Pricingis onTarget!18th AnnualFall ConferenceOrlando, FloridaThe Hilton, located in theWALT DISNEY WORLD ResortCPP Certified Workshops:October 24, 2007PPS Fall Conference:October 25-26, 2007

Pricing is ON TARGET!The theme of The Professional Pricing Society’s 18th Annual Fall Conference is “Pricing is onTarget”; and, boy, is that the truth. PPS is proud to help ensure this important discipline plays anever more critical role in the success of businesses around the globe.The mission of PPS is to show firms how to integrate pricing into every facet of their operationsand strategic planning. Through our seminars, publications and conferences we draw on theexpertise of top industry professionals to show companies how to build up internal expertisein pricing, to apply key concepts to their business and to ensurethe organization-wide implementation of best pricing practices toCertified Pricing Professional (CPP)guarantee success. PPS’s broad membership includes some of theCharter Classlargest firms in the world, as well as smaller companies. Over thepast 24 years PPS has come to support pricers 24 hours a day, 365days a year through its many activities and comprehensive knowledgedatabase.The 18th Annual Fall Conference in Orlando will start onWednesday, October 24, 2007 with five, one-day Certified Workshopstaught by leaders in the pricing profession. Even if you do not planon getting your Certified Pricing Professional designation, theseworkshops still offer an outstanding opportunity to stay on top of thebest new ideas in pricing.The PPSOur outstanding lineup of speakers will begin on October 25, 2007 with a general sessionExecutive Team, l-r:“Pricing With Confidence” presented by Reed Holden, Founder of Holden Advisors. He will beDennis Bicklefollowed by another giant in the pricing community, Herman Simon, Founder and Chairman ofVP of Marketing andSimon-Kucher & Partners, who will speak on “Manage for Profit, Not for Market Share.” RafiCertificationMohammed, Founder of Culture of Profit, will round out our open general session with a talk onChris Buckinghamhow to “Elevate Your Pricing from Good to Great.”Director of SponsorThe remainder of the conference includes 18 breakout talks by senior industry practitionersRelationsandleading pricing experts. They will share case studies and insights to help you manageDenise HaeslerChief Technical Officeryour pricing function, as well as offer you the best new thinking on pricing implementation,methodology, policy, and management guidelines.Eric MitchellPresidentNetworking is important to PPS, and our conference is also designed to give you plenty ofKatrese Phelpstime to benchmark with peers, catch up with old friends in the field and meet many other pricingDirector of Membershipprofessionals for the first time.Kevin MitchellNo matter where you are in the pricing function — at the beginning of the process, or aChief Financial Officerseasoned professional — you will have the opportunity to join your peers at the largest pricingconference ever held in the world and enjoy a profoundly valuable learning and networkingexperience.See you in Orlando!Eric MitchellPresident, Professional Pricing Society

Professional Pricing Society (PPS):The Home of Pricing.The PPS mission is to help firms who are starting to focus on the Pricing Arena but do not know how, where orwith whom to start — PPS gets you started.PPS helps firms who have started, and now want to better benchmark, build up the Pricing function and deploytoday’s best strategies, tactics and technology.The central resource of current and cutting edge pricing knowledge can be found at PPS website is an outstanding resource for members and guests,where you can also post or review current pricing job opportunities.PPS is the only association that supports price decision makers andprice management personnel from a wide variety of industries in over50 countries. Our members number approximately 3,000 representingall leading industries worldwide.Our New Attendee-Only Networking Site — an Exclusive PPS Conference FeatureNetworking is important to PPS, and our conference is designed with enhanced networking capabilities, both duringthe event and even before you arrive. PPS has designed an exclusive Conference Attendee-Only site, an onlineforum providing opportunities for you to connect with your peers, old friends, speakers and sponsors. The site will belaunched in advance of the Conference and is dedicated to enhancing the networking experience of those interestedin pricing and who register for our PPS 2007 Fall Conference. Look for more information with your registrationmaterials.Table of ContentsAbout the Professional Pricing Society 3Training & Certification and the Certified Pricing Professional Designation 4Pre-Conference Pricing Workshops 5–9Meeting at a Glance 10–11Detailed Conference Agenda 12–16FAQ 17Member List 18–19Detailed Conference Agenda 20–23Pricing Technology and Expert Sponsors 24–26Conference Fee, Hotel and Logistics Information 27Registration Form 28 3

Training and CertificationThe Certified Pricing Professionaldesignation (CPP) is a multi-stage trainingcurriculum designed to support, educate andelevate the pricing professional.Pricing Managementcontinuesto grow inCertified Pricing Professional (CPP)importancefor today’sCharter Classcorporations. Asthe only organizationthat exclusivelysupports pricers, TheProfessional PricingSociety has developeda certification programthat will offer stateof the art training forpeople new to pricingand advance coursesfor the experiencedpricer.Top row, l-r:Pricers with the CPP designation will notDaniel Cousins,only have a working understanding of pricingThe Stanley Worksstrategies and techniques but also haveRobert Smith,training specific pricing issues unique to theirEastman Chemical Co.industry. We will accomplish this with a broadDante Bellizzi,curriculum taught by leaders in the pricingDHLprofession followed by rigorous testing.Michael Furr,Charlotte Pipe &Foundry Co.Jess Green,Comdata Corp.Bottom row:Mike Nokolich,ManheimTamara Stroud,John Harland Co.Trudy Tai,Seagate TechnologyMark Gaines,Bob Barker Co.Glenn Rothburd,Standard & Poor’s4 Benefits Of The CPP Program:You will be a pricing expert who knows: How to boost profitability through pricing How to effectively and efficientlymanage a worldwide pricing organization How to coordinate and integrate keyactivities which increase profits througheffective pricing throughout yourorganization All the essentials needed for careeradvancement and increased earningsIf you attended the Atlanta Conferencein April you would have seen the CharterClass of Certified Pricing Professionals. Tenof your fellow pricers completed all of therequirements and passed the final exam.Requirements for the CertifiedPricing Professional ProgramThere are two requirements for the CertifiedPricing Professional (CPP) Designation:1. Earn 6 Credits by attending PPS Workshopsand passing the follow-up test. 2. Study andpass the CPP Test to receive your Designation.Courses can be taken in any order. PPS willcontinue to expand our course offerings. Wedo designate our courses as either Core orAdvanced/Industry Specific. This will help youdecide which course is best for your careerdevelopment. The Core courses are broad insubject and apply to all industries where asthe Advance/Industry Specific courses are verytargeted into one area or industry of pricing.New pricers should start with Core coursesand progress to Advanced/Industry specificcourses.For more information about the CertifiedPricing Professional program please visit thePPS website: www.pricingsociety.comand click on CPP/Training.Stay on Targetto get your CPP andjoin us in Orlando!Post Workshop Celebration: All workshop participants areinvited to our spectacular Wednesday Evening Celebration.Sponsored by Deloitte.Professional Pricing Society 18th Annual Fall Conference

WEDNESDAY, October 24, 2007 9:00am- 4:00pmCore Skills Workshop:The Strategy & Tactics of PricingAgendaWednesday,October 24, 2007The Fundamentals of Value-based Pricing Strategy8:00 a.m.Breakfast / RegistrationAbout this Core Skills Workshop9:00 a.m. – 12 NoonMorning SessionPricing strategy is more important and more valuable to businesses today than ever before,yet most organizations continue to manage pricing in tactical and reactive ways that contribute to lost profits and, far worse, to damaging long-term business impact. To sustain growthand profits in today’s economy, pricing strategy must go beyond simply setting prices. Thishighly interactive one-day program introduces industry-leading approaches to managing pricing as a strategic capability.Attendees will take-away skills to diagnose challenging pricing problems and gain experiencewith a complete tool set for developing value-based pricing strategies.The program will prepareattendees to: Employ best-practice data collectiontechniques to identify the drivers ofcustomer value12 Noon –Lunch1:00 – 4:00 p.m. –Afternoon SessionThe program will address toughpricing questions for attendeessuch as: Quantify differential economic valueusing Economic Value Estimation(EVE ) techniques Develop clear value propositions forproduct and service line extensions withthe Offering Configuration tool Drive profitable revenue growth throughvalue-based price segmentationtechniques How to deal with the emergence ofpowerful procurement groups that areexpert at negotiating aggressive priceconcessions How to respond to increasinglyrapid product commoditization thatencourages customers to demand morevalue for less money What to do about competitors who haveemerged with new business models andlower costs that undermine your valuepropositionPresenter:Included Freewith this course:This course is based onkey concepts from the #1best selling pricing book:The Strategies and Tacticsof Pricing, 4th editionby Tom Nagle and JohnHogan.Elliott YamaDirector of Pricing Education, StrategicPricing Group, A Member of Monitor GroupElliott Yama is the Director of PricingEducation with Strategic Pricing Groupand is responsible for managing executive educationand consulting projects. Focused on helping clientsto transition to value-based pricing, Elliott has deepindustry experience in manufacturing and services. He isa frequent speaker on the practical application of valuebased pricing. Elliott is a graduate of Boston University’sGraduate School of Management.Register online: For those working towardthe full Certified PricingProfessional designation,this course counts asOne credit.5

WEDNESDAY, October 24, 2007 9:00 am - 4:00 pm8:00 a.m.Breakfast / RegistrationCore Skills Workshop:The Keys to Unlocking YourOrganization’s Pricing Potential9:00 a.m. – 12 NoonMorning SessionAbout this Core Skills WorkshopAgendaWednesday,October 24, 200712 Noon –Lunch1:00 – 4:00 p.m. –Afternoon Session“PPS Conferences arethe only place on earthI can find other professionals struggling withthe same challenges Iface every day. Attending is essential as aprofessional Pricer andthe company I work forrequires the best possiblepricing decisions, processes, and programs.”Rob Stephenson,Manager, PricingAdjudication, ScotiaBank How the discipline of change management applies to the creation of a World Class PricingOrganization How to achieve the highest levels of pricing excellence How companies can overcome roadblocks on their journey to world class performancethrough the application of the principles of change managementThe session will focus on the five levels of pricing excellence as shown on the diagram below.By the end of the session you will have a clear idea of what level you are at and the steps required to take your company to World Class.Introduction to World Class PricingLevel 1: The Firefighter —Responding to Crisis Measuring the trade-off between qualityand price Breaking the cycle of crisis management Pricing to different customer segments How to change your role Effective competitive pricing Applying some basic analyticsLevel 2: The Policeman —Gaining Control of PricingLevel 4: The Artist —Optimizing Pricing Optimizing price elasticity Effective discounting policies and practices Building effective pricing structures Aligning incentives with effective pricing Segmenting based on value How to manage and measure pricingeffectiveness Bundling & unbundling for maximumprofits and market shareLevel 3: The Partner —Developing Pricing StrategyLevel 5: The Master —Achieving World Class Establishing a value-based price The culture of world class pricers How to keep the sales team selling valueinstead of price Making pricing a “strategic advantage”Presenter:Paul S. HuntPresident of Pricing SolutionsFor those working towardthe full Certified PricingProfessional designation,this course counts asPaul Hunt is a leading consultant in the field of pricing strategy. Over the past18 years Paul has focused on pricing and has conducted over 500 engagementsthat have delivered more than 1 billion dollars worth of value.Paul works extensively in both B2B and B2C and has cross pollinated best practices acrossthe two business models that have lead to significant returns for his clients.One credit.6 Professional Pricing Society 18th Annual Fall Conference

WEDNESDAY, October 24, 2007 9:00am- 4:00pmIndustry/Advanced Workshop:Pricing Organization TransformationAbout this Industry/Advanced WorkshopAs a pricing Practitioner you already know the steps required to get to the right price. Yet,despite demonstrating the tremendous benefits with your pricing and profit analyses, you realize your firm is not fully committed yet. You will encounter organizational roadblocks that prevent effective price management practices from taking hold. Why?Achieving true Pricing Transformation requires the alignment of a diverse set of functionsacross the organization such as Sales, Marketing, IT, Finance and HR and a focused organizational alignment effort. This workshop will outline a framework for understanding and analyzing these organizational roadblocks and will equip pricing practitioners with best practicesand tools to address them. As a result, you will accomplish the cultural changes necessary formore profitable price management.At This Workshop You Will LearnHow To: How to realistically assess yourorganization’s readiness for pricingchanges Best practices in making yourpricing changes “stick” The crucial role of obtainingleadership alignment andcommitment to pricing How to obtain user adoption of yourpricing systems and processes The correct way to build a pricingtraining program internally How to communicate successfullythroughout the organization on price How to structure the firm with clearlydefined roles, responsibilities andaccountability The best ways to grow your pricing talentand show them positive pricing careerpaths Why you must optimize performance andpay measures, in order to acquire pricingdiscipline Incorporate the “People Dimension Of Pricing Management” framework andhow to apply it successfully to yourorganizationDiagnose, analyze and prioritize the keydrivers and restrainers of achieving thecultural changes required to supportpricingDeploy best practices and tools which aremost effective in driving organizationalchangeImplement your plans for pricingleadership, alignment and commitmentProperly align your pricing function withyour firms’ human resource and culturalpracticesKey Topics Covered In ThisWorkshop Are: The essential elements you need toaccomplish organizational alignmentPresenter:Presenter:Larry MontanJia Li MooreDirector, Deloitte Consulting’sPricing Center of ExcellenceManager, DeloitteConsulting’s Human CapitalPracticeLarry has served over 24years working with sales andmarketing organizations in areas of customerprofitability, pricing and sales, and marketingeffectiveness.Jia Li has over 8 yearsexperience consulting to organizationsin the areas of change management,communications and training.Register online: AgendaWednesday,October 24, 20078:00 a.m.Breakfast / Registration9:00 a.m. – 12 NoonMorning Session12 Noon –Lunch1:00 – 4:00 p.m. –Afternoon Session“Strong content. Presenterswere very experiencedin pricing, could answerquestions comfortably.Confirmed pricingstrategies that I hadlearned through doing.”Jason CovitzManager, PricingIntelligence & Analysis,EDSFor those working towardthe full Certified PricingProfessional designation,this course counts asOne credit.7

WEDNESDAY, October 24, 2007 9:00 am - 4:00 pm8:00 a.m.Breakfast / RegistrationIndustry/Advanced Workshop:Customer Value Accountingfor Value Based Pricing9:00 a.m. – 12 NoonMorning SessionAbout this Industry/Advanced WorkshopAgendaWednesday,October 24, 200712 Noon –Lunch1:00 – 4:00 p.m. –Afternoon SessionIn this action-learning seminar/workshop, individual pricing specialists and product-line teamscombine customer value data from different sources to understand, explain, communicate, andcapture more of the added value of their products versus competing products. Product teamslearn to appraise the worth of their offering’s performance differences versus each key competitor on each key buying factor that counts when attracting and retaining targeted customers.Seminar/Workshop ContentCustomer-Perceived Value Concepts,Techniques, and Tools“Through the CertifiedPricing Professionalcurriculum, I havebroadened my pricingunderstanding inareas I might nottraditionally have thechance to touch in myday-to-day. This hasbenefited me greatlyand helped me to lookand act outside of thebox, which is crucial inour industry.”Dante Bellizzi, CPPStrategic PricingManager, DHL Customer Value Trees reveal theconceptual structure — from the individualattributes that drive value in a productmarket segment, to the dimensionsof customer-perceived value (product,service, relationship, brand affinity,product-price, other costs-in-use), to theoverall value of the performance benefit tothe customer for the price paid Market Profile Templates help you toget all the data required for a customervalue & pricing analysis (perceivedperformance scores from market surveys,monetary prices from market intelligence,and market-share trends from industryanalysts) in one place Customer Value Maps help you to setprices based on the value or worth of yourproducts relative to competing products,while knowing your unit costsValue, Price, and Market-Share Dynamics Data on actual market-share trendsenable LOB teams to reality-test marketshare change implications implied by theirperformance, price, and cost-in-use data Managing relative perceived value andsetting prices to earn market-share gainsand price premiums Understanding, creating, delivering –and profitably harvesting — customerperceived valueParticipants will learn to: Apply these new insights to improve thepositioning of current products developnew products Shift from cost-plus pricing toward valuebased pricing Craft refined value propositions Develop value-selling kits Align marketing communications toemphasize their product’s comparativeadvantages, and to correct misperceptionsin the marketPresenter:Dr. Bradley GaleFor those working towardthe full Certified PricingProfessional designation,this course counts asOne credit.8 Founder and President of Customer Value, Inc.Previously he was research director of the PIMS (Profit Impactof Market Strategy) Program and then managing director ofthe Strategic Planning Institute, a marketing strategy consulting firm that manages the PIMS competitive strategy database of information on business units. He is co-author of The PIMS Principles – LinkingStrategy to Performance.Professional Pricing Society 18th Annual Fall Conference

WEDNESDAY, October 24, 2007 9:00am- 4:00pmIndustry/Advanced Workshop:Business to Business PricingAbout this Industry/Advanced WorkshopThis interactive workshop is designed for both beginners and advanced practitioners witha thought-provoking and thorough grounding on the essentials of successful B2B pricing. Tomake this training “stick”, the workshop will go heavy on practical examples, short exercises,and tools and approaches you can apply as soon as you return to your office.Successful B2B pricing is about understanding tradeoffs, setting priorities, and creatinga realistic platform for execution. This workshop will lead you through each of those areas,step by step.Understanding trade-offs:How to find your wayKey topics in this section include: Market definition Competitive advantage Segmentation Root cause analysisEveryone would like to “understandvalue” and “raise prices”. But those are justplatitudes unless you can appreciate whyprevious efforts have fallen short, how toidentify and assess new opportunities, andwhat pricing structures and levels allow you tocapitalize on them. Incentives Approval and escalation procedures8:00 a.m.Breakfast / Registration9:00 a.m. – 12 NoonMorning Session12 Noon –Lunch1:00 – 4:00 p.m. –Afternoon SessionTurning analysis into actionQ: What’s the true test of how good yourpricing process is?A: Whether it actually gets used, notabused. As someone responsible for B2Bpricing, you need to get sales, marketing,and management to act on your plans.This third and final section will offerguidance on improving your chances for asuccessful implementation.Key topics in this section include: Competitive strategyWednesday,October 24, 2007You will learn how to prioritize theopportunities you defined in the first section.That means understanding competitiveresponse and price contamination. Butsometimes your fiercest battles are internal,when an out-of-control approval processundermines your company’s ability to priceprofitably. This section offers ways to getthose processes under control.Setting priorities: How to pick yourbattles Pricing strategyAgendaThis workshop will provide you a robustbasis for making incremental, sustainable,and profitable improvements to the way youand your company set and implement prices.Presenter:Frank LubyPartner, Simon-Kucher & PartnersFrank Luby is a partner in the Boston office of Simon-Kucher& Partners (SKP).Together with SKP partners Hermann Simon and FrankBilstein, he co-wrote the book Manage for Profit, Not for Market Share,published by Harvard Business School Press in 2006. Frank has publishedseveral commentaries on pricing and marketing in The Wall Street Journal,Financial Times, and The Journal of Professional Pricing, and his views on pricinghave been cited in publications such as The Washington Post, CNN-Money, andAdvertising Age.Register online: For those working towardthe full Certified PricingProfessional designation,this course counts asOne credit.9

At a glance.General SessionsThursday, October 25, Morning– Pages 12 & 137:00 a.m.Registration / Breakfast8:00 a.m.Welcome and NetworkingEric Mitchell, President, Professional Pricing Society8:15 a.m.Pricing With Confidence:An IntroductionDr. Reed Holden, Co-author of the forthcoming book:“Pricing with Confidence: Ten Rules to Stop LeavingMoney on the Table”9:15 a.m.Networking Break/Sponsor Hall and Bookstore Open10:00 a.m.Manage for Profit, Not forMarket Share: How PowerPricing Makes That PossibleHermann Simon, Author of the bestseller“Hidden Champions”; Co-author of “Pricing Power”and “Manage for Profit, Not for Market Share”11:00 a.m.Elevate Your Pricing from Goodto Great: The Role of Strategy inValue PricingRafi Mohammed, Ph.D., Bestselling author of “TheArt of Pricing: How to Find the Hidden Profits toGrow Your Business”12:00 p.m.LunchBreakout Tracks1:00 p.m.Pricing PractitionerTrackPricing StrategytrackRunning the Pricing DatabaseObstacle CoursePrice Capability Development:Driving A Commitment ToSuccessSustainable Pricing andProfitability Optimization inProcess IndustriesAndrew Rojeski, Senior Director ofStrategy, Tyson Foods, Inc.James Bogues, Pricing and ProfitabilityOptimization, AccentureDuane A. Leffel, Director,Pricing Strategy & Analysis,Nissan North AmericaNetworking Break/Sponsorship Hall and Bookstore OpenApplying Six Sigma toDrive Improved PricingPerformanceRobert D. Smith, Certified PricingProfessional (CPP, Charter Class);Director of Pricing, PCIBO,Eastman Chemical Company3:35 p.m.– Pages 14-16Pricing organizationtrack2:00 p.m.2:30 p.m.Thursday, October 25, AfternoonOrganizational Roadblocks toPricing: What PractitionersReport As Their BiggestInternal HeadachesRichard Lancioni, Head of the MarketingDepartment, Temple University4:35 p.m.6:00 p.m.Pricing Management –The Role of Kaizen in PricingIs Your Pricing SolutionSustainable?Phillip Yieh, Director, RevenueManagement, Pepsi-Cola InternationalJon Utterback, Senior Manager,Deloitte Pricing Center of Excellence5 Minute BreakHow to Standardize YourPricing ExceptionsJulie Eastman, Director, Pricing &Contract Management, CeridianNew Product Pricing:Three Steps to Improving theOdds of SuccessSteve Haggett, Market Manager,Holden AdvisorsSponsor Hall Open and Informal Networking SessionPPS Gala Reception

Breakout TracksFRIday, October 26, MorningPricing OrganizationTrackMeasuring analyticstrack7:00 a.m.8:00 a.m.Using Pricing Analytics toAmplify Your Voice at theStrategy TableAdrienne Gordon, Director of Pricing,American Greetings CorporationJim Saunders, Partner,Pricing Solutions, Ltd.Bringing Science to theArt of Pricing: Use thePower WithinRyan White, Managing Partner,Price for ProfitDavid Hass, Managing Director ofStrategic Pricing,Service Corporation International10:50 a.m.Lifecycle Pricing — For Partsor Accessory OfferingsStephen Nyquist, Senior Manager,Deloitte Pricing Center of ExcellenceNetworking Break/Sponsorship Hall and Bookstore OpenEnhancing Visibility intoyour Pricing Function - BestPractices from a PricingPractitioner9:45 a.m.Pricing StrategytrackBreakfastLean Pricing: A SystematicApproach to ChangeManagement9:00 a.m.– Pages 20-22Making it Real: DrivingStrategic Change in PricingFrederico Zornig, Partner,Quantiz Consultoria Ltda Brazil11:50 a.m.General SessionsDr. Andreas Hinterhuber, Hinterhuber& Partners (Austria) and Professor,Tsinghua University (China)5 Minute BreakUsing Price to Grey MarketGrowthTim Matanovich, Vice PresidentStrategic Pricing & Value,The TriZetto GroupImplementing Value-BasedPricing Strategies inBusiness Markets:Guidelines For OvercomingThe ObstaclesCommoditization: Taking aLeadership Role in Reversingthe TrendChris D’Alfonso, Global AccountManager, Monitor GroupLUNCHFriday, October 26, Afternoon– Pages 23 & 2412:50 p.m.The Impact of Pricing Beyond thePricing TeamLaura Preslan, Worldwide Director for Sales,Marketing, and Service Technologies, Microsoft1:50 p.m.Global Pricing Transformations —The Emotional, Political and RationalAspects of Getting to ResultsTom Jacobson, Senior Executive-Pricing &Profit Optimization, Accenture2:50 p.m.Conference Close“The PPS team did an excellent job organizing and executingthe PPS Spring Conference. I have been attending the PPSConferences for the last several years and it is always “FirstClass” in every detail and continues to improve every year.Kudos to the PPS Team!”Brian Shea, Canada Post CorporationGeneral Manager of Price StrategyRegister online: 11

General SessionsThursday, October 25, 2007 8:007:00am– 12:00am“The Professional Pricing Society continues toRegistration / Breakfast8:00amWelcome and NetworkingEric Mitchell, President, Professional Pricing Society8:15pmpush the envelop with refreshing intellectualcontent and assembles best in class practitionerssharing real-world approaches, helping myteam take our performance to the next level.”Harold Peck, Cardinal HealthVice President of Strategic PricingamPricing With Confidence: An IntroductionSpeaker: Dr. Reed Holden, Founder of Holden AdvisorsProfessional Pricers know that the biggest challenge they face isn’t coming up with theright price, it’s coming up with the right process to implement and support their prices. Theirkey challenge is to give confidence to salespeople and managers that the “price is right”.Confidence in pricing comes from an understanding of the value of products and services.Improvements in pricing process come from an understanding of how current discounting habitsundermine the profits and sales of the firm.In this keynote kickoff presentation, Dr. Reed Holden will introduce cornerstone strategiesfrom his forthcoming 2008 book: Pricing with Confidence: Ten Rules to Stop LeavingMoney on the Table (with Mark Burton). Dr. Holden will discuss how the real problems thatpricing professionals face formed the foundation for his book and highlight his first rule: Replace the DiscountingHabit with a Little Arrogance where he makes the following points:If don’t think you can control price discounts, you’re rightUnderstand who gets and gives discountsBe willing to fire your unprofit

The remainder of the conference includes 18 breakout talks by senior industry practitioners and leading pricing experts. They will share case studies and insights to help you manage your pricing function, as well as offer you the best new thinking on pricing implementation, methodology, policy, and management guidelines.