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A Different Level Of CareOur focus is on Health, Fitness and Well-being with special emphasis on themusculoskeletal system.Orthopaedic Surgeons, Physicians, Radiologists and other ConsultantsWe emphasize on:Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists Comprehensive examination and evaluation.Nurses, Radiographers and Neuro Technicians Prompt and accurate diagnosis.Frontliners, Administrators and Managers Customized treatments and therapy programmes with advanced technology andworld class facilities. State of the art surgical treatment and individualized post-operative therapy regimes.Our team is specially trained in Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics, allowing us todeliver a high level of care. What will you experience?We emphasize in enriching patients with knowledge of their conditions and involvingthem into the total care. Recognizing the importance of teamwork, we ensure that thepatient, the surgeon and the therapist are focused on a common goal:EFFECTIVE & EXCELLENT TREATMENT.2Friendly People Who CareFriendly Service That ShinesAll our surgeons and doctors are trained locally and abroad, allowing us to deliver awell-balanced perspective of medical care.We are also highly adaptive, patient, friendly and caring.3

We Are With You Every Step Of The Way.Medical ServicesSports ClinicSports PhysiotherapyKnee & ShoulderHip & SpineHand & Microsurgery, Wrist & ElbowFoot & AnkleJoint Replacement (Lower & Upper Limb)Knee & Lower LimbSpine PhysiotherapyHand and Upper LimbHydrotherapyGymnasiumOther Specialist ClinicsSports Imaging & General RadiologyMaxillofacial & Facial CosmeticSpeech & Language TherapyPrimary Care & Family Physician Adult & Children Women’s Health DermatologyOpen MRIHigh Field Extremity MRIDigital RadiographyUltrasoundFluoroscopy including standard & mini C-ArmStem Cell Lab & Storage Harvesting, Processing & Storage4Neuro AssessmentNerve Conduction StudiesElectromyographySensibility Evaluation includingSemmes Monofilament.5

Sports ClinicSports Medicine is for Everyone Sports ClinicIdeal for competitive athletes as well as the general population with orthopaedicproblems to regain and improve functional mobility, return to play and work.KLSMC Sports Clinic deals with sports or exerciserelated injuries with the primary emphasis on thediagnosis, treatment and prevention.We provide a comprehensive range of servicesand quality care to be able to match even theneeds of highly active individuals.67

ShoulderKnee pains can come from a few sources dueto injury or chronic wear and tear to the kneejoint. Common problems that require medicaltreatments are:-The four most common shoulder problems seenat our centre:-Persistent PainFrozen ShoulderKnee SwellingImpingement Syndrome and Rotator Cuff TearInstability of Knee (as in frequent giving way)Calcific TendonitisKnee Crepitus (painful sounds from the knee)Recurrent Dislocation of the ShoulderTreatment depends on the severity of the injury,the patient’s physical demands, suitability factorssuch as age and gender, and is based on a caseto case individual evaluation of the pros and consof the different mode of treatment.The Frozen Shoulder being a very commoncondition is usually treated with physiotherapy toease the stiffness, oral or injectable medicationsfor inflammation and occasionally surgery for therecalcitrant cases. Treatment for ImpingementSyndrome and Rotator Cuff involves activitymodification, ultrasound and strengtheningexercise.Simple treatments can range from physiotherapy,exercise modification, muscle strengthening,topical and oral medication, bracing to finallysurgical intervention. Many complex knee surgeriesnowadays can be performed through minimallyinvasive method though certain reconstructionsurgeries might still require open techniques.8Sports ClinicKneeFor severe cases, surgery is usually needed.Calcific tendonitis can be relieved completelywith a Cortisone injection. As for the Dislocationof shoulder, it can now be repaired and stabilizedusing minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery.9

Our upper limb is the most frequently injured partof the body. Some commonly seen conditions atthe Hand & Microsurgery Unit are:Injury to the Hand, Wrist, Elbow and ShoulderNerve and Tendon Lacerations, Fractures andJoint InjuriesOn average, we take 4000 to 5000 steps each day.Therefore health problems in the foot and ankleare very common. The most common problemsin this area are:SwellingNerve Compression SyndromeThoracic Outlet Compression Syndrome, Carpal& Cubital Tunnel SyndromeSprains and InjuriesArthritis of the Hand, Wrist and ElbowComplex Degenerative DeformitiesHand conditions in Children includingCongenital DifferencesProblems in the foot and ankle could also bean early sign of problems in the vascular orneurological systems.At KLSMC, we perform highly specialized Handand Upper Limb surgical procedures such asfinger, wrist and elbow arthroscopy and jointreplacements, endoscopic carpal tunnel release,reconstructive microsurgery of nerves andarteries, reconstructive ligament procedures andrelease contracture of Dupuytren’s disease.Surgery is only the start of recovery. In manycases, therapy and intensive rehabilitation will benecessary to ensure recovery and regain optimalfunction of the hand.10Foot & AnkleSports ClinicHand &MicrosurgeryDiseases (Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis)At KLSMC, we strive to provide a wide rangeof treatment options ranging from the basictreatment using Orthotics (special shoeinserts shaped to the feet), Physiotherapy andRehabilitation, to advanced techniques usingarthroscopic procedures and surgical correction.For example, the treatment of severe bunions isdone using the scarf osteotomy technique. Thisprocedure involves shaving of the prominentbone, realigning the bones and repair the jointcapsule and ligaments.11

Hip and back pain are very common and canbe caused by numerous diseases or disorders.The most common hip and spine conditions thatrequire treatment are:Hip Injuries & Disorders Strains Bursitis Dislocations FracturesCervical Spine Disorders Degenerative disorders such as spondylosis,disc prolapse (‘slipped disc’) Infections Trauma Inflammatory diseases Tumours or cancers Referred pain Non specific causesThe treatment may comprise of activitymodification, pain control, physiotherapy andmedications in the initial stage. Surgery may benecessary should the disease process becomesmore severe or progressive and any delay wouldprove harmful.Surgery may take the form of a microdisectomy,spinal decompression fusion or other specificprocedures depending on the cause of the pain.12JointReplacementReplacing a joint can relieve pain and help usmove and feel better, enabling us to go about withour daily activities and improve the quality of ourlives.Sports ClinicHip & SpineDepending on the severity and extent of injury,the surgery may not remove the whole joint, butwill replace with an artificial device or prosthesisand fix the damaged parts. Apart from standardjoint replacements, newer techniques usingsurface replacements and partial replacementsare available.When do we need it? a particular joint is devoid of cartilageit is difficult and painful to move the joint andthe pain becomes so severe that you startavoiding the use of the particular jointit is so painful that it affects your dailyactivitiesnon-surgical procedure or medication nolonger worksWhat happens after surgery?Recovery period varies and ranges from 6 to 12weeks which includes physiotherapy as part ofthe rehabilitation treatment.13

Open MRISports ImagingHigh-quality imaging facilitates accurate diagnosis Sports ImagingSports Imaging provides in-house radiology services at KLSMC. Our compactdepartment is equipped with a CR Digital X-ray system, Ultrasound and two MRIsystems.At KLSMC, our experienced radiographers take pride in the consistently high-qualityimages obtained. All examinations are archived on a web-based PACS. This allowscomparison with earlier examinations, tele-reporting and obtaining second opinions.MRI is an accurate imaging tool useful for theevaluation of the musculoskeletal system - bothof bone and soft tissue such as ligament, tendon,cartilage and nerve.Our Open MRI system provides a lessclaustrophobic experience compared to thetraditional scanning tunnel of closed MRImachines.1415

For those who need their extremities scanned,our High Field Extremity MRI 1.5T scanner is ina class of its own. This revolutionized technologyproduces premium images of cartilage and softtissue of the extremities, fast scan times, androbust pulse sequences.16Sports ImagingHigh FieldExtremityMRIImage courtesy of GE Medical SystemsImage courtesy of GE Medical SystemsThe High Field Extremity MRI is the world’s mostpowerful 1.5T MRI system, offering patients acomfortable and non-claustrophobic experiencedue to its open and quiet design. This uniqueprovoking design allows high resolution imagingof the knee, foot, ankle, wrist and elbow in thecomfort of a recliner.17

Sports PhysiotherapyYou are in good hands Sports PhysiotherapyKLSMC offers specialized physiotherapy for surgical and non-surgical treatments. Ourphysiotherapists are highly qualified professionals who are not only exposed to all thespecialized surgical procedures but are also well versed in the range of techniques tostrengthen and stretch muscles and joints to improve patient mobility.We personalize each patient’s rehabilitation programme through specific training andexercise regimes together with the use of advanced technology.Sports Physiotherapy helps patient regainmovement, strength and flexibility in a safeand effective manner upon early and accuratediagnosis. We provide intensive treatment atearly stages to prevent further injury and improvemobility.Our therapy includes:-ElectrotherapyUltrasoundInterferential TherapyTranscutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS)Manual TherapyPatella MobilizationJoint ManipulationManual StretchingGym Ball ExerciseWork HardeningContinuous Passive Motion (CPM)Ergonomics1819

HandTherapySports PhysiotherapySpinePhysiotherapyCommon conditions treated for neck & back: Intervertebral Disc Prolapse (IVDP)Sciatica/Impingement SyndromeDegenerative DiseaseStrains & TearsPostural Syndrome (Impaired Posture)Thoracic Outlet SyndromePost Surgical InterventionTemporomandibular Joints DysfunctionFracturesInterventions may include: 20Thermotherapy and CryotherapyElectrical Modalities- Ultrasound- Interferential Therapy (IT)- Transcutaneous Electrical NerveStimulation (TENS)Mechanical ModalitiesMyofascial Release TechniqueTherapeutic MassageSoft Tissue and Joint MobilizationMcKenzie TherapyPatient Home Exercise RegimePostural RetrainingHand Therapy is a specialized programmedesigned to provide exercises and activities tohelp return the hand to normal use and function.Interventions may include: UltrasoundNerve gliding exercisesFluidotherapyElectro Muscle Stimulation (EMT)Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation(TENS)Pulse Electromagnetic TherapyCustom made splints and pressuregarmentsOther specialized programmes: Joint protection programmeTherapy for musiciansErgonomicsThoracic Outlet Compression Syndromeprogramme (TOCS)21

GymnasiumSports PhysiotherapyHydrotherapyAdvocating in this field of unique physiotherapymethod, our rooftop hydrotherapy pool offers analternative form of exercise that is refreshing andinvigorating to patients and yet highly effective fortheir recovery.The recuperative and healing properties ofhydrotherapy are based on the physical qualitiesof water, the buoyancy, resistance, its mechanicaland/or thermal effects, such as temperature andpressure for therapeutic purposes, to stimulateblood circulation and treat the injuries and certaindiseases.Benefits of hydrotherapy: 22Encourages blood flow & boosts bloodcirculationRelaxes the body & tight musclesStrengthens the muscles, tones the body andthus helps improve movementLessens pain sensitivity and therefore bringsabout relief the burden of pain.Aided with the use of proper equipment, ourrecovery programmes include trainings, exercisesand work routines to help build strength andagility.Our in-house gymnasium is equipped with modernand advanced exercise equipment, catering forspecific needs of patients and aimed at improvingfunctional mobility.Our gymnasium is spacious and bright with largewindows and scenic views for a more conducive,comfortable and pleasant workout.23

Stem Cell TherapyA new breakthrough therapy in the field of Regenerative Medicine Stem Cell TherapyIn addition to existing procedures, KLSMC provides innovative stem cell therapy forsports related injuries and other common joint injuries.Stem cell therapy offers an astute alternative to other more elaborate treatment likeprosthetic implants or extended open surgeries.We specialize in regeneration of cartilage especially in the knee joint. Our orthopaedicteam received commendable recognition with its new treatment for knee injuries.This treatment is performed using autologous(patient’s own) adult stem cells to regenerateand repair the ageing or damaged system in theirorgans.Stem cells are harvested from patient’sbloodstream peripherally instead of directly fromthe bone marrow. This hassle-free proceduretakes only couple of hours in a cozy and calmsetting where patients could relax on bed, watchTV, read a book or even have a light meal.The harvested stem cells, combined with hyaluronicacid will then be infused into the area of injuryonce a week for about three to five weeks. Theseinjections can be easily administered in the clinic.2425

Specialist ClinicAchieving better quality of life through awareness and early prevention.Other Specialist ClinicsWe provide coordinated referral to other related disciplines to allow better continuity of care.Maxillofacial &

Frozen Shoulder Impingement Syndrome and Rotator Cuff Tear Calcific Tendonitis Recurrent Dislocation of the Shoulder The Frozen Shoulder being a very common condition is usually treated with physiotherapy to ease the stiffness, oral or injectable medications for inflammation and occasionally surgery for the recalcitrant cases. Treatment for .