Capcom Co., Ltd.(Tokyo Exchanges,First Section, 9697)3rd Quarter ReportFiscal year ending March 31, 2016Capcom Public Relations & Investor Relations SectionCapcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section0

Forward-looking StatementsStrategies, plans, outlooks and other statements that are not historical facts arebased on assumptions that use information currently available and reasonablejudgments. Actual performance may be significantly different from thesestatements for a number of reasons.In the entertainment industry, which includes Capcom, performance may behighly volatile because of diversifying user needs and other changes in marketconditions. Items that can affect Capcom’s performance include: (1) thenumber of hit titles and sales volume in the Home Video Game Business, whichaccounts for the majority of sales; (2) progress in developing home video games;(3) the popularity of home video game consoles; (4) sales outside Japan; (5)changes in stock prices and exchange rates; (6) alliances with other companiesconcerning product development, sales and other operations; and (7) changes inmarket conditions. Please note that this is not a complete list of factors that caninfluence Capcom’s operating results.Capcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section1

Contents1. Financial Highlights・・・P 32. Business Segments・・・P 93. Forecast for Year Ending March 2016・・・P 244. Additional Information-Summary of Major Financial Information・・・P 26Capcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section2

Financial HighlightsCapcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section3

Financial Highlights -Consolidated Business Results (1)Sales and income both increased, thanks to the contribution of majortitles in the Digital Contents 9 Months Results in FY12/14 vs. FY12/15(Million ting income9,72710,604877Ordinary income10,11410,6405266,5407,006466Net salesNet income attribute toowners of the parent Sales of “Monster Hunter X(Cross)” were favorable, exceeding our forecasts. New titles also contributed to earnings in the PC Online and Mobile Contents.Capcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section4

Financial Highlights -Consolidated Business Results (2) FY12/15 Net Sales (Fact of Increase and Decrease)(Billion Yen)・ Favorable sales of “Monster Hunter X(Cross)” and a rise in sales of digital download contentsboosted sales in the Digital Contents business.・ In the Amusement Equipments business, unit sales of our new pachislo machine increased.60.0【Digital Contents】 3.6bn.【Amusement Equipments】 6.0bn.- 0.3bn.・The contribution of“Monster Hunter X”・Growth in digitaldownload sales50.0 47.8bn.・Increase in new pachislomachine sales volume0Capcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section【Arcade Operations】5・Existing arcadesales down 6%YoY【Other Businesses】- 0.1bn. 57.0bn.

Financial Highlights -Consolidated Business Results (3) FY12/15 Operating Income (Fact of Increase and Decrease)(Billion yen )・ Principal contributors to earnings increases in the Digital Contents business included11.5highly profitable major titles and download sales in the Consumer sub-segment.・ In the Arcade Operations business, income fell due to a decline of existing arcades.11.0【Digital Contents】 1.2bn.・Earnings up withsales increase・The contribution ofnew major title anddownload sales10.5【Amusement Equipments】 0.1bn.・Increase in pachislomachine sales volume 9.7bn.9.0Capcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section- 0.3bn.・Earnings down withexisting arcade salesdecline10.09.5【Arcade Operations】6【Other Businesses】- 0.1bn.・Lower licensingrevenues 10.6bn.

Financial Highlights – Balance Sheet Major Changes in Balance Sheet Items(Million yen)Assets2015/3Notes and accounts receivable, tradeWork-in-progress forgame softwareO nline contents in 7346,9017,8955,214-2,681(1) Work-in-progress for game software・Increased in association with progress with the development in the Consumer business(2) Online contents in progress・Decreased because of the launch of online games and mobile contents(Million yen)Liabilities2015/32015/12DifferenceNotes and accounts payable, trade3,0892,325-764Electronically recorded monetary liabilities9882,4751,487(3) Notes and accounts payable, trade / Electronically recorded monetary liabilities・Higher accounts payable - trade for purchases involving pashislo machinesCapcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section7

Financial Highlights - Consolidated Cash Flows FY12/15 Consolidated Cash Flows (Fact of Increase and Decrease)(Billion Yen)48.0CF fromOperating ActivitiesCF fromInvesting ActivitiesCF fromFinancing Activities- 2.6 bn.- 2.6 bn. 1.2 bn.44.0Increase ininventories-1.340.0 4.0Net incomebeforeincome taxes-5.3Depreciationandamortization36.0Dividends paid 10.432.0Increase in accountsreceivable, tradeNet increase inshort-termborrowings-7.1Payments for acquisitionsof tangible fixed assets28.0Payment for acquisition ofintangible fixed assets-3.324.0-2.2 27.9bn. 4.0Other-2.6-0.1Increase in work-in-progressfor game software0Capcom Public Relations & Investor Relations SectionEffect of exchange rate changes oncash and cash equivalentsRepayments oflong-termborrowingsOther8 0.1-0.1Other-0.5 0.1 23.9 bn.

Business SegmentsCapcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section9

Digital Contents businessCapcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section10

Business Segments -Digital Contents (1)The major title “Monster Hunter X(Cross)” performed favorably,and repeat sales overseas rose steadily 9 Months Highlights (Consumer)・ “Monster Hunter X(Cross)” sold over 3.2 million copies,exceeding our forecast of 2.5 million copies.・ Performance increased mainly due to overseas repeat sales and higher download sales. Sales of Major Titles for the 9 Months (Consumer)(Unit: Thousand)PlatformTitleRegionDateResult3DSMonster Hunter X er Hunter 4 Ultimate(Repeat)North America2015/2/13Europe2015/2/13Japan2015/2/25North America2015/2/24Europe2015/2/25PS3Xbox 360Wii UPCXboxOneResident Evil Revelations2(Repeat)* Result includes the units of full- game downloadsCapcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section* Japan includes other Asian countries11600500

Business Segments -Digital Contents (2)The introduction of “Monster Hunter X(Cross)”and other major titlesled to year-on-year increases in both package and download sales Unit Sales for the 9 Months (Consumer)(Unit: 7004,0009,800PackageJapanNorth AmericaEuropeAsiaPackage TotalDigital download contentsFull-game downloadTotalCapcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section121,0001,100

Business Segments -Digital Contents (3)The introduction of new titles in both the Mobile Contentsand PC Online business helped expand the profit base 9 Months Highlights (Mobile Contents)・ Under the “Capcom” brand, distribution of “Monster Hunter Explore” Cumulative downloads exceeded 3.5 million, contributing to earnings in line with expectations. 9 Months Highlights (PC Other)・Our new online game title, “Dragon’s Dogma Online”, got off to a solid start. Downloads exceeded 1.5 million,becoming our next core title following “Monster Hunter Frontier”.・For the mainstay “Monster Hunter Frontier G”, the “G9” update prompted steady performance.・December 17 marked the official launch of servicesfor “Monster Hunter Online” at China’s Tencent Holdings Limited. Some royalties were booked in the third quarter.Capcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section13

Business Segments -Digital Contents (4)The introduction of new titles in sub-segments,centered on “Monster Hunter X(Cross)”,led to higher sales and income 9 Months Digital Contents Performance(100 million erating income69849713Operating margin12.3%26.1%26.9%-Digital download contents3857719053217632710Consumer total46224328037Mobile Contents523324-9PC Other4648568Net sales(Composition)PackageCapcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section14

Business Segments -Digital Contents (5)Concentrate on sales of new titles, including “Street Fighter V” FY2015 Sales Forecast for Major Titles (Consumer)(Unit: Thousand)PlatformPS4PCTitleStreet Fighter V* Result includes the units of full- game downloadsCapcom Public Relations & Investor Relations SectionRegionDateJapan2016/2/18North America2016/2/16Europe2016/2/16* Japan includes other Asian countries15Plan2,000

Business Segments -Digital Contents (6)Revised our full-year forecasts, due to favorable sales ofmajor titles and contributions from overseas download sales FY2015 Software Units Sales Plan (Consumer)(Unit: Thousand)2014/3Titles2015/32016/3 ageJapanNorth AmericaEuropeAsiaPackage TotalDigital download contentsFull-game downloadTotalCapcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section16

Business Segments -Digital Contents (7)Revised upward our forecast for Digital Contents,due to the contribution of the Consumer sub-segment FY2015 Digital Contents Plan(100 million yen)2014/32015/32016/3 PlanDifference65845352067Operating income4410212523Operating margin6.8%22.5%24.0%-Digital download contents43397262903101004810Consumer total53035241058Mobile Contents654135-6PC Other63607515Net sales(Composition)PackageCapcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section17

Arcade OperationsCapcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section18

Business Segments -Arcade Operations (1)Existing arcade sales softened,due to a lack of large-scale machines and popular prizes 9 Months Highlights・ Existing arcade sales down 6% year on year (down 8% in 1H and 1% in 3Q)・ Opened three arcades(November: LakeTown Koshigaya (Capcom Cafe), December: Aeon Mall Tokoname) 9 Months Business Results(100 million yen)2013/12Net salesOperating incomeOperating marginYear-to-Year Ratio ofExisting 0%-6% Number of Arcades(Facilities)2014/3New arcadesClosing arcadesTotalCapcom Public Relations & Investor Relations 3 Plan34233434

Business Segments -Arcade Operations (2)Revised downward our forecast for the fiscal year,as the operating environment remains hard,despite of contributions fromnew arcades and increased management efficiency FY2015 Outlook for remainder・ Attract new customers through multifaceted developments, such as the “Capcom Cafe”,with links to Capcom characters・ In the fourth quarter, arcade openings and closings both will be one facility (total of 34 arcades)・ Full-year sales at existing arcades: Down 3% year on year FY2015 Business Plan(100 million yen)Net salesOperating incomeOperating marginYear-to-Year Ratio ofExisting StoresCapcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section2014/31061615.2%-5%2015/32016/3 Plan92909710.2%7.8%-10%-3%20Difference-2-2-

Amusement EquipmentsCapcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section21

Business Segments -Amusement Equipments (1)Sales and income both increased, due to steady sales of the“Resident Evil 6” pachislo machinePerformance in the Arcade Games Sales was soft 9 Months Highlights (PS)・ No new title introductions this third quarter・ Unit sales (nine months, cumulative): two models, 42 thousand units 9 Months Highlights (Arcade Games Sales)・ Genre facing increasingly tough competition, with some other music games 9 Months Business Results(100 million yen)2013/12Net salesOperating incomeOperating fference*Pachinko & Pachislo is about 90% of net sales, and Arcade Games Sales about 10%Capcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section22601-

Business Segments -Amusement Equipments (2)Revised our forecasts and are focusing onthe subcontracting business and thorough cost management FY2015 Outlook for remainder (PS)・ No new pachislo machine introductions・ Concentrate on the development of new models compliant with new standards FY2015 Outlook for remainder (Arcade Games Sales)・No introduction of new titles FY2015 Business Plan(100 million yen)Net salesOperating incomeOperating margin2014/32317130.8%2015/32016/3 Plan75130272536.3%19.2%Difference*Pachinko & Pachislo is about 90% of net sales, and Arcade Games Sales about 10%Capcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section2355-2-

Forecast for Year EndingMarch 31, 2016Capcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section24

Forecast for Year Ending March 31, 2016No change in initial plan – Priorities are sales of major titlesand energizing the online contents(Million yen)2015/32016/3PlanDifferenceNet sales64,27776,00011,723Operating income10,58212,0001,418Ordinary income10,85111,7008496,6167,7001,084Net income attribute toowners of the parent No change from full-year operating performanceforecast announced on May 7, 2015 Net income per share forecast is 136.94 Forecast a 15 interim dividend and 25 year-end dividend,resulting in a 40 dividend for the fiscal yearCapcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section25

Additional InformationSummary of Major Financial InformationCapcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section26

Summary of Major Financial Information(1) Profit and Loss Sheet(M illion yen)2014/3Net SalesGross Profit% of Gross ProfitSales and G&A ExpensesOperating Income% of Operating IncomeOrdinary Income% of Ordinary IncomeNet Income% of Net %10,85116.9%6,61610.3%2016/3 010.1%%118.2%113.9%113.6%113.4%107.8%116.4%- Sales by Business Segments2014/3Operating IncomeOperating MarginNet SalesArcade OperationsOperating IncomeOperating MarginNet SalesAmusementEquipmentsOperating IncomeOperating MarginNet SalesOthersOperating IncomeOperating 0.2%7,5402,73636.3%2,14466130.8%2016/3 90.8%- Sales by Geographic AreaJapanNorth AmericaEuropeOther 912,89522.1%1,31035427.0%(M illion yen)2014/3Capcom Public Relations & Investor Relations 6%7,00612.3%(M illion yen)Net SalesDigital ,6783,4131,308272016/3 015/1248,6605,0442,1081,246

Summary of Major Financial Information(2) Sales Units Shipped platform (Thousand Units)2014/32015/3Playstation 2TitlesTotal UnitsPlaystation 3Titles17PlayStation4Total Units4,200PSPTitlesPS VitaTotal Units200WiiTitles2Wii UTotal Units350NintendoDSTitles4Nintendo3DSTotal Units4,700Xbox 360Titles11Xbox OneTotal Units2,950PC & OthersTitles5Total Units300Package totalTitles39Total Units12,700Full-gameTitles3downloadTotal Units4,800TotalTitles42Total Units17,500*Full-game download includes the titles distributed only by download2016/3 0 Sales Units Shipped distribution / catalogue repeat sales 2014/32015/3Distribution titles5501,400Old 00275,80014,000289,800(Thousand Units)2016/3 E500Difference35.7%7,200126.3% Sales Units Shipped geographic 2015/124005,100(Thousand Units)2014/32015/32016/3 rth 4,00016,70017,50015,00085.7%9,800AsiaFull-game download (global)TotalCapcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section28

Capcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section 6 ・ Principal contributors to earnings increases in the Digital Contents business included highly profitable major titles and download sales in the Consumer sub-segment. ・ In the Arcade Operations business, income fell due to a decline of existing arcades. Financial Highl