ENERGY STAR QUALIFIED UPS PRODUCTSMISSIONThe ENERGY STAR Program wasestablished by the U.S. EnvironmentalProtection Agency (EPA) as a way toidentify and promote energy-efficientproducts. Its goal is to reduce energyconsumption, help consumers savemoney and aid in the protection ofour climate through superiorenergy efficiency.The ENERGY STAR UPS Program helps customers make informeddecisions when designing, applying and purchasing, energy efficientuninterruptible power sytems (UPS), from small server deploymentsto large data centers. ENERGY STAR qualified UPS products use anaverage of 35% less energy than their legacy counterparts.Following is a list of Liebert UPS products tested and qualified tobear the ENERGY STAR mark.EPA MODELSPRODUCTKVA RATINGINPUT VOLTS - 60HZPOWERFACTOROUTPUTPOWER, KWMODEL NUMBERLiebert GXT4 UPSLiebert 0VLiebert 0Liebert iebert ert bert GXT4 UPS208/120VLiebert GXT4-10000RT20810200/100 to 240/1200.99GXT4-10000RT208Liebert GXT4-8000RT2088200/100 to 240/1200.97.2GXT4-8000RT208Liebert GXT4-6000RT2086200/100 to 240/1200.84.8GXT4-6000RT208Liebert GXT4-5000RT2085200/100 to 240/1200.84GXT4-5000RT208Liebert GXT4 UPS208VLiebert GXT4-6000RTL6306200 to 2400.74.2GXT4-6000RTL630Liebert GXT4-3000RT2083200 to 2400.92.7GXT4-3000RT208Liebert GXT4 UPS230VLiebert GXT4-10000RT23010200 to 2400.99GXT4-10000RT230Liebert GXT4-6000RT2306200 to 2400.84.8GXT4-6000RT230Liebert GXT4-5000RT2305200 to 2400.84GXT4-5000RT230Liebert GXT4-3000RT2303200 to 2400.92.7GXT4-3000RT230Liebert GXT4-2000RT2302200 to 2400.91.8GXT4-2000RT230Liebert GXT4-1500RT2301.5200 to 2400.91.35GXT4-1500RT230Liebert GXT4-1000RT2301200 to 2400.90.9GXT4-1000RT230Liebert GXT4-700RT2300.7200 to 2400.90.63GXT4-700RT2301

ENERGY STAR QUALIFIED UPS PRODUCTSEPA MODELSPRODUCTKVA RATINGINPUT VOLTS50 - 60HZPOWERFACTOROUTPUTPOWER, KWMODEL NUMBERLiebert APS UPS200-240V input,200-240V outputLiebert APS 15 kVA rated, 10 bay Frame,1PH Transformer-Free5200-2400.94.5AS1A* or ASAA*Liebert APS 15 kVA rated, 10 bay Frame,1PH Transformer-Free10200-2400.99.0AS1B* or ASAB*Liebert APS 15 kVA rated, 10 bay Frame,1PH Transformer-Free15200-2400.913.5AS1C* or ASAC*Liebert APS 20 kVA rated, 16 bay Frame,1PH Transformer-Free5200-2400.94.5AS2A* or ASBA*Liebert APS 20 kVA rated, 16 bay Frame,1PH Transformer-Free10200-2400.99.0AS2B* or ASBB*Liebert APS 20 kVA rated, 16 bay Frame,1PH Transformer-Free15200-2400.913.5AS2C* or ASBC*Liebert APS 20 kVA rated, 16 bay Frame,1PH Transformer-Free20200-2400.918.0AS2D* or ASBD*Liebert APS 15 kVA rated, 12 bay Frame,1PH Transformer-Based10200-2400.99.0AS3B* or ASCB*Liebert APS 15 kVA rated, 12 bay Frame,1PH Transformer-Based15200-2400.913.5AS3C* or ASCC*Liebert APS 20 kVA rated, 16 bay Frame,1PH Transformer-Based10200-2400.99.0AS4B* or ASDB*Liebert APS 20 kVA rated, 16 bay Frame,1PH Transformer-Based15200-2400.913.5AS4C* or ASDC*Liebert APS 20 kVA rated, 16 bay Frame,1PH Transformer-Based20200-2400.918.0AS4D* or ASDD*Liebert APS 15 kVA rated, 10 bay Frame,2PH Transformer-Free5200-2400.94.5AS5A* or ASEA*Liebert APS 15 kVA rated, 10 bay Frame,2PH Transformer-Free10200-2400.99.0AS5B* or ASEB*Liebert APS 15 kVA rated, 10 bay Frame,2PH Transformer-Free15200-2400.913.5AS5C* or ASEC*Liebert APS 20 kVA rated, 16 bay Frame,2PH Transformer-Free5200-2400.94.5AS6A* or ASFA*Liebert APS 20 kVA rated, 16 bay Frame,2PH Transformer-Free10200-2400.99.0AS6B* or ASFB*Liebert APS 20 kVA rated, 16 bay Frame,2PH Transformer-Free15200-2400.913.5AS6C* or ASFC*Liebert APS 20 kVA rated, 16 bay Frame,2PH Transformer-Free20200-2400.918.0AS6D* or ASFD*Liebert APS UPS200-240V input,200/100-240/120VoutputLiebert APS l Liebert APS UPS model numbers shown have 11 more digits. All possible combinations are qualifying models.2

EPA MODELSPRODUCTKVA RATINGINPUT VOLTS - 60HZPOWERFACTOROUTPUTPOWER, KWMODEL NUMBERLiebert eXM UPS208VLiebert eXM 10kVA1020811047SA010A0CLiebert eXM 15kVA1520811547SA015A0CLiebert eXM 20kVA2020812047SA020A0CLiebert eXM 30kVA3020813047SA030A0CLiebert eXM 40kVA4020814047SA040A0CLiebert eXM 60kVA6020816047SA060A0CLiebert eXM 80kVA8020818047SA080A0CLiebert eXM 100kVA100208110047SA100A0CLiebert eXM 120kVA120208112047SA120A0CLiebert eXM 40kVA140208114047SA140A0CLiebert eXM 160kVA160208116047SA160A0CLiebert eXM 180kVA180208118047SA180A0CLiebert eXM 200kVA200208120047SA200A0CLiebert eXM 50kVA5048015051SA050BAALiebert eXM 100kVA100480110051SA100EAALiebert eXM 150kVA150480115051SA150HAALiebert eXM 200kVA200480120051SA200LAALiebert eXM 250kVA250480125051SA250NAALiebert APM 90 kVA(15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90)90208190APM 90KLiebert APM 15kVA15208115NRA90CC*Liebert APM 15kVA15208115NRA91CCLiebert APM 30kVA30208130NRB90CCLiebert APM 30kVA30208130NRB91CCLiebert APM 45kVA45208145NRC90CCLiebert APM 45kVA45208145NRC91CCLiebert APM 60kVA60208160NRD90CCLiebert APM 60kVA60208160NRD91CCLiebert APM 75kVA75208175NRE90CCLiebert APM 75kVA75208175NRE91CCLiebert APM 90kVA90208190NRF90CCLiebert eXM UPS480VLiebert APM UPS208V*all are approved with and without top top fan assembly except 15kva rating in 90kva frame3

ENERGY STAR QUALIFIED UPS PRODUCTSEPA MODELSPRODUCTKVA RATINGINPUT VOLTS - 60HZPOWERFACTOROUTPUTPOWER, KWMODEL NUMBERLiebert APM UPS208VLiebert APM 45 kVA(15, 30, 45kva)45208145APM45KLiebert APM 15kVA15208115NRA40CCLiebert APM 15kVA15208115NRA41CCLiebert APM 30kVA30208130NRB40CCLiebert APM 30kVA30208130NRB41CCLiebert APM 45kVA45208145NRC40CCLiebert APM 45kVA45208145NRC41CCLiebert NX 225kVA2254801225SMS: 38SA225Dist. Bypass: 38SN225Liebert NX 250kVA2504801250SMS: 38SA250Dist. Bypass: 38SN250Liebert NX 300kVA3004801300SMS: 38SA300Dist. Bypass: 38SN300Liebert NX 400kVA4004801400SMS: 38SA400Dist. Bypass: 38SN400Liebert NX 500kVA5004801500SMS: 38SA500Dist. Bypass: 38SN500Liebert NX 600kVA6004801600SMS: 38SA600Dist. Bypass:38SN600Liebert NXL 800800480180040SA80MALiebert NXL 800800480180040SR80MALiebert NXL 800800480180040SN80MALiebert NXL 800800480180040MM80MALiebert NXL 110011004801110040SA11MALiebert NXL 110011004801110040SR11MALiebert NXL 110011004801110040SN11MALiebert NXL 110011004801110040MM11MALiebert NX UPS480VLiebert NXL UPS480VLiebert NXL UPS480V4

EPA MODELSPRODUCTKVA RATINGINPUT VOLTS - 60HZPOWERFACTOROUTPUTPOWER, KWMODEL NUMBERLiebert eXL UPS480VLiebert eXL 6256254801625SMS: 46SAA625A,Dist. Bypass: 46SNA625ALiebert eXL 7507504801750SMS: 46SAA750A,Dist. Bypass: 46SNA750ALiebert eXL 8008004801800SMS: 46SAA800A,Dist. Bypass: 46SNA800ALiebert eXL 1000100048011000SMS: 46SAC10MA,Dist. Bypass: 46SNC10MALiebert eXL 1100110048011100SMS: 46SAC11MA,Dist. Bypass: 46SNC11MALiebert eXL 1200120048011200SMS: 46SAC12MA,Dist. Bypass: 46SNC12MALiebert GXT3 UPSLiebert Liebert 0Liebert iebert ert bert GXT3 UPS208VVertivCo.comLiebert GXT3-10000RT20810100/200 - 120/240, 120/2080.99GXT3-10000RT208Liebert GXT3-8000RT2088100/200 - 120/240, 120/2080.97.2GXT3-8000RT208Liebert GXT3-6000RT2086100/200 - 120/240, 120/2080.84.8GXT3-6000RT208Liebert GXT3-5000RT2085100/200 - 120/240, 120/2080.84GXT3-5000RT208Liebert GXT3-3000RT2083208 - 2400.92.7GXT3-3000RT208Liebert GXT3-6000L6306208 - 2400.74.2GXT3-6000RTL630 Vertiv Headquarters, 1050 Dearborn Drive, Columbus, OH, 43085, USA 2016 Vertiv Co. All rights reserved. Vertiv and the Vertiv logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vertiv Co. All other names and logos referred to are trade names, trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. While every precaution has beentaken to ensure accuracy and completeness herein, Vertiv Co. assumes no responsibility, and disclaims all liability, for damages resulting from use of this information or for any errors or omissions. Specifications are subject to change without notice.SL-70103 (R01/17)5

Liebert APM 30kVA 30 208 1 30 NRB41CC Liebert APM 45kVA 45 208 1 45 NRC40CC Liebert APM 45kVA 45 208 1 45 NRC41CC Liebert NX UPS 480V Liebert NX 225kVA 225480 1 SMS: 38SA225 Dist. Bypass: 38SN225 Liebert NX 250kVA 250 480 1 250 SMS: 38SA250 Dist. Bypass: 38SN250 Liebert NX 300kVA 300 480 1 300 SMS: 38SA300 Dist. Bypass: 38SN300 Liebert NX .