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APM Knowledge collectionAuthor(s)Association for Project ManagementTitleAPM Body of KnowledgeAPM Body of KnowledgeAPM Body of KnowledgeAPM Body of KnowledgeAPM Body of KnowledgeAPM Body of KnowledgeAPM Body of KnowledgeAcostE Estimating guideConducting integrated baseline reviewsDirecting agile changeDirecting changeEarned value management compassEarned value management guidelinesEarned value management handbookGovernance of co-owned projectsGuide to assurance of agile deliveryGuide to assurance of agile deliveryGuide to contracts and procurementGuide to integrated assuranceGuide to project auditingGuide to using a benefits management frameworkInterfacing risk and earned value managementIntroduction to managing changeIntroduction to programme managementIntroduction to project controlIntroduction to project planningModels to improve the management of projectsPlanning scheduling monitoring and controlPortfolio management a practical guidePraxis frameworkPrioritising project risksProject risk analysis and management guideScheduling maturity modelSponsoring changeStarting out in project managementThe lens collective: a guide to seeing different perspectives in project t1st1st1st2nd1st2nd3rd1st

A Adair JohnAdair, JohnAdam Everett, Ebert RonaldAdamy DavidAhmed V, Opoku A, Aziz ZAllen DavidAllen Laura, Borden I, Cook P,Allport R JAl-Sedairy SalmanAndersen E SAndersen E S, Grude K V, Haug T, Turner J RArchibald R D, Villoria R LArchibald R DArtto Karlos, Kahkonen Kalle, Pitkanen PetriArtto Karlos, Kahkonen Kalle, Koskinen KaiArtto Karlos, Kahkonen Kalle, Koskinen KaiArtto Karlos, Heinonen Rauno, Arenius Marko,Kovanen Vesa, Nyberg TomArtto Karlos, Martinsuo Miia, Aalto TaruArtto Karlos, Kahkonen KalleAnsoff IgorAugar Philip, Palmer JoyAverous JeremieAyers JohnB Badiru AdedejiBadiru AdedejiBain NevilleBaker Sunny & Kim, Campbell MichaelBaldwin Robert, Cave Martin, Lodge MartinBalogun Julia, Hope Hailey Veronica,Gustafsson StafanieBanner David, Gagne ElaineBarnes M ABartlett JohnBartlett JohnBartlett JohnBartlett JohnBartlett JohnBartlett JohnEffective leadershipDecision Making and Problem Solving: Break Through Barriers and Banish Uncertainty at WorkProduction and operations management: concepts models and behaviourEW104 - EW Against a new generation of threatsResearch methodology in the built environmentGetting things done: the art of stress free productivityBartlett works architecture building projectsPlanning major projectsLarge scale construction projects: Management, design and executionRethinking project management - an organisational perspectiveGlobal directed project managementNetwork based management systems (PERT/CPM)Managing high technology programs and projectsUnknown soldier revisited: a story of risk managementManaging business projects: vol 1Managing business projects: vol lobal project business and the dynamics of changeProject portfolio management: Strategic management through projectsManaging risks in projectsImplanting strategic managementThe rise of the player manager: how professionals manage while they workPractical Cost Control Handbook for Project ManagersProject risk management - How to avoid failureProject management in manufacturing and high technology operationsProject management in manufacturing and high technology operationsThe effective directorThe complete idiots guide to project managementUnderstanding Regulation: Theory, Strategy, and ing Strategic Change 4th ednDesigning effective organisations: traditional & transformational viewsFinancial controlThe Essentials of Managing Quality for Projects and ProgrammesThe Essentials of Managing ProgrammesManaging programmes of business changeManaging programmes of business changeManaging risk for projects and programmesRight first and every time: Managing quality in projects and programmes4th1st2nd2nd6th3rd1st1st1st

Bastow Simon, Dunleavy Patrick, Tinkler JaneBasu RonBattersby AlbertBaumgartner John StanleyBeckhard RichardBee Roland & FrancisBennatan E MBennett JohnBennis WarrenBent James, Humphreys KennethBentley Colin, Rudman BernadetteBentley CBergen S ABerlack RonaldThe impact of the social sciences: how academics and their research make a differenceManaging Quality in ProjectsNetwork analysis for planning & scehdulingProject managementOrganisation development: strategies and modelsProject management: the people challengeSoftward project management: a practitioners approachConstruction project managementManaging people is like herding catsEffective project management through applied cost and schedule controlSSADM: using SSADM in a Prince environmentIntroducing Prince: the structured project management methodProject management: An introduction to issues in industrial research & developmentSoftware configuration stBerry William, Vollman Thomas, Whybark ClayBestwick Paul, Lockyer KeithBlake Robert, Mouton JaneBlake Susan, Browne Julie, Sime StuartBlanchard Benjamin SBoateng P, Chen Z, Ogunlana SBoddy DavidBodea ConstantaBolles D, Hubbard DBolles D, Hubbard DBolton Gillie E J, Delderfield RussellBolton Robert, Bolton Dorothy GroverBourne LyndaBourne LyndaBower DeniseBradley GeraldBrech E F LBrinkworth JohnMaster production scheduling: principles and practiceQuatitative production management solutions manualBuilding a dynamic corporation through grid organisation developmentA Practical Approach to Alternative Dispute ResolutionLogistics engineering and managementMegaproject risk analysis and simulation: a dynamic systems approachManaging projects building and leading the teamHandbook of project based managementA compendium of PMO case studies: reflecting project business management conceptsThe power of enterprise PMO's and enterprise-wide project managementReflective Practice: Writing and Professional DevelopmentSocial style/management style: developing productive work relationshipsAdvising UpwardsStakeholder Relationship ManagementManagement of procurementBenefit Realisation ManagementThe principles and practice of managementBridging the business-project t2nd1st1stBrowne Jimmy, Harhen John, Shivnan JamesProduction management systems: A CIM perspective1stBriner Wendy, Geddes Michael, Hastings Colin Project leadershipBronson RichardSchaum's outline series: theory and problems of operations researchBruel, OlivierStrategic Sourcing Management: Structural and Operational Decision-making1st1st1st

Buchanan David, Huczynski AndrzejBuffa ElwoodBuffa ElwoodBurbridge RBurbridge JohnBurgess R ABurgess R A, White GBurgett-martell RitaBurke RoryBurke RoryBurton Celia, Michael NormaButterick RobertRobert ButtrickC Cadle James, Yeates DonaldCalhoon RichardCalvert R ECarter Bruce, Hancock Tony, Morin Jean-Marc,Robins NedChacko Philip, Noronha Christabelle, AgrawalSujataChapman Chris, Ward StephenChapman Chris, Ward StephenChicken J CChicken J C, Posner TChiocchio F, Kelloway E K, Hobbs BClark Forrest, Lorenzoni A BCleden DavidCleden DavidCleland DavidCleland David, King WilliamCleland David, King WilliamCleland David, King WilliamCleland David, Bidanda BopayaCodling SylviaCohn, MikeColeman Sarah, MacNicol DonnieCollingridge DavidCooke BrianOrganisational behaviour:An introductory textModern Production managementModern production management: Managing the operations functionPerspectives on project managementThe principles of production controlConstruction projects: their financial policy and controlBuilding production & project managementChange ReadyProject management leadership: buidling creative teamsProject management: planning & controlA practical guide to project planningThe project workout: a toolkit for reaping the rewards from all your business projectsThe Project WorkoutProject management for information systemsManaging personnelIntroduction to building st3rd1stIntroducing Riskman methodology1stSmall wonder: the making of the nanoProject risk management: processes, techniques and insightsProject risk management: processes, techniques and insightsManaging risks and decisions in major projectsThe philosophy of riskThe psychology and management of project teamsApplied cost engineeringBid writing for project managersManaging project uncertaintyMatrix management systems handbookProject management handbookProject management handbookSystems analysis and project managementProject management circa 2025Best practice benchmarkingUser Stories Applied: For Agile Software DevelopmentProject leadershipThe management of scaleConstruction 3rd1st1st1st1st

Cotlar Morton, DuMont Paul, Richman Eugene Problems in Operations ManagementCotlar Morton, DuMont Paul, Richman EugeneCornes RalphCornick Tim, Mather JamesCrabbe StephenCrawford J K , J Cabaris-BrewinCrispin, Lisa, Gregory, JanetCrosby PhilipCross Robert Lee & Cross Robert L & ParkerAndrewCummins T, David M, Kawamoto KD Dalcher DarrenDalcher DarrenDalcher DarrenDale Ernest, Michelon L CDaly I, Haney A BDand Richard, Farmer DavidDavenport Thomas, Prusak LaurenceDavies AndrewDavies Andrew, Hobday MichaelDavies V J, Tomasin KDavis AnthonyDe Bono EdwardDelp Peter, Thesen Arne, Motiwalla Juzar,Seshadri NeelakantanDeMarco TomDent, F, Brent, M.Devaux StephenDick Jeremy, Hull Elizabeth, Jackson KenDinsmore Paul, Cabanis-Brewin JeannetteDolan Alan, Aldous JoanDrucker PeterDrucker PeterDrucker PeterDuckworth EricDuff StuartDyer William1stProblems in Operations Management: instructors manualSystems analysis for profitable business applicationsConstruction project teams: making them work profitablyCurrent Practices and Trends in Technical and Professional CommunicationThe Strategic Project OfficeAgile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile TeamsThe eternally successful organisation1st1st1st1st2nd1st1stThe Hidden Power of Social NetworksContract & commercial management: the operational guideLeading the Project RevolutionManaging Projects in a World of People, Strategy and ChangeThe Evolution of Project Management PracticeModern management methods53 interesting ways to communicate your researchPurchasing in the construction industryWorking Knowledge: how organisations manage what they knowProjects: a very short introductionThe business of projects: managing innovation in complex products and systemsConstruction safety handbookMastering public relationsLateral Thinking : A Textbook of thSystems tools for project planningControlling software projects: management, measurement & estimationInfluencing: Skills and Techniques for Business SuccessTotal project control: a managers guide to integrated planning, measuring & trackingRequirements engineeringThe AMA Handbook of project managementNetworks and algorithms: an introductory approachManagement tasks responsibilities practicesThe practice of managementThe effective executiveA guide to operational researchPeople leadership: tools and techniques for aspiring leadersTeam building: issues and t

E Earl MichaelEarl MichaelEikenbeery K, W TurmelEilon SamuelEisner HowardElmaghraby SalahEmery JamesF Falk RogerFangel MortenField Mike, Keller LaurieFisher R, W Ury, B PattonFleming QuentinFleming Quentin, Hoppelman J MFlyvbjerg BentFlyvbjerg BentForsberg Kevin, Mooz Hal, Cotterman HowardFrame Davidson JFrame Davidson JFranks P CFrench W L, C H BellFutrell Robert, Shafer Donald, Shafer LindaG Galbraith Jay, Nathanson DanielGambles IGardner IanGardiner PaulGareis RolandGarland RInformation management: The strategic dimensionInformation management: the organisational dimensionThe long distance leader: Rules for remarkable remote leadershipElements of production planning and controlEssentials of project and systems engineering managementActivity networks: Project planning & control by network modelsOrganisational planning and control systemsThe business of managementProactive project management: how to make common sense common practiceProject managementGetting to yes: Negotiating an agreement without giving inProject procurement management: contracting, subcontracting, teamingEarned value project managementMaking social science matter: why social inquiry fails and how it can succeed againMegaprojects and risk: an anatomy of ambitionVisualising project management: a model for business & technical successManaging projects in organisations: how to make the best use of time, techniques & peopleThe new project management: tools for an age of rapid changeRecords and information managementOrganisation development: Behavioural science interventions for organisation improvementQuality software project managementStrategy implementation: the role of structure and processMaking the business case: Proposals that succeed for projects that workAchieving successful construction projects: a guide for industry leaders and programme managersProject management: a strategic planning approachHappy projectsProject governance: A practical guide to effective project decision nd3rd1st1st2nd6th1st1st1st1st1st1st1stGeraldi Joana, Arlt MarioGoldratt EGoman C KGorog Mihaly, Smith NigelGoslin LewisGrant LenGreenfield SusanGrool M C, Visser J, Vriethoff W J, Wijnen GGuirdham MaureenGuirdham MaureenH Hackney JohnVisuals matter: designing & using effective visual representations to support project & portfolio decisionsCritical chainThe silent language of leaders: How body language can help or hurt how you leadProject management for managersThe product planning systemBuilt to music: the making of the Bridgewater HallMind change: how digital technologies are leaving their mark on our brainsProject management in progress: Tools and strategies for the 1990'sInteractive behaviour at workInterpersonal skills at workControl and management of capital projects1st1st1st1st1st1st1st3rd2nd1st1st

Haines FHall Jim, Tran Martin, Hickford Adrian, NichollsRobertHamade Tomoko, Sibley WillisHamilton AlbertHamilton AlbertHandy CharlesHandy CHanley JHarrin Elizabeth, Peplow PhilipHarrington James HHarrison F LHarrison F LHarrison F, Lock DHart LHavila V, A SalmiHellard RonHastings N A JHeptinstall I, R BoltonHermarij JohnHertz David, Thomas HowardHill G MHill TerryHillson DHillson D, R Murray-WebsterHillson David, Murray-Webster RuthHillson David, Simon PeterHodge B J, Anthony WilliamHofstede Geert, Hofstede Gert JanHoldsworth B, Martin G RHolloway J, Bryde D, Joby RHong Kong Special AdministrationHopkinson MHorgan M, Roulston F RHouse Ruth SizemoreHowells G WHulett DThe paradox of regulation: What regulation can achieve and what it cannot1stThe future of national infrastructure: a system of systems approachAnthropological perspectives on organisational cultureHandbook of project management proceduresManagement by projects: achieving success in a changing worldThe age of unreasonUnderstanding organisationsScrum: How to leverage user stories for better requirements definition, vol 2Customer centric project managementThe improvement process: how America's leading companies improve qualityAdvanced project managementAdvanced project managementAdvanced project management: a structured approachProcuring successful mega projects: How to establish major government contracts without ending up incourtManaging project endingProject partnering principle and practiceDynamic programming with management applicationsThe executive guide to breakthrough project management: Capital & construction projects; on time in lesstime; on budget at lower cost; without compromiseBest practices of project management based on IPM competencesRisk analysis and its applicationsThe complete project management office handbookProduction operations managementManaging risks in projectsA short guide to risk appetiteUnderstanding and managing risk attitudePractical project risk management: The ATOM methodologyOrganisation theoryCultures and organizations: software of the mindDigital systems reference bookA practical guide to dealing with difficult stakeholdersTogether, Progress, Opportunity: Hong Kong 20Net present value and risk modelling for projectsProject controlThe human side of project managementExecutive aspects of man managementPractical schedule risk t1st1st1st1st

Hutchin TedI Ibbs W, Reginato JIshikawa KaoruJ Jenner SJohnson G, K Scholes, R WhittingtonJones Alan RJones Alan RJones Alan RJones Alan RJones Alan RJohnston AndrewJolly AJones GarethJuran J M,K Kandola BKaner SKanter Rosabeth MossKast Fremont EKay JohnKayaloff IsabelleKegan R, L L LaheyKendall G I, Rollins S CKerzner H, Thamhain H JKerzner HKerzner HKerzner HKerzner HKharbanda O P, Stallworthy E AKimmons Robert, Loweree JamesKletz TrevorKliem Ralph, Ludin IrwinKnapp J, J ZeratskyKnott TerryKoontz Harold, O'Donnell Cyril,Weihrich HeinzKosonen JKotter JKotter JohnUnconstrained organisations: managing sustainable changeQuantifying the value of project managementWhat is total quality control? The Japanese wayManaging benefitsExploring strategy: Text and casesPrinciples, Process and Practice of Professional Number Juggling : 1Probability, Statistics and Other Frightening StuffBest Fit Lines and CurvesLearning, Unlearning and Re-learning CurvesRisk, Opportunity, Uncertainty and Other Random ModelsA hackers guide to project managementThe growing business handbook: inspiration & advice from successful entrepreneurs & fast growing UKcompaniesOrganisational theory: text and casesJuran's quality control handbookThe value of difference: Eliminating bias in the workplaceA facilitator's guide to participatory decision makingThe Change masters: innovation & entrepreneurship in the American corporationOrganisation & Management: a systems and contingency approachFoundations of corporate success: how business strategies add valueExport and project financeHow the way we talk can change the way we work: Seven languages for transformationAdvanced project portfolio management and the PMO: multipying ROI at warp speedProject management operating guidelines: directives, procedures and formsAdvanced project management: best practices on implementationProject management a systems approach to planning, scheduling and controllingProject management a systems approach to planning, scheduling and controllingProject management a systems approach to planning, scheduling and controllingHow to learn from project disasters: true life stories with a moral for managementProject management: a reference for professionalsLessons from disaster: how organisations have no memory and accidents recurReducing project riskMake time: How to focus on what matters every dayNo business as usual: an extraordinary North Sea Reshaping program management: tools for taking PM to executive levelLeading changeA force for change: how leadership differs from st1st2nd1st4th8th1st1st1st1st1st1st1st

Kouzes J M, Posner B ZKozak-Holland MarkKrajewski Lee, Ritzman LarryKuhn Robert LawrenceKwegyir-Afful ClementL Lander GuyLang Hans J, Merino Donald NLangford D A, Retik ALashbrooke GrahamLashbrooke GrahamLaudon K, J LaudonLawrence Paul, Lorsch JayLawson G, Wearne S, Iles-Smith PLax D, J SebeniusLeach LLeach PLeblanc RLester A, Benning ALester AlbertLester AlbertLester AlbertLester AlbertLester AlbertLevin Richard, Kirkpatrick CharlesLewis HaroldLewis HelenLichtenberg SteenLientz Bennet, Rea KathrynLim C J, Liu ELoch C H, A DeMeyer, M PichLock DennisLock DennisLock DennisLock DennisLock DLock DennisLeadership the challengeTitanic lessons for IT ProjectsOperations management: strategy and analysisTo flourish among giants: creative management for mid-sized firmsDelivering successful megaprojects: key factors and toolkit for the project managerWhat is Sarbanes-Oxley?The selection process for capital projectsThe organisation and management of construction. Vol 2: Managing the construction project & managingriskA project managers handbookFrom pyramids to computer systems: a project managers handbookEssentials of management information systemsDeveloping organisations: diagnosis and actionProject management for the process industries3D Negotiation: Powerful tools to change the game in your most important dealsCritical chain project managementWhy can't you just give me the number? An executive's guide to using probablistic thinking to manage riskand to make better decisionsThe handbook of board governance: A comprehensive guide for Public, Private and Not for Profit boardmembersProcurement in the process industryProject planning & controlProject planning & controlProject planning & controlProject management planning & controlProject management planning & controlPlanning & control with PERT / CPMBids tenders and proposals: Winning business through best practiceProduct stewardship in action: The business case for life cycle thinkingProject planning - a third generationBreakthrough technology project managementSmart cities and eco-warriorsManaging the unknown - A new approach to managing high uncertainty and risks in projectsProject managementProject managementProject managementProject managementProject managementThe essentials of project t4th6th8th9th10th4th

Lock DennisLock Dennis, Scott LindsayLock Dennis, Wagner RLock D, Wagner RLockyer K GLockyer K GLockyer K GLockyer K GLockyer K G, Gordon JLockyer K G, Gordon JLockyer K G, Gordon JLockyer K G, Gordon JLockyer K G, Gordon JLoftus JLoraine R KLowe David, Leiringer RoineLudwig ErnestLundin R A , M HallgrenLundin R A, N Arvidsson, T Brady, E Ekstedt, CMidler, J SydowM Maciariello JosephMacintyre EMack O, A Khare, A Kramer, T BurgartzMadge PeterMadsen SusanMagee John FManas JManwani SharmMargerison CharlesMarmgren L, Ragnarsson MMartin A S, Grover FMayfield P MMaylor HMaylor HMaylor HMcCandless DMcLaughlin J, K MeagerMcGee John, Thomas HowardMead J M, Gruneberg SThe essentials of project managementGower Handbook of people in project managementGower Handbook of programme managementThe handbook of project portfolio managementAn introduction to critical path analysisCritical path analysis problems and solutionsCritical path analysis problems and solutionsCritical path analysis and other project network techniquesProject management and project network techniques - instructor's manualCritical path analysis and other project network techniquesProject management and project network techniques - tutor's manualProject management and project network techniquesProject management and project network techniquesProject management of multiple projects and contractsEngineering Management: Construction management in developing countriesCommercial management of projects: defining the disciplineApplied project management for the process industriesAdvancing research on projects and temporary st1st1st1st1st1stManaging and working in project society: Institutional challenges of temporary organisationsProgram management control systemsEssentials of business lawManaging in a VUCA worldCivil engineering insurance and bondingThe power of project leadership: 7 keys to help you transform from project manager to project leaderProduction planning and inventory controlThe resource management and capacity planning handbookIT Enabled business change: successful managementManagerial consulting skills: a practical guideOrganising projects: from a mechanical to an organic perspectiveEngineering management: Managing peoplePractical people engagement: Leading change through the power of relationshipsProject managementProject managementProject managementInformation is beautifulTime mastery: Banish time management foreverStrategic Management research: a European perspectiveProgramme procurement in construction: learning from London st1st1st1st2nd

Meredith J R, Mantel S JMeredith J R, Mantel S JMeredith J R, Mantel S J, Shafer S M, Sutton MMMerna A, Bower DMillington RModer Joseph, Phillips Cecil, Davis EdwardModer Joseph, Phillips CecilMonks JosephMonks JosephMoore DavidMorris Peter, Hough GeorgeMorris PeterMorris Peter, Pinto JeffreyMorris Peter, Pinto Jeffrey, Soderlund JonasProject management a managerial approachProject management a managerial approach5th1stProject management in practiceDispute resolution in construction & infrastructure projectsBuzzing communities: How to build bigger, better and more active online communitiesProject management with CPM, PERT and precedence diagrammingProject management with CPM and PERTOperations management: theory and problemsSchaum's outline series: theory and problems of operations managementProject management: designing effective organisational structures in constructionThe anatomy of major projects: a study of the reality of project managementReconstructing project managementThe Wiley guide to managing projectsThe Oxford handbook of project managementThe Organisation and management of construction. Vol 2: Managing the construction project & managingriskCode of practice for project management for construction and developmentCode of practice for project management for construction and developmentProject governanceProject governance: fundamentals of project managementStop playing games: a project managers guide to successfully navigating organisational politicsProject management and engineering research AEIPRO 2016Analysis bar charting: a simplified critical path analysis technique1st3rd1st2nd1st1st1st2nd1st1st1st1stN Nalewaik A, A MillsNailor PeterNeale Richard H, Neale David ENevitt PeterNevitt Peter, Fabozzi FrankNew Steve, Westbrook RoyProject performance review: Capturing the value of audit, oversight and compliance for project successMacroproject development in the third worldThe Nassau ConnectionEngineering Management: Construction planningProject FinancingUnderstanding supply chains: concepts, critiques and futures1st1st4th7th2nd1stNewell S, M Robertson, H Scarbrough, J SwanNewman DonaldNoordzij GNorton Brian, McElligott WilliamO Oakland John SObeng EddieObeng EddieManaging knowledge work and innovationProject FinancingProject management of hotel opening processes: exploring better ways to open new hotelsValue management in construction: a practical guideEngineering economic analysisAll change: the project leader's secret handbookMaking re-engineering happen2nd1st1st2nd1st1st1stMorris RickMukherjee ArnabMukherjee ArnabMuller RMuller RalfMulvaney JohnMunoz J L A, Blanco J L Y, Capuz-Rizo S FMurphy Kathleen4th4th5th1st1st1st1st1st

Obeng EddieObeng EddieO'keefe K, D O BrienO'Neill JohnOptner StanfordO'Reilly PatO'Riordan Timothy, Sewell DerrickOwen J, Connor J, Linger H, McDermott V,Algeo CP Parnaby J, Wearne S, Kochhar APasian BeverleyPatterson K, Grenny J, Maxfield D, McMillan R,Switzler APatterson K, Grenny J, Maxfield D, McMillan R,Switzler APayne J, E Roden, S SimisterPellegrinelli SPendlebury John, Grouard Benoit, MestonFrancisPenn Alan, Lock J, Cobb D, Crombie T,Anderson C, Moore G, Davis J, Gilbert D, Hart JPeters GlenPeters Thomas J, Waterman Robert HPhillips Don T, Garcia-Diaz AlbertoPilbeam S, C CorbridgePilcher RoyPilkington AnnPinto JPinto JPitkanen PetriPowell DPullan PPullan PPullan P, R Murray-WebsterPrice MartinPrice Perry MPriemus H, van Wee BNew rules for the new world: cautionary tales for the new world managerPutting strategy to work: the blueprint for transforming ideas into actionEthical data and information management: Concepts, tools and methodsTotal quality management: the route to improving performanceManagement of industrial construction projectsSystems AnalysisHarnessing the unicorn1st1st1st1st1st1st1stDeveloping government policy capability: policy work, project management & knowledge practicesManaging by projects for business successDesigns, methods and practices for research of project management1st1st1stInfluencer: the power to change anything1stCrucial confrontations: tools for resolving broken promises, violated expectations and bad behaviourManaging knowledge in project environmentsThinking and acting as a great programme manager1st1st1stProject appraisal and policy review1stThe complete urban buzz: building sustainable communitiesThe ten keys to successful change managementProject management and construction controlIn search of excellence: lessons from America's best run companiesPeople resourcing and talent planning: HRM in practiceFundamentals of network analysisCommunicating projects: an end to end guide to planning, implementing & evaluating effectivecommunicationProject management: achieving competitive advantageThe project management institute: Project management handbookAppraisal and control of project costsOperational readiness and assurance: A guide for practitionersBusiness analysis and leadership: Influencing changeVirtual

AcostE Estimating guide 1st Conducting integrated baseline reviews 1st Directing agile change 1st Directing change 3rd Earned value management compass 1st Earned value management guidelines 1st Earned value management handbook 1st Governance of co-owned projects 1st Guide to assurance of agile delivery 1st Guide to assurance of agile delivery 1st