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Neil Lockhart/ShutterstockFlowers for AlgernonDaniel KeyesANCHOR TEXT SHORT STORY“Flowers for Algernon” is the story of Charlie Gordon. The story is told using Charlie’sdiary. Charlie is a 37-year-old with a low IQ, or intelligence quotient. An IQ is a wayof measuring human intelligence. Scientists believe that most people have an IQ scorebetween 85 and 115. Charlie is the subject of a scientific experiment to make himsmarter. He calls his diary entries “progress reports.” Charlie uses poor spelling andsimple sentences. The reader can tell that he is not a smart or educated man.This version of the selectionalternates original textwith summarized passages.Dotted lines appear next tothe summarized passages.NOTESprogris report 2–martch 6I had a test today. I think I faled it. and I think that maybe now they wontuse me. What happind is a nice young man was in the room and he hadsome white cards with ink spillled all over them. He sed Charlie what doyou see on this card. I was very skared even tho I had my rabits foot in mypockit because when I was a kid I always faled tests in school and I spillledink to.Charlie attends reading classes for slow adults. His teacher, Miss Kinnian, hasrecommended Charlie for the scientific study. Charlie is discouraged by the Rorschachtest1 he took. He is afraid that the doctors will not accept him for their study. Dr. Straussand Dr. Nemur are scientists. They are studying intelligence. They have done experimentson mice. Now, they want a human to be involved in their experiments.progris riport 3–martch 7 by Savvas Learning Company LLC. All Rights Reserved.Later some men in white coats took me to a difernt part of the hospitiland gave me a game to play. It was like a race with a white mouse. Theycalled the mouse Algernon. Algernon was in a box with a lot of twists andturns like all kinds of walls and they gave me a pencil and a paper withlines and lots of boxes. On one side it said START and on the other endit said FINISH. They said it was amazed2 and that Algernon and me hadthe same amazed to do. I dint see how we could have the same amazed ifAlgernon had a box and I had a paper but I dint say nothing. Anyway therewasnt time because the race started.The scientists have Charlie and Algernon try to get through the mazes. One doctor has awatch and times them. Charlie feels nervous. The experiment is repeated more than 10times with different mazes. The mouse, Algernon, wins every time. Charlie feels bad.1. Rorschach (RAWR shahk) test n. a psychological test that requires the subject to describe theimages suggested by inkblots.2. amazed Charlie means “a maze,” or a confusing series of paths. Often, the intelligence ofanimals is tested by how fast they go through a maze.GRADE 8 UNIT 4 Accessible Leveled Text Flowers for Algernon1

progris riport 4–Mar 8NOTESTheir going to use me! Im so exited I can hardly write. Dr Nemur and DrStrauss had a argament about it first. Dr Nemur was in the office when DrStrauss brot me in. Dr Nemur was worryed about using me but Dr Strausstold him Miss Kinnian rekemmended me the best from all the pepul whoshe was teaching. I like Miss Kinnian becaus shes a very smart teacher. Andshe said Charlie your going to have a second chance. If you volenteer forthis experament you mite get smart. They dont know if it will be perminintbut theirs a chance.Charlie agrees to be a part of the experiment. It includes a surgery in which doctors willtry to triple his intelligence. Charlie wants to be smart. He is very excited, but a littlescared about the operation.Charlie has the operation on March 10. The doctors take the bandages off Charlie’s eyesseveral days later so that he can write his progress reports. The progress reports still havemany spelling and writing errors. Charlie is afraid that the surgery did not make himsmart. He takes the inkblot test again but is still confused.Dr. Strauss tells Charlie that Algernon had an operation, too. The operation seems tohave made the mouse smarter. Charlie does the mazes again with Algernon. Algernonbeats Charlie’s times on the maze. The doctors tell Charlie to go back to work. They askhim to keep writing his progress reports. Dr. Strauss tells Charlie not to get discouraged.He explains that it may take time for the operation to work. It took time for Algernon toimprove, too. Charlie goes back to work at the factory. He works as a janitor.Mar 25(I dont have to write PROGRESS REPORT on top any more just when Ihand it in once a week for Dr Nemur to read. I just have to put the date on.That saves time)We had a lot of fun at the factery today. Joe Carp said hey look whereCharlie had his operashun what did they do Charlie put some brains in.I was going to tell him but I remembered Dr Strauss said no. Then FrankReilly said what did you do Charlie forget your key and open your door thehard way. That made me laff. Their really my friends and they like me. by Savvas Learning Company LLC. All Rights Reserved.Dr. Strauss visits Charlie at home. He gives Charlie a small machine that looks like atelevision. Dr. Strauss tells him to turn it on all night while he sleeps. He says it will helpmake Charlie smarter. The doctor tells Charlie that Miss Kinnian will now teach him atthe hospital. Charlie finds out that the hospital is actually a laboratory.Charlie writes about going to a party with his coworkers Joe and Frank. They make funof him and are cruel to him. But when Charlie writes about it, he thinks they were beingnice to him. Charlie is very eager to have friends.April 6I beat Algernon! I dint know I beat him until Burt the tester told me. But after that I beat him 8 more times. I must be getting smart to beat asmart mouse like Algernon.GRADE 8 UNIT 4 Accessible Leveled Text Flowers for Algernon2

Charlie gets to hold Algernon in his hand. Burt tells Charlie that Algernon has to solve atest every day to get his food. Charlie feels sorry for the mouse. He decides to be friendswith Algernon.NOTESCharlie continues to work with Miss Kinnian. He learns new things every day. He teacheshimself how to type.April 15Miss Kinnian says Im lerning fast. She read some of the Progress Reportsand she looked at me kind of funny. She says Im a fine person and Ill showthem all. I asked her why. She said never mind but I shoudnt feel bad if Ifind out that everybody isnt nice like I think. She said for a person who godgave so little to you done more then a lot of people with brains they nevereven used. I said all my frends are smart people but there good. They likeme and they never did anything that wasnt nice. Then she got something inher eye and she had to run out to the ladys room.Charlie continues to learn as his intelligence grows. The operation is working. Charliebegins to understand how slow he was before the operation. He reads his old progressreports. He wants to correct the mistakes. Miss Kinnian tells Charlie the doctors want tosee the change in the progress reports.Charlie goes to another party with Joe and Frank. He understands now that they arelaughing at him. He is embarrassed. Charlie doesn’t go to work for a few days.Charlie is now getting smarter very quickly. Dr. Strauss gives him more tapes to hearwhile he sleeps. Charlie wants to learn more things. Miss Kinnian thinks he should learndifferent languages. Charlie and Burt have a conversation about Charlie’s IQ. Charlie’s IQwas 68 before the surgery. The doctors have told him it will be over 200 soon.Charlie takes more Rorschach tests. Before the surgery, Charlie thought he wassupposed to find hidden pictures in the inkblots. Now, he understands that he issupposed to describe what the inkblots make him think of. He doesn’t trust thedoctor anymore.Charlie’s new intelligence begins to have an effect on his job at the factory.Mr. Donnegan is his boss.April 25GRADE 8 UNIT 4 Accessible Leveled Text Flowers for Algernon by Savvas Learning Company LLC. All Rights Reserved.I figured out a new way to line up the machines in the factory, and Mr.Donnegan says it will save him ten thousand dollars a year in labor andincreased production. He gave me a 25 bonus.I wanted to take Joe Carp and Frank Reilly out to lunch to celebrate,but Joe said he had to buy some things for his wife, and Frank said he wasmeeting his cousin for lunch. I guess it’ll take a little time for them to getused to the changes in me. Everybody seems to be frightened of me. WhenI went over to Amos Borg and tapped him on the shoulder, he jumped upin the air.People don’t talk to me much any more or kid around the way they usedto. It makes the job kind of lonely.3

Charlie hears Dr. Nemur and Dr. Strauss arguing. He realizes that the doctors arecompeting with each other. They want to use the successful experiment with Charlie asa way to move ahead in their careers.NOTESApril 27 .When I left afterwards, I found myself trembling. I don’t know why forsure, but it was as if I’d seen both men clearly for the first time.Charlie takes Miss Kinnian to dinner. When he was slow, he thought she was old andsmart. He realizes now that she is young and beautiful. Miss Kinnian tells Charlie that hewill soon be smarter than she is. Charlie decides that he is in love with Miss Kinnian.Charlie is forced to quit his job at the factory. The other employees signed a petition.They do not want Charlie there anymore. They don’t like how he has changed, and theyare afraid of his intelligence. Charlie feels ashamed and lonely. People laughed at himwhen he was slow. Now, people hate him because he is smart.The lab pays Charlie a salary. He is required to write progress reports as proof of theexperiment’s success. Charlie is smarter than the people around him. He describes thedoctors, who do not seem as smart to Charlie as they did several weeks ago.May 15 Contrary to my earlier impressions of him, I realize that Dr. Nemur is notat all a genius. I was shocked to learn that the only ancient languages [Dr. Strauss] couldread were Latin, Greek and Hebrew, and that he knows almost nothing ofmathematics beyond the elementary levels of the calculus of variations.Charlie is frustrated when he tries to talk to people. He is so intelligent now that peopledo not understand him. He is surprised and disappointed when people do not know thethings he has learned. He begins to spend most of his time alone in his room. Charliemust speak and write simply so that people will not stare at him or feel uncomfortable.Charlie describes going to a diner. He sees a teenaged boy drop some dishes. Thecustomers in the diner laugh and make fun of the boy. Charlie laughs, too. Then, Charliesees that the boy is confused by a simple joke. Charlie realizes the boy is probably slow,like Charlie was. He remembers how he felt when people laughed at his mistakes. Heshouts at the other customers.May 20 by Savvas Learning Company LLC. All Rights Reserved.“Shut up! Leave him alone! It’s not his fault he can’t understand! Hecan’t help what he is! But he’s still a human being!”The room grew silent. I cursed myself for losing control and creatinga scene. I tried not to look at the boy as I paid my check and walked outwithout touching my food. I felt ashamed for both of us.The day in the diner is important for Charlie. He realizes what he was really like beforethe surgery. He believes he can help people. He knows what it is like to be slow, andhe knows what it is like to be very intelligent. He decides to talk to Dr. Strauss aboutworking together.GRADE 8 UNIT 4 Accessible Leveled Text Flowers for Algernon4

PROGRESS REPORT 13–May 23NOTESIt happened today. Algernon bit me. I visited the lab to see him as I dooccasionally, and when I took him out of his cage, he snapped at my hand.I put him back and watched him for a while. He was unusually disturbedand vicious.May 24Burt, who is in charge of the experimental animals, tells me thatAlgernon is changing. He is less cooperative; he refuses to run the mazeany more; general motivation has decreased. And he hasn’t been eating.Everyone is upset about what this may mean.Charlie wants to learn more about what is happening to Algernon. He knows this isa sign of what might happen to him. Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur ask Charlie to stopcoming to the center. But Charlie is determined to figure out his fate.May 25 .I am going ahead with my plans to carry their research forward. Withall due respect to both of these fine scientists, I am well aware of theirlimitations. If there is an answer, I’ll have to find it out for myself. Suddenly,time has become very important to me.Charlie is allowed to set up his own lab and experiments. He works day and night.May 31Dr. Strauss thinks I’m working too hard. Dr. Nemur says I’m trying tocram a lifetime of research and thought into a few weeks. I know I shouldrest, but I’m driven on by something inside that won’t let me stop. I’ve gotto find the reason for the sharp regression3 in Algernon. I’ve got to know ifand when it will happen to me.Charlie finishes his research on his own. He sends Dr. Strauss a letter. He includes allthe things he learned in his research. He explains that he has checked everything manytimes. He knows that the results of his research are not good news for him or for thedoctors. The results indicate that their work at the center is not a success. Charliewrites that he is glad, at least, to have helped science. His research has added to theknowledge about the human mind. by Savvas Learning Company LLC. All Rights Reserved.Charlie writes his thoughts and feelings in his diary. He knows that what is happeningto Algernon will also happen to him. Charlie calls it the “Algernon-Gordon Effect.” Heunderstands that he will lose all his new intelligence. His research indicates that he willquickly forget what he has learned. He will go back to being Charlie Gordon, a slowlearning man. He decides he will write in his diary as long as he can. Charlie is alreadyforgetting things. He writes about his deterioration, or the process of becoming worse.3. regression (rih GREHSH uhn) n. return to a previous, less advanced state.GRADE 8 UNIT 4 Accessible Leveled Text Flowers for Algernon5

June 10NOTESDeterioration progressing. I have become absent-minded. Algernon diedtwo days ago. Dissection shows my predictions were right. His brain haddecreased in weight and there was a general smoothing out of cerebralconvolutions as well as a deepening and broadening of brain fissures.I guess the same thing is or will soon be happening to me. Now that it’sdefinite, I don’t want it to happen.I put Algernon’s body in a cheese box and buried him in the back yard.I cried.Dr. Strauss tries to visit Charlie. Charlie wants to be left alone and will not see Dr.Strauss. He writes that he feels “the darkness closing in.”Charlie tries to read books he used to enjoy. He no longer understands them. He feelsangry and sad that he is losing his intelligence. There are times Charlie does not evenremember who he is. He takes walks but forgets his way home.June 21Why can’t I remember? I won’t let it happen. I’ll fight it. I can’t helpthinking of the boy in the restaurant, the blank expression, the silly smile,the people laughing at him. No—please—not that again .June 22I’m forgetting things that I learned recently. It seems to be following theclassic pattern—the last things learned are the first things forgotten. Or isthat the pattern? I’d better look it up again I reread my paper on the “Algernon-Gordon Effect” and I get the strangefeeling that it was written by someone else. There are parts I don’t evenunderstand.Charlie is rapidly losing his intelligence. He realizes he can no longer read German orother languages he had learned. He is also losing his coordination. He trips over things.He does not use the typewriter anymore. He has to look up even simple words in thedictionary. It makes writing hard. Charlie is impatient with himself.June 30GRADE 8 UNIT 4 Accessible Leveled Text Flowers for Algernon by Savvas Learning Company LLC. All Rights Reserved.A week since I dared to write again. It’s slipping away like sand throughmy fingers. I keep telling myself I must keep writing these reports so that somebodywill know what is happening to me. But it gets harder to form the wordsand remember spellings. .Dr. Strauss comes around almost every day, but I told him I wouldn’t seeor speak to anybody. He feels guilty. They all do. But I don’t blame anyone. Iknew what might happen. But how it hurts.6

Charlie does not leave his room for a long time. His landlady is worried and brings himfood. Charlie tries to read. He has to read the same thing over and over to understand.It’s hard to write, so he decides to use only the easy words. Charlie puts flowers onAlgernon’s grave every week.NOTESMiss Kinnian tries to visit Charlie. He does not let her in because he feels ashamed. MissKinnian cries when Charlie tells her he doesn’t like her anymore. Charlie cries becausehe still loves Miss Kinnian. She pays his rent for him. Charlie is embarrassed and realizeshe needs to get a job.Charlie goes back to work as a janitor at the factory. A new coworker tries to make funof Charlie. His old friends, Frank and Joe, tell Charlie that they will help him if anyoneteases him.July 28I did a dumb thing today I forgot I wasnt in Miss Kinnians class at theadult center any more like I use to be. I went in and sat down in my oldseat in the back of the room and she looked at me funny. I said helloMiss Kinnian Im ready for my lesin today only I lost my reader that we wasusing.Miss Kinnian is sad to see Charlie this way. She runs out of the room. Charlie suddenlyremembers about the operation he had. He leaves before she comes back.Thats why Im going away from New York for good. I dont want to donothing like that agen. I dont want Miss Kinnian to feel sorry for me. Evrybody feels sorry at the factery and I dont want that eather so Im goingsomeplace where nobody knows that Charlie Gordon was once a genusand now he cant even reed a book or rite good.Charlie wants to go where people do not know that he used to be a genius. He takesa few books with him, even though he cannot read them. It has been less than fivemonths since he began the study with Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur. Charlie finishes hisdiary with a note to Miss Kinnian and Dr. Strauss.Its a good feeling to know things and be smart. I wish I had it rite now ifI did I woud sit down and reed all the time. Anyway I bet Im the first dumbperson in the world who ever found out something importent for sience. Iremember I did somthing but I dont remember what. So I gess its like I didit for all the dumb pepul like me. by Savvas Learning Company LLC. All Rights Reserved.Charlie tells Miss Kinnian and Dr. Strauss goodbye. He ends his last progress report withone request. Charlie asks them to put flowers on Algernon’s grave.Excerpted from Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. Copyright 1966, 1959 and renewed 1994, 1987 byDaniel Keyes. Reprinted by permission of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.GRADE 8 UNIT 4 Accessible Leveled Text Flowers for Algernon7

Na m e :Da te :Flowers for AlgernonDaniel KeyesWORD ospectiveregressionA. DIRECTIONS: In each of the following items, think about the meaning of the italicizedword. Then, answer the question.1. Is a person fully aware of what his or her subconscious is doing? Explain.2. If a villain in a movie is despised, is he liked by people? Explain.3. After seeming to walk in a circle, Felix had a suspicion that his trail map was out ofdate. So, he used the GPS on his phone to find the correct trail. Did Felix trust histrail map? Explain.4. If there were a deterioration in the condition of a house, would that be animprovement? Explain.5. Donnie’s thoughts became introspective. Is Donnie thinking about the wider worldaround him? Explain.6. If a society suffers a regression, is it more advanced than it once was? Explain.B. WORD STUDY: The Latin prefix sub- means “under” or “beneath.” For instance, theword subtract means “to take away.” It comes from the Latin sub- “from below” andtrahere “to draw.” Find two words that have the Latin prefix sub-, and use each correctlyin a sentence.1. Word:Sentence:2. Word:Sentence:Copyright Savvas Learning Company LLC. All Rights Reserved.Savvas is not responsible for any modifications made by end users to the content posted in its original format.

Name:Date:“Flowers for Algernon”Daniel KeyesComprehensionIdentify the choice that best answers the question.FIRST READ:1.In “Flowers for Algernon,” what happens during Charlie’s first inkblot test?He sees many pictures in the inkblot.He cannot see any pictures in the inkblot.c. He shows he has an extremely violent temper.d. He performs badly, compared to Algernon.a.b.2.In “Flowers for Algernon,” why do the doctors use Charlie in theirexperiment?They see that he has bonded with Algernon.b. They believe that he is motivated to try to learn.c. They know that he can get a better job if his skills improve.d. They realize that he is the only person who is willing to participate.a.3.In “Flowers for Algernon,” why do Charlie’s fellow workers want him fired?They become jealous of Charlie’s good fortune.b. They think that Charlie has begun lying and stealing.c. They become frightened by Charlie and distrustful of his newintelligence.d. They resent Charlie for damaging the factory and making their jobsharder.a.4.In “Flowers for Algernon,” what is one aspect of the text that showsCharlie is returning to his old condition?He learns German.b. He says he hates Algernon.c. He starts to spell badly again.d. He asks Miss Kinnian to dinner.a. by Savvas Learning Company LLC. All Rights Reserved.1

GRADE 8 UNIT 4 SELECTION TEST“FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON” BY DANIEL KEYESName:Date:5.Which phrase best describes Charlie at the end of “Flowers forAlgernon”?sad but hopefulb. relieved but bitterc. angry and threateningd. proud and conceiteda.Concept VocabularyIdentify the choice that best answers the question.FIRST READ:6.Which of these situations would most likely arouse suspicion?You are running late for school, and your little sister is ready to go.b. You are studying for a test, and your little sister is working on herhomework.c. Your piece of cake is missing, and your little sister has chocolate stainson her shirt.d. Your piano recital is on Saturday, and your little sister has invited two ofher friends to attend.a.7.If a person’s vision experiences deterioration, what is happening to the person?The person’s vision is improving.b. The person’s vision is becoming worse.c. The person’s vision is remaining the same.d. The person’s vision is unable to be tested.a.8.What kind of behavior would be most typical of someone who isintrospective?warm, outgoing friendlinessb. consistent disobediencec. thoughtful self-analysisd. heartbreaking sorrowa. by Savvas Learning Company LLC. All Rights Reserved.2

"Flowers for Algernon" is the story of Charlie Gordon. The story is told using Charlie's diary. Charlie is a 37-year-old with a low IQ, or intelligence quotient. An IQ is a way of measuring human intelligence. Scientists believe that most people have an IQ score between 85 and 115. Charlie is the subject of a scientific experiment to make him