Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection2811 Agriculture Dr., Madison, WI stom Rate Guide 2020April 2021General:The 2020 Wisconsin Custom Rate Guide was compiled by the USDA’s NationalAgricultural Statistics Service (NASS), Wisconsin Field Office, in cooperationwith the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection, the University of Wisconsin-Extension, and the College of Agricultural &Life Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison.This summary is the result of a mail and phone survey which collected ratespaid by farmers for custom work performed in 2020. The figures are based onreports by custom operators and farmers who performed custom workand/or rent out equipment. There were 494 reports compiled.Thank you to all survey participants who provided data for this publication!Your input made this report possible.Figure 1:2:WISCONSIN KBARRONLINCOLNTAYLORCHIPPEWAST. CEEAU MPEALEAUKEWAUNEEOUTAGAMIEBROWNJACKSONMost of the rates in this release include the cost of hiring a machine with fueland operator, but exclude the cost of any materials. No attempt was made todistinguish between rates charged by custom operators who perform theseoperations as their main source of income and those who do custom work asa secondary source of income. This summary makes no effort to evaluatefairness of rates being charged.2WINNEBAGOWAUSHARAADAMSCALUMET MANITOWOCMONROELA CROSSEMARQUETTEJUNEAUVERNONSAUKSHEBOYGANFOND DU KEEGREENLAFAYETTEROCKWALWORTHRACINEIncluded in this release are the number of reports, the average rate, and themedian rate. The average provides an estimate of the prevailing charge withreliability improving as the number of responses increases. Median values offer an additional measure of the central tendency of the survey response distribution. Median values that represent an individual operation are withheld. Rates are typically influenced by fuel costs,soil conditions, topography, field size and shape, traditional practices in an area, and type, age, and availability of equip ment. Reportswere edited to remove items for which the respondent’s figures were widely outside the range of other respondents’ replies. Certainitems may have appeared on the questionnaire, but were not summarized due to an insufficient number of responses.KENOSHAPrice changes for machinery, fuel, and labor should be taken into account when using this 2020 data for subsequent years.Regional Data:Beyond statewide figures, averages and medians at the regional level are included in this release where sufficient data was available.Please refer to Figure 1 to determine in which region your operation falls.Custom Land Tillage Services, Wisconsin, 2020WisconsinOperationChisel plowingDisk/ripper/harrow combinationField cultivatingMoldboard plowingRotary hoeVertical tillageFinishing diskOffset diskDisk w/ digger & dragRow cultivator with fertilizerRow cultivator withoutfertilizerSubsoiling (16-20 in. deep)- Insufficient data.Numberof reportsAverageRegion 1MedianNumberof reportsAverageRegion 2MedianNumberof reportsAverageRegion 3Numberof 8.27-61716.1722.0315.5022.00

2Wisconsin Custom Rate GuideCustom Application of Fertilizers and Chemicals, Wisconsin, 2020 1WisconsinOperationNumberof reportsAverageRegion 1MedianNumberof reportsAverageRegion 2MedianDollars/acreDollars/acreFertilizerAnhydrous (knife applicator)613.0013.75Bulk dry 68.00Side-Dressing with DropNozzles2110.4810.00Pesticides(Ground om Sprayer748.588.00258.588.00Broadcast or banded (only)1112.2710.00614.6710.00InsecticideBroadcast or banded (only)189.009.0089.389.50- Insufficient data. 1 The prices listed reflect application only. Cost of materials is excluded.Numberof reportsAverageRegion 3Numberof .50Custom Manure Services, Wisconsin, 2020WisconsinOperationCost Per HourSolid ManureRemovalRemoval and spreadingSpreadingLiquid ManureHauling and spreading(surface)Hauling and spreading(injection)Agitation boatCost Per GallonLiquid ManureHauling and spreading(surface)Dragline pumping andspreading (surface)Dragline pumping andspreading (injection)- Insufficient data.Numberof reportsAverageRegion 1MedianNumberof reportsDollars/hourAverageRegion 2Numberof reportsMedianDollars/hourAverageRegion 3Numberof lars/1,000 gallons-Dollars/1,000 gallons-Dollars/1,000 gallons10616279.50295.00Dollars/1,000 00159.309.00------99.949.00

Wisconsin Custom Rate Guide3Custom Seeding, Planting, and Drilling Services, Wisconsin, 2020WisconsinOperationNumberof reportsAverageRegion 1MedianNumberof reportsDollars/acreAir seeding with fertilizerSmall grainsSoybeansAir seeding without fertilizerSmall grainsSoybeansPlantingCorn (with fertilizer)Corn (without fertilizer)Small grainsSoybeans (with fertilizer)Soybeans (without fertilizer)DrillingAlfalfaSoybeansSmall grains- Insufficient data.AverageRegion 2Numberof reportsMedianAverageDollars/acreRegion 3Numberof 720.0020.0019.0022.0020.0018.00Custom Harvesting and Combining Services, Wisconsin, 2020WisconsinOperationNumberof reportsAverageRegion 1MedianNumberof reportsDollars/acreCornCombineHarvest (combine, grain cart,haul local to farm)Corn stalksShreddingBaling (dollars/large bale)Small grainsCombine (from swath)Combine (straight)Swathing (self-propelled)SoybeansCombineHarvest (combine, grain cart,haul local to farm)- Insufficient data.AverageRegion 2Numberof reportsMedianAverageDollars/acreRegion 3MedianNumberof 9.8539.003238.3438.00Custom Grain Drying, Wisconsin, 2020WisconsinOperationNumberof rs/bushel/point770.100.060.04

4Wisconsin Custom Rate GuideCustom Hay Harvest Services, Wisconsin, 2020WisconsinOperationCost Per AcreMowingMowing and conditioningRakingSwathingTeddingCost Per BaleSmall Round Bales ( 1,500 lbs)BalingCutting, raking, and balingLarge Round Bales ( 1,500 lbs)BalingCutting, raking, and balingMoving from field to storageSmall square Bales ( 250 lbs)BalingCutting, raking, and balingLarge square bales ( 250 lbs)Baling- Insufficient data.Numberof reportsAverageRegion 1Numberof 20517101.001.801.001.13809.049.002611388741Region 2Numberof .007.307.00Dollars/baleAverageRegion 3Numberof 950.891.88-1510.1310.00258.19-409.159.00Custom Silage and Haylage Making Services, Wisconsin, 2020WisconsinOperation and unitBagging silage (dollars/ton)Blower (dollars/hour)Corn silageChopping onlyDollars/acreDollars/hourDollars/tonChopping and hauling onlyDollars/hourDollars/tonChopping, hauling and lars/acre)Other silageChopping only (dollars/hour)Chopping and hauling onlyDollars/hourChopping, hauling and filling(dollars/hour)Pull-type chopper and tractor(dollars/hour)Self-propelled chopper(dollars/hour)Silo filling, upright(dollars/acre)Silo filling, trench or bunker(dollars/hour)- Insufficient data.Numberof reports136Average5.1830.50Region 1NumberMedianof reports4.50627.50-Average6.50-Region 2NumberMedianof reports4.75-Average-Region 3NumberMedianof 0.83135.00

Wisconsin Custom Rate Guide5Custom Crops Hauling and Trucking, Wisconsin, 2020WisconsinCommodity hauledCornDollars/bushelMaximum one way mileageExtra charge per bushel overbase mileage (dollars)Corn silageDollars/hourHay (all, dry ximum one way mileageExtra charge per bushel overbase mileage (dollars)Other silageDollars/hourSoybeansDollars/bushelMaximum one way mileageExtra charge per bushel overbase mileage (dollars)Wheat (all)Dollars/bushelMaximum one way mileageExtra charge per bushel overbase mileage (dollars)- Insufficient data.Numberof reportsAverageRegion 1MedianNumberof reportsAverageRegion 2Numberof reportsMedianAverageRegion 3Numberof 50.160.07---90.100.05Custom Tractor and Machine Rental, Wisconsin, 2020WisconsinMachine rentedNumberof reportsAverageRegion 1MedianNumberof reportsDollars/hourTractorsTractor loader2 wheel drive, 150-250 hp2 wheel drive, 100-150 hp4 wheel drive, 175 hp4 wheel drive, 175 hpBulldozerSkid steer loader- Insufficient ion 2MedianNumberof 7045.0051.0057.50AverageRegion 3MedianNumberof er Information:Your input is important to us. If you have any comments orsuggestions regarding this report, please call (800)789-9277 orwrite to:To better determine an appropriate charge in your situation, you areencouraged to obtain Bulletin A3510, titled “Estimating AgriculturalField Machinery Costs” from your county UWExtension office or at:USDA, NASS, Wisconsin Field Office,2811 Agriculture Dr, Madison, WI e.uwex.edu/Assets/pdfs/A3510.pdfThis report may be viewed and printed onlinewww.nass.usda.gov/wi under “More State Features.”at:

Wisconsin Custom Rate Guide 2020 April 2021 General: GRANT The 2020 Wisconsin ustom Rate Guide was compiled by the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), Wisconsin Field Office, in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and onsumer Protec-