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IMM eSign 2018.1User/Document Administrator GuideContentsOverview . 6IMM eSign Static Documents vs. Dynamic Documents (RTS Only) . 6Third-Party Attachments . 6XML Documents . 7Getting Started . 8Starting IMM eSign Client (RTS Only) . 8Logging In (RTS Only) . 9Creating Documents (RTS Only) . 10Loading Documents (RTS Only) . 11Manual Output Folder . 11Output Folder . 13Creating a New Session (XML Only) . 14Adding and Deleting Documents for a New Session . 14Creating a New Session in IMM eSign . 16Processing Add-Ons . 20Processing Loan Coupons . 20Processing Starter Checks. 22Previewing and Printing Documents . 24Preview. 24Print . 25Using Document Designer . 26Overview . 26RTS-Only Procedures . 28Assigning a Template to Undefined Documents . 28Managing Unmapped and Optional Fields. 31Reviewing Assignments . 33Adding, Editing, and Removing Signers . 37Add Signer. 37Edit Signer . 38Remove Signer. 38XML-Only Procedures . 39Reviewing Optional Signatures/Initials . 39Moving and Resizing Fields . 42Moving Fields . 42Resizing Fields . 42Adding, Editing, and Deleting Fields . 42Signature and Initial Fields . 42Add Signature and Initial Fields . 42Edit or Delete Signature and Initial Fields . 44Textbox Fields . 45Add Textbox Fields . 45Edit or Delete Textbox Fields . 47Checkbox Fields . 47Add Checkbox Fields . 47Edit or Delete Checkbox Fields . 49Dropdown Fields . 49Add Dropdown Fields . 49Edit or Delete Dropdown Fields . 51Requesting Attachments . 51Confirming Changes . 57Processing Documents . 572Copyright 2019 IMMRev. 2/27/19

IMM eSign 2018.1User/Document Administrator GuideSelecting a Workflow. 57Verifying Information . 58Changing Text Fields and Checkboxes . 59Processing Undefined Documents . 59Adding Documents . 60Adding Documents from the Library . 63Attaching Documents . 65Scanning Documents . 66Taking a Photograph . 68Adding Documents Using an iPad . 70Routing Documents . 74Signing Documents . 75Merging Signers (RTS Only) . 76In-Person Signing. 77Signature Pad with Messages. 78Signature Pad without Messages . 91Type . 101Draw . 107Adding a Photo . 115In-Person Viewing . 118Signature Pad . 118Type . 125Remote Signing . 130Transferring a Session . 133Unlocking a Session . 134Deleting a Session . 134Archiving Documents . 135IMM eSign Menus . 137Processing . 137Create New Session (XML Only) . 138Library . 141Documents Library . 141Document Sets Library. 141Selected Documents . 143Search Active . 144Search Panel . 148Search Results . 149Session Details. 152Document Designer . 155eSignature Management . 158Sign In Person . 160Secure Email Delivery . 161Sign Remotely . 162Search Completed . 164Cases (eSign plus) . 166Search Panel . 167Search Results . 168Loan Coupons . 170Starter Checks . 170Custom Links . 170Reporting . 170Session Status . 170Expiring Sessions . 172Remote Signature Status . 173Rev. 2/27/193

IMM eSign 2018.1User/Document Administrator GuideAdd-Ons . 175Help . 178Diagnostics . 178Documentation . 178About . 179User Name . 179User Account Settings. 179Edit User Name and Email . 180Reset Password . 181Workstation Scanner Settings . 182Logout . 183IMM eSign Icon . 184eSign Scanner Client Icon . 186Common Routines . 187Search Hints . 187Calendars. 187Start/End Date . 187Date Range . 188Using an iPad . 189IMM eSign Menus on an iPad . 189Save the IMM eSign URL as a Favorite . 189Document Administrator Supplement . 192Overview . 192Groups and Users - Roles and Responsibilities . 192Groups. 192Users . 192DocAdmin Menus . 192Administration . 193Documents (XML) . 193Uploading Documents . 195Attach Documents . 198Deleting Documents . 201Search (for Documents) . 202Edit (Documents) . 202Edit (Documents) (Alternate Method) . 203Recurring Forms Guidelines . 205Documents (RTS) . 208Default View . 209Expanded View . 210Details Tab . 211Index Fields Tab . 212Imaging System Tab . 213Define Attachment . 214Document Sets (XML Only) . 216Add Document Sets . 216Edit Document Sets . 219Modify Document Sets . 220Delete Document Sets . 221Workflow Builder . 222Workflow Building Tips and Recommendations. 222Importing a Workflow . 2234Copyright 2019 IMMRev. 2/27/19

IMM eSign 2018.1User/Document Administrator GuideImport the Master Workflow . 223Publish the Master Workflow. 223Copy the Master Workflow . 223Criteria (XML Only) . 224Criteria Reference Material . 224Add Criteria . 225Edit Criteria. 226Apply Criteria to Documents . 227Delete Criteria . 228Remote Attachment Template . 228Template Attachment Details . 229Add Template . 230Add Attachment . 230Edit Template . 231Edit Attachment . 232Contact IMM Support . 233Rev. 2/27/195

IMM eSign 2018.1User/Document Administrator GuideOverviewCloud integrations using an XML host do not require IMM eSign Client.TotaleAtlas, TotaleAtlas RTS, TotaleAtlas XML, TeA, TeARTS, TotaleSign, and TeSign aregeneric terms for IMM eSign. TotaleAtlas Workflow is a generic term for IMM eSign plus. Exceptwhere noted, IMM eSign is a generic term for IMM eSign and IMM eSign plus. eAtlas is ageneric term for eSign Lite. In this guide, text and screenshots may use any of these terms.This guide provides an overview of the IMM eSign procedures available to Users and DocumentAdministrators (DocAdmins). Images in this guide are from Windows 10 with InternetExplorer 11 except where noted. Your screens may differ with a different OS or browser.The IMM eSign menu options, pages, and features displayed on the pages varydepending on your integration. All menu options, pages, and features in this guidemay not be applicable to your installation. The screenshots in this guide are examples.For the best viewing experience, ensure ClearType screen fonts are activated.For additional help when logged in to IMM eSign, click the Page Helpmore information about the page.button forOptions and buttons shown in this guide will vary if working on a session created in anolder version of IMM eSign.IMM eSign Static Documents vs. Dynamic Documents (RTS Only)A static document is one that will always be the same length, and all information in a staticdocument will always be in the same place. The Signature Field and Signature Date Field willalways be in the same locations on the same page. The document will always have the samenumber of pages.A dynamic document can vary in the number of pages included. A mortgage document maysometimes be one page long and nine pages or more in other cases. Typically, thesedocuments require that an applicant read all of the information and then sign the document atthe end, attesting that the applicant has read the required information. In a dynamic documentthe Signature Field and Signature Date field can always be at the end of the documentregardless of the number of pages included.Third-Party AttachmentsIMM eSign can identify signature fields in third-party documents, such as Gap Agreements, anduse those fields to collect signatures as part of a single, streamlined signing experience. Thiseliminates the need to use Document Designer to add signature fields.Third parties designate fields differently. As such, IMM eSign identifies and understands thedifferences of each third-party document. IMM eSign determines the originating third party andthen utilizes the appropriate method to extract and identify the signature locations, party6Copyright 2019 IMMRev. 2/27/19

IMM eSign 2018.1User/Document Administrator Guideinformation, and all necessary fields to process the signature. If the signature method isidentified, the document is attached to the session and processed. When there are optionalsignatures, the signature/initials fields must be reviewed in Document Designer before thesession can be signed. The third party must be integrated to automate the identification andprocessing of these types of documents.XML DocumentsIMM eSign XML documents are created using LiquidOffice Forms Designer. IMM eSign onlysupports PDFs built with LiquidOffice Forms Designer. DO NOT use any other PDF designertool to create or modify PDFs for IMM eSign. The LiquidOffice Forms Designer maps fieldsusing the Field Data dictionary. Once fields are mapped, the PDF is uploaded to IMM eSign.IMM eSign merges the XML data generated by the business application with the uploaded PDF.Rev. 2/27/197

IMM eSign 2018.1User/Document Administrator GuideGetting StartedWindows Fast User Switching is not supported.Using IMM eSign on a tablet may require the use of a tablet-specific stylus.Do not use the Internet Explorer Back button while processing document sessions.This guide assumes all IMM eSign components have been installed and set up. Contact youradministrator for assistance, if necessary.This section provides an overview of how to use IMM eSign.Refer to IMM eSign Menus on page 137 for a detailed description of the IMM eSign menus andthe tasks associated with each page.Starting IMM eSign Client (RTS Only)After IMM eSign Client has been successfully installed, it must be started to access Settings.12Click Start IMM Client Application to start IMM eSign Client.This screen will not display if Suppress Logons was selected by youradministrator during installation.The Enter eSign Credentials window isdisplayed with the Host System FI IDpopulated from installation the first time anyuser starts IMM eSign Client. Host System FIID: Preset duringinstallation. Domain: Preset during installation. User ID: ID of user logging into IMMeSign Client based on the Windowslogin.The user ID must be created bythe FI Admin prior to this step (ifAuto Create User is not set toCreate and Activate [HostAdmin]). RTS Password: IMM eSign password established when the FI is created.After completing the RTS Password, click OK to continue.8Copyright 2019 IMMRev. 2/27/19

IMM eSign 2018.1User/Document Administrator Guide3AIf this warning is displayed, click OK.1. IMM eSign will not befunctional untilcredentials are correctlyset up.2. In some installations,this warning may displayif the User ID has notbeen previously createdby the FI Administrator.BRight-click on the IMM eSign Client system tray iconIcon on page 184 for details.CClick Exit.DContact the FI Administrator. Refer to IMM eSignLogging In (RTS Only)Manually log in to IMM eSign using this procedure:1Right click the IMM eSign icon in the system tray, and then click Search Active Sessionsor Search Completed Sessions.2IMM eSign opens in a web browser and displays either the Search Active Sessions pageor Search Completed Sessions page depending on what you selected. Your User ID isdisplayed in the menu.For more information about the IMM eSign icon, refer to IMM eSign Icon on page 184.Rev. 2/27/199

IMM eSign 2018.1User/Document Administrator GuideCreating Documents (RTS Only)In order to process a document or document session, documents must first be converted toPDF format. If the document you a

A dynamic document can vary in the number of pages included. A mortgage document may sometimes be one page long and nine pages or more in other cases.