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2Rexroth Puts on Pressure: the OptimumHydraulic Pump Solution for Every ApplicationAxial piston pumpsVane pumps, variable displacementAs with the wide range of application areas for hydraulic drives,there are just as many demandson pump technology. So what arethe main requirements for yourparticular application? Vane pumps, fixed displacementEfficiencyEconomyLow noise operationLow flow pulsationControllabilityConformity to standardsCompact designRobustnessLow ial piston pumpsA single design principle is notable to meet all requirements. Forthis reason Rexroth offers you achoice. Our wide product rangecomprises variable and fixeddisplacement pumps and everydisplacement principle:

3Internal gear pumpsExternal gear pumpsAxial piston units, external andinternal gear pumps, vane pumps,fixed and variable displacement, aswell as radial piston pumps. Selectthe optimum displacement type tosuit your application.Axial piston pumps4DFE Pressure Control Systems6Vane pumps, variable displacement8Vane pumps, fixed displacement10Radial piston pumps12Internal gear pumps14External gear pumps16Combination pumps18

4The Universal Solution:Axial Piston Pumps from RexrothFixed or variable displacement –Rexroth manufactures axialpiston pumps based on the bentaxis and swashplate principle.This covers both medium andhigh-pressure ranges.Axial piston pumps from Rexrothare characterized by an exceptionally robust construction. This iswhat makes them so reliable, guaranteeing a long service life and ahigh level of availability. The pumpsare very economical developed andhighly efficient, which has led themto become the standard hydraulicpump in universal use.In plastics machinery they ensurea minimum of non-productivetime due to their high dynamicresponse and excellent machineperformance. Optimum adjustment of the required flow rates tothe relevant application reducesenergy consumption to the absolute minimum, thus also loweringoperating costs.Industrial applications require highflexibility, not only in performance,but also with respect to the simplicity of open and closed loop controlfunctions. Rexroth offers here themost diverse, optimally matched anduser-orientated solutions: whetherhydromechanical or electrohydraulic – axial piston pumps fromRexroth operate reliably to theindividual performance profile ofyour application.The use of pumps in centrifuges,stirring and mixing devices in thechemical industry demands highcontinuous performance, whereasin the construction of presses highoperating pressures are requiredfor economical operation. In shipbuilding, once again operationalsafety is top priority if steering systems, propeller drives, transversebeam rudders, stabilizers or ballastpumps are to be hydraulicallyoperated.However varied the demands maybe from the wide range of application areas, the extensive range ofRexroth axial piston pumps canalways offer an optimum solution.

5Performance profile of axial pistonunits: Displacements from 5 to 1,000 cm3 Nominal pressures up to 420 bar Max. speeds up to 5,600 rpm Max. power up to 933 kW Modular controllersApplication areas Steel works and rollingmills Foundries Power unit construction Shipbuilding Offshore Presses Mining Plastics machinery Machine tools Wood-working machinery

6Dynamic and Energy-saving:Pressure-flow-controlled Systemsfrom RexrothWhen it comes to combininghydraulic and electronic components for open and closed loopcontrol Rexroth is continuallysetting new standards. The userbenefits from decades of experi-ence and know-how in hydraulicsand electronics. This has resultedin hi-tech systems that meet therequirements of efficiency combined with maximum economy.Based on axial piston variable displacement pumps Rexroth hasdesigned a closed loop electroniccontrol system for pressure, flowand output without throttling lossesin the energy train.The DFE System has proved itself,for example, in plastic injectionmolding machines, rubber transfermolding presses, pressure die casting machines and a variety of otherpresses. It is also used in providingthe oil supply for test stands.The system works with a high dynamic response and is energy saving.Precision, infinite control is achievedby means of a closed loop electronic circuit. Reducing the numberof components to a minimum alsosimplifies the design, offering optimum compatibility.

7Application areas Plastics machinery Presses Test stands

8Variable Displacement –Low Noise:Vane Pumps from RexrothComplex tasks require reliablecomponents – especially in machine tools. Work pieces have tobe processed swiftly, economically and with maximum safety.The PV7 variable displacementvane pump from Rexroth has developed to become the standardpump used in these applications.The direct-operated version of theRexroth PV7 pump is suitable forall applications requiring a variabledisplacement pump working at lowpressures.The cost-optimized pump principle impresses with its excellentefficiency combined with shortcontrol cycles, low flow pulsationand low-noise operation.The hydraulically operated versionof the PV7 pump, with its wide rangeof sizes from 14 to 150 cm3 and numerous controller variants, is usedwhenever low noise emissions arerequired by the user in the mediumpressure range up to 160 bar.As with all Rexroth componentsvane pumps of the PV7 group arehighly flexible in the number ofpossible combinations.

Performance profile of variable displacement vane pumps: Displacements from 10 to 150 cm3 Nominal pressures up to 160 bar Max. speeds up to 1,800 rpm Max. power up to 54 kW Modular controllersApplication areas Machine tools Gluing stations Assembly stations Test standconstruction General machineconstruction

10Low Flow Pulsation:Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps from RexrothVane pumps with fixed displacement are used whenever larger flowvolumes are required as opposedto high pressures.Rexroth vane pumps Type PVV andPVQ are particularly suitable forthe low to medium pressure range,offering a high level of economicefficiency and low-noise operation.Both the PVV and PVQ versions areavailable as dual-flow pumps integrated into a single housing. Thecompact design, combined with acommon suction port for both pumpstages reduces assembly costs, yettakes up a minimum of space. Theyrepresent a universal economicalsolution for requirements in thesmall and medium sized series.Thanks to its particularly suitablefor industrial applications, thispump principle, in the form ofType PVV, has proved itself manytimes over in the application areasof coolers and filters. However, vanepumps also perform rapid transverse functions in combinationwith internal gear pumps or axialpiston pumps, providing highpressures for alternation of loads.The PVQ variant is the ideal choicein mobile applications. This modelwith axial compensation is specifically designed to withstand pressurepeaks and temperature shocks.The availability of installations withthe Rexroth fixed displacement vanepump is especially high thanks toeasy exchangeability. Displacer kitsare naturally available on a worldwide basis for this purpose.

11Performance profile of fixed displacement vane pumps: Displacements from 18 to 193 cm3 Nominal pressures up to 210 bar Max. speeds up to 1,800 rpm Max. power up to 95 kW Replacement displacer kits easyto installApplication areas Circulating, filter/coolingcircuits Plastics machinery General machine construction

12High Pressure and Power-Density:Radial Piston Pumps from RexrothClamping functions industrialapplications are one of the mainapplication areas of the highpressure fixed displacement pump.High power-density and a long service life characterize radial pistonpumps from Rexroth.Two variants with a nominal pressure of up to 700 bar are designedspecifically with their range of sizesto meet the requirements of clampingand other high pressure applications:Type R4 Standard with a displacement ranging from 1.6 to 20 cm3 andthe compact Type R4 mini with 0.4up to 2.0 cm3. For the optimum application the R4 fixed displacementpump is available in 14 nominalsizes, the R4 mini offering 5 sizes.Whereas the basic types with 3pistons are used predominantlyfor clamping functions or shapingtasks, the 5 and 10-piston versionsof the R4 Standard are used in avariety of applications in specialmachine construction. The individual piston flows can be drawnoff separately, rendering thesepumps extremely flexible in manydifferent tasks.

13Performance profile of radial pistonpumps: Displacements from 0.4 to 20 cm3 Nominal pressures up to 700 bar Max. speeds up to 3,400 rpm Max. power up to 25.3 kWApplication areas Clamping functions inmachine tools PressesR4 high-pressure radial pistonpumps can be easily combinedwith gear, vane and axial pistonpumps from Rexroth to formmultiple pumps.The R4 mini is integrated into thehigh-pressure clamping modulesof the UPE family as a pick & placesolution. These ready-to-installhydraulic power units with modular control form the ideal basisfor realizing clamping and controlfunctions in a confined space.

14Multi-talented with High Efficiency:Internal Gear Pumps from RexrothUniversal, flexible and application-friendly is how we candescribe the range of internalgear pumps from Rexroth. Thereis virtually no other pump concept that is put to use in so manydifferent applications.Internal gear pumps from Rexrothhave proved themselves in metalproduction (e. g. steel works androlling mills), metal processing(e. g. presses), the food and packaging industry and plastics machinery, as well as in logistics and recycling, stage technology and, inparticular, in the wide field of mobile hydraulics.The numerous applications invirtually every branch of industryis based on the technical characteristics of this pump principle:the internal gear pump offers delivery with an extremely low flowpulsation, as well as low intrinsicnoise and structure-borne soundemission. This ensures that noundesired high noise level is emitted from the system as a whole.

15Performance profile of internal gearpumps: Displacement from 1.7 to 250 cm3 Nominal pressures up to 315 bar Max. speeds up to 3,600 rpm Max. power up to 95 kW High degree of efficiency due tocomplete sealing gap compensationPutting into practice the principleof hydraulic compensation is aprerequisite for a high level of efficiency when converting mechanical energy into hydraulic power.This leads not only to measurableenergy savings and low operatingcosts; it also saves the additionalexpense of heat elimination.Internal gear pumps are availablein connection dimensions complying with all major internationalstandards. Power unit manufacturerscan use their accessory parts inaccordance with the current localstandards; there will be an internalgear pump available in the rightdimensions.The PGF product group can be application and/or customer-specific.Favorably priced models geared towards functionality for direct flangefree mounting on gears, pumpframes or electric motors, specialmodels with frame designs to suitspecific installation conditions andall types of valve integration – theseare some listed examples. Startingfrom the concept, the competentadvice, right through to the professional completion of the job – everydeviation from the norm is a success.Application areas Bending presses Shears Nibbling machines Machine tools Plastics machinery Packaging machinery Material handling Food industry Stage technology General machineconstruction

16The Cost-effective Classic:External Gear Pumps from RexrothQuality, power, flexibility, economy – for decades now Rexrothhas been setting standards withits extensive program of externalgear pumps. Single or combination pumps, as well as low-noiseversions offer many different potential applications.A price beyond competition is thetechnical principle behind this pumpwhen it comes to generation of pressure. Sophisticated in design and useof materials, proven many times overafter years in operation, technicallyup-to-date thanks to continual development – external gear pumpsare justifiably the most commonlyused pumps in mobile hydraulicapplications: there is hardly a pumpconcept that can meet the manydiverse requirements of this branchso easily.Pressures of up to 280 bar and speedsof above 6,000 rpm are attainable –depending on the model. The rangeof permissible media comprises allthe commonly used fluids.Due to the modular design of Rexroth external gear pumps and motorsthe number of customer-specificversions is virtually unlimited. Ashydrostatic units they can be combined in various ways to formmultiple pumps, using valve technology and with all the necessaryflanges and housing connections.

17Performance profile of externalgear pumps: Displacements from 1 to 56 cm3 Nominal pressures up to 280bar Pressure-dependent gapsealing High precision of production Optimum level of efficiency High load capacityApplication areas General machine construction Material handling Agricultural engineering Construction machinery

Meeting Requirements at Every Stage:Combination Pumps from RexrothRexroth pumps can be combinedusing the modular principle, permitting the application of theoptimum pump principle at everystage of a combination pump.Axial piston pumpsVane pumps, variable displacementVane pumps, fixed displacementRadial piston pumpsInternal gear pumpsExternal gear pumps PossibleExternal gear pumpsInternal gear pumpsRadial piston pumpsFront pumpVane pumps, fixed displacementRear pumpAxial piston pumpsCombinationsVane pumps, variable displacementCombining pumps of differentdesign principles can optimizeeconomic efficiency of a system orinstallation to the exact requirements: e. g. axial piston pumps forhigh pressing power, internal gearpumps for speed in the mediumpressure range and vane pumps forfilter functions – a threefold combination with a suitable pump atevery stage. All components optimally matched – and from a singlesource.The possibilities offered by thesecombination pumps inspire ourcustomers time and again to tryother variants in their applications.Not infrequently have innovativeideas first been put into practice aseconomic solutions using Rexrothcombination pumps.

IndustrialHydraulicsElectricDrives andControlsIntelligent Hydraulicsin New DimensionsWherever forces need to be utilizedeconomically, the advantages of industrial hydraulics are obvious –whether it is required to lift and lower loads smoothly, perform linearor rotary movements, achieve constant acceleration, maintain givenspeeds, approach positions exactly,transmit powers or interlink sequences.The Drive & Control CompanyRexroth offers a unique andcomprehensive range of products and services acrosstechnologies in its six fields oftechnology and service areas –strong in high-quality individualtechnologies, combined withhighest application-specific competence in system packages withintegrated complete solutions.system solutions of high quality.With advanced micro-electronicsRexroth has made hydraulics evenmore powerful.Rexroth is the technology andmarket leader in industrial hydraulics with a comprehensive productrange and distinct applicationexpertise.For you, Rexroth is the ideal partnerfor developing highly efficientmachines and production facilities– from the first point of contact tocommissioning and throughout theentire life cycle. Teams that operateworldwide carry out the completeengineering of your systems and,if requested, up to the hand-overof turnkey systems and beyond –service included.At Rexroth you can select from theworlds’ largest standard productrange in the field of hydraulics,application and customer-specificThanks to the use of hydraulicdrive and control technology fromRexroth you will be more competitive than ever.Rely on service acrosstechnologiesRexroth integrates all services forthe entire product spectrum inthe field of factory and industrialautomation into a single organization: from immediate support,spare parts service, field andrepair service, retrofit/modernization through to training.LinearMotion MobileHydraulics

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internal gear pumps, vane pumps, fixed and variable displacement, as well as radial piston pumps. Select the optimum displacement type to suit your application. Internal gear pumps External gear pumps Axial piston pumps 4 DFE Pressure Control Systems 6 Vane pumps, variable displace