Product Data SheetD104481X012Asset Management TagAsset Management Tags are intrinsically safe devices which use radio frequency identification (RFID)technology to enable digital identification and tracking of plant equipment.

AssetManagement TagProduct Data SheetD104481X012May 2019 FeaturesSpecificationsReliabilityTemperature Limits Rugged Construction—The Asset Management Taghas a rugged phenolic plastic construction suitable forharsh industrial environments. The waterproof design isresistant to UV (ISO 4892-2), vibration (IEC 68.2.6), shock(IEC 68.2.29), and impact (IECIK06).Operating: -40 C to 85 C (-40 F to 185 F)Storage: -40 C to 90 C (-40 F to 194 F)Mounting Versatility—Easy installation on new factorysupplied assemblies or onto existing installed base utilizing acasing, yoke, or universal mounting.Construction MaterialsIntrinsically Safe—Certified for use in hazardous locations forboth gas and dust environments. Ease of Use Customer User Interface—At your fingertips, quicklyand accurately access asset information with the AssetConnect software designed to communicate with the AssetManagement Tag.Value 2Asset Identification—Discover a valve’s identity with onescan and leverage the detailed information for inventory andmaintenance purposes. Make gathering asset informationsafer, faster, and more accurate. Reduce the need for costlydata entry with pen and paper, which is time consuming anderror prone.Safety & Efficiency—Acquire information on valves in hardto-reach or hazardous areas by scanning the tag from a safedistance. Use the RFID handheld reader to read and writetags and record repair and re-certification notes in real time.Avoid the time-consuming process of locating or scrapingnameplates to uncover asset information.Proactive Maintenance—Current and accurate equipmentdata enables a more proactive maintenance and plantmanagement approach.Operating Frequency860-960 MHz (Worldwide) Tag Housing: PPS, Polyphenylene SulfideMounting Bracket: 316 SSTMounting Screws: Steel with RoHS Compliant Zinc ChromateMounting Styles CasingYokeUniversalMinimum Read/Write Range Distance 20 ft (6.09 m) read range1 ft (0.30 m) write rangeHazardous Area ApprovalsFM (US/Canada) – Intrinsically Safe (refer to D104401X012)ATEX – Intrinsically Safe (refer to D104402X012)IECEx – Intrinsically Safe (refer to D104403X012)ECAS-Ex - Emirates Authority for Standardization onMetrology (UAE)Electrical ClassificationsType 4X, IP68Other StandardsUHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2ISO/IEC 18000-6CGS1 EPC TDS 1.6ATA Spec 2000SAE AS5678DIN 40050-9

Product Data SheetAsset Management TagMay 2019D104481X012 Mounting Styles and DimensionsAsset Management Tags are pre-affixed to a mounting bracket for ease of installation to the valve assembly or identified equipment.Three mounting styles have been engineered to optimize read range as well as provide optimal mounting flexibility onto a widerange of plant equipment. The bracket acts as an amplifier for the antenna inside the Asset Management Tag to improve readrange. The tag and bracket assembly will be mounted utilizing a casing, yoke, or universal mounting.Figure 1. Casing mounted Asset Management Tag shown on a Fisher V200 Vee-Ball Valve with Fisher 2052 Actuatorand FIELDVUE DVC6200 Digital Valve ControllerFigure 2.Asset Management Tag Casing Mount DimensionsFigure 3.Asset Management Tag Yoke and Universal Mount Dimensions3

AssetManagement TagProduct Data SheetD104481X012May 2019 Asset Connect SoftwareAsset Connect Software communicates to the reader using Bluetooth wireless technology. The reader then communicates with theAsset Management Tag using UHF RFID wireless technology and provides a visual interface with information loaded to the AssetManagement Tag. Additional information, such as maintenance changes, can be added to the tag using the Asset Connect softwareapplication.Figure 4.Equipment for reading/writing an Asset Management Tag1. Asset Management Tag2. Reader/Writer3. PC or TabletReader/Writer not available for salefrom Emerson Automation SolutionsAsset Connect software is designedspecifically for the Asset Management TagAdditional information can be foundin the Quick Start GuideCompatible with Windows 7 or Windows 10operating systemsBluetooth radio and applicable drivers mustbe installed4

Product Data SheetAsset Management TagMay 2019D104481X012 Asset Connect software is a free application designed for use with either a PC, tablet, or handheld reader to review and addassembly information and maintenance history to the Asset Management Tag.Figure 5.Asset Connect Application Interface Screen and data output from scanned Emerson Asset Management TagThe Asset Connect software is available to download at For additional information regarding the AssetConnect software, see the Quick Start Guide or visit Asset Management Tag can be ordered as an accessory to be installed on an assembly or can be purchased for existing in-fieldequipment to be populated utilizing Asset Connect software.5

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The waterproof design is resistant to UV (ISO 4892-2), vibration (IEC 68.2.6), shock . Casing mounted Asset Management Tag shown on a Fisher V200 Vee-Ball Valve with Fisher 2052 Actuator . Asset Connect software is a free application designed for use with either a PC, tablet, or handheld reader to review and add .