11/12/2019Operational Stakeholders: Prepare People and Processes for eNote ImplementationNovember 12, 2019Our Moderator and PanelistsAmy Moses2Shane HartzlerAngela PenningtonManager, Marketing & MediaDirector, eMortgage Strategy &OperationsMERSCORP Holdings Inc.Fannie MaeSenior Business Integration AnalystMERSCORP Holdings Inc.Tamra RiegerChief Operating OfficerEvergreen Home LoansPROPRIETARY1

11/12/2019Surge in eNotesSource: MERSCORP Holdings, Inc.3PROPRIETARYBecoming a Digital EnterpriseOpportunity to automate throughout Some touchpoints drive revenue Other eliminate compliance & operational costsApplication 1003 Product selection Pricing Disclosures DocumentcollectionProcessing &Underwriting Data aggregation Income anddocumentverifications Appraisal TitlePre-Closing Fee Collaborationwith title/closing Ancillary docssigned (hybrid)Closing eClose eRecording Borrower previewof documents Automate doc QAPost-Closing Expediteddocument return Reduce paperchase eVault integratedMERS eRegistrySecondary Reduction in timeto investor delivery Decrease time onwarehouse line eVault to eVaulttransfers42

11/12/2019Evergreen Home Loan’s ExperienceBenefits & Cost Savings with Hybrid eClosing: Improved workflow and efficiency, resulting in increased production with fewer staffReduction in errors resulting in improved purchase turn times by 3 daysImproved customer experience. Closing times reduced from 1 hour to 10 min.85% of customers preview their documents in advanceReduced Funding Turn TimesEasier to accommodate same day fundings.Eligible Loans Conventional – Fixed &Government Loans (FHA, VA, USDA)HFA and DPA programs: State Bond programs and ChenoaAccepted by all the aggregatorsJumbo LoansLoans in a TrustAll Property Types and All OccupancyIneligible LoansooooLoans without eConsentPower of AttorneyNon-Purchasing Spouse, Title only individualLoans where customer or Loan Officer opted out5Implementing the Digital Mortgage: Where Are You?Getting Started6Performing Researchand PlanningEvaluatingTechnologyCommunicating withTrading PartnersHave you Have you Have you .Have you Obtained executivesponsorship? Created a business case? Secured a budget? Designated a projectmanager/team? Attended a webinar? Defined project scope(hybrid or full eClosing)? Estimated volume? Identified internalstakeholders? Verified a target date? Identified technologyresources needed(eVault, digital closingroom, MERS eRegistry)? Started the RFP process? Identified internalplatform updatesneeded? Talked to yourwarehouse lenders andaggregators? Discussed withservicer/subservicer? Held meetings withFannie Mae/FreddieMac?PROPRIETARY3

11/12/2019Integrating with the MERS eRegistry Once a MERS System Member is able to answer of those questions,they can submit a MERS eRegistry Addendum Member executes the MERS eRegistry Addendum, requesting to become aMERS eRegistry Participant (“Participant”) MERSCORP assigns a Business Integration Manager (MERS BIM) to work withthe Participant The MERS BIM and Participant work closely through the first live transaction7PROPRIETARYMERS eRegistry Integration: Phase IMERS BIM conducts a meeting to:Provide an overviewof the integrationprocessExplain eNote andMERS eRegistryterminology andconceptsObtain keyintegration dataWill the Participant: Originate, sell, purchase, fund, or service? Perform custodial duties for eNotes? Use an eVault provider, vendor, or buildtheir own vault? Utilize MERS eDelivery to send/receivecopies of eNotes to and from tradingpartners?8PROPRIETARY4

11/12/2019MERS eRegistry Integration: Phase IIMERS BIM and Participant will:Review and finalizeProceduresdocumentSet up and activatethe MERS eRegistry profile9Perform practicetransactions in theMERS eRegistrybased on use casesComplete andmonitor the firstproductiontransactionPROPRIETARYResources For You MERS Webinars with Evergreen Home Loans, Fannie Mae, GinnieMae, and the Federal Home Loan Banks! November 14: eNote Updates from Ginnie Mae, the Federal Home LoansBanks, and MERS Visit to register eMortgage webpages MERS website or contact your Regional Director (Bob Pathman, Ron Crowe,or Laurinda Clemente) Fannie Mae Freddie Mac Evergreen Home Loans10PROPRIETARY5

Use an eVault provider, vendor, or build their own vault? Utilize MERS eDelivery to send/receive copies of eNotes to and from trading partners? Provide an overview of the integration process Explain eNote and MERS eRegistry terminology and concepts Obtain key integration data