Solex eClosingA Complete eClosingSolutions PlatformSOLUTION BRIEFIndustry Challenge: Achieving End-to-End Digital Mortgage ProcessesToday, lenders are striving to both optimize the front end of the mortgageprocess by delivering a more digital-centric borrower experience, as well asstreamline and digitize the back end of the process to improve complianceand operational efficiencies while reducing risk and cost. As technologiesand industry integrations continue to advance and align, the digitaltransformation in the mortgage industry is gaining momentum.Now, as lenders seek to utilize eClose as their transactional standard torealize the operational benefits that come from a more efficient andsecure process, the need for integrated digital mortgage solutions that canbe accessed through one common platform is a top priority.FEATURES: Dynamic eDocument librarythrough ConformX integration C losing document notificationsto Title/Settlement Borrower & settlement preview External document inclusion eSign and eDelivery Bi-directional data pushbackwith LOS, Lender emailnotifications MISMO SMART Doc eNotesSOLUTION: Solex eClosing Secure eVaultA complete end-to-end integrated eClosing solution platform enablingeach transaction to be as digital as possible. MERS eRegistry & eDeliveryApproved by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae for eClosing, eNote and eVaultfunctionality, the Solex eClosing platform, in partnership with Simpliile,provides lenders with a comprehensive integrated eClosing solution, witheSigning efficiencies from initial document generation through post-closing. In-Person eNotarizationLenders can now choose from the robust functionality offered by SolexeClosing Engage as well as the streamlined offering of Solex eClosingXpress for ancillary docs. See page 4 for a comparison of options available. Improves borrower experience –access, review, eSignCombined with First American Docutech’s dynamic document generationengine ConformX, lenders can automatically generate digital, data-drivendocuments that adhere to rules-based intelligence and calculations to meetspecific loan criteria. In addition, the eEligibility engine analyzes each closingpackage to be as “e” as it can be, according to state, county, and investorvariations. Hybrid options include eSigning of ancillary documents, plusoptions for SMART Doc eNotes, eNotarization and eRecording. The SolexeVault is also integrated with the MERS eRegistry for all eNote managementtransactions.05/2021 Remote Online Notarization eRecordingBENEFITS: Accelerates loan closing Reduces costs per loan Improves loan quality Ensures data accuracy Improves compliance withcomplete audit trail, trackingand alerts 2021 First American Financial Corporation and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

ConformX - It Starts with Data AccuracyWith Docutech, lenders can be assured of the accuracy of their documents. Rather than utilizing a staticlibrary of forms, First American Docutech integrates directly with the lender’s loan origination system(LOS) to produce dynamic, data-driven documents that meet specific criteria. Every relevant field isimported, defaulted or automatically populated through rules-based intelligence to ensure the moststreamlined and accurate document experience possible.Document PreviewTo improve accuracy, flexibility, customer experience and compliance, First American Docutech’seClosing technology allows both the borrower and settlement agent to preview documents.Document preview allows borrowers to securely access and review their closing documents on theirown schedule, in the comfort of their own home, taking the time they need to fully read through allthe information and ultimately feel more empowered in the process. Lenders can optionally allow theirborrowers to sign the ancillary docs in advance of the closing table (on the day of closing), making theactual closing ceremony far shorter.Lenders can also provide title and settlement with secure access to review and add title documents to theclosing package.eSign & eDeliveryOnce the documents are ready, Solex provides a clean, easy, intuitive process flow for eDelivery andeSigning. With Solex, document delivery and signing is accelerated, operations are streamlined, andcompliance, security, and the borrower experience are all improved.Now, borrowers can review and sign documents anywhere, anytime, even on mobile devices — providinglenders with a detailed audit trail of document events.Solex eSign EditorBy adding Solex eSign Editor, lenders can seamlessly add independent, external documents to anyeSign packages generated through the ConformX document engine and then edit and enable thosedocuments for the borrower(s) to eSign.eNote - MISMO SMART Doc05/2021Solex includes MISMO SMART Doc Version 1.02 for eNote,the standard for GSE delivery. This machine-readableXML data structure allows for greater automation of theeClosing process and faster investor delivery.Capabilities include:MISMO SMART Doc Version 3 will also be supported asthe GSEs and industry transition to the new format. eNote storage in Solex eVault SMART Doc eNote generation eNote signature in Solex eSign W atermark application to nonauthoritative eNotes 2021 First American Financial Corporation and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.02

Proprietary eVault with MERS eRegistry & eDeliveryFirst American Docutech’s proprietary Solex eVault is integrated with the MERS eRegistry and eDeliveryfor all eNote management transactions, to securely store and manage all loan documents. The MERS eRegistry is the legal system of record for identifying the controller (holder), servicing agent (servicer),and location (custodian) for the authoritative copy of every registered eNote in the country today, and isrequired by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for eNote transfers.After eClosing, lenders can register the eNote on the MERS eRegistry, then transfer control to an investor,update servicer and location when needed, and later flag an eNote as being paid off, assumed, modified,and other life-of-loan events. MERS eDelivery can also be leveraged to securely transmit eNotes and otherdocuments to the warehouse lender or initial investor.Solex eVault now supports the new MERS eRegistry Secured Party Field, allowing a warehouse lenderor a Federal Home Loan Bank to more effectively protect their security interests in eNotes.When an eNote is first registered on the MERS eRegistry, the originating lender will still name themselvesas Controller, but will now also be able to name their interim funder as Secured Party. When a subsequentTransfer is initiated, the entity named as Secured Party can approve before MERS performs the Transfer.RECORDEDRemote Online Notarization (RON), In-Person eNotarization & eRecordingRON — Now you can do a complete Remote Online Notarization all within Solex. First American Docutechis certified by MISMO for RON transactions. Notaries can eSign and eNotarize documents remotely whilethe borrower benefits from the same streamlined eSign experience application through closing. No needto meet in-person, secure and convenient.In-Person eNotarization & eRecording — Solex is also integrated with Simplifile, the nation’s largestnetwork for connecting lenders, settlement agents and county recording offices. Through this integration,Solex enables eNotaries to electronically notarize the applicable closing documents, eliminating the needfor paper notarization. In addition, closing agents can seamlessly facilitate electronic recording of closingdocuments, providing lenders with a more comprehensive eMortgage process.Solex eClosing CapabilitiesConformX DynamicDoc Gen EngineSolex eSign &eDeliveryDoc Preview with readonly optioneNote - MISMOSMART Doc v1.02Solex eSign externalLender & Title docseVault with MERS eRegistry & eDeliveryeRecordingFoundation ofCompliance ServicesRemote Online Notarizationand In-Person eNotarizationeClosing managementand reportingRECORDEDDoc Preview witheSigningSave hundreds per loan. Ask about our ROI analysis.05/2021 2021 First American Financial Corporation and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.0303

Borrower Experience:Solex eClosing XpressSolex eClosing EngageLender-branded eMails to borrower eDelivery of closing package for borrower review Day of close eMail to borrower to access and eSign ancillary docs with preset expiration timing eDelivery of closing package for settlement agent review Title and settlement document upload for delivery and signature eSign completion status notification Settlement Agent Experience:eDelivery of closing package for settlement agent review Title and settlement document upload for delivery and signature eSign completion status notification Easy upload of wet-signed documents to Solex eVault with Pushback to lender LOS Live customer support, set-up, and e-close training plus up-to-date training materials & videos Secure access to the lender closing files Loan level view of county’s eRecording and eNotary acceptance Automated notifications to lender of agent’s closing activities in Simplifile, pre, during and postclosing, significantly reducing agent manual touchpoints Transparent access to the entire lender closing package with clear delineation of ink vs. e-signdocuments Easy access to download lender package and check borrower e-sign status (no Simplifile loginrequired) Easy upload and signature tagging (when integration complete) of title documents to be addedto the eClose package Support for mobile notary workflows, allowing agents to continue to use mobile notaries toassist with closing activities Ability to assist a borrower who has not completed e-signing of ancillary documents, ensuringthe package stays as “e” as it can be Live support for e-notary account set up Single Sign-On access to the Solex eClose platform on the day of closing Face-to-face eNotarization within Simplifile, eliminating the need for separate notary credentials Easy upload of any ink signed documents for automated return to the lender Automated checking for missing pages of the ink signed package Streamlined access to eRecording and estimated recording times Automated return of eRecording documents, fees, taxes and audit reports to lenders,eliminating the need for mail backs on most loans Easy upload and return of electronic final title policies to the lender, including proof of receipt Lender ExperienceLender receives agent support and access to route the agent for support, removing the burdenfrom the Lender Lender receives training on the agent experience from Simplifile encouraging ease of use Additional Features Available:Remote Online Notarization (RON) In-Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN)eNote – MISMO SMART Doc eNote 05/2021 2021 First American Financial Corporation and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.04

First American Docutech eClosing ProcessConformXGenerates docsincludingSMART Doc eNoteAttachmentsaccepted forexternal docsLenderConformX sends doc linkto borrower(s) & settlement agent(s)SolexeSign platformsmooth, streamlined workflowClosing Package CreatedSettlement AgentBorrowerBorrowerPreview docsGenerates title docsEnters sessionreviews & eSigns docs;face-to-face eNotaryPreview Closing Packagein read-onlySolex eVaultSolex AdmineNote initial registrationPost Closing ActivitieseRecording and final titleFirst American Docutech eClosing Process — Prior to ClosingLenderDoc packagerequest closingdoc packageConformXeClose eligibilitycheck status for eRecording& eNotarizationSolexGenerate docsincludingSMART Doc eNoteBorrower previewemail preview link to borrower SimplifileConfirm eEligibilitycounty/state lookupBorrowerDocument portalpush package &identifier for notaryPreviewread-only review prior to closingTitle/Settlement AgentFee collaborationfinalize fees with lender05/2021Finalize doc packageconfirm lender, closing package, generate& upload title docs if applicableSchedule closingnotify closing agent 2021 First American Financial Corporation and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.05

First American Docutech eClosing Process — Day of ClosingSettlement AgentClosingbegin closingceremonyIdentifyconfirmborrower identityAuthenticateinto Simplifileas notarySimplifileeNotaryauthenticate closing agent/eNotary into Solex sessioneNotaryapply notary seal afterborrower signing completeSolexeClosing activeeClosing availableeSignSolex eClosing sessionall borrowers’signatures completeSolex eVaulteSignSecure all closing docsLenderFinal docsstored in LOSMERS eRegistryeNote initial registrationFirst American Docutech eClosing Process — Post-ClosingSettlement AgentRecordingrequest eRecordingSimplifileeRecordingeRecord docsSolex eVaulteRecorded docsstored in eVaultLenderLOS INTEGRATION REQUIREDFinal docsstored in LOSTo schedule a demo and ROI analysis of our eclosing capabilities, visit us at [email protected] or call us at 1.800.497.3584.05/2021 2021 First American Financial Corporation and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.06

Solex eVault now supports the new MERS eRegistry Secured Party Field, allowing a warehouse lender or a Federal Home Loan Bank to more effectively protect their security interests in eNotes. When an eNote is first registered on the MERS eRegistry, the originating lender will still name themselves