ELA (SECONDARY)2020-2021 Textbook ListingEnglish/Language Arts/7A Corner of the Universe; Scholastic; 2002ISBN 0-439-38881-3English/Language Arts/7A Wrinkle in Time; Farrar, Straus, Giroux; 1973ISBN 0-440-49805-8English/Language Arts/7Crossroads; Scott Foresman and Company; 1995ISBN 0-673-29425-0English/Language Arts/7; Literacy Skills; Literature CirclesFish in a Tree; Penguin Books; 2017ISBN 0-399-16259-3English/Language Arts/7Growing Up in Coal Country; 1996ISBN 978-0-395-97914-3English/Language Arts/7One for the Murphys; Penguin; 2012ISBN 0-14-242652-0English/Language Arts/7Rascal; Penguin Books; 1963ISBN 0-14-034445-4English/Language Arts/7Redwall; Ace Books; 1988ISBN 0-441-00548-9English/Language Arts/7Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry; McDougal Littell; 1997ISBN 0-395-77530-2English/Language Arts/7Snowbound; Laurel Leaf Books; 1973ISBN 0-440-96134-31 Page

ELA (SECONDARY)2020-2021 Textbook ListingEnglish/Language Arts/7Sounder; Harper Trophy; 1969ISBN 0-06-440020-4English/Language Arts/7Sourland; Harper Trophy; 1971ISBN 0-06-440074-3English/Language Arts/7Stand Tall; Penguin, n.d.ISBN 0-399-23473-xEnglish/Language Arts/7Tangerine; Scholastic; 1997ISBN 0-439-28603-4English/Language Arts/7The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; Tom Doherty Associates; 1988ISBN 1-559-02983-8English/Language Arts/7The Adventures of Ulysses; Scholastic; 1969ISBN 0-590-42599-4English/Language Arts/7 HonorsThe Hobbit; Houghton Mifflin; 2012ISBN 0-345-33968-1English/Language Arts/7The Incredible Journey; Bantam Doubleday; 1996ISBN 0-440-41324-9English/Language Arts/7The Miracle Worker and Related Readings; McDougal Littell; 1998ISBN 0-395-85803-8English/Language Arts/7Treasure Island; Tom Doherty Associates; 1988ISBN 0-847-98010-32 Page

ELA (SECONDARY)2020-2021 Textbook ListingEnglish/Language Arts/7True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle; Avon Books; 1990ISBN 0-380-71475-2English/Language Arts/7The Wednesday Wars; Houghton Mifflin; 2007ISBN 0-618-72483-4English/Language Arts/7The Westing Game; Puffin Books; 1978ISBN 0-14-034991English/Language Arts/7Where the Red Fern Grows; Bantam; 1974ISBN 0-553-27429-5English/Language Arts/7Witness; Scholastic: 2001ISBN 0-439-27200-9English/Language Arts/7Glencoe Literature: The Reader’s Choice - Course 2ISBN 0-07-825106-0English/Language Arts/7-8; English 7; Honors English 7; English 8; Honors English 8Elements of Language; Holt, Rinehart, Winston; 2009ISBN 0-03-079679-2 (7th) ISBN 0-03-079678-4 (8th)English/Language Arts/7-8; Level II (7th Grade)McDougall Little – Bridges to LiteratureISBN 0-618-08734-6English/Language Arts/7-8; Literacy Learning and Skills 7 and 8Prentice Hall Literature: Common Core Edition, 2012ISBN 13-319553-8English/Language Arts/7; Literacy Learning and Skills 7Into Literature; Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt; 2019ISBN 978-13284747803 Page

ELA (SECONDARY)2020-2021 Textbook ListingEnglish/Language Arts/8; Literacy Skills 8Into Literature; Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt; 2019ISBN 978-1328474797English/Language Arts/8Chasing Lincoln’s Killer: The Search for John Wilkes Booth; 2009ISBN 978-0-439-90354-7English/Language Arts/8Glencoe Literature: The Reader’s Choice - Course 3ISBN 0-07-825107-9English/Language Arts/8McDougall Little – Bridges to LiteratureISBN 0-618-08735-4English/Language Arts/8A Midsummer Night’s Dream; Folger Shakespeare Library; 1993ISBN 0-671-72279-4English/Language Arts/8Anne Frank-The Diary of a Young Girl; Pocket Books; 1972ISBN 0-671-70761-2English/Language Arts/8Blizzard’s Wake; Simon & Schuster; 2004ISBN 978-0-689-85221-3English/Language Arts/8Currents in Fiction; Macmillan; 1984ISBN 0-02-194010-XEnglish/Language Arts/8Dandelion Wine; Bantam Spectra; 1975ISBN 0-553-27753-7English/Language Arts/8Deathwatch; Dell Publishing; 1972ISBN 0-440-91740-94 Page

ELA (SECONDARY)2020-2021 Textbook ListingEnglish/Language Arts/8Gentlehands; Harper Trophy; 1990ISBN 0-06-447067-9English/Language Arts/8Great Expectations; Penguin Books; 1996ISBN 0-141-43956-4English/Language Arts/8I Heard the Owl Call My Name; Dell Publishing; 1973ISBN 0-440-34369-0English/Language Arts/8Inherit the Wind; Bantam; 1960ISBN 0-553-26915-1English/Language Arts/8Jacob Have I Loved; Harper Collins; 1980ISBN 0-690-04078-4English/Language Arts/8Night; Bantam; 1982ISBN 0-553-27253-5English/Language Arts/8Nightjohn; Bantam, Doubleday, Dell; 1993ISBN 0-440-21936-1English/Language Arts/8Notes from the Midnight Driver; Scholastic Book Service; 2006ISBN 0-439-75781-9English/Language Arts/8Shane; Bantam; 1985ISBN 0-553-24076-5English/Language Arts/8Summer of My German Soldier; Puffin Books; 1973ISBN 0-14-130636-X5 Page

ELA (SECONDARY)2020-2021 Textbook ListingEnglish/Language Arts/8That was Then; This is Now; Penguin; 1971ISBN 978-0-14-038966-1English/Language Arts/8The Call of the Wild; McDougal Littell; 1997ISBN 0-395-77533-7English/Language Arts/8The Dark Is Rising; Aladdin Paperbacks; 1973ISBN 0-689-71087-9English/Language Arts/8The Diary of Anne Frank; McDougal Littell, 1997ISBN 0-395-83364-7English/Language Arts/8The Light in the Forest; Ballantine Books; 1953ISBN 0-449-70437-8English/Language Arts/8The Running Dream; Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.; 2011ISBN 0-375-86667-1English/Language Arts/8The Witch of Blackbird Pond; McDougal Littell; 1997ISBN 0-395-78592-8English/Language Arts/8Whirligig; Dell; 1998ISBN 0-440-228352English/Language Arts/12;AP EnglishThings Fall Apart; Doubleday/Anchor; 1959ISBN 0-0385-47454-7English/Language Arts/12; AP EnglishSong of Solomon; Signet; 1977ISBN 0-451-09449-36 Page

ELA (SECONDARY)2020-2021 Textbook ListingEnglish/Language Arts/1150 Essays: A Portable Anthology; Bedford/St. Martin’s 2004ISBN 0-312-41205-3English/Language Arts/11; AP Language & CompositionSteps to Writing Well; Thomson Wadsworth; 2005ISBN 1-4130-0109-2English/Language Arts/11; AP Language & CompositionApproaching Literature in the 21st Century (and companion text);Bedford/St.Martin’s; 2005ISBN 0-312-40756-4 (0-312-43609-2)English/Language Arts/English 9 & Honors English 9Fiction: The Elements of the Short Story; National Textbook Company; 1999ISBN 0-8442-5915-2English/Language Arts/10; English 10 RWW, English 10, Accelerated 10, Honors 10English Workshop Complete Course; Holt, Rinehart and WinstonISBN 978-0-030-99338-1English/Language Arts/9-10; English 9 RWW; English 10 RWWConnect: College Reading, 2010ISBN 978-1-4282-6363-5English/Language Arts/9-10; English 9 and 10Engage: College Reading, 2013ISBN 978-1-4130-3317-5English/Language Arts/9-10Reading Short Stories: An Anthology of Short Stories; Glencoe McGraw-Hill; 1988ISBN 0-07-481476-1English/Language Arts/9-10Reading Poetry: An Anthology of Poetry; Random House; 1989ISBN 0-676-35882-9English/Language Arts/9-11; English 9-11 & Reading Writing WorkshopReader's Handbook: A Student Guide for Reading and Learning; Great Source/Houghton Mifflin; 2002ISBN 0-0669-49008-37 Page

ELA (SECONDARY)2020-2021 Textbook ListingEnglish/Language Arts/9-12; Acting I & 2The Stage and the School, 8th ed.; Glencoe-McGraw-Hill; 1999ISBN 0-02-817234-5 (text) 0-02-817237-X (teacher's binder)English/Language Arts/9-12; English READ & Prescriptive ReadingThe Secret Life of Bees; Viking Penguin; 2002English/Language Arts/9-12; Prescriptive ReadingTuesdays with Morrie; Random House; 1997ISBN 0-7679-0592-XEnglish/Language Arts/9-12; Ancient Mythology and English 11-12Classical and World Mythology; McDougal Littell (a Houghton Mifflin Co.); 2000ISBN 0-618-00375-4English/Language Arts/11-12; Ancient Mythology and English 11-12Folkore, Myths, and Legends – A World Perspective; NTC Publishing Group; 1997ISBN 0-8442-5763-XEnglish/Language Arts/9-12; Eng. 12; Accelerated Eng. 12; AP 12The English Tradition - Smith, Corbin; MacMillan; 1968ISBN 0-142-00174-0English/Language Arts/9-12; English 10In A New Land - Grossman; 1996ISBN 93-83535English/Language Arts/9-12; English 11The American Experience -Smith and Corbin; Prentice Hall; 1989ISBN 0-02-194090-8English/Language Arts/9-12; English 9; Honors English 9Intro. To The Poem 3rd Ed. - Boynton and Mack; Boynton/Cook; 1985ISBN 0-8104-5516-1English/Language Arts/9-12; English 9; Honors English 9Intro. To The Short Story - Boynton; Hayden Books; 1965ISBN 0-8104-5050-X8 Page

ELA (SECONDARY)2020-2021 Textbook ListingEnglish/Language Arts/9-12; English 9; Honors English 9Warriners English Grammar and Composition - 3rd Course - John E. Warriner; Harcourt, Brace,Jovanovich; 1965ISBN 0-15-311882-2English/Language Arts/9-12; Eng 11; Honors Eng 11Warriners English Grammar and Composition - 5th Course - John E. Warriner; Harcourt, Brace,Jovanovich; 1965ISBN 0-15-311884-9English/Language Arts/9-12; Eng. 12; Accel 12; AP12Warriners English Grammar and Composition - Complete Course - John E. Warriner; Harcourt, Brace,Jovanovich; 1965ISBN 0-15-311884-7English/Language Arts/9-12; English 12The Realm of Fiction, 3rd Ed. - James B. Hall; McGraw Hill; 1977ISBN 0-07-025594-6English/Language Arts/9-12; Honors 10Reading Poetry: An Anthology of Poems - DiYanni; Random House; 1989ISBN 0-676-35 882-9English/Language Arts/9-12; Honors English 10Reading Fiction - An Anthology of Short Stories - DiYanni; Random House; 1988ISBN 0-07-4814-76-1English/Language Arts/9-12; Honors English 10; Accel. Eng. 11Warriners English Grammar and Composition - 4th Course - John E. Warriner; Harcourt, Brace,Jovanovich; 1965ISBN 0-15-311734-6English/Language Arts/9-12; Public SpeakingConfidence in Public Speaking - Nelson & Pearson; William Brown, Pub.; 1981; 1984ISBN 0-697-33341-8English/Language Arts/9-12; World LiteratureThemes in World Literature - Elliot, McFarland, Granite, Peckham; Houghton Mifflin; 1989ISBN 0-395-48991-19 Page

ELA (SECONDARY)2020-2021 Textbook ListingEnglish/Language Arts; English 10A Multicultural Reader: Collection Two; Perfection Learning; 2002ISBN 0-7569-9962-6 (student) 0-7891-5691-1 (teacher)English/Language Arts/Journalism 10-12Introduction to Journalism; Nextext: McDougal Littell; 2001ISBN 0-618-00377-0English/Language Arts/121984; Signet; 1981English/Language Arts/12A Clockwork Orange; Everbind; Ballantine; 1986ISBN 0-393-31283-6English/Language Arts/11A Farewell to Arms; Everbind; Scribner; 1957ISBN 0-684-80146-9English/Language Arts/9A Raisin in the Sun-Hansberry; First Vintage Books; 1984ISBN 0-679-75533-0English/Language Arts/11A Separate Peace; Everbind; Bantam; 1987ISBN 978-0-684-833366-8English/Language Arts/9-12A Stranger is Watching; Everbind; 1977ISBN 0-671-74120-9English/Language Arts/11A Streetcar Named Desire; Penguin; 1975ISBN 0-451-16778-3English/Language Arts/11Adventures in American Literature (2nd); HarcourtISBN 0-15-335142-X10 P a g e

ELA (SECONDARY)2020-2021 Textbook ListingEnglish/Language Arts/11Adventures of Huck Finn; Signet; 1959ISBN 0-9710756-0-3English/Language Arts/10All My Sons; Everbind; Dramatists Play Service; 1947English/Language Arts/11American Short Stories (7th Ed.); Harper Collins; 2002ISBN 0-321-08056-4English/Language Arts/11American Short Stories (6th Ed.); (Brown Cover); LongmanISBN 0-673-46901-8English/Language Arts/9And Then There Were None; Everbind; Berkley Books; 1967ISBN 0-425-12958-6English/Language Arts/9Animal Farm; Everbind; Signet; 1996English/Language Arts/AP 12AP 12 Literary Analysis; Peoples Education; 2006ISBN 978-1-4138-1346-3English/Language Arts/12Beowulf; Norton; 2000ISBN 0-393-32097-9English/Language Arts/12Brave New World; Everbind; Harper and Row; 1942ISBN 0-06-08309-6English/Language Arts/12Cantebury Tales, The (Bantam Prose); Bantam; 1981ISBN 0-553-21082-3English/Language Arts/12Catch 22; Everbind; Dell; 1961ISBN 0-440-11120-X11 P a g e

ELA (SECONDARY)2020-2021 Textbook ListingEnglish/Language Arts/10Catcher in the Rye; Little Brown and Co.; 1991English/Language Arts/12Cat’s Cradle; Dell; 1963ISBN 0-440-11149-8English/Language Arts/11Childhood’s End; Everbind; 1987ISBN 45347954English/Language Arts/10Complete Plays of Sophocles; Bantam; 1982ISBN 0-553-21354-7English/Language Arts/11-12Chronicle of a Death Fortold; Random House; 1982ISBN-10: 9781400034710English/Language Arts/11Crucible, The; Penguin; 1982ISBN 0-14-048-138-9English/Language Arts/11Cry the Beloved Country; Scribner; 1995ISBN 0-684-81894-9English/Language Arts/11Death of a Salesman; Penguin; 1949ISBN 0-14048-1346English/Language Arts/9-12Dragonsong; Everbind; Bantam; 1977ISBN 0-55325852-4English/Language Arts/9Elements of SS (Fiction); National Textbook Co. ; 1999ISBN 0-8442-5915-212 P a g e

ELA (SECONDARY)2020-2021 Textbook ListingEnglish/Language Arts/12Elephant Man,The (Novel); Ballantine; 1980ISBN 0-345-34513-4English/Language Arts/12Elephant Man, The (Play); Everbind; 1979ISBN 0-08021-3041-0English/Language Arts/10Ethan Frome; Signet div Penguin; 1992English/Language Arts/11Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close; Everbind; 2006ISBN 18711659English/Language Arts/10Fahrenheit 451; Everbind; Ballantine; 1991ISBN 0-345-34296-8English/Language Arts 9-12Famous American Plays; Laurel; 1960ISBN 0-440-32490-4English/Language Arts/11Fixer, Washington Square Press; 1976ISBN 0-671-46075-7English/Language Arts/Honors 9Frankenstein; Signet div Penguin; 1983ISBN 90-061029English/Language Arts/11Freedom Writer’s Diary; Everbind; 1999ISBN 85494229English/Language Arts/9-12Gods & Myths of N. Europe; Penguin; 198413 P a g e

ELA (SECONDARY)2020-2021 Textbook ListingEnglish/Language Arts/11Grapes of Wrath, The; Everbind; Penguin; 1967ISBN 0-1401-8640-9English/Language Arts/11Great Gatsby, The; Everbind; Scribner; 1953ISBN 0-684-80152-3English/Language Arts/12Hamlet; Folger Everbind; Washington Square Press; 1992ISBN 0-671-72262-XEnglish/Language Arts/English 12 RWWHamlet (Parellel); Perfection Learning; 1998ISBN 0-7807-7030-7English/Language Arts/9Haroun and the Sea of Stories; Everbind; 1991ISBN 40157376English/Language Arts/12Heart of Darkness; Everbind; Signet div Penguin; 1950ISBN 97-66757English/Language Arts/9Illustrated Man, The; Bantam Books; 1967ISBN 0-553-27449-XEnglish/Language Arts/11Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks; Everbind; 2011ISBN 00052189English/Language Arts/9-11Into Thin Air; Everbind; Anchor; 1999ISBN 0-385-49478-5English/Language Arts/9Jamaica Inn; Harper Collins; 2015ISBN 978006240489314 P a g e

ELA (SECONDARY)2020-2021 Textbook ListingEnglish/Language Arts/Honors 10Jane Eyre; New American Library; Bantam; 1987ISBN 0-553-21140-4English/Language Arts/10Julius Ceasar; Folger; Washington Square Press; 1959ISBN 13:978-0-7434-8274 10:0-7434-8274-3English/Language Arts/English 10 RWWJulius Ceasar; Parallel; Perfection Learning; 2004ISBN 0-7569-1491-4English/Language Arts/12King Lear; Folger; Washington Square Press; 1957ISBN 978-0-7434-8276-9English/Language Arts/English 12 RWWLord of the Flies/Everbind/Perigree; 1954ISBN 0-399-50148-7English/Language Arts/12Macbeth; Folger; Washington Square Press; 1992ISBN 0-671-72275-1English/Language Arts/English 12 RWWMacbeth; Parallel; Perfection Learning; 1998ISBN 0-671-72275-1English/Language Arts/11Man in the High Castle; Everbind; 2012ISBN 79740674English/Language Arts/10Martian Chronicles; Everbind; Bantam; 1972English/Language Arts/10Merchant of Venice; Folger, Everbind; Washington Square Press; 1992ISBN 0-671-72277-815 P a g e

ELA (SECONDARY)2020-2021 Textbook ListingEnglish/Language Arts/English 10 RWWMerchant of Venice; Parallel; Perfection Learning; 1986ISBN 0-8124-4244-XEnglish/Language Arts/12Metamorphosis; Everbind; Bantam; 1972ISBN 0553-21369-5English/Language Arts/12Miss Lonelyhearts & the Day of the Locust; New Direction; 1962ISBN 0-8112-02151English/Language Arts/10My Antonia; Mariner Book/Houghton Mifflin; 1995ISBN 0-395-75514-XEnglish/Language Arts/9-12Myths of the Norsemen; Everbind; Dover; 1992ISBN 0-486-27348-2English/Language Arts/9-12Mythology; Everbind; Mentor; 1969English/Language Arts/11Natural, The; Everbind; Avon; 1952ISBN 0-380-50609-2English/Language Arts/12No Exit; Everbind; Vintage; 1976ISBN 0-679-72516-4English/Language Arts/Honors 10 & 12Oedipus The King; Folger; Everbind; Pocket Books; 1994ISBN 0-671-88804-8English/Language Arts/12Odyssey, The; Everbind; Fitz; Penguin; 1996ISBN 0-670-82162-416 P a g e

ELA (SECONDARY)2020-2021 Textbook ListingEnglish/Language Arts/11Of Mice & Men; Everbind; Penguin; 1965ISBN 0-1401-7739-6English/Language Arts/10-11Old Man & the Sea; Collier/MacMillin; 1986ISBN 0-02-051910-9English/Language Arts/Honors 10Once & Future King; Berkley; 1987ISBN 0-441-62740-4English/Language Arts/12One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; Everbind; Signet; 1962English/Language Arts/11Othello; Folger; Everbind; Washington Square Press; 1993ISBN 0-671-72281-6English/Language Arts/English 11 RWWOthello; Parallel; Perfection Learning; 2004ISBN 0-7569-1485-XEnglish/Language Arts/English 11 RWWOutsiders, The; Everbind; Puffin; 1995ISBN 0-14-038572-XEnglish/Language Arts/9Pearl, The; Everbind; Penguin; 1992ISBN 0-14-01.7737XEnglish/Language Arts/9-12Poem,The; Prentice HallISBN 0-13-684143-0English/Language Arts/11Poems: American Themes; AMSCO: 1979ISBN 0-87720-386-517 P a g e

ELA (SECONDARY)2020-2021 Textbook ListingEnglish/Language Arts/11Poems; American Themes 2nd ed.; AMSCO 1995ISBN 1-56765-027-8English/Language Arts/10Red Badge of Courage,The; Everbind; Dover; 1990ISBN 0-486-26465-3English/Language Arts/9Romeo and Juliet; Folger; Everbind; Washington Square Press; 1992ISBN 0-7434-7711-1English/Language Arts/English 9 RWWRomeo and Juliet; Parallel; Perfection Learning; 1985ISBN 0-8124-0953-1English/Language Arts/Honors, AP 11Scarlet Letter, The; Everbind; Signet; 1999ISBN 0-9710756-1-1English/Language Arts/10Short Stories; Washington Square Press; 1969ISBN 0-671-42680-XEnglish/Language Arts/12Sir Gawain & Green Knight; Everbind; Penguin; 1959English/Language Arts/12Slaughterhouse Five; Everbind; Dell; 1969ISBN 0-440-18029-5English/Language Arts/Honors, AP 12Sound & Fury, The; Everbind; Vintage; 1984ISBN 0-679-73224-1English/Language Arts/11Speak; Penguin Group; 1999ISBN 014240732118 P a g e

ELA (SECONDARY)2020-2021 Textbook ListingEnglish/Language Arts/12Stranger, The; Everbind; Vintage; 1988ISBN 0-679-72020-0English/Language Arts/11Sun Also Rises, The; Everbind; Scribner; 1954ISBN 0-02-051870-6English/Language Arts/Accl. Honors 10Tale of Two Cities; Tom Dougherty Assoc.; 1989ISBN 13:978-0-8125-0506-1 10:0-8125-0506-9English/Language Arts/English 12 RWWTex; Everbind; Laurel-Leaf; 1989ISBN 0-440-97850-5English/Language Arts/9-10The Acts of King Arthur, Ballantine; 1976ISBN 0-345-34512-6English/Language Arts/12The Fountainhead; Signet; 1952ISBN 0-451-191153English/Language Arts/11-12The Joy Luck Club; Penguin; 20069780143038092English/Language Arts/9The Picture of Dorian Gray; Everbind; 1993ISBN 99535989English/Language Arts/Honors 11Their Eyes Were Watching God; Everbind; Perennial Classics; 1937ISBN 0-06-093141-8English/Language Arts/9-12Themes in World Literature; Houghton Mifflin; 1989ISBN 0-395-48991-119 P a g e

ELA (SECONDARY)2020-2021 Textbook ListingEnglish/Language Arts/9To Kill a Mockingbird; Everbind; Warner; 1960English/Language Arts/9-12Vocab-Level D; Sadlier; 2005ISBN 0-8215-7109-5English/Language Arts/9-12Vocab-Level E; Sadlier; 2005ISBN 0-8215-7110-9English/Language Arts/9-12Vocab-Level F; Sadlier; 2005ISBN 0-8215-7111-7English/Language Arts/9-12Vocab-Level G; Sadlier; 2005ISBN 0-8215-7112-5English/Language Arts/9-12Vocab-Level H; Sadlier; 2005ISBN 0-8215-7113-3English/Language Arts/9-12Waiting for Godot; Everbind; Grove Press; 1954ISBN 0-8021-3034-8English/Language Arts/AP 12Wasteland, The; Everbind; 1998ISBN 0-15-694877-X20 P a g e

Fiction: The Elements of the Short Story; National Textbook Company; 1999 ISBN -8442-5915-2 English/Language Arts/10; English 10 RWW, English 10, Accelerated 10, Honors 10 English Workshop Complete Course; Holt, Rinehart and Winston ISBN 978--030-99338-1 English/Language Arts/9-10; English 9 RWW; English 10 RWW Connect: College Reading, 2010