The BackstoryStarted in 2020 by:Founder’snephewOf our daughters and sons,nieces and nephews. We wantto give them a chance to see abetter Earth. We want to leaveour world in a better state thanwhen we entered.Because:Marina Tran-VuFormerly of: To preserve our environment – likewhen we were growing up, beingable to roam parks, lakes, forests,ocean without the worry of harmfulpollution & wasteTo create jobs for local farmingcommunities just like where ourparents grew up.BeautifulNature

The SituationWe’ve gotten used to plastic. The economy is driven by its use.But: the planet is changing – and so are people.60%50%81%of Earth’sResourcesof FMCG categorygrowthplan to buymoreHave degraded in thepast 50 yearsEnvironmentallyfriendly productsover the next 5yearsGovernment bans onplastic starting asearly as 2020*World Business Council for Sustainable Development – Sustainable Consumption Facts & Trends Report 2008**Harvard Business Review: Research: Actually, Consumers Do Buy Sustainable Products – June 19, 2019in the past 5 years camefrom sustainabilitymarketed products (USmarket)Climate change is nolonger just anenvironmental issue –it’s a social ANDpolitical oneLife is hard. Consumerswant to do good withoutsacrificing comfort &convenience

The Problem & Our InspirationEvery plastic straw produced in1888 still exists in nature today– and will for another 300 yearsPlastic & Paper are terriblefor the environmentPaper straws produce 5x moregreenhouse gases than plasticWould be nice if wecould keep views likethis garbage-freePaper straws aren’tbiodegradable orrecyclable‘I love soggy straws’,said NO ONE EVER.Stain-less teeth &flawless makeup allday!Uses more plastic than astraw-lid combo!Reusable alternativescan’t carry hot liquids!Can’t go straw-less formedical reasonsGoodbye white shirt – itspills everywhere!This sippy cup isfor 3-year olds

SolutionEQUO delivers easy, convenient,eco-friendly solutions for everydayitems to replace single-useplastics – 100% natural, plastic-free,chemical-free & biodegradable andcompostable.

The Opportunity 3B 30BGlobal drinkingstraw marketGlobal disposablecutlery marketGlobal disposabletableware market23% CAGRin the next 5 years5% CAGRin the next 5 years2% CAGRin the next 5 years 17BDespite new reusable alternatives, the world is still consuming MOREdisposable straws, cutlery and tableware – now more than ever!

Big Brands Are Taking ActionBanning plastic straws in North America startingin 2020.120 million straws per year(330,000 per day)Stopping plastic straws by 20201.1 billion straws per year(3 million per day)Started eliminating plastic straws in 2019.Started eliminating plastic straws in 2019.1 billion straws per year(2.7 million straws per day)175 million straws per year (480,000 per day)Paper straws can’t be recycled. 100% packagingfrom sustainable source by 2025.35 billion straws a year(95 million per day)Switching from plastic straws starting in 2020.22 million straws per year(60,000 per day)This is not just a trend, it’s a LONG-TERM change.

Product PortfolioDisposable 3 2021 Single-use bags Single-use coasters Cocktail/GarnishPicks SugarcaneGrass Coconut Rice CoffeeSugarcaneBambooPalm LeafSea Leaf Fork Fork Plate Plate Knife Knife Bowl Bowl Spoons Spoon Tray Tray Take-away Set Take-away Set Fruit Picks Taster spoons Plantable Pencils

EQUO Drinking StrawsRICEGRASSCOCONUTSUGARCANECOFFEERice & TapiocaGrey Sedge GrassFermented Coconut WaterSugarcane BagasseCoffee Grounds3 months1 month6 months6 months6 months100% edible, great for cooking, andcomes in a variety of colors andsizesSatisfying crunch for fidgeters,great chew toy for pets and greatfor a DIY beehiveZero-waste and cool paper mâchétextureZero-waste, pleasantly sweetaroma of brown sugar and comesin a variety of sizesZero-waste, refreshing aroma ofbrewed coffee and comes in avariety of sizesAvailable SizesCocktail, Standard, Extra LongBobaCocktail, Standard, Extra LongCocktail, StandardCocktail, Standard, Extra Long,BobaCocktail, Standard, Extra Long,BobaCustomizationColor & SizeNoneNoneSizeSize3 NoneNoneSweet, brown sugar aromaFreshly brewed coffee aromaFlavorNoneNoneNoneNoneNone18 months12 months12 months18 months18 monthsSGS, Gluten-Free, Compostable,BiodegradableSGS, FDA, Compostable,BiodegradableSGS, Gluten-Free, Compostable,BiodegradableSGS, FDA, BiodegradableSGS, FDA, rialDecompositionUSPDurabilityNever SoggyHot Drink ificationsPlace of Origin

What Makes Us BetterSupporting thefarming industrySustainable MaterialsConvenient, no brainersolutions – No extra effortChoice of materials forany preference.High-quality, one-ofa kind productsNot greenwashing – no hiddenplastic or increased carbonfootprint

How the Alternatives Stack UpPaperDon’t let youchewToo thick to berecycledUnravels, disintegrates,breaks down, goes limpUse more materials tomake them lastFood-contaminated – notaccepted by recyclersPasta, Metal, Wheat, Glass etc.Divert deliciousfood sourcesAsks you to domore workOffers onlyone-size fits allNot glutenfree/friendlyUnsafeUncertified

Product PortfolioDisposable 3 2021 Single-use bags Single-use coasters Cocktail/GarnishPicks SugarcaneGrass Coconut Rice CoffeeSugarcaneWoodenPalm LeafSea Leaf Fork Fork Plate Plate Knife Knife Bowl Bowl Spoons Spoon Tray Tray Take-away Set Take-away Set Fruit Picks Taster spoons Plantable Pencils

Early TractionFeatured on:Achievements & Recognitions:160% funded overall 315 backers*Click logos to go to article100% funded in 3days

People Love Our ProductsIsaias Hernandez –EnvironmentalEducator67K FollowersFung Brothers YouTubers75K FollowersLauren Ritchie Climate Activist51K FollowersJuliette Louie –Actor/Miss HongKong19K FollowersAlex Cheah – Model15K FollowersMaja – MommyBlogger37K FollowersBrightly.eco –SustainableCommunity108K FollowersNina – Sports &PerformanceNutritionist158K Followers

Sales & Marketing StrategyBy flooding the marketand getting big ordersupfront we can lowercosts for ourselves ANDthe categoryBrand-LedPUSHPULLConsumer pressure onbig businesses to make achange.Product and category education,product application & emotionalappeal. Build Sustainability ProgramsAchieve Sustainability GoalsSocial InitiativesPOS & Online EducationUpcharge & additionalprofitability opportunitiesFood Service, Retailers,HoReCa, B2B Social action campaignsEnvironmental movementsWord of mouthUnique PR angles

We are the change to beseen.#powerof1#notthelaststraw

Distributed by:ContactusHYYH Trading Co., Ltd.Floor 2 – 29A Nguyen Dinh ChieuDa Kao Ward, District 1Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam quointl/showcase/equo-international


Rice Drinking StrawFrom Dong Thap, VietnamMade from rice and tapioca starchDecomposes in 3 monthsColored with vegetable/fruit juiceHot drink safe100% Edible2 hour usePending:

Coconut Drinking StrawFrom Ben Tre, VietnamMade from fermented coconut waterDecomposes in 6 monthsTropical textureZero-wasteNever SoggyPending:COCKTAILHot drink safe

Grass Drinking StrawFrom Long An, VietnamMade from grey sedge grassDecomposes in 1 monthFidget FriendlyNever SoggyHot drink safeFresh tea aromaPending:

Sugarcane Drinking StrawFrom TaiwanMade from sugarcane fiberDecomposes in 6 monthsReusable within 1 dayNever SoggyHot drink safeSlight brown sugar aromaPending:

Coffee Drinking StrawFrom TaiwanMade from coffee groundsDecomposes in 6 monthsReusable within 1 dayNever SoggyHot drink safeSlight freshly brewed coffee aromaPending:

Drinking Straw SKU ListTypeSizeRetail SKUsB2B50ct Box100ct BoxSugarcane100ct Cylinder1000ct100ct CylinderStandardGrass1000ctCocktail50ct Box1000ctExtra Long50ct Box1000ctBoba50ct Box1000ctCoconutGrass50ct BoxSugarcane100ct BoxRice1000ct*Length & Diameter Customizable – Sugarcane & Rice**Color Customizable – Rice***Wrapped with printing available upon request50ct Box100ct Box100ct Cylinder200ct CylinderB2BRice200ct CylinderRiceSugarcaneSugarcane200ct Cylinder100ct CylinderRetail SKUsRice50ct BoxCoconutSizeGrass200ct Cylinder100ct BoxType1000ct

Sugarcane UtensilsFrom TaiwanMade from sugarcane fiberDecomposes in 6 monthsReusable within 1 dayNever SoggyHot food safeRetail SKUsSugarcane Spoons – 100ctSugarcane Forks – 100ctSugarcane Knives – 100ctSugarcane Combo – 90ctB2BSugarcane Combo Takeaway Set – 100 setsSugarcane Spoons – 1000ctSugarcane Forks – 1000ctSugarcane Knives – 1000ctPending:

Bamboo UtensilsFrom Bac Giang, VietnamMade from magnolia & styrax shrubsDecomposes in 6 monthsNever SoggyHot food safeRetail SKUsWooden Spoons – 100ctWooden Forks – 100ctWooden Knives – 100ctWooden Combo – 90ctB2BWooden Combo Takeaway Set – 100 setsWooden Spoons – 1000ctWooden Forks – 1000ctWooden Knives – 1000ctPending:

Early Green Partners

Sustainability IntegrationPartner with businesses to help them achieve their sustainability goals and develop their sustainability programs forwaste management.

Reusable within 1 day Never Soggy Hot food safe. Sugarcane Utensils. Pending: Retail SKUs B2B . Sugarcane Spoons –100ct Sugarcane Combo Takeaway Set –100 sets Sugarcane Forks –100ct Sugarcane Spoons –1000ct Sugarcane Knives –100ct Sugarcane For