Overview: Dynatrace Application PerformanceManagementWHY APPLICATION PERFORMANCEMANAGEMENT?APPLICATIONS ARE THE BUSINESSSince 2005, applications have increasingly become the life-bloodof business. What used to be focused on back-office only, havenow become our primary means of engagement — engagementwith customers, engagement with channels, engagement withsupply chains. Revenue, loyalty and brand image have neverbeen more dependent on how well our applications perform.No wonder application performance management (APM) hasbecome a C-level initiative in so many Global 10,000 companies.APPLICATION-CENTRIC IT IS THE NEW MODELAnd for IT, because applications directly impact the businessmore than ever, applications have become the primaryorganizing principle. No longer are leading IT organizationsnetwork-centric, or infrastructure-centric. To more tightlyalign with the business, leading IT organizations have becomeapplication-centric. This shift in focus has led many CIOs toexpand their expectations and use of APM. APM is quicklyshifting from just another IT tool set used for reactive applicationtroubleshooting, to a strategic IT fabric used to monitor,manage, tune and assure superior application availability andperformance on a proactive basis. These new expectations aredriving Dynatrace’s APM innovation.A DANGEROUS VISIBILITY GAP IS GROWINGAs the new digital enterprise emerges, where applications drivethe business, a dangerous visibility gap is growing. Not only haveapplications never been more important, they have never beenso complex either. An application’s delivery chain extends froma variety of browsers on a growing number of devices across anexpanding set of cloud services to multi-tiered, multi-locationdata-centers through a wide variety of servers and services,message buses, mainframes and databases. If the applicationdelivery chain complexity is not enough, user expectationsare rising as well, driving greater need for speed and newfunctionality. Applications are changing faster than ever, scalinglarger than ever, and touching more components and 3rd partyservices than ever.A NEW GENERATION OF APM HAS EMERGEDEnter APM. Not yesterday’s APM which was a heavy tool setfor reactive troubleshooting. But a new generation of APM —automatic to deploy, auto-adaptive to application change, smartself-learning in its baselining, out-of-the-box in its dashboardand reporting, proactive in its visibility, user-centric in itsperspective and immediate in its value. Dynatrace leads thisnew generation in vision, innovation, product, expertise andvalue. Dynatrace — formerly Compuware APM — has beennamed a Gartner APM Magic Quadrant Leader 5 years running.“APM is a cornerstone investment in both processes and technology that I&O [Infrastructure andOperations] leaders must make to better manage the applications that run their business and servetheir customers,”—— Jean-Pierre Garbani, Principal Analyst Vice President, Forresterdynatrace.com1

INNOVATION & VALUEA HISTORY OF APM INNOVATIONDynatrace — formerly Compuware APM — has been in theapplication performance management space for over a decade,long before it was fashionable. In 2008 we saw things changingrapidly. Disruption in the way applications were being built(Agile, DevOps.), in the way they were being architected (SOA,message buses.), and the way they were being deployed(virtualized, cloud.) was accelerating. Unlike our big competitorsat the time, we saw a need for a new generation of APM toaddress this myriad of disruptive changes. In 2009 we acquiredGomez with its global synthetic network and SaaS deliverymodel. In 2010 we revamped our Vantage line and introducedthe market’s first network-aware APM solution for full DataCenter deployments. And in 2011 we acquired Dynatrace, thefastest growing APM start-up in the world with their patentedPurePath technology. In 2014, we have rebranded CompuwareAPM to Dynatrace, reflecting a 100% focus on APM.OUR BEST OF BREED APPROACHWe have now crafted these 3 product-lines into the industry’smost complete, most powerful APM solution for modernapplications. Whether they be cloud, mobile, web, enterprise orbig data applications, we have you covered. Zero configurationto deploy, easy to use and powerful to wield, our APM familyallows you to start modestly anywhere and expand to extremelylarge enterprise deployments. Our over 5,800 customers rangefrom small SMBs to the largest global enterprises across allindustries.“As an online retailer, website and mobile performanceis critical to our organization because it directlycorrelates with the customer experience and revenuegeneration. That’s why we rely on Dynatrace.”—— Stormy Simon, President, Overstock.comSUPERIOR VALUEAlong with this new generation of APM comes a new generationof value. No longer is APM simply an expensive insurancepolicy. Dynatrace helps its customers proactively spot andsolve application performance issues before users areimpacted, even in the most complex, multi-tier applications.Dynatrace helps its customers speed new applications andapplication enhancements to market with purpose built DevOpsfunctionality. And Dynatrace helps its customers tune-up theirmost critical applications from the user’s perspective across theentire application delivery chain, increasing loyalty, revenue andbrand image.SUSTAINED LEADERSHIPOur customers expect solutions, not just products. With over300 APM technical experts on staff assuring customer value,and over 600 engineers driving APM innovation every day, yourAPM investment and the applications they monitor are in goodhands. Let us prove why we are considered the best in theindustry at what we do — if your applications are critical to yourbusiness success, Dynatrace is simply a smarter choice.“No vendor can equal Dynatrace in well-integrated capabilities for monitoring application performance bothinside and outside the firewall.”—— Dennis Drogseth, Vice President of Research, Enterprise Management Associates2

THE MAGIC OF PUREPATH TECHNOLOGYACCURATENo more guessing,no more fingerpointing – thefacts are at yourfingertips all thetimeTRANSACTIONPURETrue transactionlevel detail, all thetime, end-to-end— no averages,no sampling, nononsenseLIGHTWEIGHT Become proactive ULTRA-LOWAPPLICATIONVIEWKnow how yourapplication reallybehaves underload — go beyondVM statsPRECISE TIMINGSPrecise timings forboth physical andvirtual applicationenvironmentsBUSINESS SMARTGroup into businesstransactions — bytenant, type, geo,product and more ALWAYS ONGet transactionlevel visibility, all thetime, for maximumbusiness impactPRODUCTIONPROVENProduction provenin the mostdemanding, highload environmentsBECOMEPROACTIVEDon’t just reactto problems —become proactiveand know howyour applicationsperform at all timeswith productionproven, always-ontransaction detailOVERHEADUltra-lightweightagents allow forcontinuous, alwayson useEND TO ENDGet the deepest,most accurate,granular visibilityof applicationsfrom a single paneof glassALL TIERSKnow where yourproblems are — alltiers from userclick to database ofrecord and backEARLYIDENTIFICATIONIdentify issues earlyin the lifecycle orwhen they happenCOLLABORATIONNo worries aboutreproducing theproblem or sharingwith others — justwatch the replayREPRODUCIBLERuns continuously,capturing 100% of alltransactions — noaverages, guessworkor correlationsCODE LEVELDEEPGet to root-causefast, no matterhow complex yourapplication ordistributed yourenvironmentEASY TO USERealize immediateresults — easyto use and noapplicationarchitectureknowledge requiredDETECTHOTSPOTSAutomaticallydetected Hotspotsenable quickanalysis of slowesttransactions toisolate performanceproblemsMEET SLASInstant dashboardand reporting ofthe key applicationparameters to maketimely, informeddecisionsRESULTSCustomers claimPurePath savesthem 90% or moreof the time it usedto take them todiagnose and isolateissuesMULTI-LAYERNo more cobblingtogether differenttools and timingsthat are prone toerror and resortto guessingSINGLE PANE OFGLASSVisibility intoapplication,hypervisor,operating systemand hardware layersfrom a single paneof glassNO BLIND SPOTSAny performance,scalability or stabilityissues that surfaceunder load arediagnosed downthrough thesecritical layers,assuring hypervisorperformance is nolonger a blind-spotSCALABLEGrows with yourapplication — evencharts anddashboardsinstantly adaptCLOUD READYPurePaths goeverywhere —physical, virtualor cloud (public,private, hybrid)ZEROCONFIGURATIONNo code changes,no scripting, nosensor placementAUTO-ADAPTIVEAutomaticallyadjusts toapplication changes,particularly usefulin dynamic cloudenvironmentsAUTO-ANALYSISAutomatic alertsto performanceHotspots, top CPUand memory issues,and more NO MORE SILOSReduce MTTR andtest cycles by gettingdeep, accurateinformation the firsttime to those whoneed itLEAD TIMESUCCESSShare sessionrecordings with3rd parties to getproblems fixedwithout excuses anddelayREDUCES TCOConsolidate frommany disparatetools to onecore technology— PurePathAUTOMATICFor the fastestAUTO-DISCOVERYtime-to-value and Automaticallylowest cost to own discover alltransaction flowsand key businesstransactionsCOLLABORATE Collaborate across BUILT-INthe lifecycle andsee ORATIONEliminate fingerpointing andguesswork bysharing PurePathrecordings — one“lingua franca”3

“We needed to have complete confidence that our site could handle the traffic volume during our critical peakperiods, so we turned to Dynatrace which provided advanced visualizations to help us spot anomalies andbottlenecks faster. The transaction details and metrics were mind blowing for us.”—— Lance Shinabarger, VP of Information Systems, Domino’s PizzaUNIQUE SOLUTIONSDYNATRACE IS DIFFERENTUnlike competitive alternatives, Dynatrace is a best of breedsystem incorporating the 3 dimensions of modern APM — UserExperience Management, Deep Application Monitoring andApplication-Aware Network Performance Management.Incorporated into all 3 dimensions are three additionalfoundational elements that give the Dynatrace system itsunique, industry leading value. First, smart analytics have beenapplied across the platform to make implementation, operationand management extremely easy yet powerful. Second,purpose built performance lifecycle collaboration capabilities,sometimes call DevOps capabilities, have been embedded todramatically reduce problem resolution time and speed newapplication functionality to market. And third, Dynatrace’spatented PurePath Technology has been extended across alldimension of the system to provide the industry’s deepest andmost accurate.ELIMINATE GUESSWORK WITH ALL THE FACTS,ALL THE TIMENo sampling, no averages, no human correlation between avariety of disparate tools. Dynatrace APM provides you withall the facts, all the time — all user interactions on any device,all transactions traced 24x7 across all tiers, all outliers, allexceptions, all 3rd party calls and so on. Armed with the facts,any operations or performance team can be performanceheroes. But with gaps, partial data, blind spots and high levelaverages managing the growing complexity of applicationdependencies and the insatiable demands of users isincreasingly more problematic. With pressure mounting andprior APM investments failing, more and more companiesare turning to Dynatrace for the “facts” that make proactiveapplication performance management a reality.“With Dynatrace, we’ve gained end-to-endvisibility into how our users are experiencing oursite and real-time site statistics, both of whichhave led to enormous benefits in terms of fastproblem resolution and optimizing our marketingcampaigns.”—— Michael Douds, Manager of Technologies and Web Services,Bon-Ton Stores Inc.4ONE SYSTEM TO SOLVE A MYRIAD OF APMUSE-CASESOur customers expect solutions, not simply product. Theyknow that modern application performance management isa discipline that covers a widening array of use-cases fromuser experience, to SLA management, to trouble-shooting, toscalability tuning, to devops, to real-time business analytics, tocapacity planning, to help desk and so on. Leading companiesunderstand that application performance is a journey, not asingle destination. This is why Dynatrace has invested in a teamof over 300 performance experts around the globe to helpassure your APM success, not just day one, but for as long asyou own our products. Visit our Services & Support section ofour site to learn how you can benefit from these experts, ortrain experts of your own.APM Expertise On-Demand. How You Need It. Where YouNeed It. When You Need It.ON-GOING INNOVATION ASSURES FUTURE VALUEAnd to assure your APM needs are met tomorrow, not justtoday, Dynatrace continues to make the largest investment inpure-play APM in the industry. Over 500 R&D professionals areworking on APM innovations to make sure you can confidentlylaunch and manage the business critical applications that willkeep you ahead of your competition be they cloud, mobile, bigdata, enterprise web or traditional enterprise.

“We significantly exploded our production architecture, and made it more service-oriented. As we did that, itwas really a no-brainer to expand the Dynatrace deployment to monitor all of those new services we added inthe production environment.”—— Jim Nichols, Senior Performance Engineer, EnerNOCA NEW GENERATION OF VALUEWith a new generation of APM comes a new generation ofvalue. Unlike traditional APM which provided an expensiveinsurance policy for a handful of critical apps, Dynatrace’s newgeneration of APM enables a proactive approach to applicationmanagement that’s easy enough to apply against hundredsof application all at once. Dynatrace customers enjoy value inoperational efficiency, in raw application speed, in speeding newapps or app enhancements to market, and in greater degrees ofapplication availability. And with advanced analytics, Dynatraceis easy to deploy, easy to operate and easy to manage sohundreds of applications and a wide variety of users — frombusiness, to operations, to testers to developers — can benefitfrom the real-time visibility and insights instantly available.A SIMPLE, MODULAR APPROACHBuilt in a modular fashion, Dynatrace allows you to startanywhere, perhaps covering a single APM use-case for asingle application, and scale your APM investment enterprisewide across multiple use-cases and hundreds of applications.Though Dynatrace has been built to scale to the largest globalenterprises, many of our customers are SMBs, emergingenterprises or growing divisions of larger companies. Somecustomers start in test and development focused initially onbringing new apps or app enhancements to market fasterand with more confidence. However, the vast majority ofour customers use us to dramatically improve productionapplication performance, availability and problem resolutiontime for modern applications be they cloud, mobile, big dataand enterprise web.“Dynatrace gives us the ability to continuouslydeliver new mobile features so that we can keepimproving for our users.”VALUE ASSURED THROUGHOUT YOURPERFORMANCE JOURNEYTo assure our customers receive value from their APMinvestment for as long as they own our system, Dynatrace haspioneered an APM adoption model we call “The PerformanceJourney”. Built on best practices learned through literally 1000sof successful APM engagements, the Dynatrace PerformanceJourney allows you to start anywhere and we’ll guide you, atyour pace, to a world-class performance culture unique to yourcompany, business/IT practices, and application portfolio. Weknow that you buy solutions to problems, not products, andour over 300 APM experts are available to help you assureapplication performance success.APM Expertise On-Demand. How You Need It. Where YouNeed It. When You Need It.APM SOLUTIONS FOR:INITIATIVES:TECHNOLOGY: Mobile&Omni Channel Mobile Big Data Java Cloud .NET AANPM php DevOps SAP Citrix Oracle—— Christian Kaar, CTO runtasticINTERACTIVE OPEN INTEGRATIONS ENHANCESEXISTING INVESTMENTSDynatrace is open so it can enhance the value of priorapplication management investments. Connectors to CMDBs,integrations with message buses (e.g. Tibco, IBM MQ/MB),connectivity with service desks, OSI-based plug-ins for loadtesters and automated build environments (e.g. Loadrunner,Maven), REST interfaces for big data extraction (e.g. Splunk) andmore are all available via our Community Portal.dynatrace.com5

LEADERSHIPCONSECUTIVEx5 LEADERA leader is defined as “a person or entity that is followed byothers”. Claiming leadership is one thing, consistently provingleadership is another. At Dynatrace, we prefer to let the industryexperts do the talking.Gartner has recognized Dynatrace, formerly Compuware APM,as a MQ Leader now for 5 consecutive years, and its APM MQVision Leader for the past 3 consecutive years. We set the bar allothers are following.*FUTURE APM MAGIC QUADRANTMARKET LEADERDYNATRACEAPP DYNAMICSSTRATEGYNEW RELICFLUKERIVERBEDDELL CA TECHNOLOGIESSERVICE TRACECORRELSENSEOP TIERPASTPRESENTEXECUTION6RIA Vendor Selection Matrix —Deep Application TransactionManagement 2013

“Application Performance Management, and more specifically Deep ApplicationTransaction Management, is hot because it offers important insights into thisgrowing application complexity. The winner with the overall most balancedsolution, and a comfortable margin, is Dynatrace.”“Dynatrace offers an APM solution with an impressive feature set that puts it inthe top leadership of the Ovum Decision Matrix on APM 2014.”“Dynatrace has set new standards in the cloud-based application monitoringmarket by offering the industry’s first end-to-end monitoring solution.”Dynatrace — formerly Compuware APM — named Global Company of the Year for cloud-basedapplication monitoring.“No vendor can equal Dynatrace in well-integrated capabilities for monitoringapplication performance both inside and outside the firewall.”“APM is a cornerstone investment in both processes and technology thatI&O [Infrastructure and Operations] leaders must make to better manage theapplications that run their business and serve their customers.”dynatrace.com7

Dynatrace is the innovator behind the new generation of Application Performance Management. Our passion: helpingcustomers, large and small, see their applications and digital channels through the lens of end users. Over 5,800organisations use these insights to master complexity, gain operational agility, and grow revenue by deliveringamazing user experiences.12.1.14229 WP jw

Dynatrace — formerly Compuware APM — has been named a Gartner APM Magic Quadrant Leader 5 years running. "APM is a cornerstone investment in both processes and technology that I&O [Infrastructure and Operations] leaders must make to better manage the applications that run their business and serve their customers,"