"WHERE TO BUY IT"Rubber—SafesRubber Products—ContinuedRubber ProductsJOEL SPETROLEUM RUBBER LTDCONTINENTAL RUBBER LTDDistributors of:Moulded & Extruded RubberMULTI V-BELTSCONVEYOR BELTSALBERTASTAMPProductsGaskets, Rubber Covered Rolls,Special Purpose Hoses& Rubber Lininps9725 62 AveGE 3-7545LOCKSMITHSHOSE OF ALL TYPESAOHESIVES, HOSELTD.FITTINGSPHOIlEA AccessoriesOilfield Specially Products"FOR INFORMATION CALL"ANDGA 4-1691PETROLEUMKt» RUBBER 735 LTD62 ave- GE 3-5874DOMINION MECHANICAL RUBBER PRODUCTS''MARKING CO.JhGE 3-0456CONVEYOR BELTSTRANSMISSION BELTS"V" BELTSIndustrial&FireHoseRubber LiningsMouldedGL 5-9171STENCILSStocksi1JOEL'S LOCKSMITH LTD96538 Jasper ove. GA 4-1215INDOSIKIALL, riibberALL TYPES OFINDUSTRIALHOSE—Rug CleanersPADSRug Repairing pricing machines1—SEE CARPET REPAIRINGDUNLCPBELT FASTENERSV—SEE CARPET CLEANERSINKof:V BELTINGRUBBERSoclsCHUBB SAFE CO. LTD.Safe MovingFERGUSON SUPPLY ALBERTA LTD672S104 StSafes3 HR. SERVICE9949 77 ave .GE 3-5683Goodrleh B F Canada Ltd 1050S loo st GA 2-6795Goodrlcli B F Canada Ltd lOSOS 106 st GA 2-8781Goodrlcb B F Store100 st 4 Jasper ave GA 4-8218GA 4-1691Yellov/ Pages bring Every Busi9658B Jasper Ave.RUBBERSTANPSV-Bells, Conveyor Belting,Hoseofalltypes.andContinued on Next Pageness Right to Your Door.GOODRICH B F INOUSTRUU. RUBBER —:—PRODUCTSMouldedPHONEEDMONTON BUTCHERSHERS & PACKERSI10726 JasSUPPLIES LTD 10726Jasper ave GA 4-0S41OUR SPECIAITYGates Rubber ol Canada LtdGrommetJOEL'SGE 9-3901or CANADA LTDB407 103 St. .GE 3-7026ofCALL—SEE MOVERSEiplosivcs Ltd Calgary trGE 3-6272GARLOCK INDUSTRIAL RUBBER PRODUCTS-MakersAuthorized Dealer for—SEE BAGS SECTION"FOR INFORMATION CALL"GARLOCKSafesrr 10127 102 It .GA 2-6927EDMONTONSTAPLERSDUNLDP INDUSTRIAL RUBBER PRODUCTSCONVEYOR &WallG 3-C456Edmonton Rubber Stamp Co LidALTA.DUNLOP CANADA LTD U625 120 st GL 4-5152Safes & Vault DoorsAlberta Stamp & Marking Co10654 82 Ave.SEALS DATERSDOMINION RUBBER CO LTDCompleteNEW & USEDRubber Stompsl0bS4 32 ave"FOR INFORMATION CALL"ALL TYPESGA 4'3394Pillofoam Ltd :053i 1C7 stINKS :Rubber Goods119 51 & KingswayMOSLER-TAYLORS FESExtrudedSTENCiLSv :Prt ducu,Rubber Coverings and Linings ol alltypes. Aviation Products, Adhesives, RigidVinyl Pipes and Shapes. Better ProductsThrough Research.INKS. SEALS, :PADS, DATERS, :"FOR INFORMATION CALL"143 St. GL 5-7191Motor Car Supply Co of Canada Ltd10130105stofCanadianGA 2-8761Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co of Canada Ltd11330Complete RangeHOTEL KEY TAGS GOODRICH B F CANADA LTD10S05 106 stGA 4-2191 The EdmontonRubber Stamp]s:CO. LTD.: 10127 102nd STREET (REAR)Continued Next Listing ColumnP'none for Advertisjing Rates EDMONTON,-Underwriters' Approved:SecurityALBERTAjEquipmentIfor ALL YOUR Warlinf f/ttJi SEE USjJOEL'S RUBBER STAMP CORECORD SAFES MONEY SAFESINSULATED FILES VAULT DOORSDivision of Joel's Locksmiths Ltd. Legal Seals Stamp Pads Special Inks Steel Stamps Pocket Stamps Self-Inkers DatersFree Fir & Burglar Protection SurveyNo obligation Time Stamps CustomRubberStomp OrdersCemploted in 24 HoursMOSLER-TAYLOR SAFES LTD.Representative: A. C. Turner, 9572 87th StreetPhone263GA 4-1215EDMONTONor Call atJoeFs 9658-B Jasper Ave., Edmonton jHO 9-3027

264Safes—SandEDMONTON CUSSiRED TELEPHONE DIRECTORYSafety Appliances—ContinuedSafes—ContinuedMINE SAFETY APPLIANCES CO OFCANADA LTDJENXIHS FREO LTDNEW AROSandACE SAND & GRAVEL COSPECIALIZING IN SMALL QUAHTmESIMPORTERS & EXPORTERSUSED SAFES102» 102 A»#Solvage—ContinuedDAVIS ENTERPRISES (ALBERTA) LTDReoirators, Poeolators, Gas Masks, GasDetecting Instruments. McDonald Oil Field6A 2'1337Hats. U.S.A. Skullguarris. Safety Shoes andAl Davis, Pres.SAFETY EQUIPMENTHEADQUARTERS FORIQIbX 103 a. OA 2'4608EVERY fWDUSTRYMOSLER-TAYLOR SAFES LTD9572 87 St. HO 0-3027VICTOR ADDING MACHINE CO(CANADA) LTD 10168 105 st. GA 4-5434WILLSON STATIONERY CO LTDGL 5-2174STEEL SALES DIVISION(Alherta Steel Products Ltd.)11404 143 Sl9836 Jasper Ave.Nighl CsilJCA 2-6043GL 4-8121SAFETY BOSS LTD 9339 63 avrGE 9-1980KU 9-1S2075 rt ft 122 ave. -GR 9-204511404 143 StOFFICE SPECIALTY MFG CO LTDB:0O a.m. to 9:00 p.n.1144S 149 SlAdby Sand ft Gravel LtdExtinguishers, Etc.MOSLER SAFES-AllTypec of Scrap Metafs Get Our OuotationcClothing, First Aid Equipmenl, FireJmI's Loekimilli Ltd s&sas Jasper ave GA 4-1691typen fromWe Buy Scrap Steel, Cast Iron andGL 5-2171After UoursED 8-1690, nu 8-623;, HD 8-0813Belalr Max Sand & Gravel12340 Mount Lawn rd.GR 9.6889Belalr Rene 12807 121 aveGL 5*4641Berg Fred 13112 106 aveHU 8-3714Sevan Conitin (Alberta) Ltd6810 104 StGE 9-6659CENTURY LUMBER & TRADING LTD12102 156 St. .HO 9-7944DALES BROS LTDDel Dynes Disposal Service Ltd11702 89 St. .GR 9-6088&Respirators,VAULT DOORS11702 89 slProtective"WHERE TO BUY THEM''SAFETY SUPPLY CO10206 106 st.GA 2-7358SOPER.SINGLETON ELECTRIC CO LTD10B31 101 SI.GA 4-1024Safety AppliancesCtaumer;' Weldlnp Gas & SupplieslOSAI 123 St. HU 8-0959Safety Switches9935 170 StMEIER METALS LTD.HOUSEHOLD ARTICLES—SEE MANUFACTURERS AGENTSNEWSPAPERS, BOOKS,FURNITURE, STOVES.Saltplace o{ buyers and seDers.METALSCANADIAN SALT CO LTD9912 106 SiGA 2-2664Canadian Salt Co Ltd 9912 lOb tt - . -GA 2-6208SIFTO SALT LTD 8263 95 ave .HO 9-3153SOPER SINGLETONSolt Free Foods—SEE HEALTH FOODSSalvogeA A Demolllipn & Supply Co LidA A Salvage & DerrHJlltion11219 76 ave GE 9-1604CANADIAN CONSOLIDATED SALVAGElEdmonlon Junk Co.)Eulusive DistHbators forE.D. BOLLARD, CHICAGO EVE SHIELDImporters & ExportersW. KiOOE. CANADIAN MEDICAL SUPPLIESBuyerx of Scrap Steel, Cart Irtin andScrap Metal (Copper, Brait. «.)INDUSTRIAL SCRAP OUR SPECIALTYTr»itk and Rait Spur. 9636j.**; n77nOffiee, 10141 96 Sl6* 4-077010831 101 St.GA 2-5269WHOLESALEdistributorsProlociivo Hats ft Caps, Giovos ftRmn;!."E Y Protoeion, Gas Mixsks,Helmuts ft Soppliw, GasiuppHos, hra Equipment. S»fpfy C,n Vr,rs, AidCONCRETE MIXERSFOR RENTWe Sell Paper Excelsior9611 102 AveHighway No. 14 & SO St. HO 6-3966Mailing Address Sub. P.O. 24, EdmontonFREDLUND J 13084 104 «SAND— WASHED OR CRUSHEDROCK — FILL GRAVELEXCAVATING ft DITCHINGGA 4-7168BULLDOZERSCONA SCRAP & SOLVAGESCRAP8615 112 AveGR 7-2198-GR 7-5923Lakestiore Sands Ltd 10981 127 st . HU 8-6564SCRAPMETALS, DEALERS IN SURPLUS PIPE,VALVES, TUBING, WELL-CASING,EQUIPfflENT & 5UPPUESMCDONALD J B S SON CONTRACTORSEDMONTON LTD 9917 lO? ave GA 2-5820Mudry Russell 11853 40 stOK CONSTRUCTION LTDWASHEDHead Office ft Pipe Yard10233 97 StGA 2-4648Buyer & Pricer's DeskGA 4 15S6iujiiaTS AND CRUSHEDEXCAVATIONS —ASPHALTFREE ESTIMATESGA 2-48038635 Stadium RoadSample Distributing—SEE OISTRiBUTlKG SERVICEROCKAND CONCRETE DRIVEkVAYSScrap Yard & ScaleGA 4-7211Pearson Construction Co 10418 61 ave GE 3-2425Continued on Next PageSAND & GRAVEL LTD,Washed, Crushed & Graded Reck, Fill Gravel,Crushed Road Gravel,Graded Concrete & Plaster Sand"Small quantities can be 'picked upin our yard or we will deliver"PhonoGA 4-8101GR 9-6227TRANSIT AND READY MIXED CONCRETEcatalogue on requestI020S 105 Ava.OVERHEADCo.)Buyers ofSTEEL. CAST IRON.10319 105 Ave.—LOADER — BACKHOE — DRAGLINE9850 61 aveWESTERN SALVAGE LTDIron & MetalGR 7-2068HUDSON CONSTRUCTION CO LTDAoytiilns that can etUl be mnde use nf(Western104 St & 68 ave. .GE 3-0668Aid, Breathing Equipment, ete.MATERIALWe Coliecl:YELLOW PAGES . . . meetingComplete Lines of Safety Equipment, Clothing,HaU, Shoe, Helmeu. Goggles, Belts, Hooks,Signs, Rapirstors, Bctlugqlsfter*, Cans, FlatCONCRETESand, Gravel, RockWASTESales AgentsLEVm-SAFETY LTD lozos 105 aw CA 4.8101TRANSIT MIXEDHU 8-3362You Can Help In Our Work by Giving UsYOURELECTRIC CO. LTD.GE 9-2976HO 6-4240SALVATION ARMY—SEE VALVES.1. W. (Hep) .Ulsl. .Msr,HU 9-2541After Hours . nU 9-20S8 - HU 8-J30SEDMONTON TRANSIT MIX & SUPPLY CO LTDCocTwr 72 Ave. & 100 SLFollow 99 SU to 72 AveAfter HuuraDndrack Bros 12110 lOS aveGR 4-1042Crushed Road GravelEXCAVATING, LEVELLINGSafety ValvesSalety EquipmentWashed RockGE 9-4540CUSTODIAN SUPPLIES & DISTRIBUTORS —11430 95 StSCRAP STEEL. CAST IRONand all types of metalsOffice, Scale and Warehouse—SEE COflTROLSCOHPLETE LINE OFWasheid SanidPit-Run Grave!BUYERS OFetc.GA 4-4105HO 6-9274MEIER METALS LTDSafely Clothing, Gloves,Ladders, Safety Cans, Gas Detectors, Lamps,Co., Ltd.GR 7-6777Kill K W Agencis eoos 83 aveHals, Belts, Guards, FireExtinguishers, First Aid,Wiflson StationerylOOSO Jasper Are.Del Dynes Disposal Service LtdSAFETY SUPPLY EOUIPMENTEverything for Safety fnEvery Industry, Goggles,OFFICE SAFESGR 9-204575 St. & 122 Ave.

"WHERE TO BUT IT"Sand—ContinuedPIONEER MACHINERY LTDCalgary tr. GE 9-0O38Sand & Gravel HandlingEquipment—ContinuedCATERPILLAR MATERIAL HANDLINGHO 6-3990EQUIPMENTSMITH CONSTRUCTION CO LTDCatScrapersGRAVEL.SMITHWASHED ilcrn Sash & SupplyEOMONTOH PAIN 'k'-GLrs c LT?fSperialisU In Modern Window IrtsfallaliortsDiesel TractorsMatched 'Dozers andWASHED &CRUSHED ROCKSosh-Aluminum Storm PanelsPALMER R H (1959) LTDPollock W L Trucking & Earth Moving Ltd ?207 77 St ,Sand-Savings 265Motor GradersTraxcayatorsDiesel Engines, GeneratorsBacked by complete parts and service racllitles"FOR INFORMATION CALL"CONCRETEMFGRS. ALUMINUM DOUBLE GUZINGUNITS . . WEATHER STRIPPING . . ,aluminum TENSION SCREENS. SASHBALANCES . CAULKING . STEELSASH .BLOCK VENnLATOBSHAAK sash &SERVICE TO YOUR SATISFACTIONHO 6-4005HAYWARD'S LUMBER CO LTDA Complete Lira of Window HardwareManufaeturers of Ute Net*R ANGUS (ALBERTA) LTD"FOR INFORMATION CALL"103SB 77 aveGE 3-1922If Above Phone Busy CallGA 4-8187Removable WindowsCONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT CO LTDUNIVERSAL HILLWOK LTD GE 9-27 l8STRACHAN E A moz 132 st. . . . GL 5-3004SWEETNAM K l3i-'7 lOZ st ,.VISTA VIEW16900 1D7 ave. HU 9-497111402 105 AveSMITH CONSTRUCTION CO LTD75 stSALES — RENTALSBRGR 9-2709Crushers — WashersUNOERWOOD SAND & GRAVEL LTDConveyors — ScreensAll Purpose Sand24-Hour ServiceHU 9-1971Coults Macliincry Co Ltd (Stephens-Adamsan)Stadium rd & 92 stGA 4-1112CONCRETE ROCKDEPENDABLE 2-CYCLEDIESEL ENGINES FROMCONCRETE GRAVEL20 TO 1650 H-P. FOR ALLPOWER APPLICATIONSBRICK AND STUCCO SAND"StandardizationHO 0-0304Sash—Wood7. 36Schieve Aluminum Window & Dear Ltd10115 81 ave.GE 3-7354UNIVERSAL MILLWORK LTD12430 142 u .GL 5-3388AERO SASH & MILLWORK (ALBERTA) LTD" Western Cabinet Ltd uoo2 101GA 2-4135ZEIDLER W R LTD loaos bo ave.GE 3-3l«SATISFACnON GUARANTEED10575 lU StGA 4-7572Sovings PlonsMeansPOWERSERVICE PARTS - SALESA/tur Hours9310 125 Ave9435 63 ave. GE 3-2162Savings"PEA GRAVELo?fP\'a Wtndows. Doors. Mtmldings. elc.—SEE WIND0WS--MCTALAOBV MILLWORK & SUPPLIES CO LTDGENERAL MOTORS DIESEL —COARSE CONCRETE SANEGR 9-3666NORTHERN ASBESTOS & BUILDING'„, ,SUm.lES LTDSash—MetalWbnlesale tlistrlbuturu16U6 m Are.Wil'iainson Al 12835 12 ) st. GL 4-1466WYE ROAD SAND & GRAVEL LTD7425 120 Ave. Sash & Door10315Mill «Creek9934 7870 aveave .GEGE 9-20269-3292Monarcli Lumber Co LtdGA 2-766514340 111 aYe.GL 5-41388411 103 st .GE 9-4562Zlmmcor Co lOloS 108 aveHO 6-3529HO 6-1686Mailing Address P.O. Box 4036 South Edmn.Mannlng-Wanlejs Building Supplies LtdSash BalancesCRESSWELL-POMEROY LTDSand and GravelWashed RockOffice 75 st & 61 Are.(SEE ADVERTISEMENT THIS CLASSIFICATION)Allen McBoin Lumber Co LtdJasper ave & 93 St.GA 2-2594"FOR INFORMATION CALL" Beaver Lmnber (KIngtway) LtdKingsway-& 101 St .GA 4-2351WATEROUS EQUIPMENT LTDYELLOW PAGES . . . meetingBuilders Supplies Ltd i077i loi st. GA 4-1167pla 3e of Buyers and Sellers.51 ave i Calgary Highway.GE 3-5861YONKERSPIONEER MACHINERY LTDLTDCalgary trailCONCRETE & STUCCO SANDALL GRADES OP GRAVEL770B 123 Ave.GE 9-0033WATEROUS EQUIPMENT LTDGR 7-7415TELSMITH GRAVEL CRUSHINGeoUIPMENT51 Ave. & Calgary Highway. . GE 3-5861Sand BlastingCAPROCO CORROSION PREVENTION LTD\(Formerly Canadian Protective Coating Lt(L WILKINSON & McCLEAN LTD9310 125 avePortable Units for FieldWorkPlant Highway 14KO 6-7698Office 9420 91 StHO 6-1167Greer W E Ltd 10519 104 aveHOLMES JACK DECORATORSGL 4-3919&L 5-6(SlGA 4-6266Earn More AtGA 2-5671Hotel Equipment & Supply Co Ltd110 StWADE H M CO LTDSecurity Tomorrow!Your Savings0US1OANE (ALBERTA) LTD14416 118 aveSaving Today meansGR 9-1945Sanitary ProductsDelia Chemicals (Alberia)14336 iia ave24 HOUR SERVICE104209635 102A ave. .GA 2-2264North—West TrustJanitors' Supply & Distributors Ltd10I6B 105 St. GA 4-0314Kleeii Ltd 12225 106 avsSAND BLASTINGHU 8-9182West Disinfecting Co LtdAND10301 109 stGA 4-1486Wood G H & Co Ltd 14540 lia nvaGL 4-1280Phone GA 4-1137 NowCOATINGS9860 84 Ave.GE 3-5976Sash—Aluminum Storm PanelsAlheruSand Blasting EquipmentWajax Equipment Ltd 15830 ill ave HU 9-5521Sand & Grovel HandlingEquipmenttractors.of crawlerTractorBulldoiers,PullMACHINERYWarnerGR 9-1991Alsco Sales of Edmonton Ltd11210 142 stGL 5-7105MotormatchedInterest paid on Minimum Monthly Balance.Mantrfaclurers of:PaneAlum,Doublo Glazing Units,Do Vac Self-StoringAluminum Windows andComblnnlionGraders,DeVacScreens,Caulking, WindowWcailierTHE NORTH-WEST TRIBTDE VAC WESTERN LTDparts, service10203 B6 ave"FOR INFORMATION CALL"WATERQUS EQUIPMENT LTD51 ave & Calgary HighwayGE 3-5861Retirement Savings Plans.Hardware andDoors."FOR INFORMATION CALL"Plusequipment. Factorywith full chequing privileges.Deposit Savings Accounts.Motor Scrapers, Motor Wag- ons,High interest Savings AccountsGuaranteed Investment Certificates.DE VAC WINDOWSStripping,shovels,Scrapers,Weaiiier-Masier Co Ltd12213 «(7 StInsulALLIS-CHALMERS EARTH-MOVINGcomplete line2-4165GE 3-7429YELLOW PAGES . . mealingplace of Buyers and Sellers.COMPANY LIMITED10166 100th STRfET, EDMONTON

266Saw—SchoolEDMONTON CLASSIFIED TEUPHONE DIRECTORYSaw FilingSaws—FilingSaws—Electric—SE SAiVS-SHARPEKlHGGORMAN'S LTDSawmill Equipment10418 105 ave.GA 2-2220MSO!) US aw. 61 4-1082Stadium Read A 92 st .6A 4-1112MtOcwiald Alex Machinery Ltd9S20 105 sve .CA 4-1107NICHOLS BROS LTD 10103 95 a &A 2-1861Porter H K Co (Canada) LidDiuton Division 10939 77 ave. GE 3-11761G234 103 St GA 2-2359SImonds Canada Saw Co Ltd10582 116 St. HU 8-7432SImonds Canada Savr Co L92 St & Stadium rd .GA 4-1112DISHER EQUIPMENT (ALTAI LTD10418 105 ave. .GA 2-2220DIsher Equipment (Alta) Ltd10413 105 aveGA 2-2209Jasper Grinders 10235 98 atNICHOLS BROS LTD 10103 95 itGA 2-7001GA 2-1861Specializing in Repairs toCircular Saws from 6" to 60"CIRCUUR & BAND SAWSGR 7-78S5Veneer, Chipper, etc.)10582 116 StRotary & Vixen Body Files)HU 8-7432Edmonton Saw ServlteOUTLASTS ALL OTHERS?.tOOT72-l-0GSi GRINDING WHEELS (all types)10582 116 St. Ph. HU 8-7432GAEL"6H 9-6269eHanti SawsDBALETtSe CircularFERGUSON SUPPLY /U.BERTA LTDSaws6725 104 Jl. GE 9-3901MORO CRAFT MARINEesand SawsGE 3-7743 PaperSmith Brw 7828 ion StGE 3-5333SINiUCE GROVE MARINE & SERVICESKnives planerHU 9-9143ACOMPLETE SCAFFOLDING SERVICE Squaring6R 9-6269Shears,etc.6R 9-6304The Well Known"DISSTON" linePUWEER CHAIN SAWSSYMBOL OF CHAIN SAWDUALITYA For profeislonal woods- men, Asnners, contractorsPIONEERand casual users — Seehem It pays to own aMcREEN'S SAWSALES AND SERVICE95G6 111 Ave.ItU. UO 0-2403Sales & RentalsCARPENTERSCHOOL BUSES9932 70 AveJ. R. Evans resGE 3-3406GE 9-122SMgr. Nick R. Uka"A BETTER SCAFFOLD FORLESS MONEY"24 Hour Service10146 81 StHO 9-3078Hwy 16A Eart. HO 6-2242GA 4-6404105 St & 105 ave. GA 4-7207Sarnia Scaffolds Ltd 9420 125 ave . GR 7-7145Saniia Scaffolds Ltd 9420 125 aveGR 9-3633UNIVERSAL EZEBILT GALVANIZEDSCAFFU.DPURVeS-RTTCHlE LTD 5815 103A St GE 3-7101CMPENTER BUS SALES (WESTERN) LTD —CARPENTERSCHOOL COACHESNEW & USED, ALL MAKESHU 9-6411We Buy. Sell and TradeGR 7-17927650 121 Ave.gR 9-2093S. Kttor, Oen. Sale* Mgr. res. HO 6-83.'i5BERKEL PRODUCTS CO LTD8702 lie aveDRALERCanadian Fairbanks-Morse Co LtdGARNEAU MARINE SUPPLY10940 120 IIGE 9-3380HU 8-4821EDMONTON BUTCHERS & PACKERSSUPPLIES LTD 18726 Jasper aveTERRY MACHINERY CO (ALTA) LTD( TERRY — HOMELITEGA 4-0541GORMAN'S LTD 1023a 104 st. . . GA 4-6404UERRICK WEIGHTOMETERS &ENERSDN BUS CO LTDWelles-Wayne School Coaches4810 Calgary TrailAfler HoursgE 3-621300 1-318BFEEflOWEIGHTS"6L 5-2147SCAFFOLDS, HOISTS, VEfTriCALHAGAN CORP (CANADA) LTDWaMx Eriulpment LlcT 15830 ill av« HU 9-5521GE 9-4318PIONEER MACHINERY LTDWilton Ralph H & Co 9653 ICSA ave. GA 2-40X5FOR SALE or RENTThe YELLOW PAGES placeyour Name and Number beforethe Buyer at the Very MomentERECTEDorSTONG'S BUS SALES LTO10436 61 aveAND HORIZONTAL SHORINGService.24-Hour Service"FOR INFORMATION CALL"ALBERTA BUS & COACH SALES LTDGORMAN'S LTD lOZJS 104 stLUNOBERG EQUIPMENT CO LTD10728 152 5tProductAMBUUNCESBOOKMOBILESEYBEN ALBERTALBERTA SCALE SERVICE9653 105A av«. .GA 2-4015yourHIGHWAY COACHESSizes 20 to 72 PassengerDlSTRIBUTOnwantsSchool BusesMailing Address 11101 University Ave.ScalesRALPH H WILSON & CO LTDheGA 4-6060ALBERTA BUS & COACH SALES"WHERE TO BUY THEM"14715 116 Ave.'WHERE TO CALL"BUILT IN SPEEDLOCK & UDDERSDESIGNED & MANUFACTURED IN CANADA10849 85 aveEND DANDRUFF204-10056 lOlA aveSTEEL SCAFFOLDINGSECTIONAL ROLLINGTOWERS — JACKSBUS. PHONE GR 7-8161wPioneerSTOP FALUNG HAIRTHOMAS SCALP SPECIALISTSKnivesMeCulloeh of Canada Ltd11925 73 aMoCulloeh of Canaifa Ltd11925 73 StScalp TreatmentCome In for FREE ConsultationWACOMcCULLOCH OF CANADA LTDLTD Spruce Grove9636 Jasper aye.( A 2-1726Con-Mac Store Equipment Co LtdEVANS EQUIPMENT CO LTDDJSTniBUTOR10764 02 aveScales—UsedCONOON-BARR CO LTDNearly 40 Yean of SuccessScaffolds REPAIR SERVICE"FOR SALES & SERVICE11925 73 «TOLEDO SCALE CO OF CANADA LTD12058 Jasper ave HU 8-0468COMSAT BALDNESS13036 St Albert rd. .GL'5-2018SQUARING SHEARSOUTPRODUCESall10336 112 si. .GA 4-6992Saws—Sharpening FILES (Amerian & Swlst Pattern.OUTCUTS,Makes.toTHOMAS SCALP SPECIALISTS FLAT GROUND DIE STEELGUARANTEEDExpertRepairsEXPERT WORK BY FACTORY-TRAINEDWORKMEN CARBIDE TIPPED SAWSHACK SAWS & METAL BAND SAWSMADE IN CANADAMeal Choppers-Meal Saivs, Steak MachBand Saws up to 8"for Cutilnff Wood, Metel. Plartie MACHINE KNIVES (Planer, Paper,McCULLOCH CHAIN SAWSSllcers-ines, all liAakes,SIMONDS CANADA SAW CO LTDCircular & Band Saws for LumberingAND ALL ACCESSORIES SALES & SERVICETrucks and Axle LeadScales. Food Store Scales.MACHINE KNIVESFILESOregon and OmarkSaw ChainsSCALES.All Types and Capacities'WHERE TO CALL"TOOL SALES AND REPAIRING7507 104 StGE 9-7833After lira.OK 8-22S0THE SAW WITH A ORE YEAR GUARANTEE8931 -118 AveTOLEDO SCALESCoutts Machinery Co LtdROY'S SHARP SHOP—SEE MEAT SAWS-ELECTRICSAWSGR 7-1792TOLEDO SCALE CO OF CANADA LTD12058 Jasper ave .KU 8-04681041S IDS ave. .GA 2-2209(CANADA) LTD 10939 77 ave. GE 3-1176Mechanlci' Supply Co LtdRIRRemingfon Chain SawsSCALES8702 118 AveTerry Machinery Co (Altai LtdDISSTON DIVISION H K PORTER COSaws—ChainDISTRIBUTORSExact WciolitTRINER - CHATILLION - TROEHHER1471S 116 ave. .GL 5-214710582 116 St. .HU 8-7832CONSOLIDATED EOUIPMENT &SUPPLY CO LTDIISaws—MasonryOislier Egulpment (Aita) LtdCoutls Mscliin r;r Co LtdSCALE HOUSE10238 104 it.GA 4-6404DISHER EQUIPMENT {ALTAI LTDAKHURST. W A MACHINERY CO LTDScales—Continued—SEE SAWS-SHARPENINGDEWALT SAWS-Sarnia ScAmFoi.oaCaljary (railCORP LTDExact-Weight —- Triner-Troemner10334 108 St.942P 125 Avd.GR 9-3833GE 9-003BRAILWAY & POWER ENGINEERING.GA 2-7304, GA 4-4886SANITARY SCALE CO10726 Jaaper ave .GA 4-0541NEW & USED BUSESRepairs, Conversionsand Change Overs7650 121 AveGR 9-2091Ccmtinued on Next Fcge

"WHERE TO BUY IT"School Buses—ContinuedWESTERN SCHOOL-BUS SALES & EXCHANGE'SUPERIORGA 2-4717 Chicago Vocational Training Corp LtdAlbcria College icofli loi stCOMPTOMETER SCHOOL-12620 102 aveCANADIAN COUPTOMER LTD412 Nerihern Hdwe bldg.GA 2-5507Gardiner Cemmerciai SchoalSimulator2 9929 lOlA Ave18 TO 72 PASSENGERWestern School-Bus Soles & ExchangeLtd Highway 16 West.HU 9-308SWilliam T Macklem Sales Mtrr res. HO 6-0719Batlas Mgr's res6L 5-9318School FurnitureMedical Secretarial Training SchoolAuditorium SeatingBidg. Ho. 14, Mun. Airport. GL 4-1393Canadian Comptometer Ltd412 Northern Hardware bIdgSchools—Court ReportingGA 2-5507National Servlcair Co Ltd—SEE gSchools—BarberSchools—CollegesGA 4-1993Alberta College loOAi loi stAlberta College 10041 lOl stSchools—Beauty CultureSHARON'S RUBY SCHOOL OF HAIR DESIGN"—SEE DANCING STUDIOSIG041101st .GA 2-8655Alberta College Campaign OHiecWould You Like To Be214 10041 101 »Engineered for longer2 9929 lOlA ave2nd Fir. 9921 lOU AveGA 4-5069lO'ji; 102 stliaoz 101 StCA 2-5709Bursar-RectorMany businesses list the hoursthey (3re open in these YELLOWPAGES.School JeweleryMaster Driving Schools109 St & Jasper ave—GR 7-8178Chicago Vocational Training Corp Ltd12520 102 sve129 Ave. & 68 St.St Joseph's College 89 ave & 114 st GE 3-1569St Stephen's College 88 ave & 112 stGE 3-1153JEWELERS-RETAILA BEAUTYSchool SuppliesCAREER .ALBERTA SPECIALTY SUPPLY LTDGA 2-6406Schools—KindergartenABC NurMfY 6929 82 a-«HOBrockley Kindergarten 6519 ill stGEKiddies Corral Kindergarten12626 130 ave -GL 4-2933Peter Pan Kindergarten 7327 11.3 it.6 9-3386Taylor Muriel Sclioel of OarKing &TOtinkerbell kihoergartcn10329 150 st8-5812OPPORTUNITYSchools—ModellingPROJECTORS & SUPPUES„rial independenceTAPES & TAPE RECORDERSGE 3-0227Moyer Vieo Ltd 1092-s 119 st.HU 8-9555Moyer VIco Ltd 10924 119 stHU 8-6242DRAFTING INSTRUMENTS &Schools—Physical CuHiire11418 120 St. GL 4-5161BEAUTYSCHOOLSchools—ArtSHEPY NATICNAL ARTS OF CANADAPioneers & foaders In teaching. 98% of all successfulgraduates of hoauty culturein Canada are MarvelB-Hanger Mun Airport.GL 4-4531(Member Rayai Can.-idlan Flying Club Assn)Gateway Aviation LidNo 13 Hanger Mun Airport. .GL 5-2196Yellow Page Ads Mean SALES.lOO 10165 104 St.GA 2-0 'PPortuniti Western Cabinet Ltd 11002 loi st. .GA 2-4135EDMONTON FLYING CLUBSchools—PersonolityPEGGI ADAMS SALON LTDGA 9-2091Schools—AviationSchools-MusicPersonal prestigeGO LTDGA 4-5136Prof ALEX SHEPETYS — and ExclusiveCanada's BesI Art InstructorsAdult's ami Cliiiiiren's Classes14 Benson Blk. (10144 101 St.) GA 4-2678100 10165 104 St. .GA 2-0356—SEE MUSIC INSTRUCTORSMATERIALS FOR TECHNICAL SCHOOLSNORTHERN SCHOOL & OFFICEEQUIPMENT TbSO 121 aveSmith Davidson & Lecky LtdPeggi Adams Salon LtdArfislic expressionNORTHERN DRAFTING & BLUE PRINTStHU 9-1232Tiny Tot School 14030 Stony Plain rd HUSCHOOL SOUND SYSTEMS10652 1016-92833-6950Klddle-Kemef-Klndergarten 9865 87 sn GE 3-5680YOUR ROADPROFESSIONALEQUIPMENT LTDCOMPLETE10939 82 Avt.HU 8-4801Klndergsrton bsml Seven Seat bIdg. .GAGA 4-5432GENERAL SOUND & THEATRE16MMGA 4-3IR0Schools—ElectronieSAINT ANTHONY'S COLLEGEGA 4-4S33(ALTA) LTDGA 4-2141StodenU — GR 7-3084WESTERN SCHOOL FURNITURE COSpeedy. Economical,step-by-step Technique In Oual-Controf Cnrs11-9656 Jasper AveGA 4-7285Concordia College 7128 Ada blvd . .GR 7-6955GARDNER COMMERCIAL SCHOOLBRECK, BRUNO. ETC., METHODS"FOR INFORMATION CALL"11328 Jasper Bve.KU 8-56566R 7-30B4McTAViSH BUSINESS COLLEGE LTDMade In Alberta.GR 9-6993JOB VINE AUTO DRIVING SCHOOL129 ave & 68 stTeachingtion wood and steel.10524 113 aveAA-1 Driving Selioul 10524 113 aM.GR 7-2105EDMONTON DRIVING SCHOOL8406 91 St. HO 6-2196Catholic Saint Anthony's College"MEMBER OF NATIOHAL ASSOCIATION"life and lowest maintenance costs. Madeof wood or combinaAA-1 DRIVING SCHOOLGA 2-7648Catholic College St Jeana Beautician?Schools—DrivingGA 2-6991GA 2-2451Alberta College 405-10030 102A ave.GA 4-4814Alberta College Campaign OIBce215GL 4-5154. GL 4-5161WESCAB SCHOOL FURNITUREGE 3-7425Schools—CalculatingALBERTA COLLEGE iQcn loi n GA 2-1464School Furniture &Curriculum Films A 9901 104 stRegistrar: V. H. STEWARTGE 9-70186407 UO St.Oenonstrations, Sales & SenictMOLER BARBER SCHOOLdwn 9667 Jasper aveDISTRIBUTORS OF10S44 101 StGA 2-2992U SALLE EXTENSION UNIVERSITY—SEE SCHOOLS-MODELLINGSMITH DAVIDSON & LECKY LTD'— EEREPRESENTATIVES10010 102 AveTraining & Manufacturing CentreHangar 16 Mun Airport.GL 5-417713418 120 StIGA 4-5069lOQlO 102 St. .GA 4-214110436 81 ave"WHERE TO BUY THEM"MHU a-4801INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLSMcTAVJSH BUSINESS COLLEGE LTDIntroduclnj an Ingenious Invenllon to Facilitate the Training of Helicopter Pilots.Also Used nessSchools—Aviation—ContinuedJAYCOPTERS LTDJaycopters FlightSchool & Adult BusesSchool—Schoolsgraduates.Arthur Murray Dance Studies2nd Rr lOblS Juspo- ave. GA 2- 53Heavener Dance Studies202 Tewee bidgSchools—Publica Our tuition covers everytubjecf.aporsonafized lupervlsionduring important phase*of coursa.CA 2-4 ALBERTA COLLEGE ioimx loi ti GA 2-4717Beverly Public Sehdul Oitl/ict No 22923340 116 we OH 9-3945Bmrly Public School Dittrici No 229211602 40 it .GR 4-3323#Wo assist in pbcemant.Continued on Next PageTeaching staff kept compleloly up-to-date In ell newtrends with post graduate training fromeeknowledgod world master*.Call . GA 2-0593Atelephonecall keepsonbeing one of the best bargaiiu10075 Javier Ave.In the family budget.

268EDMONTON CiASSiFlEO TELEPHONE DIRECTORYSchools— SeedsSchools—Public—ContinoedBererly Public School District No 229247 St & US avcGR 9-4036Bewfly Public School Diitrict No 229211602 40 St GR 9-4%2Second-Hand Dealers—CcnfdSchools—VocofionalAlberta Major School of Bartendlog10421 97 St .GA 4-4Q96WESTERN HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATORS"CompleteBonnie Doon CompcsUe High SchoolTRAINING SCHOOL LTD.HUMEN CREDIT*JEWELLERSTraining In AH Types Earth Moving EgpL820S 90 avcHO 6-8452101-11810 124 St6L 5-5565Second Hand DealersClow Bar School Dhisiwi No. 1310426 81 a»eCloter Bar School Division No. 1310432 81 aweClower Bar School Olvislon Ho 136E 3-555510426 SI zveGE 5151CASH LOANS OH ANYTHING OF VALUE Schools—WeldingGE 9-U6710426 95 St.GA 2-6770Hunters' & Trappers' SuppiiuQ. MIRTE.NBACM, Prnp.10265 101 StGA 2-80O397K Jasper Avemachines, radios, T.V.'s, transistor radios,IUnited Exchange 102B5 101 stWelsh's Hardware & Saddlery'See our stock of unclaimed goods.Scissors—SharpeningLike new,re-set diamond rings at less than 25% ofjjnew price. EE GRINOiNS SERVICEBUY, SELL Oft TRADE ANYTHINGScrap MetalsQoeen EiitabtUi Cooipeslte High School'l Store Only . . . Parking No Problem',9212 m Ave.9425 132 awe GR 7-6762 CANADIAN SCRAP METAL CORou Sheppard Composite High School13546 111 ave GL 5-7711Cart Iran & Steel Batteries andRadiators, ettSecond-Hand DealersBeverly Second Hand Store 12141 42 st GR 9-6217CANADIAN FURNITURE EXCHANGE10255 97 StCOAAMERCIAL DIVISION9612 105 Ave.GA 2-86845/ 2-6660CLOAD ARTHUR 10624 loi siCouncil Economy Shop10336 101 stDAVIS ENTERPRISES (ALBERTA) LTDEVENING CLASSESIMPORTERS AND EXPORTERSGft 4-609110330 97 SL11404 143 SIAfter HouraLeader, Train Your Memory,GA 2-488410170 100 stGA 2-2443Alberta Seed Hpuse 10127 99 st.Seeds, Nursery Stock,Bedding PlantsLawn Service10116 149 stGL 5-2171HU B-1590We Buy Just AboutEverything We "DISCOVER"When We Clean Up Your Attic or GarageMEIER METALS LTDHU 9-4245Ample Parkins - Opto TIU 9 p.m.Avenue Seeds 9006 118 aveGR 4-3205BOND'S SEEDS lOlSS lOOA stGA 2-4572Brackmati-Ker Milling Co Ltd0419 102 stDale Cameale10159 103 St9659 104 Avebuyers ofSCRAP STEEL, CAST IRONanfi all types of metalsGA 2-0116Schools—Radio—TechnicalCorner 72 Ave. & 100 Si.Follow 99 Si. to 72 AveRadio College of Canada304 o-JZi lOlA av« 4-3003Temr Schools of Radio 4 Tclorislon3ro fir CniEO bidgGA 2-3666After HuutuGE 9-2976DO e-tSlO - GE 9-4940SCONA SCRAP & SALVAGEGA 2-1781HU 8-7817Schools—Riding—SEE RIQIN6 ACaOELMESHO 6-3764WESTERN SALVAGE LTD(WHtern Iron & Metal Co.)Dealers in All Types of ScrapSchools-SecretarialMcTAVlSH BUSINESS COLLEGE LTDilulQ 102 tt GA 4-2141Schools—SeparateStverty R C Separate School11917 40 St Ad q iicv-Metals Since 1914Mnln Omce10233 97 St.GA 3-1556Buyer & Prieer's DeskGA 2-4648Scrap Vard & Sole 10319 105 Ave.10321 97 st GA 4-2067New Era Appliances & Furniliire ltd15210 Stony Plain rd HU 9-5888NEW YORK EXCHANGEGA 2-4803KG 6-5173»'15I6« A 4-6474 1 Universal GlassScreens—iiiswt& Screens 7310 76 ave HO 9-4279ing Goods - Guns - Musical Instruments, Lug(llcTAVISH BUSINESS COLLEGE LTB10010 102 st ,6A 4-a41Schools—TelevisionWestern Radio Elcctrotiii; Tslevijion SchoolsSeols—Oil—SEE OIL SEALSSeat Covers—SEE AUTO SEAT COVERSLtd Jrd ftr 4676 Jasper ave CAJust as ROAD MAPS glv youSchools—UniversitiesUfllversHy of Alberta 89 ave & 114 ,, re o -me,UnherFafOfAIberU "e 4complete travel Information, sothe Yellow Pages give you complete buying information.Wholesalers — RetailersExportersFORAGE SEED, CEREAL, GRASSESFIELD SEEDS OF ALL OESCRIPTIONSGR 9-2051CAPITAL SEEDS LTDgage, Prospectors', Hunters' & Trappers' Sup,Pure Seeds for Every PurposeM. SHAPIRO Prnn.Grass Seeds, Clovers, Alfaifo, Garden.Seeds, Lawn Seeds, Fertilints,10259 101 St.GA 2-1778Insecticides,RELIABLE FURNITURE EXCHANGE10276 97 5tGA 2-1467RUBIN'S EXCHANGEKillersLenon Amby Ltd 10349 Jasper avs.Men's ClothingCameras, WatchesDIIRIN' Gun: & Sporting Goods IB'lfP i H WGA 2-1342GA 4-7314MERCHANTSRetailers"WHERE TO BUY THEMRUBIN'S EXCHANGEi!)309 101 StSEEDExporters — 'WholesalersRadlu, Razors, etc.OA 2-5446STANDARD EXCHANGEBUYERS OFCereal Grains, Grais Forspe Seod"Continuous Dependable Service forOver 40 Years"WE BUY AND SELLCLOTHING, GENTS FURNISHINGS,JEWELRY, GUNS. BAGGAGE.MUSICAL INSTRUMENTSNEW & USEDA. ESTRITI, Prop.10277 101 SiWeed10185 99 St(.Market Square)McCABE GRAIN CO LTDNEW & USEDSchools-ShorthandSEED MERCHANTS7410 120 AveMechanic & Carpenter Tools, Jewelry, SportWE BUY & SELLWIndtef George 5603 lOl aveGE 3-1907CANADA WEST GRAIN CO LTDJunior League of Edmonton Thrift ShopDEALERS IN9350 61 ave.GE 9-2B39SUVAN A 9425 79 st9807 104SPOT CASH FOR YOUR USEDFURNITURE Sc APPLIANCES10246 97 StAfter HoursGA 2-0116MEiER METALS LTD.Sgpirote School Board EdnronienGA 4-5974HOME FURNITURE COOffice, Scale and WarehotiseLsdersflip Training Institute10159 103 St.GA 2-1761APACHE SEEDS LTDHAKOM'S SECOND HAND STOREEDMONTON JUNK CO loim 96 st GA 4-0770"FOR INFORMATir.N CALL"LEADERSHIP TRAINIRG INSTITUTEGA 2-8572Seeds—RetailEDMONTCN FURNITURE EXCHANGEI.ViiKrla Steel Products Ltd.)Increase Vmir Incame.— Founded 1912 —Edmonton Seed Cleaners 12705 65 st. GR 7-5888GA 2-0246Steel Sales DiuisionSeed CleanersGA 4-5665Edmonton Exchange 10209 97 st. . ,.SL 5-2174INDUSTRIAL PATROL & PROTECTIONSERVICE LTD II6II 122 st. .GL 5-0895GA 2-4725At Davis, Pres.11404 143 St.Gain Self-Coiilidencs, Spea

HOSE OF ALL TYPES AOHESIVES, HOSE FITTINGS A Accessories Oilfield Specially Products "FOR INFORMATION CALL" PETROLEUM Kt» RUBBER 735 LTD62 ave- GE 3-5874 Pillofoam Ltd :053i 1C7 st GA 4'3394 Rubber Stomps Alberta Stamp & Marking Co l0bS4 32 ave G 3-C456 Edmonton Rubber Stamp Co Lid rr 10127 102 It .GA 2-6927 JOEL'S LOCKSMITH LTD 96538 .