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SUMMER CAMPTHE CAMPUSAT THE GODDARD SCHOOLHUGE FOR SUMMER!Fueled by FUN!GODDARD GROUNDSarts & craftsmusic & movementliterature & languagescience & nature sports, games, water activitiescomputer & technologynutrition & healthy lifestylesenvironmental careDesigned to be SAFE.We collaborate with the Hamilton County Health Dept., ODJFS, andGoddard Corp. to ensure we are providing a safe environment whilemaintaining a sense of normalcy for our campers. The following safetyprotocols are in effect for summer: (COVID-19 Safety Protocol Summary) Parents will drop off and pick up campers at the front door. Parents & visitors are not permitted inside the school at this time. Faculty & school-agers must wear face masks except outdoors. No one will be permitted inside with a temperature above 100.0F. Classrooms will practice social distancing where possible. Field trips planned for outdoor venues only.Parents may opt out of field trips. Engaging activities will be provided atschool as an alternative.All activities are subject to change as COVID-19 protocols are updated.SportCourt2 PlaygroundsGoddardSchoolMainBuildingCovered PatioGymOutdoor ClassroomOur expanded Goddard Schoolcampus includes largeclassrooms, science/cookingcenter, covered patio, andgym. Campers will also enjoythe Outdoor Classroom andoutdoor sport court forbasketball, four square,volleyball and more! This is inaddition to 3 playgrounds withplenty of space for kickball,soccer and outdoor sports.COMBONI GROUNDSComboni is the “home-base”for our school-age campers.During the summer we take overneighboring Comboni’s westfacilities and fields.All campers have access to ourgrounds, as well as the Combonigrounds, kitchen, and full-sizedgym throughout the day!(NEXT DOOR)Stage PlayGroundThe Goddard School’s philosophy is that children have fun whilelearning skills needed for success in school and in life - SUMMERINCLUDED! Join us June 1 - August 20, as we experience Goddardfavorite visitors, field trips, and engaging activities including:Full SizeGymKitchenCamp Rooms "'"""""'"Comboni FieldsRE' 1SIQNS,.; hi1(IooLEARNING FOR FUN. LEARNING FOR LIFE.1280 Nagel Road (513)474-5292, LOCATE DINiNG ROOM 70'E t TING CoNF. ROOM.DiviDE EXISTING DRY STORAGEINTO 2 5 FARA TE AREAS.EXISTING DINI't\1C:::RO '1 BECCME5MlJLTI·PJRP05EI CCNFERENCEROo.""1.

DISCOVERY CAMPAges: under 5 years oldDiscovery & ExplorerCamp ScheduleExplorerField TripsThis camp includes our traditional Goddard School curriculum thatstimulates social-emotional growth and supports core STEAM skills. Engagingoutdoor visitors, weekly water days, and fun summer activities are alignedto weekly camp themes. Activities are safely conducted on Goddard’s maincampus and playgrounds.Week6/1Welcome toMy WorldCamp Options: Full and half-day schedules available, 2-5 days / week.Enroll by the month or by the week.6/7My BodyGiant Slip n Slide, Kona Ice Social,Beech Acres ParkPhoto Puzzles, Virtual Inside Body Tour (Volleyball)Cost: Varies by schedule and age. Call (513) 474-5292 to speak with ourSummer Director. A 10% discount given on older sibling’s camp cost.6/14My GardenGarden & Harvest, Seed Races,Water Bottle Flower Pots6/21My FarmPetting Zoo, Square Dancing, Recycled Glenwood GardensPiggy Banks, Pigs n Blanket6/28My HobbiesWater Show, Firework Art, Slime Fun,Bring Your Bike DayEagle Tee GolfCenter7/5My Big SeaKona Ice, Newport Aquarium SharkCart, Beach Party, Crab Walk RelaysVirtual Oceans RockTrip7/12My WeatherTornado Twist, Rainbow Experiment,Tie Dye, Sun PrintsWoodland Mound Park(Splash Pad if open)7/19My SpaceVirtual Dinosaurs Rock Show, MoonCincinnati NatureWalk, Rockets, Fruit Batteries, Banana CenterSpace Ships7/26My Community Fire Truck & Police Car, What to beWhen Grown Up?, School Car Wash,Anderson Township Guessing GameFort Liberty Park8/2MyImaginationInsectabug Lab, Kona Ice, ObstacleCourse, Roller Coaster Experiment,Gingerbread StructuresFriendship Park8/9My FamilyCampingCool Critters, “Seek & Find” Game,Picnic Lunches, Sunbaked S’mores,Family Picnic @ Juilfs ParkHome of the BravePark8/16My AnimalPlanetSilly Safaris, Animal Prints, AnimalForest Hills SchoolsMasks & Charades, Skippyroo Kangaroo begin 8/19EXPLORER CAMPAges: 5-6 years oldStructured for students about to enter Kindergarten and ready to startexploring the world! This camp follows the Discovery Camp schedule;including engaging outdoor visitors, weekly water days, and safe ageappropriate field trips. Explorer Campers are based within Goddard School’smain campus with walking trips to our Comboni summer campus.Camp Options: Full and half-day schedules available, 2-5 days / week.Enroll by the month or by the week.Cost: Varies by schedule. Call (513) 474-5292 to speak to our SummerDirector. A 10% discount given on older sibling’s camp cost.ThemeCamp Activities/Visitors(Subject to Change)New Friendships!, Ice Cream SundaesKINDERGARTEN READINESSDuring the month of August, Explorer Camp teachers willprovide structured Kindergarten prep lessons and activities,aligned with Forest Hills learning guidelines. Teachers willalso work on individualized learning areas as directed byparents.Closed Memorial DayGorman HeritageFarm

ADVENTURE CAMPAges: 6-8 years oldAdventure & QuestCamp ScheduleDesigned for school-agers with an even wider variety of adventures andenvironments! This camp includes traditional Goddard curriculum, engagingoutdoor school visitors, water days, high-energy summer activities, and funfield trips each week. All visitors, field trips and activities will followcurrent COVID-19 safety protocols. Adventure campers have access toGoddard School’s expanded summer campus with a full-sized gym and largefields. Campers will participate in two specialty Mini Camps each week.Faculty & campers will wear masks except when outdoors.6/1Green Acres Farm, Friendship Games, Ice CreamSundaesClosed Memorial Day6/7Gorman Heritage Farm, Beech Acres Park, PhotoPuzzles, Virtual Inside Our Body Tour, Giant Slip nSlide, Kona Ice SocialMarketplace Part 1 /VolleyballCamp Options: 2-5 days / week6/14Cost: Full-day 5 days/week, 245/week (7am-6pm). Includes all activities,visitors & field trips. A 10% discount on older sibling’s camp cost.Glenwood Gardens, Garden & Harvest, Seed Races, Marketplace Part 2 /Water Bottle Flower Pots, Speed Cup StackingWorld Cup Soccer6/21Cincinnati Zoo, Square Dancing, Recycled PiggyBanks, Pigs n Blanket, Petting ZooGravity Camp / HomeDepot Build Camp6/28Eagle Tee Golf Center, Johnson Hills Park FrisbeeGolf, Firework Art, Slime Fun, Bring Your Bike Day,Water ShowKarate /Jewelry Making7/5Virtual Oceans Rock Trip, Crab Walk Relays, BeachParty, Newport Aquarium Shark Cart, CareersTalk, Kona Ice Family SocialCarnival Theme Park7/12Woodland Mound Park, Tornado Twist, RainbowExperiment, Tie Dye, Lunken PlayfieldPaint. Draw. Sculpt.String Art. Origami.7/19Fort Liberty Park, Rocket Launch, Milky WayMasterpieces, Moonwalk, Fruit Batteries, VirtualDinosaurs Rock Field TripJurassic World /Rocket Camp7/26Cincinnati Nature Center, Build a Community,Pinewood Derby /School Car Wash, Anderson Township Guessing Game Spy Academy8/2Friendship Park, Roller Coaster Experiment,Obstacle Course, Insectabug Lab, Kona Ice SocialGoddard’s Got Talent8/9Home of the Brave Park, Seek & Find Game, SunBaked S’mores, Family Picnic @ Juilfs Park, CoolCrittersGoddard Good Deeds8/16Skippyroo Kangaroo Game, Animal Prints, AnimalMasks & CharadesForest Hills Schoolsbegin 8/19QUEST CAMPAges: 8-12 years oldWe created this camp around the unique interests of our oldest campers. Inaddition to regular Adventure Camp activities and multiple Mini Camps andfield trips, we also tackle more involved projects and build valuablecharacter traits.all with the emphasis on having FUN! They have their own,separate base camp at Comboni, with a full-sized gym, large fields, and loadsof age-appropriate games and activities. All visitors, field trips andactivities will follow current COVID-19 safety protocols. Faculty & camperswill wear masks except when outdoors.Camp Options: 2-5 days / week. Enroll by the month or by the week.Cost: Full-day 5 days/week, 245/week (7am-6pm). Includes activities,visitors & field trips. A 10% discount on older sibling’s camp cost.WeekCamp Activities / Visitors in ItalicsField Trips in Red (subject to change)BACK-TO-SCHOOL PREPDuring the month of August, Adventure and Questcounselors will provide structured activities aligned withForest Hills learning guidelines, to help students get backin the rhythm of school. Teachers will also work onindividualized learning areas as directed by parents.Mini Camps

Included in Adventure and Quest schedules, campers will participate in fun MiniCamp each week to become exposed to a new interest or skill.Mini CampsReady, Set, ScoreGoddard Gym & Sport Court; Comboni Gym & FieldsHave a blast learning sports skills, formingteams, and competing against fellowcampers to get into theGoddard Hall of Fame!Volleyball - week 6/7Karate - week 6/28World Cup Soccer - week 6/14MarketplacePart 1 &2Base CampGoddard Gym - Week of 7/12Spy AcademyGoddard Grounds & Base CampPinewood DerbyGoddard Gym - Week of 7/26Roll up your sleeves and explore different types ofart to express yourself, then showcase your workin the Goddard Gallery!Week of 7/26A crime has happened atthe Goddard School!Campers will useinvestigation tactics tosolve the crime throughclues, fingerprinting, anddetective work at thecrime scene.Week of 6/7 & 6/14These campers will develop theirown business and “sell” productsin the school. They’ll design andmarket their product and thinkthrough financial decisions.Paint. Draw. Sculpt. String Art. Origami.STEAM Gravity CampGoddard Campus- Week of 6/21Campers build their ownunique contraptions designedto protect an egg droppedfrom the Comboni roof! Theyget to test their inventionsand have fun learning aboutgravity. All inventions will beshowcased in the GoddardGallery.Design, cut, sand, paint, andweight your own unique carfor Annual Race DayCompetition on the hugederby track! Camperscompete to get their name onthe Pinewood Derby plaqueJurassic Worldshowcased in our mainBase CampGoddard hallway.Week of 7/19Dinosaurs may be extinct but they arealive in our Jurassic World! Campers willinvestigate fossils, explore a virtualpaleontologist world, and createvolcanos.Jewelry MakingBase Camp - Week of 6/28Carnival Theme Park WeekBase Camp - Week of 7/5Campers design a carnivalpark and get to exploremusic, literacy, teamworkskills, creativity, innovationand collaboration!ROCKET CAMPBase Camp - Week of 7/19S.T.E.A.M. skills gethands on during thisfun camp. We’llinvestigate propulsionas we make and launchrockets. All inventionswill be showcased in theGoddard Gallery.Good Deeds CampGoddard Campus - Week of 8/9It’s cool to let others know howmuch they’re appreciated! We’llreach out to our communitywith words anddeeds of kindnessand appreciation.Explore different styles ofjewelry making, and stringart creations. Experimentwith different materials,and create your ownperfect piece of jewelry.Goddard’sGot TalentBase Camp - Week of 8/2Lights, Camera, Action!Are you hiding aspecial talent?Campers will have the opportunityto perform their talent at theGoddard’s Got Talent Showcase.Campers can work individually or ingroups. It’s always fun to see thebroad range of talents!!Home Depot Build CampBase Camp - Week of 6/21Campers willpractice readinginstructions andusing simple tools tobuild a Home Depotsponsored craft.

Summer Application for Non-Enrolled Families (one per child)HOURSCamps are from 9am - 4pm. We include extended before and aftercamp care from 7am – 6pm at no additional charge!Camper’s Full NameGender ( M / F ) DOB AddressCity State Zip CodeT-Shirt Size (circle) YXS YS YM YL YXL AS AMLUNCH / SNACKSMother’s Name Home PhoneDiscovery and Explorer campers have the option of catered luncheson non-field trip days only for an additional fee of 2.85/day. OurAddress Cell Phonecatered lunches are nutritionally balanced meals. Adventure &Father’s Name Home PhoneQuest campers will be on-the-go each day and need to bring aAddress Cell Phonepacked lunch with an ice pack every day. No heat-upsEmail Addresspermitted. The Goddard School provides morning and afternoonsnacks.REGISTRATION BEGINS MARCH 18Summer registrations are on a first-come, first served basis. We fill upquickly! There is a non-refundable registration fee of 75/child forfamilies not enrolled for the normal school year. You do not need tobe enrolled for the school year to enroll in Summer Camp. Schedulechanges for your camper after registration are possible with two weeksadvance notice.To reserve your spot, send the registration form in this brochure toThe Goddard School,1280 Nagel Road, Cincinnati OH 45255, with yourregistration fee payable to The Goddard School. For moreinformation, call us at (513) 474-5292.When you register, we’ll send you more camp information, includingadditional forms required on your camper’s first day and a detailedcalendar. Camp t-shirts will be sent home your first week of camp.Email AddressEmergency Contact: Name PhoneName PhoneSpecial Needs or ConsiderationsDietary Restrictions/Allergies/MedicationsSUMMER SCHEDULE 2021Circle days to attend each week.6/01TWHF6/076/14MMTTWWHHFFMarket Place pt1 / VolleyballMarket Place pt2 / World Cup Soccer6/216/28MMTTWWHHFFGravity Camp / Home Depot BuildKarate / Jewelry Making7/057/12MTTWWHHFFCarnival Theme Park CampPaint, Draw. Sculpt. String Art. Origami7/197/26MMTTWWHHFFJurassic World / Ro

7/5 My Big Sea Kona Ice, Newport Aquarium Shark Cart, Beach Party, Crab Walk Relays Virtual Oceans Rock Trip 7/12 My Weather Tornado Twist, Rainbow Experiment, Tie Dye, Sun Prints Woodland Mound Park (Splash Pad if open) 7/19 My Space Virtual Dinosaurs Rock Show, Moon Walk, Rockets, Fruit Batteries, Banana Space Ships Cincinnati Nature Center