ContentsSERIES INFORMATIONSeries Information.3How To Order.4Returned Goods Policy.4Discounts/Prices.4Payment for Orders.4PRIMER SERIESIntroduction to Crop Production.5The Precision Farming Guide for Agriculturists - Revised!.5FARM BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SERIESFarm and Ranch Business Management.6Farm and Ranch Safety Management.7Machinery Management.8FUNDAMENTALS OF SERVICE SERIESAir Conditioning.9Bearings and Seals.9Belts and Chains.10Electronic and Electrical Systems.11Engines.12Fasteners.13Fuels, Lubricants, Coolants, and Filters.13Glossary of Technical Terms.14Hoses, Tubing, and Connectors.14Hydraulics.15Hydraulic Systems Diagnostics.16Identification of Parts Failures.17Power Trains.18Shop Tools.19Tires and Tracks.19Welding.20FUNDAMENTALS OF MACHINE OPERATION SERIESCombine Harvesting.21Hay and Forage Harvesting.22Preventive Maintenance.23Tillage.24Tractors.24COMPACT EQUIPMENT SERIESEngines (Up to 40-PTO Horsepower).25Safety Management for Landscapers, Grounds-Care Businesses, and Golf Courses.26

Series Information1) Agricultural Primer Series: Covers the fundamentals ofan agricultural subject using simple, direct language to breakcomplex concepts into simple ideas. The book deals withsubjects that change rapidly and contain technology that isconstantly evolving.2) Farm Business Management Series: Examines the key tosurvival of the farm and ranch: good business management.These books examine “real world” problems and offer practicalsolutions. They furnish information enabling the student to makethe best decision — in marketing; equipment selection; riskmanagement; cost reduction; financing; and tillage, planting, andharvesting methods.John Deere Publishing has been delivering curriculum since1968 and has printed over a million manuals over the years.Our books are intended with the primary audience being our ownemployees; however, we design them with the technical studentin mind.Our titles range from farm business management to machineryoperation and service. Each subject is explained in a step-by-step“building block” method that starts with simple concepts andbuilds into complex systems. Important points are illustrated tohelp students quickly grasp the principles. Most major designsand systems are covered, but no brands or models are mentioned.You can use our books even if another manufacturer has donatedits equipment to your school.Our textbooks will help students to think and analyze, enablingthem to become better technicians or machine operators of largeor small equipment. Our Student Guides will help your studentsdevelop their understanding more easily, and our InstructorGuides and Art Catalogs will help instructors prepare for classand laboratory activities with clear learning objectives andteaching strategies.3) Fundamentals of Service Series: These books concentrate onmechanical technology, bringing together technical informationand supporting instructional aids that will help you becomemore proficient in understanding, repairing, and maintainingagricultural equipment. Many external companies (such asFederal Express, California Department of Transportation, HertzEquipment Rental, Proctor & Gamble, Ingersol-Rand, etc.) usethis series to conduct their in-house service training.4) Fundamentals of Machine Operation Series: Showsmuch more than how to safely operate equipment. Studentslearn machine capacities and adjustments, field efficiency,how to improve machine performance, and how to eliminateunnecessary field operation.5) Fundamentals of Compact Equipment Service Series:Provides comprehensive instruction in servicing and maintainingequipment having up to 40-PTO horsepower, including lawnmowers, garden machinery, and snowblowers.3SERIES INFORMATIONSubjects are broken down into five series:

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Introduction to Crop ProductionPRIMER SERIESIntroduction to Crop Production is a brief overview of the processes, principles, and practicesassociated with crop production.Some of the questions that this book addresses include: What are the basic needs of a growing crop, and how does the farmer accommodate them? What tools does the farmer employ to productively plant, nourish, protect, and harvest acrop? What drives the choices and decisions involved in managing crop production activities?A complete glossary of terms used within this book, related to crop production, is also included.InstructorArt Catalog CDChapter 1.Crop Production Yesterday and TodayChapter 2.Soil 4-5Chapter 3.TillageChapter 4.PlantingFP701NCFP701TDChapter 5.Chemical Application Management168N/AChapter 6.Combine Harvesting 43.95 17.95Chapter 7.Hay and Forage HarvestingChapter 8.Precision FarmingChapter 9.Machinery ManagementChapter 10.Glossary of TermsTextbook1st Edition, 2010ISBN: 978-0-86691-363-8Order No.:Page Count:Price:The Precision Farming Guide for AgriculturistsRevisedThe Precision Farming Guide for Agriculturists is an overview of site-specific farming andits many varied systems and applications. This book discusses the following in detail: typesof positioning systems, from land-based to global positioning systems to geostationarysatellite systems; yield monitoring systems; mapping, soil sampling, and soil testing; and newtechnologies, such as remote sensing, variable rate technology, and geographic informationsystems.The Precision Farming Guide for Agriculturists also closely studies important considerations thatevery agriculturist needs to examine, beginning with whether site-specific farming is for you. Itthen explores system development and integration, economic considerations, and environmentalconsiderations.A complete glossary of precision-farming terms is included, along with an extensive suggestedreadings list (books, journals, magazine articles, and websites).Chapter 1.An Introduction to Precision FarmingChapter 2.Satellite Based Positioning SystemsChapter 3.Yield Monitoring and MappingChapter 4.Soil Sampling and AnalysisChapter 5.Remote SensingChapter 6.Computers and Geographic Information SystemsChapter 7.Variable Rate TechnologiesChapter 8.Precision Farming — Issues toConsiderInstructorGuide 4th Edition,InstructorArt Catalog 91-434-XFP404NCFP404TFP404TDTextbook4th Edition, 2017ISBN:Order No.:Page Count:Price: 201716864212 43.95 28.95 17.955

Farm and Ranch Business ManagementFARM BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SERIESDeveloped with the cooperation of the National FFA Farm Business Management ContestCommittee, this book remains the definitive text on managing a farm or ranch on sound businessprinciples.An important key to the survival of the farm and ranch is good business management. The newbreed of farmers and ranchers that are emerging must know how to apply management principlesto their operation in order to make the most profit. They must be able to compete and win ina highly volatile worldwide commodity marketplace. Being able to do so requires extensiveknowledge of all aspects of the business.Until the first edition of this book, a serious gap existed in the quest for this knowledge. Inresponse, Deere & Company developed Farm and Ranch Business Management. This was, andis, a basic book that is the first word on the subject. It was written by the experts as a practicalguide for the agribusiness manager. It explains in plain English the principles and techniques thatevery farmer and rancher must know.IntroductionChapter 2.Record KeepingChapter 3.Financial AnalysisChapter 4.Budget AnalysisChapter 5.Cost And Return AnalysisChapter 6.MarketingChapter 7.Investment AnalysisChapter 8.TaxesChapter 9.Business OrganizationsChapter 10.Ag LawChapter 11.Risk ManagementChapter 12.International Trade6Chapter 1.Textbook8th Edition, 2017ISBN:Order No.:Page Count:Price:InstructorGuide8th Edition, 2017StudentGuide8th Edition, 2017Instructor ArtCatalog CD8th Edition, -440-4978-0-86691-437-6 978-0-86691-438-3 978-0-86691-439-0 108TD234124132N/A 50.95 42.95 29.95 17.95

Farm and Ranch Safety ManagementFARM BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SERIESYou can’t afford even one accident! Careful planning can help avoid tragic — and costly —accidents. Why do you need this book? The answer is simple: agriculture is a hazardous industry.Farming and ranching can be uniquely rewarding occupations, but if you don’t follow safe workpractices they can be dangerous. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), there werean estimated 1,200 agricultural work-related deaths and 140,000 disabling work-related injuriesin the United States in 1992. But you already knew farming and ranching are filled with danger.What you may not know so well is what you can do about it. This book will tell you. We will telland show you 21 ways to avoid the No. 1 fatal farm accident — and that’s just for starters. Weshow you very practical wa

Guide 4th Edition, 2017 Instructor Art Catalog CD ISBN: 0-86691-435-8 978-0-86691-435-2 0-86691-436-6 0-86691-434-X Order No.: FP404NC FP404T FP404TD Page Count: 168 64 212 Price: 43.95 28.95 17.95 The Precision Farming Guide for Agriculturists is an overview of site-specific farming and its many varied systems and applications. This book .