How doesprofessionallearning supportmy performanceanddevelopment?Reflection andgoal settingOngoing feedback,reflection and reviewProfessional practiceand learningPerformanceandDevelopment

Reflection andgoal settingOngoing feedback, reflectionand reviewReflection andgoal settingProfessional practiceand learningProfessional practiceand learningOngoing feedback,reflection and reviewResourcesResourcesResources Getting started survey – Howdo I perceive performance anddevelopment at my school? How does professionallearning support myperformance anddevelopment? How can I initiate ongoingformal and informal feedback? How do I evidence progressagainst my goals? How do I reflect on my owngoal achievement? What is my role in theperformance and developmentcycle? How can I ensure I get themost out of my goal setting? Goal setting guide Examples of evidence How can I support effectivepeer-feedback in my school? How do I engage in classroomobservation? How can I make the most ofmy performance anddevelopment review? Tips for collecting anddocumenting feedback Performance and developmentreview guide

Reflection andgoal settingOngoing feedback, reflectionand reviewProfessional practiceand learningThe Australian Charter for Professional Learning of Teachers and SchoolLeaders explains that professional learning will be most effective when it isrelevant, collaborative and future focused, and when it supports teachers toreflect on, question and consciously improve their practice. Thesecharacteristics of effective professional learning should be considered whendesigning, selecting, reflecting on or evaluating professional learningAustralian Charter for the Professional Learning of Teachers and School Leaders, August 2012 The following information is derived from the Australian Charter for Professional Learning ofTeachers and School Leaders. View the PL Charter here:‒ -teachers-and-school-leaders

Reflection andgoal settingOngoing feedback, reflectionand review Professional practiceand learningAn important part of working towards goals and collecting evidence of yourprogress includes undertaking professional learning to improve your teachingpracticeOnce you have identified a goal, you can consider what actions will help you toachieve it. This will usually include some form of professional learningProfessional learning is the formal or informal learning experiences undertaken byteachers and school leaders that improve their individual professional practice,and a school’s collective effectiveness, as measured by improved studentlearning, engagement with learning and wellbeing. At its most effective,professional learning develops individual and collective capacity across theteaching profession to address current and future challengesProfessional learning will be most effective when it takes place within a culturewhere teachers and school leaders expect and are expected to be active learners,to reflect on, receive feedback on and improve their pedagogical practice, and bydoing so to improve student outcomesAustralian Charter for the Professional Learning of Teachers and School Leaders, August 2012

Reflection andgoal settingOngoing feedback, reflectionand reviewSelecting ProfessionalLearningProfessional learningshould be purposeful.Look to identifyprofessional learningopportunities that arealigned with your goals.Try to identify how thatparticular professionallearning will help you toimprove those aspects ofyour teaching practiceyou have identified asareas for improvementExamples of professional llearningteamsProfessional practiceand learningEvaluatingProfessional LearningIt is helpful to evaluatethe effectiveness ofprofessional learningthat you have engagedin. When reflecting onevidence against yourgoal progress, considerwhat the evidence saysabout the effectivenessof your professionallearning choices andmake adjustments whererequired

Reflection andgoal settingOngoing feedback, reflectionand reviewProfessional practiceand learningRelevant Improving student outcomes is the ultimate goal of all teachers and school leaders, and of theprofessional learning they undertake. Professional learning will be most engaging for adultlearners and have the greatest impacts on practice when it assists teachers and schoolleaders to address and adapt to the challenges they face in improving student learning,engagement with learning and wellbeingSelecting PLEvaluating PL How will this address my students’ needs?Which of my goals does this relate to?Does this relate to a school goal?Is this based on current research?Does this promise a new solution to anexisting challenge?Is it timely, that is, occurring when I need itand will I be able to act on it? How has this professional learning changedmy practice and addressed my students’needs?How have I acted on this professionallearning to progress achieving my goal(s)?How have I acted on this professionallearning to progress achieving a schoolgoal(s)?

Reflection andgoal settingOngoing feedback, reflectionand reviewProfessional practiceand learningCollaborative Collaboration has a powerful effect in magnifying and spreading the benefits of professionallearning and adds a new and valuable dimension to the learning undertaken by individuals. Itconnects teachers and leaders to their colleagues within and across schools and to externalexperts. Effective collaboration involves more than simply working together. It demands adisciplined and purposeful approach to collaborating to solve the challenges that are mostimportant to improving student outcomesSelecting PLEvaluating PL Am I able to be involved in the design,content, practice and evaluation of mylearning?Are there opportunities to receive feedbackon my practice and to observe others?Is there opportunity to learn from experts?Is there an opportunity to build a learningcommunity within and/or between schools?Is technology used to enrich collaborationand learning? How have I transferred my learning andinvolved my students in the design, content,practice and evaluation of their learning?How have I acted on feedback?Have I followed up on opportunities forsupport to further enhance my learning?How have I connected with other teachersto continue to build on my learning?How am I using technology to supportcollaboration and further learning?

Reflection andgoal settingOngoing feedback, reflectionand reviewProfessional practiceand learningFuture focused Effective professional learning seeks to develop teachers and school leaders who areadaptable and able to deal with new and unexpected challenges. It exposes teachers to newand emerging practices and the theories that underpin them. It should focus not simply onimproving existing practice, but also on assisting teachers and school leaders to understandthe theory behind what practices work in different situations, and when and how to apply abroad repertoire of strategiesSelecting PLEvaluating PL Will this equip me to deal with future as wellas current challenges?Does this promote action research andinquiry?Does this focus on high-level skills that willallow me to adapt?Is this based on research that will challengemy thinking, encourage me to develop myown theories and promote a range ofeffective pedagogical practices? How have I used learning to address currentchallenges while planning for the future?Have I devised an action research project toimplement my learning?Have I practised any new skills?How have I implemented new ways ofthinking in my teaching practice? What newpedagogies have I trialled?Have I incorporated new technologies intomy teaching?

Reflection andgoal settingOngoing feedback, reflectionand review1. practiceand learningThink about a professional learning activity you have been involved inWhich of your goals/needs was addressed by the activity?Was the activity effective in that it helped you progress toward your goal?Did the activity lead to a sustainable change in your practice?Evaluate the activity against the characteristics of effective professional learning –was it relevant, collaborative and future focused?Further activity:6. Complete the above questions for a range of different professional learningactivities you have engaged in7. Based on your evaluations of the professional learning activities, what activitieshad the greatest impact on your professional growth?8. Informed by this, what will you look for in future professional learningopportunities?

Professional learning should be purposeful. Look to identify professional learning opportunities that are aligned with your goals. Try to identify how that particular professional learning will help you to improve those aspects of your teaching practice you have identified as areas for improvement. Examples of professional learning. Professional