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[email protected] 1 (631) 586-7600Your Power Solutions ProviderHigh Power Vehicle Power Surge ProtectionThe Sensitron Advantage Proven solutions for tough requirements100% production test to worst case waveforms, 50ms/80ms/100ms/150msCapability to customize package or electrical specProven heritage on commercial, military & space programsSuperClamp TVS, SCP-5282-4, SCP-5282-9········Handles high energy dump, 150A for 100msClamps to under 33V at 100A, or under 32V at 50AClamping is independent of temperatureNarrow window between breakdown voltage and clamping voltageDesigned to enforce safe parallelingSpace saving busbar connections100% tested to single pulse of 120A for 100ms100% tested to five pulses @10 sec intervals of 100A for 50msPart NumberConfigPeak PwrVWM MinLeakageMax VWMVBRMinSCP-5282-4, SCP-5282-9Dimensions (in): 1.85 x 3.20 x 0.82Dimensions(cm): 46.99 x 81.28 x 20.83Weight (grams): 115IPPMVCLAMP @100% Tested To:IPPM lamping Current and Voltage Waveforms (SCP-5282-9)@ Ic [email protected] Ic 120AMIL-STD-1275 Compliant Military Vehicles, 28V····MIL-STD-1275 TransorbSCP-1275, Replacement for GPZ1275Voltage transient protection / load dump functionClamping below 55V DC for both 100V and 250V pulse100% production tested to Meet MIL-STD-1275 test methodAdvantages: No power consumption under clamping voltage threshold,no power interruption, high pulse power capability, low cost & small sizewww.sensitron.com/transorbsDownloaded from Arrow.com.SCP-1275Page 2

[email protected] 1 (631) 586-7600Your Power Solutions ProviderHigh Power Transient Surge ProtectionVehicle Power Surge ProtectionMIL-STD-1275 Military Vehicles, 28VFeatures/Benefits:· 28V power system voltage transient protection includingload dump· Clamping below 55V DC for both 100V and 250V pulse· Power savings by allowing lower voltage FET and powersupply ratings· Reliability: 100% production test to worst case waveforms,50ms/80ms/100ms/150ms· Capability to customize package or electrical specSCP-5282-1, SCP-5282-2Dimensions (in): 1.24 x 2.25 x 0.61Dimensions(cm): 31.50 x 57.15 x 15.49Weight (grams): 72SCP-5282-3Dimensions (in): 2.02 x 2.25 x 0.61Dimensions(cm): 51.31 x 57.15 x15.49Weight (grams): 122The Sensitron Advantage:· Low leakage at working voltage means no significant powerloss at normal conditions· Protection without power interruptionProduct Options:· SCP-5282-3,& -5/A are also designed to meet SAE J1113 xxrequirements· SCP-5282-3 also meets ISO16750 & ISO7637 requirements· SCP-5282-6 tested to 1275 & Aircraft DO-160 specPart -5282-5/ ASCP-5282-6A/BConfigPeak in33V33V33V33V33V52VLeakageMax @Vwm25 uA25 uA25 uA40 5/A, SCP-5282-6A/BDimensions (in): 1.85 x 3.20 x 0.82Dimensions(cm): 46.99 x 81.28 x 20.83Weight (grams): 115Ippm100A100A100A135A120A54AVclamp @Ippm Max49V49V49V49V43V/ 42V77V100% Tested To:100A/80ms square100A/80ms square5x 100A, 50ms sq5x 110A, 50ms sq120A/100ms1275 waveformSAE Compliant Military Vehicles, 12V·····High pulse power transorb for 12 Vdc systemsClamping below 32Vdc for 100V pulse /142A peak currentSAE J1113-11 compliant; 100V surge withstanding with 0.5 Ohm sourceimpedance, 400 msec pulseAllows the use of 40V high efficiency FETScrew terminals, isolated base plate for mounting to chassisPart NumberSAE-5282-12ConfigUniPeak Pwr4kW/400mswww.sensitron.com/transorbsDownloaded from Arrow.com.VWMMinLeakageMax VWMVBRMin18V250 uA25.1VIPPMDimensions (in): 1.85 x 3.20 x 0.82Dimensions(cm): 46.99 x 81.28 x 20.83Weight (grams): 115VCLAMP @ IPPM100% Tested To:Max142A32VJ1113-11, 142A/400msPage 3

[email protected] 1 (631) 586-7600Your Power Solutions ProviderLightning Strike Protection ModulesHigh Power Lightning Strike Protection (Levels 4 &5)·····Lightning strike protection for 28V, that handles peak power with marginDO-160 Section 22, Level 4 & 5, Waveform 5A & 5B compliant100% tested to 1600A peak current (Level 5), 100% tested to 750A peak current (Level 4)Superior clamping performanceCompliances:Through hole & SMT available······TypeConfigPeak Pwr50u/500usMinVrwmLeakage [email protected] Sec 22, Levels 4 &5, Waveform 5A & 5BExceeds MIL-STD-1275Exceeds MIL-STD-1399MIL-STD-2036Exceeds MIL-STD704/A and DOD-STD-1399Meets UL-94V0 Flammability ClassificationMinVbrIppmMax [email protected]% Tested toDO-160 ReqtLSP28x-1600-41Bi100kW36V30 uA41V1600A60VLevel 5, Waveform 5BLSP28x-1600-82Bi200kW72V30 uA82V1600A120VLevel 5, Waveform 5BLSP28x-750-39UUni37kW33V30 uA39V750A51VLevel 4, Waveform 5BLSP28x-750-39Bi37kW33V30 uA39V750A51VLevel 4, Waveform [email protected] uA36.7V20,000A65/60VLevel 5, Waveform 5BLSP52x-1100-60Bi100kW52V30 uA60V1100A90V1100A, Waveform 5BLSP52x-1600-60Bi137kW52V30 uA60V1600A90VLevel 5, Waveform 5BLightning Strike Protection for High Power Primary LSP Protection Applications·····For induced lightning current spec having 1.3MW peak power, 20kA Ipk, 6.5us waveform with 2kA tail foranother 50usLow inductance, low resistance for the lowest clamping voltageLower height threaded insert connectionDesigned to meet RTCA/DO-160G, Section 16, Category BPart Number: LSP28C-20K-37Lightning Strike Protection for Signal Lines, Low Capacitance······Non-hermetic single in-line packageWorking voltage up to 46V, clamping voltage up to 90VLong and short wave capableLow cost standard pitch packagingQualified for several aircrafts, ABD 0007 CompliantCustom parts available, including dimensions, special lightning curves, other package designs, nfiguration Working Directionalwww.sensitron.com/LSPDownloaded from Arrow.com.11V46V43V43VLeakage Current @Short Wave Long WaveCapacitanceCurrentCurrentVWM10 uA 1900 pF320A150A10 uAN/A320A150A10 uA 500 pF150AN/A10 uA 500 pF320A150AClamp Volt VCL - bothWaves40V85V65V90VPage 4

[email protected] 1 (631) 586-7600Your Power Solutions ProviderTVS Moduleswww.sensitron.com/tvsmodules.htm704-15K36T (Equivalent Industry Standards)Features/Benefits: 15,000 Watts peak pulse power dissipation 28 Volt power supply protection, uni-directional protection Can be supplied with JAN/JANTX parts, designed for MIL-STD-704Part Number704-15K36TReverse StandOff Voltage VWMMax ReverseLeakage @Vwm IDMin BreakdownVoltage @ 10 mA V(BR)Max ClampingVoltage @ IPP VcMax Peak PulseCurrent IPP31.5100mA3651300Max ForwardVoltage @8.3ms.360KS200C, 90KS200C/90KS200 (Equivalent Industry Standards)Features/Benefits: 60,000 & 90,000 Watts peak pulse power dissipation 200 Volt power supply protection, Bi-directional protection Exceeds MIL-STD704A & DOD-STD-1399 requirements, UL-94V0 flammability classificationPart Number60KS200C90KS200C90KS200Reverse Stand-OffVoltageVWM (Volts)180180180Max ReverseLeakage @ VwmID ( A)100.510Min BreakdownVoltage @ 1 mAV(BR) (Volts)200 225200 225200 225Max ClampingVoltage @ IPPVc (Volts)335280335Max Peak PulseCurrentIPP (Amps)180180270PIP (Equivalent Industry Standards)Features/Benefits: 7,500 and 15,000 Watts peak pulse power dissipation , bi-directional protection Each device is 100% tested DOD-STD-1389, MIL-STD-2036, MIL-STD-704 , MIL-PRF-STD-19500/507 CompliantPart 0PIP500Average RMSVoltage8.4243060120208250440500Reverse StandOff VoltageVWM123442.585170295354623708Max ReverseLeakage @ VwmID @ VWM250 A250 A250 A250 A250 A250 A250mA250mA250mAMin BreakdownVoltage (BR) @It14 10mA40 10mA50 1.0mA100 1.0mA200 1.0mA347 1.0mA418 1.0mA735 1.0mA835 1.0mARugged Transient VoltageSuppressor Module, SCP-5439/L Transient Voltage Suppressor Array rated to 60Kfor 10/1000 secRepetitive protection capabilityClamp voltage: 65V max @ 500ABi-directional protectionFast response timewww.sensitron.com/tvsmodulesDownloaded from 1292Max PeakPulse CurrentIPP341 A112 A90A90A47282313.211.6Max Peak PulsePower (I msec)PP7.5kW7.57.5151515151515MIL-STD-1399 Surge SuppressorModule, SCP-5425 460KW power handling capacity across L-NVery Fast Response 1 nsecSuitable for PCB or panel mountingNo limitation on load current capabilityRugged epoxy construction, internal hermetic sealProtects both common & differential modePage 5

[email protected] 1 (631) 586-7600Your Power Solutions ProviderTVS Diodes & ArraysJANTX/JANTXV/JANS QPL TVS Diodes· Hermetically sealed axial lead and surface mount TVS devices· JAN/TX/TXV qualified in accordance with MIL-PRF-19500/500 (1N5555 thru 1N5557, 1N5635A thru 1N5661A)· JANS qualified in accordance with MIL-PRF-19500/516 (1N6105 thru 1N6137A)· All devices are 100% hot solder dipped· Operating and Storage Temperature: -55oC to 175oC55555635A6105A1N Part Numberto5557to5661Ato6137AMELF TypeNoneNoneUSSlash Sheet500500516Qual StatusJANTXVJANTXVJANSDescription1500W Unipolar TVS DO-131500W Unipolar TVS DO13500W Bi-directional TVSSpace Diode Arrays, SDA Series· Up to 400V, 1A space level diode array· Devices are serialized· Die manufactured on qualified JANS line· Quality Conformance Inspection (QCI) in accordance with MIL-PRF-38534 is performed on each lot· Add suffix “S” for screening per MIL-PRF-38534, Class H· Add suffix “SS” for Space Level Screening per MIL-PRF-38534, Class K· High density, smallest package in the industryPart NumberSDA1001SSSDA1002SSSDA1003SSSDA1004SS w/ Internal DiodeRedundant 1N58061N66381N66421N66421N66421N5615Redundant 1N56151N58061N5615PIV300 V150 V100 V75 V75 V200 V400 V150 V400 [email protected] @ 55 C / [email protected] 100 C[email protected] 55 C / [email protected] [email protected] 55 C / [email protected] 100 C0.05uA @200.05uA @[email protected] Coo1.0A @ 55 C / [email protected] 100oo1.0A @ 55 C / [email protected] 100oo1.0A @ 55 C / [email protected] 100SDA1002SSSDA1003SSSpace TVS Arrays, STB Series· Low capacitance, 500W capability for 8/20 μs repetitive pulses, 100% tested for clamp performance· 8 channel hybrid in a hermetic package, saves board space· Solder temperature, 10s @260oC· Add suffix “SS” for Space Level Screening per MIL-PRF-38534, up to Class K· Protection Level: IEC 61000-4-2 ESDPart UnidirectionalUnidirectionalPeak Pulse Power500 W500 W500 WStandoff Voltage12 V24 V24 VCapacitance9 pF9 pF25 pFVclamp at1A, 5A1A, 5A1A, 10AWeight1 gm1 gm3 gmTVS Die Products· Die manufactured on qualified JANS line· 1C6141A thru 1C6173A: 125 mils, 1500 W, Unipolar version of bipolar series, Die Geometry MT-125· 1C6105A thru 1C6137A: 90 mils, 500W, Unipolar version of bipolar series, Die Geometry MT-90· Front Metal: Al (Ag or Au optional), Back Metal: Ag (Au optional)· Available with MIL-PRF-38534 Class H or Class K element evaluationwww.sensitron.com/spaceDownloaded from Arrow.com.Page 6

[email protected] 1 (631) 586-7600Your Power Solutions ProviderSpace Level Isolated Diode Arrays·····1:1 crossto industry standard part numbersHigh density packagingLow capacitance, low leakageProtect up to 8 I/O ports from ESD, EFT, or surgeIsolated diodes eliminate crosstalkAvailable in TX, TXV, & S level 78888887.1 uA.1 uA.1 uA.1 uA.1 uA.1 uA.1 uA.1 uA25nA25nA.1uA25nA1N61011N6510ConfigurationCommon bus – cathodes onlyCommon buses – pos & negIndividual diodesDIP, Comm buses – pos & negIndividual diodes, VF matchingMIL TVS Arrays·········Uni- or bidirectional1300W peak pulse power (8/20μs)Dual in-line, 16 Pin CerDIP packageESD protection 40KVVoltage range 5V to 30VLow capacitanceCommon bus configurationAvailable up to TXV GrpBCompliant to:MIL-STD-461, & IEC61000-4-2 & IEC61000-4-4 ESD and EFT protectionPartNumberReverseStand-OffVoltage VWM, VUnidirectionalDLZ5 /A5DLZ12 /A12DLZ17 /A17DLZ24 /A24DLZ30 /A30BidirectionalDLZ8C /A8DLZ13C /A13DLZ19C /A19DLZ30C /A30www.sensitron.com/arraysDownloaded from Arrow.com.Min Vbr,@ 1 mAV(BR), VMax Vclamp,@ IPP1 1A(8x20μs) Vc1, VMax Vclamp,@ IPP2 10A(8x20μs) Vc2, VMax RevLeakage @ VWMID, uAMax [email protected] 0V, 1MHzC, pFVbr Max TempVariationmV/C613.319.226.733.310.2/ 9.521.1/ 19.130.4/ 27.542.3/ 38.352.8/ 47.812.5/ 0.626/ 23.537.4/ 33.952.1/ 47.265/ 13.4/ 12.222.8/ 20.634.2/ 3152.8/ 47.816./ 15628.1/ 25.442.1 /38.165 /58.8304444403852751659182439Page 7

Visit us online at: www.sensitron.comSensitron is certified to MIL-PRF-38534, Class H, for HybridMicroelectronics, MIL-PRF-19500 for JANTX, JANTXV andJANS discrete diodes, and registered to AS9100.SENSITRON OFFERS PROVEN SOLUTIONS FOR TOUGH REQUIREMENTSSensitron has over 45 years of heritage as a leading manufacturer of high reliability power electronic component solutions for theDefense, Aerospace, Space, and Medical markets. Our products provide rugged, light-weight, and cost effective solutions for switchingpower supplies, AC-DC rectification, primary & secondary power distribution, motion control, transient voltage spike protection, andcustom applications.Sensitron has a complete staff of engineers whose specialties include electrical and mechanical design, material science expertise,packaging, and testing. From engineering design to finished product, we can provide your application with innovative product to meetyour power system requirements.For the most updated product information and for product detailsand specifications, email or visit our ron SemiconductorCorporate HeadquartersMicroelectronics Group100 Engineers RoadHauppauge, NY 11788Downloaded from Arrow.com.Discrete Semiconductor Group221 West Industry CourtDeer Park, NY 11729

MIL-STD-1275 Transorb SCP-1275, Replacement for GPZ1275 · Voltage transient protection / load dump function . Module , SCP-5425 Rugged Transient Voltage Suppressor Module , SCP-5439/L Page 5 Downlo