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CONTENTSWateringCylindrical galvanised pasture troughs . P4Rectangular galvanised pasture troughs . P4Leg-mounted galvanised tanks . P5Galvanised tanks on mobile chassis. P6Mobile chassis for tanks . P7Tyre options . P8Tank options . P8, 9Mobile Cattle Handling EquipmentPanels and Mobiparc . P10, 11Yokes . P12, 13Portable hydraulic cattle crush . P14 to 17Summary of handling and hoof care crushes. P18, 19Treatment crate . P20, 21Cattle handling crush, 4 side gates, fixed sides. P22, 23Cattle squeeze crush, 4 side gates, adjustable sides . P24, 25Cattle squeeze crush, sheeted panels, adjustable sides. P26Calf handling crate . P27Pneumatically-assisted cattle squeeze crushes . P28, 29Smart Pneumatically-assisted cattle squeeze crushes . P30, 31Pasdelou testing and training centre . P32, 33Hoof care . P34, 35Weighing indicators . P36Load bars and platforms . P37Accessories for weighing indicators . P37Fixed Cattle Handling EquipmentmentTypical fixed equipment layout . P3838SECURIPASS gate. P38Retail sheeted panel and walkway items . P39Semi-circular module . P40Corridor entry module . P40Handling corridor module . P41Sorting race module . P41Anti-backing gate and sorting gate . P42Manual stop gate and adjustable width module. P42Pneumatically-assisted adjustable width module . P43Pneumatically-assisted central opening yoke and stop gate. P436 rail barrier / panel (rail Ø 60.3 mm) . P44Anti-backing bar for cattle crush . P45Service gate . P45Sheeted panels for calves, pigs and sheep . P45Manure pit barrier for manure pits . P46Posts, flanges, clamp fasteners and accessories. P46, 47Sheep Handling Equipmentstand-alone lambing hurdles . P48stand-alone lambing hurdles . P48Pinned lambing hurdles . P49Gate: sorting, guillotine, anti-backing, hurdle spacer. P50Posts, pins, wall-mounted hay racks and service gates . P50Yoke. P51Semi-circular forcing pen . P51Single and double self service troughs . P52Wheel-mounted hay racks . P52Feed rings, square and rectangular hay racks. P53Single and double 3-point feeders . P54, 55Wheel-mounted lamb feeders . P55Weighing crate and dial . P56Turnover crate . P56Dealer informationNotes . P57 and 58Export department and general terms and conditions of sale . P59Page2

PASDELOU TESTINGAND TRAINING CENTREChoose performanceSince 1st January 2016,Pasdelou has its owntesting and trainingcentre.This centre enablesour technical teams totest and develop all ourhandling equipmentdesigns and production.Closely associated withour industry, it enablesus to provide specialisedtraining to; our salesteam as well as to thePasdelou distributioncentres.(See p 32-33).BECAUSE WE DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE ALL THE PRODUCTS IN OUR RANGEWE GUARANTEE THE SAFEST EQUIPMENT FOR BREEDERS AND THEIR ANIMALSPagee3

PASTURE TROUGHSHigh qualityconstructionWateringCattle trough setsCodeDescriptionType 3A Type 3B Type 4 Type 5CYLINDRICAL GALVANISED PASTURE TROUGH1PG101 01 01 Cattle trough 420 L11PG101 01 03 Cattle trough 600 LPG101 01 05 Cattle trough 870 L11PG101 01 07 Cattle trough 1000 L1PG101 01 09 Cattle trough 1350 LPG101 01 13 Sheep trough 250 LPG101 01 15 Sheep trough 380 LPG101 01 21 Horse trough 720 LCode111111111DescriptionØ ext. Unit priceexcl. VATHeight(m) PackingUnit priceexcl. VATRECTANGULAR GALVANISED PASTURE TROUGHPG101 01 31 Cattle trough 2000 LPG101 01 33 Cattle trough 2500 L3.400.960.723.701.080.72PG101 01 35 Cattle trough 3000 L4.001.200.720.450.200.50Constant level option. Swivelling galvanised coverPG101 01 39 with brass float valve. Water supply protectionPG101 01 41 Plug seal Ø20/27 mm bulkhead fittingA complete range of pasture troughs, made from20/10 thick hot-dip galvanised sheet metal.Fully automated industrial fabrication consistentlyensures a perfect quality of assembly and finish.Digitally worked rim with Semi-automatic weldingdouble outer folds, for of bottoms ensures aadded strength and to perfect seal.prevent injury to animals.Sturdy and efficient Flat bottom withbrass 20/27 diameter two reinforcing ribs,bulkhead plug.according to model, tolimit deformation whileassisting installation.tougherlemore durabCattle1350 LRECTANGULAR PASTURE TROUGHExtrathick1000 L870 L600 LSheepA range of rectangular troughs with an inner rim. Bolt-on reinforcing members on the top, onefor 2000 L and 2 for 2500 and 3000 L. Troughs welded to top hat sections for transporting witha front loader.420 LConstant level option250 LSwivelling galvanised cover with brass float valve. Protection of water supply line provided withstainless steel braid.380 LHorse720 Lspecial 853 mm high modelfor horses to keep front legsout of the trough.Page4AOriginal equipmentswivelling cover witha locking rim engagingwith the troughB

LEG-MOUNTED TANKSCodeCapacityNumberof legsManwaydia.Tank dia.(m)Length. *(m)444444666680.30 m0.30 m0.30 m0.30 m0.30 m0.50 m0.50 m0.50 m0.50 m0.50 m0.50 .361.431.681.752.302.582.693.193.744.70LEG-MOUNTED GALVANISED TANKPG101 03 01500 LPG101 03 03630 LPG101 03 05890 LPG101 03 071100 LPG101 03 091500 LPG101 03 112000 LPG101 03 133200 LPG101 03 154400 LPG101 03 175200 LPG101 03 196200 L8000 LPG101 03 21Galvanised tanksUnit price excl.VATFOR INFORMATIONFOORMATION1 baffle as from 3200 Land 2 as from 5200 L modelsThe hot-dip galvanising process may leave in ash depositsinside the tanks. It is therefore necessary to wash the tanksbefore use and before installing the valves and trough supplyaccessories.8000 L model*Overall dimensionsMonobloc design, seam welded to ensure strength and leak-tightness.These tanks are hot-dip galvanised after fabrication to ensure long durability.Original equipment:Front section on lid side,- One outlet at high level and another at low level with 20/27 threaded female nipples up to 2000 Land 33/42 above (outlets able to serve for optional level gauges).Rear section,- 1 rear outlet Ø 70 mm (1 1/4”) on plate with 4 holes for attaching optional valves - 20/27 threaded female nipple on the side of the Ø 70 mm outletWide legs with 4 mm thick reinforcing plate on the undersideHinged cover on manhole with seal. Pre-drilled to Ø 42 mm vent up to 1500 L and Ø 60 mmreceive optional float valve with galvanised casing above also used for inserting the filling hose.Ø 70 mm rear outlet on plate with 4 holesand with Ø 20/27 threaded female outleton the side.Ø 20/27 outlet on the top,on the lid side, up to 2000 litresand 33/42 above3200 L6200 L4400 L5200 LA full rangeof galvanised tanks2000 L1500 L1100 LPage5

TANKS ON MOBILE CHASSISWateringThese tanks on mobile chassis are delivered as follows for optimised transport: up to 1500 L, tank bolted to its frame with tow bar welded on and as from 2000 L model, tank bolted onto its framewith its wheels and tow bar shipped separately. The tank can be delivered with the wheels and tow bar fitted, in which case allowance must be made for the fixed assembly fee PG101 05 00.CodeCapacitylengthDia. (m) O/A(m)Axle*Drum dia.(mm)GALVANISED TANKS ON MOBILE CHASSISPG101 05 00 Fixed sum for fitting tow bar and wheels ready for usePG101 05 05 890 L0.952.8550 mm0.952.85PG101 05 07 1100 L50 mm3.05PG101 05 09 1500 L HR 1.1050 mm 250 x 603.85PG101 05 11 2000 L HR 1.1060 mm 250 x 603.85PG101 05 13 3200 L HR 1.3060 mm 250 x 604.10PG101 05 15 4400 L HR 1.5070 mm 300 x 60PG101 05 17 5200 L HR 1.504.5570 mm 350 x 60PG101 05 19 6200 L HR 1.505.1280 mm 350 x 605.9390 mm 350 x 60PG101 05 21 8000 L HR 1.50* Brake axle as from 1500 L model. HR Road GVW(kg)Trackwidth(m)195 R14 6tr195 R14 6tr10/75x15.3 12 ply 6tr11.5/80x15.3 16 ply 6tr11.5/80x15.3 16 ply 6tr11.5/80x15.3 16 ply 6tr385/65 R22.5 8tr385/65 R22.5 8tr385/65 R22.5 8tr505070707070 jack70 jack70 jack70 Unit priceexcl. VATThe PASDELOU ExtraThe hot-dip galvanising process may leave in ash deposits insidethe tanks. It is therefore necessary to wash the tanks before useand before installing the valves and trough supply accessories.To DREAL 2013 standardsFrame-mountedd tanksk andd wheeledh l d fframes roadd approvedd bby thehDREAL as a S.R.E.A. Vehicle (Semi-trailer agricultural equipment)as from 1500L Delivered with necessary papers (in France: barrérouge) for obtaining the registration certificate.5200 L model4400 L model3200 L model6200 L modelRear lights attached in line with the frame and protected by grills.Rear LH light with support for licence plate in accordance with thestandards and socket for revolving lightdim. B in mmted support standsStable and secure with their OE mounPage6under thevalvedim. Cin mmOptional revolving light and valveData given for OE mounted pneumatic equipmentdim. Ain mm- Adjustable supportstand 50 mmfor890 L to 1100 LWider wheel track formodelsincreased stability- Adjustable support stand 70Factory pre-fitted tomm for 1500 L to 3200 L modelsreceive constant leveltroughs at the rear and - Jack-operated stand 70 mmon the sidesfor 4400 L to 6200 L modelsNumerous pneumatic - Hydraulic support stand with pumpoptionsand reserve for the 8000 L model.1/4 turn valve with removablehose.FORINFORMATION

MOBILE CHASSIS FOR TANKSThe total gross vehicle weight (GVW) noted on the manufacturer's plate must not be exceeded. * The 2000 and 3200 L frames have a different brake link rod adjustment. Up to the 1500L model, tow bar is welded to frame.CodeTank capacitySide rail mmMOBILE CHASSIS ONLY FOR TANK890 L and 1100 LPG101 07 071500 L HRPG101 07 092000 L HR*PG101 07 113200 L HR*PG101 07 124400 L HRPG101 07 135200 L HRPG101 07 156200 L HRPG101 07 178000 L HRPG101 07 19Axle160 x 80 x 3160 x 100 x 4210 x 120 x 6210 x 120 x 6210 x 120 x 6210 x 120 x 6210 x 120 x 6215 x 120 x 850 mm50 mm60 mm60 mm70 mm70 mm80 mm90 mmTyreStandAGW195 R14 6tr10.0/75 x 15.3 12 ply 6tr11.5/80 x 15.3 16 ply 6tr11.5/80 x 15.3 16 ply 6tr11.5/80 x 15.3 16 ply 6tr385/65 R22.5 8tr385/65 R22.5 8tr385/65 R22.5 8tr5070707070 jack70 jack70 jack70 hydr.1500 Kg2190 Kg3150 Kg4400 Kg5810 Kg6870 Kg7980 Kg10650 KgFORINFORMATIONAs from the 2000 L model, thetow bar is attached by meansof 2 fixing brackets on agusset and a pin at the rear ona thrust plate of large crosssection,delivered disassembledfor transport. Except 890,1100 and 1500 LUnit price excl. VATHigh qualityconstructionFrame and side rails made of 3 to 6 mmthick steel according to modelOE mounted retractable rearstabilising support standsRoad approved (HR) as from the 1500 Lmodel. Optional removable light bar fornon-road approved 890 L and 1100 Lmodels.- Front tow bar support strip withlarge reinforcing gussets.- Removable tow bar as from 2000 L model.Protected wiringLights protectedby metal grillsStorage provided inside the frame forthe electric cable and the brake hoseBraked axle as from1500 L model.Electrical extension from theframe to the tractor (provided),preventing damage to the wiringharness by animals. Rear lightsconnected by passing the wiredirectly into the frame.The models of support standsused are determined accordingto the tank capacity, see pageelating to tanks on wheeledframes.For the 8000 L model, ahydraulic support stand withpump and reserve is OEmounted. The assembly isfitted with a 1/4 turn valveand quick couplings forremoving the hose when thetank remains in the field.- wider wheel track forincreased stability- factory pre-fitted toreceive constant leveltroughs at the rear and onthe sides- numerous pneumaticoptionsPage7

MOBILE CHASSISTYRE OPTIONSWateringTypeNew /RetreadedNb. Ofholeson rimORIGINAL EQUIPMENT AND OPTIONALLY FITTED TYRESPG101 13 01195 R14299666PG101 13 03 10.0/75 x 15.334376112 plyPG101 13 05 11.5/80 x 15.337084514 plyPG101 13 07 13.0/65 x 1839889016 plyPG101 13 08 295/60 R22.5420926radialPG101 13 09 340/65 R18400896radialPG101 13 11 385/55 R19.5462925radialPG101 13 12 385/65 R22.54971092radialPG101 13 13 400/60 R15.5380875radialPG101 13 19 385/65 R22.54971092radialPG101 13 21 385/55 R19.5462925radialPG101 13 25 445/45 adedradius (mm)original fitExt. dia.(mm)optional fit890 L& 1100 1500 L 2000 L 3200 L 4400 L 5200 L 6200 L 8000 LLWhen ordering a different size of tyre, deduct the code and the price of the original fitthen add the code and the price per tyre for the optional fit.FARMUSE03050701195 R14CodeTYRE PROFILESROAD USE0910.0/75 x 15.311.5/80 x 15.313.0/65 x 18088340/65 R 181121255133295/60 R22.5400/60 x 14122199385/55 R19.5445/45 R19.5385/65 R22.5DescriptionCol. Unit price excl. VATGALVANISED TROUGHS AND ACCESSORIES FOR TANKS ON MOBILE CHASSISConstant level (NC) 100 L galvanised trough with brass float valve, mounted on the rear of the tanks as from the 1500 L model or on the sides of thePG101 09 01frames as from the 2000 L model.level (NC) 200 L galvanised trough with brass float valve, mounted on the rear of the tanks as from the 2000 L to the 8000 L modelPG101 09 02 Constantor on the sides of the frames for the 8000 L model.PG101 09 03 Water supply kit for galvanised CL 100 litre, CL 200 litre troughs or La Gée Polyfast CL drinker mounted on the rear or on the sides of the framePG101 11 02 High flow rate brass body float valve fitted as original equipment on CL 100 litre and 200 litre troughs.NEWACCESSORIES AND OPTIONS FOR TANKSPG101 11 01 Optional white nylon body float valve, 32 L/min at 3.5 bar (with galvanised anti-wave housing) for automatic fillingPG101 11 05 Level gauge with protective metal cover for 500 and 630 L tanksPG101 11 07 Level gauge with protective metal cover for 890 and 1100 L tanksPG101 11 09 Level gauge with protective metal cover for 1500 and 2000 L tanksPG101 11 11 Level gauge with protective metal cover for 3200 L tanksPG101 11 13 Level gauge with protective metal cover for 4400, 5200, 6200 and 8000 L tanksPG101 11 21 Galvanised blank flange with seal for closing rear of tankPG101 11 23 60 mm dia. 1/4 turn valve with 60 mm dia. 4-hole female side outlet flange (for tank rear outlet)PG101 11 24 60 mm dia. 4-hole female side outlet flangePG101 11 25 60 mm dia. aluminium twist-lock coupler 1/2 male screw coupling 1/2 male ribbed coupling (mounted on PG101 11 23)PG101 11 27 60 mm dia. straight plug valve on 4-hole flange for tank rear outletPG101 11 29 60 mm dia. straight slide gate valve on 4-hole flange for tank rear outletPG101 11 41 Optional baffle for 500 and 630 L tanks (produced to order)PG101 11 43 Optional baffle for 890 and 1100 L tanks (produced to order)PG101 11 45 Optional baffle for 1500 and 2000 L tanks (produced to order)PG101 11 51 Optional galvanised ladder in front of tank on 1500 and 2000 L tank framePG101 11 53 Optional galvanised ladder in front of tank on 3200 L tank framePG101 11 55 Optional galvanised ladder in front of tank on 4400, 5200, 6200 and 8000 L tank framePG101 11 61 Optional removable light bar for tank on non-road approved 890 and 1100 L tank framePG101 11 63 Pair of mudguards for 2000, 3200 and 4400 litre tank framesPG101 11 65 Pair of mudguards for 5200, 6200 and 8000 litre tank framesPG101 11 66 Motorised pump seating plate attachment support. Size: 400 x 400 x 60 mm - 4 mm thick for 2000/3200/4400 L tank (with H 225 L 126 M24 stirrup clamps)PG101 11 67 Motorised pump seating plate attachment support. Size: 400 x 400 x 60 mm - 4 mm thick for 5200/6200/8000 L tank (with H 225 L 126 M24 stirrup clamps)PG101 11 71 Optional hydraulic support stand with reserve pump for 5200, 6200 and 8000 L tank wheeled frame. 1/4 turn valve with removable hose.Page8Unit priceexcl. VATDeliveredmountedyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes

OPTIONS FOR TANKSON MOBILE CHASSISHigh qualityconstructionSecurely attached tothe tank frameRear-mounted CL200 L trough6200 L model shown with 2 optionsns for attachingCL 100 litre galvanised troughs andnd 2 water supply kitsConstant level 100 L troughghPG101 09 01Constant level trough factory-fitted with brassbody float valve for low pressure operation. Antispill inner rim. Double drainage by Ø 20/27 brassConstant levelbulkhead plug fittingSecurely bolted directlyy tothe frame.L 910 x W 525 x H 495 mm200 L troughPG101 09 02L 1605 x W 525 x H 350 mmWITH BLOCKING SYSTEMMFOR TRANSPORTOur tanks on chassis are OE fitted to receive:On the rear of the frame:- the galvanised CL 100 L trough, as from the 1500 L model or,- the galvanised CL 200 L trough, as from the 2000 L model or,- 1 single or double POLYFAST cast iron constant level drinker of theLa Gée range with optional low pressure float valve (in which caseprovide the rear closure blank flange PG 101 11 21, and 1 watersupply kit PG101 09 03).SPECIAL FLOAT VALVEEFOR CL TROUGHOn either side of the frame:- the galvanised CL 100 L trough, as from the 2000 L model or,- the galvanised CL 200 L trough, for the 8000 L model or,- 1 single or double POLYFAST cast iron constant level drinker (with orwithout protection) of the La Gée range with optional low pressurefloat valve (in which case provide 1 water supply kit PG101 09 03per trough or drinker).The 890 and 1100 L models can optionally be fitted with only the single or double cast iron drinkers on the rear or the sides.PG101 11 02Brass body and pistonvalve mechanism, stainlesssteel float support rod,polyethylene float.NewWater level adjusted by sliding the polyethylenel th lenefloats along the stainless steel rod.PG101 11 21Supplied with sealOptional translucentlevel gauge. Protectivemetal cover with 1/4,1/2, 3/4 level indicator,front-mounted.Option PG101 11 01PG101 11 13Valves suppliedwith seal andremovable sprayingplatePG101 11 24PG101 11 23Supplied with sealPG101 11 294-Hole flange only,Female outlet,Ø 60 mm.Supplied with sealPG101 11 2560 mm dia. aluminiumtwist-lock couplers 1/2male screw coupling 1/2 male ribbedcouplingPG101 11 55PG101 11 71Motorised pump seatingplate attachment supportPG101 11 66/67PG101 11 63185 mmPG101 11 27Example of installation with: 1 single La Géedrinker mounted on the rear and 1 double LaGée drinker with protection mounted on theside. All connected by means of 2 water supplykits PG101 09 03 connected to the Ø 20/27outlet on the side of the rear outlet. In thiscase, provide a blank flange PG101 11 21La Gée double drinker with protectionPage9

PANELS AND GATE PANELSHandlingWeigningCodePANELSPG100 13 01PG100 13 03PG100 13 05PG100 13 09PG100 13 11PG100 13 13PG100 13 15PG100 13 21PG100 13 23PG100 13 25Length. Width Height Packing Unit price excl. VAT(m)(m)‘(m)DescriptionGalvanised panel 2.40 m long 6 rails Ø 35 mmGalvanised panel 3 m long 6 rails Ø 35 mmGalvanised panel 3.40 m long 6 rails Ø 35 mmGalvanised connecting arch panel Ø 42.4 mm, extendible from 0.75 to 1.20 mGalvanised gate panel 2.40 m long 6 rails Ø 35 mmGalvanised gate panel 3 m long 6 rails Ø 35 mmGalvenised gate panel 3.60 m long 6 rails Ø 35 mmPair of fasteners for connecting two Ø 35 mm panelsPair of fasteners for connecting three Ø 35 mm panelsAdditional pack of two 600 mm long, Ø 4 mm chains with screws for panelIntermediate stiffening plateensuring a rigid and robustassembly. 2 vertical stiffeners forthe 3.60 m model.Supplied with2 chainsSupplied with 4 chainsSupplied with2 qualityconstructionPG100 13 01Rounded feet provide stabilityand can accommodatedifferences in level whenassembled in lineH 1.60 mØ 35 mm tubes notched atjoints to perfectly follow theshape of the tubes to providea highly rigid and strong joint.Straight, black perga plastic finish,avoids protruding parts whenassembledSafetyThese panels have beenspecifically designed forquickly creating handlingfacilities such as: circularholding areas, tubular pens orhandling corridors, providingfarmers with a system that isrisk-free for the animals.There are protruding parts tocause injury to the animals,even if they rub against thetubes as they pass.With laser-cut plate system,several panels can be joinedtogether.35 mm roundConstruction using Ørust resistancethertubes provides bettalthan ov tubes!GATE PANELSEach panel is equipped atone end with top and bottomplates. These plates serve tolock one or two other panelsusing the OE chains provided.Supplied with2 factoryfitted roundlink chainsFastening of round link chainsø 4 mm, 600 mm long by boltsø 6 mm 20 mm long.PG100 13 11These panels have the same characteristics as the standardpanels. They can therefore easily be incorporated to form anentry panel in handling installations.Injury-proof bolt position.Adapted for easypassage of people oranimals.Robust weldedfabrication. Equipmentdesigned for intensiveuse.Page10

ARCH PANELS AND MOBIPARCEXTENDIBLE CONNECTING ARCH PANELHigh qualityconstructionThe connecting arch panel has the same characteristics as the standard panels. It serves to maintain the spacing of lines ofpanels on either side of a corridor as well as to strengthen the assembly. Robust design using Ø 42.4 mm tube.0.75 - 1.20 M LONGExtensibleAdjustablefrom0.75 to1.20mØ 42.4 mm.Example of panel arrangement atcattle handling crush exitPG100 13 09PAIRS OF FASTENINGSSupplied with4 factoryfitted roundlink chainsDesigned to securely join two Ø 35 mm tubesPG100 13 21 or three Ø 35 mm tubes, PG100 13 23.Supplied with screws.PG100 13 21PG100 13 23CodeLength. Width Height Packing(m)(m)(m)DescriptionMOBIPARCPG100 07 07 Galvanised “Mobiparc” panel support frame with ratchet strap for transporting 20 panelsPG100 11 17 Cattle crush or Mobiparc warning markings kit“Mobiparc” PG100 07 07 supplied with 19 panels PG100 13 01 (2.4 m long) and one 2.40 m long gatePG FULL MOBI 48panel PG100 13 11 providing a total of 48 linear metres“Mobiparc” PG100 07 07 supplied with 15 panels PG100 13 01 (2.4 m long) and one 2.40 m long gatePG FULL MOBI 38panel PG100 13 11 providing a total of 38.4 linear metres1.521.171.582.401.012.372.400.852.37Unit priceexcl. VATThe PASDELOUMOBIPARC PANEL SUPPORT FRAMEThis sturdy frame is fitted with a 3-point hitch to a draw bar. Its structureis made from 120x60 mm rectangular hollow sections, and it can receivepanels of different lengths: 2.40/3.00/3.60 m including panels with gatesand connecting arch panels. It comes with the ratchet strap as standard, thusensuring that the panels are securely held during transport.ExtraFULL MOBI 38 and 48PG FULL MOBI 48Total length of panels adapted torequirements.Ideal for transportingup to 20 panels, in anycombination of panels,gate panels and archpanelsRobustPG100 07 07Transport by road requires the placingof the warning markings kit for lengthsgreater than 2.40 m. In any event, thetractor signals must remain visible. Forthis reason we also recommend that thewarning markings kit PG100 11 17 is usedeven with 2.40 m long panels.PG100 11 17Other exampleAssembly composed of:PG100 07 07 20 x PG100 13 01Page11

CENTRAL OPENING YOKES (PCC)Manually operatedCodeHandlingWeigningLength. Width Height Packing(m)(m)(m)DescriptionCENTRAL OPENING YOKE* 948 mm fasteningcentre distance forPG100 09 01 Manual central opening yoke with baulk yoke PCCMdirect installationon cattle crushPG100 09 02 Manual central opening yoke without baulk yoke PCT ( PCCM without baulk gates)PG100 09 04 Optional offset control lever for yoke PCCM/PCT mounted on fixed racePG100 09 05 Optional offset control lever for yoke PCCM mounted on a crush with fixed sidesPG100 09 06 Optional offset control lever for yoke PCCM/PCT mounted on a hydraulic cattle crushPG100 11 27 Optional offset operating lever with retractable handle for yoke PCCM/PCT mounted on a crush with adjustable sidesThis yoke PCC is also availablewith pneumatic assistance.Our yokes are designed for intensiveuse with large animals. Hot-dip galvanised,they are very easy to clean.Because of its system, this central opening model has neck barsthat are completely retracted in the open position, thus allowingeasier movement of cattle.This gate can also be mounted on standard posts at the end of therace directly on clamps or lugs and it’s designed to equip all ourhydraulic cattle crushes.andLeft-hand/right-hroreversible cont lRemote baulk gate opening control handleat high level1.540.522 or 31.411.41Unit priceexcl. VAT2.101.900.601.502.50Yoke PCCM is widely used for beef and dairycattle. It is factory-fitted with a removable supportarm for attaching the animal's nose during dehorning,tagging, shearing, etc.It allows manual immobilisation of the animal and isequipped with central opening, lockable baulk doors.The two gates can also open to 90 from the crushand in so doing move the offset opening handleoutside the upper guide stops.The neck width is adjusted by meansof a spring-assisted handle locatedon the top of the gate. This systemenables the neck width of the gate tobe adapted for cattle of all ages andbreedss.Its mechanism is very reliableand easy to operate thanks toa control lever at mid-heightwith link rods with greasedmechanical guide tubes.PCCMoptionsDeliveredasstandard in 3 mwide version, to beadapted for 2 mwidth.Mounted on a reinforced frame made from 90 x 90 mm sectionsNon-slip steel chequer platedoor threshold, with fronthoof restraint on the animalside. The door is at thesame level as the floor of thecrush in front of which it isinstalled.PG100 09 04PCCMVery robustnstructioncon90 mm90x90x90sing 9usrsbersemembemginmframfrPG100 09 05600 mmAdjustable neck bar with sheeted anti-passageThe offset handleoption enables theyoke PCCM to beoperated whilestanding furtherback from theanimal.PG100 09 06The 2 sides of the basket close against one another in theroad transport position when used as a mobile handling ortreatment crush, to avoid oversize load restrictions.Page12 Also opens to 90

SELF-LOCKING CENTRALOPENING YOKES (PCCA)Manually operatedCodeLength. Width Height Packing Unit price excl.(m)(m)(m)VATDescriptionCENTRAL OPENING YOKEPG100 09 03 Self-locking central opening yoke PCCA*Fastening centre distance* 948 mm for direct installation oncattle crush0.741.062.06*Fastening centre distance* 948 mm for direct installation onfixed race0.950.950.250.251.961.96OFFSET OPENING YOKE “FOR DEHORNED CATTLE”PG100 09 07 Offset right-hand opening yoke PCDPG100 09 11 Offset left-hand opening yoke PCGGate shown in animal holding positionYoke PCCA very sturdy,it can be used to restrainanimals without humanintervention. Frequently usedfor handling high volumes oflarge animals, it is silent andreassuring.Very sturdy guide mechanism with large Opening guide plate fitted with ratchetdiameter mechanical tubes, fitted with a mechanisms to limit play during opening andlubricator ensuring faultless reliability over time. closing movements.Spring mechanism assistingoperation.PCCAIts mechanism is very reliable and easy tooperate thanks to a control lever at mid-heightwith shafts running in mechanical guide tubesfitted with andy autorestraintOf modern

above also used for inserting the filling hose. Ø 70 mm rear outlet on plate with 4 holes on the side. Monobloc design, seam welded to ensure strength and leak-tightness. These tanks are hot-dip galvanised after fabrication to ensure long durability. Original equipment: Front section on lid side,