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Kirami provides its customers with high-quality wood-heated tubs and a wide arrayof different kinds of supplies and accessories. More than 10,000 tubs made byKirami are sold annually all over Europe, and their popularity is growing constantly.Kirami is the largest hot tub supplier in the world.The story of Kirami started 20 years ago in 2001. The first hot tubs were importedfrom Sweden, but the company’s own production started soon after. The companymoved into larger premises in 2006, and the product range expanded to cover hottubs made out of ThermoWood. Kirami moved into its current premises of morethan 3,000 square metres in early 2011. Hot tubs with a plastic inner tub and acomprehensive range of water treatment chemicals were launched the followingyear.The product range expanded yet again in 2015. The high-quality Outstandingproduct line focused on BBQ grills, outdoor fireplaces and outdoor decorationmade out of fashionable, robust COR-TEN steel. New ground was broken again in2019, when Kirami launched the Kirami FinVision -sauna with a close connectionto nature.Kirami AB was established in Sweden in February 2020, and the number of resellersincreased as several new chains joined in.Kirami’s mission is to offer top-quality and easy-to-use products that you canbe proud of. All of the tubs and pools are manufactured by hand from carefullyselected materials, and they are assembled at Kirami’s factory in Sastamala, Finland.We cooperate with the cross-country skier Katri Lylynperä.Kirami

Kirami – 20 years of delightful bathingexperiencesKirami celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and even though such anniversaries probably meanthe most for the companies themselves, our 20 years of experience also benefit our customers greatly.During all this time, we have amassed an enormous amount of knowledge of materials as well as skillsand expertise so that we can manufacture durable products of high quality that our customers canenjoy for a long time.The favourite hot tubs of 2020 were the Steady and its ‘little brother’ Hazy, which was not yet ready intime for our previous catalogue. Our largest hot tub models Family L as well as the Minipool Grandyalso sparked major interest. We have made changes to the Chill hot tub. As a result, it is not just sturdier,but also more streamlined, meaning that it is now easier to take through even the smallest gates andpassageways. This means that you can be even more certain of finding a hot tub of the exactly rightsize with the right features for your own yard in Kirami’s range of hot tubs.Because there are so many models, finding a suitable hot tub may feel challenging, but Kirami has madethat, too, simple and even fun. On page 8, you can read more about the product selector applicationas well as the convenient product cards that you can create online and print out as a shopping list.Of the other new products, we should mention our BioCool water treatment products that are now easierto use than ever before and offer a completely chlorine-free option for keeping the bathwater clean.Our Kirami FinVision -sauna is a story of its own. The Kirami FinVision -sauna with an expressiveappearance, equipped with a large window and delivered already assembled, has become so massivelypopular that we opened a separate Sauna Factory for it next to Kirami’s factory.Enjoy browsing our new product catalogue!CONTENTS4–5Product groups6–7What Kirami is8–9Tools to help you with choosing a hot lours and materials32Heaters34Steps and drink holders35Covers and locks36Tubbar 237Other equipment38Carefully thought out accessories40Easy water hygiene with Kirami44–45Outstanding46Kirami FinVision -sauna48Kirami is also a safety pioneer33

OriginalKirami Original brings you to the roots of an authenticbathing experience. The quality of the simple, traditionalhot tubs is born out of their carefully selected materialsand finish. The Original product family has an optionavailable for groups of bathers of every size. Breezy takeseasy care further than ever, and the Woody tubs appealto nature lovers who appreciate the atmosphere createdby real wood. Chill is shallower than the other hot tubs,which makes it easier to transport even to small yards;the resting sitting position gives you a completely newway to relax in the tub. As for Tiny and Woody Tiny,they offer a pleasant setting for two people to bathetogether. The latest addition to our catalogue is Hazy,our highestselling hot tub of the summer of 2020.PremiumThe Kirami Original hot tubs are purely Finnish.The products in the Premium series are Kirami’sflagships. Their design, efficiency and comfortof use are in a class of their own.The Premium product family includes theluxurious Pearly, which is also available with atruly stunning outer surface in genuine copper,and the Grandy XL, which is the largest tub inour product range as its name suggests. TheRed Cedar Premium hot tubs are also a partof the Premium product family.Kirami

ComfortKirami Comfort offers enjoyable bathingexperiences effortlessly. The easy-care,plastic hot tubs are an excellent choice foractive hot tubbers.The Comfort series’ great favourite Steadysuits people who appreciate easy-careproducts, comfort and modern style. TheFamily hot tubs have plenty of options forsmall and large families. They are designedto take the needs of families with children,elderly people and less abled bodied intoaccount by ensuring that getting into andout of the tub is as easy and safe as possible.55

What Kirami is:Easy to buy: A reseller network within reach. Wide range of products.FAQFAQ Can be placed almost anywhere. Appearance and placement can be tested with a 3D application. Can be delivered anywhere. Delivered already assembled; the customer only needs to attachFIFIthe heater and the chimney. Clear, comprehensive instructions. The blogs and the FAQ page have answers to any questions you may have. The online shop is always open. On the website, everything necessary can be collected on a convenientproduct card, which can be used to help with the purchase.Safe to use: All chimney packages include a heat shield. Thanks to the water jacket, the heater never becomes burning hot. Lockable covers. The water flow-through holes of the tubs are covered with protectivegrates. Lights installed safely at the factory. 2 year product warranty. Sturdy and safe steps that fit all hot tubs. Models that take the needs of families in particular into account. Two different types of heaters: wood and electric. Fireproof hearth plate and lockable covers.Effortless to equip: Suitable covers, steps and drink holders available for all models. Plenty of accessories, such as neck rests and led lights.Easy to care: Easy to empty completely out of water. Simple to keep clean. The heater is easy to clean. An anode rod protects the heater from corrosion and ensures a long service life. The EPS base is light and weatherproofed. Outer surface options that require no maintenance: EcoPlank, EcoStripe, Metal and Copper. The cover protects the tub from rubbish and keeps the bathwater warm.Kirami

A responsible choice: Made in Finland. Standardised. Responsible manufacturer. The whole lifespan has been considered: longlasting and recyclable. Strong brand. StandardEN 171257

You can download it from theApp Store (Kirami Hot Tub Designer)or Google Play (Kirami).3D hot tub selectorBuild the hot tub you want in the applicationand see how it fits in your own yard.Tools to help youwith choosing a hot tubProduct selectortat – your own yard or terrace. OnKirami’s product selector makesthe phone screen, move the imagefinding the perfect hot tub for youof your chosen hot tub to the placeand your family not only easy, butwhere you intended to put the hotalso fun.tub and take a picture. Now youBrowse Kirami’s range of hot tubsand choose the hot tub and heaterwith the size and features thatsuit you best from among severaloptions.Next you can compare the interiorand exterior materials available forthe hot tub of your choice. You cantry out the different options andcombinations and see immediatelywhat your hot tub would look like.After finding a suitable hot tub andthe materials you like best, youcan try and see what the hot tubwould look like in its natural habiKiramihave a convenient way of showingyour plans to the other membersof your family, for example.Finish your hot tub by addingthe accessories you want, suchas steps and a drink holder. Thesystem always suggests accessories suitable specifically for thepackage you have selected, so youcannot choose wrong.The summary includes all important information on the productsyou have selected. When you arehappy with your choices, fill inyour own information and send usthe request for a quotation!

Kirami Mass filtersProduct cardspick a heater or an accessorYou can also choose the hotthat is incompatible with thetub that suits you best onmodel you are considering.Kirami’s website.The system also ensures thatBrowse the product pagesMassfilterforcare of the filtering water ina tubor poowater hygfilter. Thisl. Importaiene. Thent part ofhigh quality filter is physical prt of thatbathaway dussuitablecan be take ing is takingt, leaves,forother dirtn care withand impuriti small pools andmassMF250 ishot tubses that coma small ande from bath and filtersand purifieshandy masing.the pre-filte bath water efficient s filter that is well suited forly. In masr which remKirathrough thes filters theoves thewater first mi hot tubslarger debuse tradition filtering mass whepasses throre the sma ris, after this theal filteringughwater ismediumller debrispushedcan be was sand or Kiramiare filteredfiltehed andfilter. Theout. Yourinsed with r fibers as filteringmediumcanmust bemedthe Backwareplacedsh and rins ium. Thewhen necThe kit incle actionsessary.udes basof thee, 250Wand valve, filteringpump, 4-wtank anday500g of Kira control valve, hosYou wille betweenmi filter fibeneepumpr.these are d a connection / hossold separately and e kit to connectThe systemthe filtercan be diffeonto you32 or 38m includes hose conrenr hot tub,nectors that t according tomthe hot tuba RCD pro inside diameters.model.The device can be used withtected powhoser supply.shall allways be con e with eithernected onlyintoTechKirami Original Breezy MCult-si ST-Coal Black, Light GrayThe Original product range's Breezy truly is an easy-care product with insideplastic. This enduring model is suitable for all purposes, making it a goodchoice for any situation. Its size makes Breezy M suitable for the averagefamily, or why not a get-together with a small group of friends! As additionalequipment LED-lightning is an option that highlights the plasticʼs colour.Factory fitted LED-lighting creates a fabulous atmosphere in the eveningtwilight.all the necessary elements of aThe hot tub is heated with an external grey Cult-si heater, suitable for heatingsmall tubs. It is made out of high-quality marine-grade aluminium. The outershell is made out of Finnish spruce panels stained with a dark coal tint, and itkeeps its attractive appearance for a long time. Light gray is velvety smoothand delicate dotted inside colour. The soft, vibrant grey of the interior is alwaystimeless and elegant, and it blends in beautifully with the environment.well-working tub are selected.The barrel diameter is 170 cm and water volume 1540 litres. It is suitable for 46 people. The dry weight of the hot tub is 132 kg. The gross heat output of theCULT-si stove is 36 kW and the net heat output transferred to the water is 22kW.nical InfoWEIGHTPRODUCT LENGTHPRODUCT WIDTHPRODUCT HEIGHTPRODUCT CODE9.7 kg40 cm46 cm62 cm3019Technical Infoof different hot tub models,CAPACITY (PERSONS)4-6FILLAGE VOLUME1060OUTER DIAMETER170 cmfind the one you like best andOnce you are happy with thetry out different kinds of tubhot tub model and accessoriesDEPTHcolours and outer surfaceyou have chosen, you canPRODUCT HEIGHTmaterials to see what theydownload a product card ofwould look like on your hotyour future hot tub as a PDFtub. The product page of eachfile. Then you can print outhot tub always has only thethe card, go to your nearestoptions available for the hotreseller and order the hot tubtub in question, which meansof your dreams.WATER CAPACITY1540 lHEIGHT (TUB)110 cm91 cmWEIGHT132 kgPRODUCT LENGTH258 cmPRODUCT WIDTH170 cm210 cmPRODUCT CODEOBGST1900CULTSI-CBHeater:Cult-siOuter color:ST-Coal BlackInner color:Also get6430036755249Light Grayaccessories6430036755195Also get accessoriesConnector / hose kitfor plastichot tubsWarmer feelings.ABS cover 170cm fully roundLegroom Led Corona MStepin steps, ST-CoalBlackDrink holder / cover strip kitstained Coal BlackBiocool Disinfect my pool, 1lwww.kirami.fiWarmer feelings.www.kirami.fithat you cannot accidentallyHOW-TO VIDEOSFAQFEELING VIDEOSEXERCISEFAQ, blog posts and videosKirami’s blog posts vary from customerThose who have purchased a Kiramistories to presenting new products ashot tub are never left alone with anywell as in-depth discussions of topicsquestions they may have. There arethat interest hot tub users. The bloganswers, instructions and tips availa-posts contain a vast number of excel-ble for practically any situation.lent tips and ideas that help you makeyour bathing moments more enjoyableThe link to the FAQ (or FrequentlyFAQFIthan ever.Asked Questions) section can beFIfound on nearly every page on Kirami’sIn the manuals section of our website,website. Whether your question waswe have collected both practicalabout transporting and installing a hothow-to videos as well as atmospherictub, heating, keeping the water cleanfeeling videos. The clear and instruc-or winter storage, the FAQ pages havetive how-to videos tell you how toa thorough discussion of the topic,install and use a hot tub. We haveoften with an instructive video.thought about everything in order tomake your life with a Kirami hot tub asenjoyable as possible!9

Quickly heated Chill forperfect relaxation.Kirami

MChillx3–4CHILL is a new way to enjoy a hot tub. The low design of thebench enables a whole new way of relaxing in the tub, andthe resting sitting position is perfect for a lazy soak. Chill isalso great for children to splash around in. For the new model,we have made the tub even lower and its edge sturdier andmore streamlined. In fact, the CHILL hot tub is the perfectchoice for a small garden, because you can carry it througheven narrow gates or doorways to the backyard easily. Thesmall water volume guarantees that the hot tub can be filledquickly and keeps the consumption of firewood low.Externalcolours:Internalcolours:MWATER CAPACITY1170 lMINIMUM WATERCAPACITY490 lHEATERQ:A:MICUWhat kind of a base/foundation is needed forDIAMETERthe hot tub?DEPTH65 cmA level base that supports the full weight on theHEIGHT OF THE TUB80 cmwhole area of the hot tub must be selected as theBENCHbase/foundation for installing the hot tub.WEIGHTThe surface can be evened out with stone chippings,WATER OUTLETfor example. If you want to have a more solidCHIMNEYfoundation, you can cast one from concrete or useready-made slabs. Keeping the area surroundingthe tub free from vegetation is also recommended.See the instructions!CHIMNEYHEATSHIELDFITTING COVERMODELS170 cmbuilt in 5 cm heigh, circles the tubWeight of the tub in the image: 70 kg*2 1/2” female coupling 38 mmØ 120 mm, 1,5 m Hat1mPlastic cover / Insulated cover*Tub weight is without the heater or chimney. You will findweights of chimney’s and heaters on pages 32-3311 11

Breezy – always a good choiceQ:Can you use the hot tub in the winter?A:You can use your hot tub normally in winter,provided that you take proper care of heatingthe water and remember to drain the tub after use.Please keep in mind that water splashes aroundthe hot tub create a slipping hazard.Kirami

MBreezyx4–6The Original product range, Breezy is a hot tub with a plasticinner tub in a solid colour. Both of the inner colour options comewith safe LED lighting (Legroom led coronas) as an accessory;its glow brings out the tub’s own colour. This enduring tubmodel is suitable for all purposes, making it a good choicefor any situation. A new surface material option is coatedmetal, also familiar from roofing; thanks to the material, theouter surface of the tub requires no maintenance. Its sizemakes Breezy M suitable for the average family, or why nota gettogether with a small group of friends!Externalcolours:Internalcolours:MWATER CAPACITY1540 lMINIMUM WATERCAPACITY650 lHEATERCULTDIAMETERDEPTHHEIGHT OF THE TUBBENCHWEIGHTWATER OUTLETCHIMNEYCHIMNEYHEATSHIELDFITTING COVERMODELS170 cm91 cm110 cmbuilt-in, circles the tubWeight of the tub in the image: 94 kg*2 1/2” female coupling 38 mmØ 120 mm, 1,5 m Hat1mPlastic cover / Insulated cover*Tub weight is without the heater or chimney. You will findweights of chimney’s and heaters on pages 32-331313

The elegant Hazy is perfectfor every locationKirami

MHazyx4–6The easy-care hot tub offers comfort and modern style. Hazyis related to the popular Steady. We picked the features forHazy that make it a perfect choice for people who are thinkingabout their first hot tub, for example. If you want a simple,straightforward hot tub that nevertheless offers comfortand ease of use, Hazy is just the thing for you. The raisedseat design makes getting into the tub easier, the benchcorners can be used as back rests, and the bench also acts asan arm rest. The smooth plastic surfaces of the tub in lightcolours make it possible to install safe LED lights availableas accessories. The heater is an external CULT-si in shades ofgrey. The outer shell is made of durable Finnish spruce panelsstained with a dark brown or black tint. The translucent greyinterior is suitable for many different ATER CAPACITY1420 lMINIMUM WATERCAPACITY600 lHEATERCULTDIAMETER170 cmDEPTH90 cmHEIGHT OF THE TUBBENCHWEIGHTWATER OUTLETCHIMNEYCHIMNEYHEATSHIELDFITTING COVERMODELS107 cmbuilt-in, circles the tubWeight of the tub in the image: 79 kg*2 1/2” female coupling 38 mmØ 120 mm, 1,5 m Hat1mPlastic cover / Insulated cover*Tub weight is without the heater or chimney. You will findweights of chimney’s and heaters on pages 32-3315 15

Small size,great enjoyment– Tiny and Woody TinyNEWKirami

STinyWoody TinyPart of our Original range, Tiny is a compact easy-care hotThe Original Woody Tiny hot tub offers the authentic atmospheretub with a single-colour plastic interior. This petite hot tubof wood in a compact size. Woody Tiny is our smallest solidfeatures two shaped seats, making it ideal for one or twowood hot tub, ideal for both small yards and terraces. Thepersons. Light in weight and compact in size, the hot tub iscompact size of Woody Tiny makes it perfect for coupleseasy to install in both small yards and on terraces. Thanks toand conditions where water consumption must be kept toits small water volume, Tiny is quick to heat up, allowing youa minimum. Thanks to its small water volume, the hot tubto enjoy a spot of luxury even on busy weekday also quick to heat up, allowing you to take a relaxing dipThe interior colour option is available with safe LED lightingeven on the busiest of evenings. The Woody Tiny hot tubas an accessory, which is installed at the factory. The glowoffers everything you need for a great, wood-heated hotof the LED lighting creates a magical atmosphere to bathingtub experience.x1–2in the darkening s:SWATER CAPACITY690 lMINIMUM WATERCAPACITY475 lHEATERMICUDIAMETERlength 202 cm inner 193 cmRCORIGINAL WOODYTINY(TW)PREMIUM WOODYTINY (RC)WATER CAPACITY1000 l1000 lMINIMUM WATERCAPACITY640 l640 lHEATERDIAMETER85 cm85 cm98 cm98 cm90 cm90 cmDEPTH73 cmHEIGHT OF THE TUB87 cmOUTER WIDTH90,5 cmINNER WIDTHINNER WIDTHBENCHWEIGHTWATER OUTLETCHIMNEYCHIMNEYHEATSHIELDFITTING COVERMODELS57 cm–69 cmshaped seat at both ends of the tub100 kg*1” female coupling 32 mmØ 120 mm, 1,5 m Hat1mInsulated coverMICUlength 156 cminner 148 cmDEPTHHEIGHT OF THE TUBOUTER WIDTHMICUlength 156 cminner 148 cmBENCH82 cm82 cm2-boards in eachend of the hot tub2-boards in eachend of the hot tubWEIGHT100 kg*90 kg*WATER OUTLET50 mm50 mmØ 120 mm,1,5 m HatØ 120 mm,1,5 m hat1m1mInsulated coverInsulated coverCHIMNEYCHIMNEYHEATSHIELDFITTING COVERMODELS*Tub weight is without the heater or chimney. You will findweights of chimney’s and heaters on pages 32-331717

For nature lovers:the Woody, rich inatmosphereKirami

–6x6-8The Woody Premium hot tubs are made of the luxuriouslyOriginal Woody hot tubs are made of Thermowood, whichstylish Red Cedar that creates a genuine, natural mood for spacreates the original wooden feel and authentic atmosphere.moments. The wood is light, with top quality rot resistance.These models offer a great choice with different heaters,The Woody Premium hot tubs are finished by hand, and thefrom the traditional SUB underwater heater to the extremelyextremely efficient CUBE and TUBE heaters make everythingpowerful TUBE heater. The wide range of the collection easy to find a suitable model to fit your patio.Materials:Materials:TWMLRCML3180 lWATERCAPACITY1860 l2600 l2060 l2800 lMINIMUMWATERCAPACITY1460 l2060 IAMETER170 cm200 cm220 cmDIAMETER170 cm200 cmDEPTH95 cm95 cm95 cmDEPTH95 cm95 cm108 cm108 cm108 cm108 cm108 cmtwo planksaroundtwo planksaroundtwo planksaroundtwo planks aroundtwo planks around120 kg*140 kg*140 kg*160 kg*180 kg*WATERCAPACITY1860 l2600 lMINIMUMWATERCAPACITY1460 lHEATERHEIGHT OFTHE TUBBENCHWEIGHTWATER OUTLETCHIMNEYCHIMNEYHEATSHIELDFITTING COVERMODELSXL50 mm50 mm50 mmØ 150 mm,2 m HatØ 150 mm,2 m HatØ 150 mm,2 m Hat1m1m1mPlastic cover /Insulated coverInsulated coverInsulated coverHEATERHEIGHT OFTHE TUBBENCHWEIGHTWATER OUTLETCHIMNEYCHIMNEYHEATSHIELDFITTING COVERMODELS50 mm50 mmØ 150 mm, 2 m HatØ 150 mm, 2 m Hat1m1mPlastic cover /Insulated coverInsulated cover*Tub weight is without the heater or chimney. You will findweights of chimney’s and heaters on pages 32-3319

Family M – space andpractical comfortKirami

MFamily Mx3–5The Family hot tub has been developed to take the needs ofchildren, elderly people and disabled people into account.In addition to practicality, its development has focusedincreasingly on safety. The inner step makes it easier toclimb into the tub. It also makes the height of the tub morecomfortable and relaxed for children and shorter RFAVOURITEMWATER CAPACITY1370 lMINIMUM WATERCAPACITY590 lHEATERDIAMETERCULT-Silver / MACU / Tubtainer2170 cmDEPTH91 cmHEIGHT OF THE TUB110 cmBENCHWEIGHTWATER OUTLETCHIMNEYCHIMNEYHEATSHIELDFITTING COVERMODELSbuilt-in, circles the tubWeight of the tub in the image: 85 kg*Sisävärit:2 1/2” female coupling 38 mmØ 120 mm, 1,5 m Hat1mPlastic cover / Insulated cover*Tub weight is without the heater or chimney. You will findweights of chimney’s and heaters on pages 32-33212121

Family L – bathing experiencesfor families of all sizesKirami

LFamily Lx6-8The Comfort series now includes the new Family L hot tub,which has enough space for even a group of bathers withthe widest shoulders. The features of the tub are just asuserfriendly as those of the M-size Family. The tub has avelvety smooth dotted blue, beige or grey interior surface,and there are various colour and material options for theexterior surface. The TUBE and CUBE heaters ensure fastand efficient heating.Externalcolours:Internalcolours:RCLWATER CAPACITY1930 lMINIMUM WATERCAPACITY722 / 1050 lHEATERCUBE / TUBEDIAMETERDEPTHHEIGHT OF THE TUBBENCHWEIGHTWATER OUTLETCHIMNEYCHIMNEYHEATSHIELDFITTING COVERMODELS200 cm91 cm110 cmbuilt-in, circles the tubWeight of the tub in the image: 140 kg*2 1/2” female coupling 38 mmØ 150 mm, 2 m Hat1mInsulated cover*Tub weight is without the heater or chimney. You will findweights of chimney’s and heaters on pages 32-3323 23

Steady – modern comfortQ:How can I move the hot tub?A:Hot tubs are primarily delivered with all accessories packed insidethe tub, which means that the weight of the package can exceed200 kg. The tub itself is relatively light. When you remove theheater and other loose parts from inside the package, theremaining weight ranges from 100 to 160 kg depending on themodel, meaning that the tub can be carried by 3–4 people.We cooperate with VaLePa, the 2019 Finnish volleyball champions.Kirami

MSteadyx4–6The hot tubs in the Comfort series offer comfort and modernstyle for people who appreciate easy-care products. The newSteady hot tub in the Comfort series is designed to ensurethat stepping into and out of the tub is easy. In additionto the traditional wood as surface material, Steady can bepanelled with the renewed EcoPlank outer shell that requiresno maintenance. The smooth plastic surfaces of the tub inlight colours make it possible to install Kirami’s safe LEDlights to all Steady FAVOURITEWATER CAPACITY1420 lMINIMUM WATERCAPACITY600 lHEATERMACU / CUBEDIAMETER170 cmDEPTH90 cmHEIGHT OF THE TUBBENCHWEIGHTWATER OUTLETCHIMNEYCHIMNEYHEATSHIELDFITTING COVERMODELS107 cmbuilt-in, circles the tubWeight of the tub in the image: 92 kg*2 1/2” female coupling 38 mmØ 150 mm, 2 m Hat1mPlastic cover / Insulated cover*Tub weight is without the heater or chimney. You will findweights of chimney’s and heaters on pages 32-3325 25

Pearly – when you reallywant to pamper yourselfKirami

MPearlyx4–6The strengths of the Premium Pearly tub include the userfriendlydesign familiar from the Family series. Premium Pearly isthe choice of bathers who value easy-care products of highquality. The tub’s glossy, champagne-coloured inner tub madeout of ABS plastic represents the highest class of hot tubs.The surface materials also include elegant copper (ME) thatfollows the shapes of the tub; in addition to being stylish,it also means that the outer surface of the tub requires nomaintenance and ages R CAPACITY1420 lMINIMUM WATERCAPACITY600 lHEATERDIAMETERCUBE172 cmDEPTH90 cmHEIGHT OF THE TUB107 cmBENCHWEIGHTWATER OUTLETCHIMNEYCHIMNEYHEATSHIELDFITTING COVERMODELSbuilt-in, circles the tubWeight of the tub in the image: 70 kg*2 1/2” female coupling 38 mmØ 150 mm, 2 m Hat1mInsulated cover*Tub weight is without the heater or chimney. You will findweights of chimney’s and heaters on pages 32-3327 27

Grandy XL – for evengreater bathing experiencesKirami

XLGrandy XLx8–12The Grandy minipool is a hot tub big enough to fit a largerparty of bathers at the same time. The tub also acts as achildren’s swimming pool. Grandy is considerably larger thantraditional hot tubs, a bit deeper, and cubical in shape, andit has built-in benches on one side. The tub is made out ofThermoWood (TW). The colour options include unpaintedwood and brushed grey, in which the surface of the planedwood is first brushed with steel brushes and then painted.There are several options for heating the tub water: the TUBEheater or the TUBE combined with a Tubtainer 2 maintenanceheater. The tub is emptied either via the filter hoses or theball valve of the TUBE heater.LED lights on the outer edge of the tub are available as oryXLWATER CAPACITY3600 lMINIMUM WATERCAPACITY2800 lHEATERTUBE / TUBE Tubtainer 2DIAMETER248 cmDEPTH116 cmHEIGHT OF THE TUBBENCHWEIGHTFITTING COVERMODELS122 cmbuilt-in, circles the tubWeight of the tub in the image: 255 kg*Insulated cover*Tub weight is without the heater or chimney. You will findweights of chimney’s and heaters on pages 32-332929

Colours & MaterialsThe benefits of plastic tubs include great hygiene and flexibility. Dirt and impurities come off easily from the smooth inner surface, whichdoes not peel even after years of use. The inner surface requires no maintenance, which means that the tub stays neat and clean yearafter year. Kirami’s plastic tubs have been made out of either LDPE (low-density polyethylene) or HDPE (high-density polyethylene). LDPEand HDPE plastics are used in the food industry, and they are recyclable and UV protected. Both plastics come in several different colours.The inner surface of a tub made out of HDPE plastic is velvety smooth.Inside colours and materials:Polar BlueOcean BlueCozy- SininenPolarBlueCozy- SininenOceanBlueFamily MFamily LBreezyLight GraySoft BeigeCozy - BeigeLightGrayBreezyStone GrayStoneGrayChampagneSoftBeigeFamily MFamily LStone GrayChillStoneGrayChampagnePearlyOcean BlueCozy- SininenOceanBlueGrandy XLLight GrayFamily MFamily LThe slightly translucent, velvety smoothdotted light grey is both trendy and timeless.Suitable for all environments.Ocean BlueCasual GrayStone GrayCozy- SininenStoneGrayTinyCasualGraySteadyCasual GrayCaramel BeigeCozy- SininenCasualGrayCozy- SininenHazyPolar BlueThe fresh, translucent blue calms downand relaxes the mind after a busy day.CaramelBeigeSteadySoft BeigeThe translucent dotted beige isneutral, stylish and velvety smooth.Velvety smooth, ocean blue dottedcolour with a translucent surface.Casual GrayThe translucent grey is always stylish andaesthetic. Harmonious and suitable formany different kinds of environmentsCaramel BeigeThe caramel-toned beige is awarm, translucent colour that highlightsthe peace of nature.Stone GrayThe soft, vivid grey blends inbeautifully with the environment;it is always timelessly elegant.ChampagneA clear, magnificently glossychampagne colour for elegant andmemorable bathing experiences.The colours of the actual products may differfrom the colours shown in the examples.KiramiLED lights are available as an accessory for colou

The system includes hose connectors that can be used with hose with either 32 or 38mm inside diameters. The device shall allways be connected only into a RCD protected power supply. Technical Info WEIGHT 9.7 kg PRODUCT LENGTH 40 cm PRODUCT WIDTH 46 cm PRODUCT HEIGHT 62 cm PRODUCT CODE 3019 6430036755249 Also get accessories Connector / hose kit .