustable Gas Regulator & Hose KitA gas regulator for CO2, Argon, andArgon blends. Kit includes: Pressuregauge, dual scale flow gauge, and4.3 ft. (1.3mm) gas hose.Order K586-1CrossLinc RemoteA Remote control added in-line withthe welding power cable allowingremote output control of the powersource through the weld cable forStick, TIG and Gouging processesK4345-1Factory UndercarriagePortable cart for the moving theengine drive by hand over smoothsurfaces with heavy- duty punctureresistant tires and swivel castors.Order K3589-1TIG OPTIONSPro-Torch PTA-26 TIG TorchAir-cooled 200 amp torch (2 pieceseparate power conductor and abraided gas hose).Order K1783-4ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES120VMagnum Parts Kit for PTA-26VProvides all the torch accessories tostart welding. Kit includes: collets,collet bodies, a back cap, aluminanozzles, and tungsten in a varietyof sizes.Order KP509Foot Amptrol Provides 25ft. of adjustable weldcurrent based on the appliedpressure on the pedal, great formaking critical TIG welds and craterfilling.Order K870Wireless Foot AmptrolWireless foot pedal, great formaking critical welds and craterfilling remotely.Order K4217-1Hand Amptrol Provides 25ft of remote currentcontrol through a handheldregulator.Order K963-3[ 6 ] Ranger 260MPXSmall Two-Wheeled Road TrailerTwo-wheeled trailer with astandard Duo-Hitch for heavyduty road, off road, plant and yarduse. Includes pivoting jack stand,safety chains and 13in wheels.Order:K2635-1 TrailerK2639-1- Fender and light kitK2640-1 Cable RackPower Plug KitProvides four 120V plugs rated at 20amps each, and one dual voltage,full KVA plug rated at 120/240V,50Amps.Order K802NSpark ArrestorAttaches to muffler exhaust tubeand virtually eliminates sparkemissions.Order K3679-1Ballistic Nylon CoverA mildew resistant and waterrepellent cover to protect theengine drive when not in use.K3588-1Kohler Tune-Up KitEngine maintenance kit includes:Spark plugs, in-line fuel filter, airfilter pre-cleaner, oil, and oil filter.K3494-1

MACHINE SPECIFICATIONSProduct NameOrdering InformationDescriptionCC Rated Output Current/Voltage/ Duty CycleCV-Rated Output Current/Voltage/ Duty CycleGenerator AC Power (2)(3)Dimensions H x W x Linches (mm)Weight lbs. (kg)Ranger 260MPXK3458-1Painted Roof, CaseSides and EngineDoors260 Amp DC MulitProcess Arc Welderwith ChopperTechnologyDC Constant Current260A/26V/100%DC Constant Voltage(1)260A/26V/100%10,000 Watts Peak26 x 20 x 36(660 x 508 x 914)446(202)10,000 Watts Peak ACPower9,500 WattsContinuous AC Power9,500 WattsContinuous60 Hz Single PhaseFull KVA Receptacle39.5 @ 240V40A @ 120V ea.Branch Circuit (4)Four 120V Receptacles20A Total (4)Touch Start TIG260A/26V/100% C constant voltage capability provides convenience and added safety when welding in electrically hazardous conditions.D When welding, available auxiliary power will be reduced. Output voltage is within \- 10% at all loads up to rated capacity.(3) 120V will operate either 60 Hz or 50/60 Hz power tools, lights, etc.(4) Circuits cannot be wired in parallel to operate the same device.(1)(2)ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS(5)(6)Engine ModelDescriptionHorsepower &DisplacementIgnitionCapacitiesGals (Liters)Operating SpeedsRPMFuel ConsumptionGals/Hr (Liters/Hr)KohlerOHV (5)CommandCH730 Gasoline2 Cylinder, 4 Cycle,OHV, Air-CooledGasoline EngineAluminum Alloy Blockwith Cast Iron LinersElectric Fuel PumpMin. 23.5 HP(6)@ 3600 RPM44.2 cu in(725 cc)Electric Start, 12VGroup 99 Battery,410 Cold Cranking Amps,Rotary Start SwitchFUEL:11 (41.6)FULL LOAD3,6001.6(6.1)OIL:0.5 (1.9)HIGH IDLE36500.8(3.1)LOW IDLE2,4000.6(2.1)Kohler warranty is 3 years.A minimum of 23.5 HP. Exact HP in your machine may vary based on availability. Consult your Ranger 260MPX manual upon purchase for exact engine specification.PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONSProduct NumberEngineK3458-1Kohler OHVCH730Rated Output Current /Voltage/DutyCycleAC Generator Power OutputNON-IEC Rating:Maximum Output:260A/26V/100%1-Ph/AC Power:9.5 kW Continuous10 kW PeakCapacitiesDimensionsin (mm)Noise At FullLoad (dBA)Fuel: 11 gal.Oil: 2.0 qts26 x20 x36(660 x 508 x 914)74.7 dBANetWeightlb (kg)446(202)IEC Rating:DC Stick:231A/29.2V/100%DC TIG:260A/20.4V/100%DC Constant Voltage:253A/26.7V/100%For best welding results with Lincoln Electric equipment, always use Lincoln Electric consumables. Visit for more details.Manufactured at a facility with certified ISO Quality and Environmental Management Systems.All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective ownersCUSTOMER ASSISTANCE POLICY he business of The Lincoln Electric Company is manufacturing and selling high quality welding equipment, consumables, and cutting equipment. Our challenge is to meet the needs of our customers and to exceed their expectations. OnToccasion, purchasers may ask Lincoln Electric for information or advice about their use of our products. Our employees respond to inquiries to the best of their ability based on information provided to them by the customers and the knowledgethey may have concerning the application. Our employees, however, are not in a position to verify the information provided or to evaluate the engineering requirements for the particular weldment. Accordingly, Lincoln Electric does notwarrant or guarantee or assume any liability with respect to such information or advice. Moreover, the provision of such information or advice does not create, expand, or alter any warranty on our products. Any express or implied warrantythat might arise from the information or advice, including any implied warranty of merchantability or any warranty of fitness for any customers’ particular purpose is specifically disclaimed. Lincoln Electric is a responsive manufacturer, but the selection and use of specific products sold by Lincoln Electric is solely within the control of, and remains the sole responsibility of the customer. Many variables beyond the control of LincolnElectric affect the results obtained in applying these types of fabrication methods and service requirements.Subject to Change – This information is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of printing. Please refer to for any updated information.The Lincoln Electric Company22801 St. Clair Avenue Cleveland, OH 44117-1199

Fuel Consumption Gals/Hr (Liters/Hr) Kohler OHV (5) Command CH730 Gasoline 2 Cylinder, 4 Cycle, OHV, Air-Cooled Gasoline Engine Aluminum Alloy Block with Cast Iron Liners Electric Fuel Pump Min. 23.5 HP(6) @ 3600 RPM 44.2 cu in (725 cc) Electric Start, 12V Group 99 Battery, 410 Cold Cranking Amps, Rotary Start Switch FUEL: 11 (41.6) OIL: 0.5 (1 .