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Participants ListNo12BC CountryBangladeshBangladeshNameMohammed Abdullah Al ZahidTurjoy ChowdhurySexMMOccupation34BangladeshIndiaAshik NoonAshima AgrawalMF567JapanJapanKoreaHaruna SadamatsuTakumi HorieMinjae KwonFMMBusinessDocumentaryPhotojournalist andMultimedia artistEnterpreneurHR Learning andDevelopmentGraduate Master of LawGraduate StudentStudent8LaosPhiengfa PraseuthFUniversity Student91011PakistanPhilippinesTaiwanMir Murad BaluchLindsay GarciaWei Cheng YenMFFBusinessBusinessStudent1213TaiwanVietnamMan Shu LeeNguyen Thuc AnFFTeacherUniversity StudentJA/PA1993 JA2002 JA1992 JA2002 JAVolunteerVolunteer2010 JA/2019 PA2013 JA/2019 PA1995 JA2006 JA2005 JA/2019 PA2000 JA2009 JAAPCC Office / BCIO ManagementNo1CountryJapanNameHirokazu SuematsuSexM2JapanMasaomi FujiM3JapanMegumi AritomiF4IndonesiaArief AdinotoM5AustraliaErin MaitlandFPositionAPCC Senior ExecutiveDirectorAPCC OperatingDirectorAPCC ProgramCoordinatorBCIO General Manager/ BCPN ChairmanBCIO Assistant ManagerOccupationPrinting BusinessBuilding MaintenanceBusinessAPCC StaffPersonal Development,Investment, PropertyBusiness ConsultantOrganizing CommitteeNo12345678NameSatwika Ary SaputraEma Ekayani TaherRenitha DamayantiErdinari AugustinaReza Aditya PurnamaMurzal ArsyaBondan HarnokoAnnisa LutfiaSexMFFFMMMFOccupation / Business FieldF&B Retail ChainMarketing (Tour & Travel)DoctorDoctorBank ManagerCEO IT DeveloperInterior DesignConstruction4JA/PA1998 JA1989 JA1989 JA1989 JA1989 JA1989 JA1989 JA2001 JA

Program ScheduleDate6 OctoberSundayTime(Whole day)Date7 OctoberMondayTime07:00 - 08:0008:00 - 09:0009:00 - 09:3009:30 - 11:0011:00 - 12:0012:00 - 13:0013:00 - 15:0015:00 - 15:3015:30 - 18:0018:00 - 19:0019:00 - 21:00Date8 OctoberTuesdayDate9 OctoberWednesdayTime07:00 - 08:0008:00 - 09:0009:00 - 12:0009:00 - 10:3010:30 - 12:0012:00 - 13:0013:00 - 13:3015:00 - 17:0017:00 - 19:0019:00 - 21:00Time06:00 - 07:0007:00 - 17:00ProgramArrival in Jakarta, Check-in to Putri Duyung AncolJakarta City TourVenueAirportProgramBreakfastPreparation & RegistrationOpening CeremonyInFo (Introduction Forum)WEFair (Work Experience Fair): Companies IntroductionLunchWEFair (Work Experience Fair): Applicants InterviewCoffee BreakC&C Corners (Collaboration and Cooperation)Free TimeDinner and EntertainmentVenueHotelCandi Bentar RoomCandi Bentar RoomCandi Bentar HallwayCandi Bentar RoomCandi Bentar RoomHotel RestaurantActivityBreakfastPreparationI&I Pool (Ideas and Initiatives)Discussion 1: Ideas for BCPNDiscussion 2: BCPN Management StructureLunchSummary SessionBeach Bash (Outdoor Activity)Free TimeClosing PartyActivityCheck-out and BreakfastIsland TripVenueHotelCandi Bentar RoomCandi Bentar HallwayLagoon Beach, AncolHotelVenueHotelThousand Islands5

Arrival Day6 October 2019City Tour by Jakarta Good GuideThe majority of participants arrived on the 6th October as the official accommodation was covered bythe Organizing Committee from then, but a few participants arrived a day or two early. For those thatarrived prior to the official dates, the Organizing Committee arranged a City Tour guided by aprofessional tour guide from Jakarta Good Guide.Welcome DinnerIn the evening of October 6th, almost all of the participants had arrived. They were taken to BandarDjakarta, a seafood restaurant near the resort, for a welcome dinner.6

Conference Day 17 October 2019Opening CeremonyWelcome Speech by The President of BCI / President Director of PT. IKI,Mr. Satwika Ary SaputraThe first speech was from Mr. Satwika Ary Saputra,representing BC Indonesia as the host, as well asrepresenting PT. Inspirasi Kuliner Indonesia as the sponsor ofthe event. Satwika, commonly called Wika, is the President ofBC Indonesia, and The President Director of PT. InspirasiKuliner Indonesia which currently owns 208 outlets of FriedChicken Retail under the brand “Let’s Go Chicken”, and milkytea and desserts under the brand “Yu’ Manja”. In his speechhe spoke about his gratitude to APCC in selecting him as a JA in 1998, which he said, has changed hisway he thinks of himself and the world. He believes this is a way he can payback the APCC network bysponsoring the 1st BCPN Conference, and allowing it to be the stepping stone to develop APCC andBCIO in the future.Speech by The APCC Senior Executive Director,Mr. Hirokazu SuematsuMr. Suematsu said in his speech, that the BCPN is a new way to make the APCC network moreattractive to its members. He is proud of this new development and believes it will strengthenparticipants network connection.Speech and Opening Remarks by The BCIO General Manager / BCPN Chairman,Mr. Arief AdinotoIn the final speech of the Opening Ceremony, the BCPN Chairman,Mr. Arief Adinoto spoke about the establishment of BCPN at the 2ndBRIDGE CLUB Presidents Meeting in Bali, Indonesia, back in 2015.He also explained about the reason he proposed the idea of BCPN,and his vision for the organization. Then, he officially opened The1st BRIDGE CLUB Professionals Network Conference.7

Session 1: InFo (Introduction Forum)The first session of the conference was the InFo (Introduction Forum) moderated by Mr. AriefAdinoto, each participant was given 2 minutes introduction about their background. It was a short butmeaningful introduction, from which the audience got to know how amazing the members of thisnetwork are. (The Introduction slideshow is attached in a separate file)Session 2: Work Experience Fair (WEFair) – Company PresentationWork Experience is the name for the BCPN Program in which BC member can stay at other BCmember’s place and learn about their business or activities. In this first BCPN Conference, there were5 hosts for the WE Program. Each of the hosts gave a presentation about their business and what theparticipant can learn if they are successfully selected as participants. The presentation wasmoderated by Ms. Erin Maitland.Turjoy Chowdhury Media and Research Studio(Mr. Turjoy Chowdhury, Bangladesh)Mr. Turjoy Chowdhury is a prominent human rightsdocumentary photographer and multimedia artist. He iscurrently a contract photographer of National GeographicMagazine. His work has been published in The Guardian,The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TimeMagazine, BBC, CNN, etc. He has worked in severalcampaigns with the Save The Children, Actionaid, UNHCR,etc. He worked with Disaster Emergency Committee in afundraising campaign during Rohingya Refugee Crisis, and through his work they have raised over 20million pound of donation for the refugees.8

In his presentation, he explained that his work is not only just taking pictures, but it was a longprocess which involves many people. The work where WEP Participant can involve and learn are:Consultancy: Visual story-telling, project planning, campaignWorkshop: Conceptualization techniques, awareness raising events and artist talk.Deskwork: Research, writing papers, editing - curating, content creating, programming, and designwork.Fieldwork: Local guide, translator, assistance, logistic support, and field survey.Lacquer Art Studio(Miss Cheng Yen Wei, Taiwan)Miss Cheng Yen Wei or called as Elisabeth is a masterdegree student at one of the best university for fine artsin Taiwan, the Chinese Culture University. She focusesher study to lacquer art which has long tradition andhistory in Chinese culture. Masterpiece of lacquer artcould have more than 50 layers of lacquer painting andvalue million US dollars.Elisabeth offered a lacquer art practice for 5 days at heruniversity studio on the Yangming Mountain, near Taipei.Timex Group(Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Zahid, Bangladesh)Mr. Al Zahid, know as Sourav, began his career as a commercial airlines pilot. After attending TheBRIDGE CLUB Presidents Meeting in Bali 2015, he got an idea to establish gold and jewelry companywith his friend who is a gold trader. The business went well,and he invested his money to some other businesses.Mr. Sourav offered WE opportunities in any of his companyas follows: Timex Trade Pte. Ltd. in Singapore Timex Jewelers Pte. Ltd. in Singapore Timex Academy Bangladesh Ltd. in Dhaka, Bangladesh Uni Fabrics Ltd. in Dhaka, Bangladesh Sanrin Gakkou Japanese Language School in Dhaka,Bangladesh E-commerce in Bangladesh, including: grab2buy.com, durbiin.com, beedesh.com9

NAC Group(Mr. Arief Adinoto, Indonesia)Mr. Arief began his career as a motivational, personality development, and life success trainer sincehe was a university student. He based his psychological method upon Neuro Associative Conditioningmethod, invented by Tony Robbins. Along his career, he and his team have delivered training to morethan 500,000 participants, of more than 1000 institutions in Indonesia.Opportunity to learn about NAC method is offered as follows:1. Training management from marketing to conducting the event in NAC style.2. Psychological techniques i.e. trauma healing, personality reading, emotional control, etc.3. Life success mindset/philosophyWith the former participants of his trainings, Mr. Ariefalso established an organization to help themimplementing the NAC method in their life, to transformtheir mindset into positive character, and to buildprosperity within the organization. This organizationcalled as NAC Community has currently more than 1000active members. Mr. Arief then invested his time,thought, and money into small enterprises owned by themembers of the organization to help them grow.Opportunities at some businesses/institution under NAC Group are offered in Jakarta, as follows: Seraraz Interior and Furniture PT. Delapan Mulia Sejahtera – dropshipping and internet marketing Visi Maha Karya Foundation – social program to empower disabled people and orphans Tour and Travel Property Agency Property Developer (start in 2020)10

PT. Inspirasi Kuliner Indonesia – Let’s Go! Chicken(Mr. Satwika Ary Saputra, Indonesia)Mr. Satwika or shortened as Wika started his fast foodretail chain business under the brand “Let’s Go! Chicken”with his business partner Mayanto Subagyo in 2015.Within 4 years, the business has grown from 1 outlet to208 outlets in Greater Jakarta and East Java. Theyrecently launched milky drinks and desserts retail chainunder the brand “Yu’ Manja”.PT. IKI offered an opportunity to learn the followings: Cold chain processing Supply chain process Multi store management EntrepreneurshipWork Experience Fair (WEFair) – Applicant InterviewsAfter company presentations and a lunch break, the WEFair session was continued and ApplicantInterviews were offered. The conference participants were given time to discuss and to haveinterview session with the host they are interested in. The interview and discussion session wereconducted in casual style, and both applicants and the hosts collected important information aboutsuitable time, accommodation, and other technicalities. The participants were also asked to share theinformation about these WE opportunities to potential or interested BC members not attending theconference. We hope to see the WE Program starting soon.11

Session 3: C&C (Collaboration and Cooperation) CornersThe final session of the first day was the C&C Corners. The session was meant to discuss about topicof interests to encourage collaboration and cooperation among BCPN members. There were 2 topicspresented and discussed in the session, they were travel and investment.Travel(Miss Ashima Agarwal, India and Miss Man Shu Lee, Taiwan)The first topic of interest was the everybody’s interest, which is traveling! Presented by Miss Ashimaand Miss Man Shu Lee (Elvira), they both spoke about the impact of traveling and the opportunitiesthey got from it. In the questions and answers session, the audience came up with idea to arrangeBCPN group travel.Investment(Mr. Arief Adinoto, Indonesia)The second topic, presented by Mr. Arief, is about investment/crowdfunding. While collaboratingbusiness is complex, investment on the other hand is simpler. Mr. Arief spoke about a groupinvestment opportunity that could be offered to the BCPN members. The idea behind thisopportunity is to help self fund the BCPN (and possibily the BCIO). The opportunity gives membersthe option to invest in a project with the idea to put a percentage of profit into the BCPN fund beforedividents are payed to investors.Mr. Arief explained how investment or crowdfunding could work across various kind of projects, eg.assets investment, business investment, or social projects. In the future, he hoped BCPN could createa crowdfunding platform where BCPN member can propose projects to be funded/invested, and anymember can invest/donate their money to the project they are interested in, through the platform.12

Not only a concept, with his experience as a consultant for Indonesia market entry and investment,Mr. Arief also presented an ongoing investment project from a Japanese BCPN member to propertyassets in Indonesia worth for JPY 5 million, with potential gross profit of 37% within a year.Closing his presentation, Mr. Arief emphasize the bottom line for any kind of project which involvesmoney, that it must be laid on the strong omoiyari spirit towards peace and common wealth of theparticipating members.Dinner and Free TimeThe first day of the conference was ended with dinner at the hotel restaurant. During free time, someparticipants chose to hang out at The Pier Café, while some others enjoyed swimming at the infinitypool.13

Conference Day 28 October 2019Session 4: Ideas & InitiativesThe first session of the second day was the final session of the conference, with title Ideas andInitiatives. The session was designed to encourage participants to share their ideas for thedevelopment of BCPN and BCIO.“How BCPN/BCIO can be more attractive to its members?”For the first topic, the participants were divided into 4 groups, and were given 40 minutes to discusstheir ideas. Each group then presented their ideas to all audience.The ideas presented were as follows:IdeasGroup 11.2.HobbyBCIO shows databaseabout member’s hobbyso that members whohave hobby in commoncan be in touchCountry EmersionBCIO should encouragevisits betweenmembers of differentBCs to strengthen thefriendshipGroup 2Group 3Social EnterpriseSocial BussinessBCIO set up a socialBCIO set up aenterprise for allsocial business forBCsall BCsConnect BussinessAcross BordersBCPN set up aplatform toconnect businessbetween members14BCIO CaféThe form of socialbusiness could beBCIO café wherepeople in needcan be employedGroup 4CommunicationCommunicationbetween membersshould be improvedto gather ideas andmake them happenClimateBCIO can make amovement toeducate its membersto take actionpreventing climatechange

BCPN StructureThe second topic of discussion was BCPN Structure. The 4 groups members were shuffled, and theywere given 30 minutes to discuss about effective structure for BCPN.After the discussion, each group presented their structure diagram and the reasons for the structureform. Each group suggested different structure, and therefore to incorporate those opinion, allparticipants discussed the most effective structure, moderated by Mr. Arief and MS. Erin. Thediscussion came up with conclusion below.Chairman /General ManagerArief AdinotoAssistant ManagerAssistant ManagerErin MaitlandSocial MediaTeamNidhi ParekhDatabase TeamDevelopmentTeamMr. Arief Adinoto, MS. Erin Maitland, and MS. Nidhi Parekh are currently the General Manager andAssistant Managers of BCIO. The discussion suggested those 3 managers also take leadership role inthe BCPN structure at this initial stage.Social Media TeamThis team will handle all BCPN social media, newsletter, and other publishing platforms. Their task isto publish BCPN information and encourage communication between members.Database TeamThis team will handle data of BCPN members, and by collaborating with the Social Media Team, it hasto promote members’ profile, in order to encourage collaboration between members.Development TeamThis team will collect ideas from the members, screen and analysis them and escalate for furtherconsideration and implementation.Recruitment to fill position on those 3 teams will be opened within 1 month after the conference.15

Give and TakeThe last topic in the Ideas and Initiatives session was “Give and Take”. Each participant was given apiece of paper, and was asked to write down about what they can take from the APCC network, andwhat they would like to give to the network. The bottom line is, there has to be a balance. We canuse the network, but we cannot abuse it. It means, every member has to make their balance of takingbenefit from and contributing to the network.Their list of take and give (input and output) were kept as their commitment.Summary SessionAfter the lunch break, MS. Erin and Mr. Arief presented a brief summary of all the sessions, to giveemphasize to the important conclusion from each session.16

Beach BashThe Summary Session is the closing of formal sessions of the conference, but it is also a time to havefun. All participants were taken by bus to the Lagoon Beach near the resort. The participants werethen divided into 2 groups, and they chose a group name “Cat” and “Lion”. The Cat and The Lioncompeted to win 4 games, named as “123 Eaaa”, “Apple Orange Banana”, “Water Speed Race”, and“Bulldozer Race”. Everyone took part, got wet, and enjoyed a fun time with much laughter together.17

Closing PartyThe Closing Party was set as roundtable dinner in thesandy field by the resort beach. Younger BCI memberscame to the party with their family. 25 managementmembers of the sponsor, PT. IKI, were invited. Almost100 people attended the party.The party became more colorful with participantswearing their colorful national dress. Thesponsor also exhibited the Let’s Go! Chicken andYu’ Manja products and provided them free forall participants.The party was opened at 7 pm by the MC, Ms.Ema Ekayani and Mr. Reza Aditya, both areformer Indonesian JA of 1989. Mr. Satwika then gave a speech on behalf of BC Indonesia and PT.Inspirasi Kuliner Indonesia. After his speech, the Indonesian 2019 JAs performed “Saman” dance fromthe westernmost province of Indonesia, Aceh.The second speech was from The APCC OperatingDirector, Mr. Masaomi Fuji. He expressed hishappiness that the conference went well, and hopedBCPN will arrange the conference every 2 years.All guests were then pleased to enjoy the dinner whilebeing entertained by an Indonesian Idol, Miki Michaels,and his band. The band performed so well, that all theguests could not resist joining in singing and dancing.Unfortunately the rain came in the middle of theparty. The rain was sudden, and very heavy, thateven the tent could not keep the guests dry. Theparty was then moved into the indoor restaurant,where the participants closed the conference bysinging “We are the BRIDGE”.18

Trip to Thousand Island9 October 2019Thousand Island (Kepulauan Seribu) is the name ofarchipelago in the north of Jakarta offshore. On thefinal day of the conference, all participants weretaken to Putri island, one of many resort islands in theThousand Island.The rented a private boat and left the Marina Port at 8:30 am, andreached the island at around 10 am. After enjoying the welcome drink,all participants went aboard into a glass bottom boat to enjoy viewingcolorful corals and fish around the island. Soon after the glass bottomboat docked, participants went into underwater glass tunnel to viewdifferent kind of fish.Done enjoying the underwater,the next activity was enjoyingwalk around the island whichmight take only half an hour. However, the participants didnot want to miss the moment to take a lot of pictures withbeautiful scenery around the island. They were also surprisedby the presenceof free range Komodo dragons in the island.After having lunch, it was the time for the most awaitedactivity, snorkeling. Snorkeling equipment was includedin the trip package. Snorkel, goggle, life jacket, andflippers worn and some participants jumped into waterright away, while some others enjoyed spending time onthe dock and taking pictures.The boat sailed back at 3 pm and reached Marina Port ataround 4:30 pm. The participants were then taken to theairport, while few who extended their stay were taken tothe hotel they had booked.19

Closing RemarksOn behalf of BCPN, I would like to express my gratitude that The 1 st BCPN Conference has been holdsuccessfully. I believe, this event is a beginning of further development of our network with the spiritof “OMOIYARI”. I believe, many projects and collaborations will be initiated by BCPN members in thenear future. Those activities will grow the organization and in return, and Global BRIDGE Leaders willrise from BCPN.My highest appreciation goes to the sponsor, Mr. Satwika Ary Saputra and PT. Inspirasi KulinerIndonesia. Also, my appreciation is conveyed to the APCC/BCIO Board of Directors. The credit of thesuccessful event is given to BC Indonesia members, and the event organizer team. Thanks to the PutriDuyung Ancol Resort which has been an amazing venue and been very cooperative and to every party,both institution and individual, who has taken part to make this conference a great success.Lastly, my appreciation to all participants who have spent their time and money to be part of theconference. You are all written in the history of BCPN!We are the BRIDGE!Arief AdinotoBCPN Chairman20

The first speech was from Mr. Satwika Ary Saputra, representing BC Indonesia as the host, as well as representing PT. Inspirasi Kuliner Indonesia as the sponsor of the event. Satwika, commonly called Wika, is the President of BC Indonesia, and The President Director of PT. Inspirasi Kuliner Indonesia which currently owns 208 outlets of Fried hicken Retail under the brand "Let's Go hicken .