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CONTINUUM - FALL 2014Now is the best time to upgrade your skillset, travel or enrich your life in other ways.At UW-Marathon County we have severalopportunities for you to learn new thingsranging from business and professionaldevelopment courses, to theater trips, tohealth and personal enrichment.The Learning In Retirement (LIR) program (See page 11 ) is inits second year. The Ted Talks with Coffee series has proved tobe very popular. Many thanks to the LIR steering committeethat set up the fall offerings.Our course offerings include:·········Business, FINANCE & Professional Development(including teachers)College of the Emeriti (life-long learners) andLearning in RetirementPhotographyThe HumanitiesYouth Programs (including ACT prep)Computer ApplicationsHealth & Personal EnrichmentTravel and Study AbroadInternational Dinners, Languages & CultureRegister now to insure your class spot. The door is open.Director, Continuing EducationUW-Marathon CountyWhat is a CEU?Continuing Education Units, where indicated, may be awardedupon completion of a course. Ten hours is equivalent to 1.0CEU. If you need a CEU certificate, request it at the time ofregistration.Online ClassesWhen you see this computer symbol next to a course– it means the class is offered online for six weeks,and you will need Internet access to register. CEUsare also awarded for online classes when requested at time ofregistration. Six-week online courses earn 2.4 CEUs.Five Easy Ways to Sign Up for ClassesONLINE: www.uwmc.uwc.edu/community/continuing edPhone: (715) 261-6294Fax: (715) 261-6333Mail: Continuing Education Office, UWMC,518 S. 7th Ave., Wausau, WI 54401In Person: Continuing Education Office8 AM – 4:30 PM, M-FRoom 202UW Center for Civic EngagementInternational Dinner/Lecture RegistrationsAn unpaid phone registration will only hold your space until theTuesday before the dinner. If your fee has not been received bythen, your registration will be cancelled.Class Confirmations/CancellationsClasses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. You willbe sent a confirmation if you request one or register online.Proceed to your class unless you hear otherwise.We reserve the right to cancel any course that does not havesufficient enrollment.Refund PolicyA full refund is automatically processed if you cancel 10 daysor more before the first class session, except for theatre trips. Acancellation fee of 5 will be charged for cancellations nine daysor less before the start of a course.Refunds for limited enrollment courses and theatre trips willbe granted only if your space can be filled from a waiting list.Refunds are not given once the class begins except forEd2GO ONLINE courses. For online courses, a refund, less 5,will be given up to four working days after the course has begun.Weather Conditions Resulting in Class CancellationSeldom does the university close due to weather conditions but,should this occur, we will notify those who have supplied us witha daytime phone number and/or e-mail address. Arrangementswill be made by the instructor with the class for a make-upsession.Like us on Facebook and find out the latest news ontrips and other events.Looking for InstructorsInstructors interested in teaching for Continuing Education should send a résumé and course proposal to the Continuing EducationOffice, UWMC, 518 S. 7th Avenue, Wausau, WI 54401 or send an e-mail to [email protected] OpportunityUW-Extension provides equal opportunities in programming, including Title IX requirements. Please advise at the time of registration ifyou have physical limitations and need special accommodations.

FALL SYMPOSIUMTuesday, October 14, 20148 AM – 4 PMWestwood Conference Center8 hours of continuing educationincluding ethics creditsBrochure ltural Communication 195Globalization requires us to adapt our communication skillsto be successful in a culturally diverse world. Whether you’rein business, education, the social services, or are simplyan adventuring globetrotter, understanding interculturalcommunication will go a long way to ensuring success innavigating the currents of communication across cultures. Delveinto the different approaches to cross-cultural communication,and come away with a new perspective on culture. Takeaway from the course a better understanding of howcultural-worldview shapes and drives communication.Cyber Security for Managers 245Cyber security issues are all around us and reach nearlyevery part of our business and work, from online banking andeducation to Facebook and Wi-Fi. Finally, you can get up todate on Cyber Security basics and fundamentals. Designed fornon-technical managers, directors and others in the work place,you will learn about threats and vulnerabilities, safeguards,common attacks, viruses, malware and spyware, disasterrecover planning, intrusion detection/prevention, basic securityarchitecture, introductory forensics, and cyber terrorism.In this course, you will gain the knowledge needed to practicesafer computing and how to safeguard your business and workinformation.One-month online course, Stan Waddell, instructor.The Business Plan 195Whether starting a business or growing the one you have,a business plan serves as a roadmap and can help secureneeded funding. In this course, you evaluate the many aspectsand potential hurdles of the business and build a business plan,one step at a time.This practical, hands-on approach encourages you toimmerse yourself in the vision and planning aspects of yourbusiness. Focusing on the most critical components of abusiness plan enables you to uncover hidden risks and assessthe business from a marketing, management, and financialvantage point.One-month online course, Mary Beth Izard, instructor. 495Discover the specific knowledge needed to succeed inresearching and utilizing the best and most appropriate datafor decision making for your work organization. Get the skillsneeded to effectively communicate research results to a specificaudience for maximum impact and effective decision making. Forbusiness professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone who needsspecific information about a business such as market potential,competitive intelligence, standard industry practice, productivityimprovement, etc. This course will give you the specific knowledgeyou need to succeed in your research quest.Three one-month online courses (only available as acertificate). Mary Dereshiwsky and Cathy Boys, instructors.Mobile Marketing Certificate 595The way consumers are interacting with brands and connectingto the world is changing because of mobile technologies andapplications. Find out about location-based marketing, mobilepayments, QR codes, applications, and mobile coupons. You willlearn how mobile marketing can increase your capabilities toretain current customers and gain new ones.Then get step-by-step instructions on how non-technical userscan build, deploy and market smartphone applications acrossAndroid, iPhone and Blackberry platforms.Finally, get the knowledge needed to implement a mobilemarketing plan for your organization. Find out about proximitymarketing, mobile marketing metrics, and developing a mobilemarketing campaign.Three one-month online courses. Heather Dimitt, DanBelhassen and Susan Hurrell, and Simon Salt, instructors.To register for the courses and certificates above and forinformation on related courses go to:www.yougotclass.org/catalog.cfm/UwcMarathon2014 Landlord TenantLegal Update1 session, MondayOctober 6, Section A6 – 8 PM--OR--#PD15-F146Room 243#PD15-F147October 13, Section B6 – 8 PMRoom 243Instructor: John H. FischerFee: 19In 2011, ACT 143 changed over 30 aspects of the laws thatlandlords must comply with. More recently, 2013 ACT 76 madeover 60 changes. Learn about these laws including changes tosecurity deposit, abandoned property and eviction procedures.3Business & Professional DevelopmentBusiness Research CertificateFINANCIAL SERVICES PROFESSIONAL

STEP-BY-STEP Guide to EvictionsSession A, Wednesday, October 8PD15-F142Session B, Wednesday, October 15PD15-F1436 – 8 PMRoom 243Instructor: John H. FischerFee: 19Evicting tenants is the single most difficult thing landlords mustdo, both legally and ethically. This course is designed to helpwith the legal aspect, including defining a breach of lease,sending the proper notice and covering Marathon County’s smallclaims court procedures and forms.Landlord /Tenant Lawin Wisconsin#PD15-F1454 sessions, Mondays and WednesdaysNovember 3, 5, 10 & 126 – 8 PMRoom 243Instructor: John H. FischerFee: 69Landlord-tenant laws can not only be confusing, but they areconstantly changing. This course is designed to give landlords,tenants or anyone a basic understanding of landlord-tenant lawsin Wisconsin; this includes WI SS 704, ATCP 134, fair housing,lead-based paint and other issues. It has been updated toinclude revisions in the law that took effect in April 2012.John Fischer has worked in the real estate business investmentindustry since 1993. He is the host of the Dr. Rent radio show thataddresses landlord/tenant issues on a local radio station.UWM School of Continuing EducationWe are collaborating with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) to offer a variety of respected andvalued online certificate programs listed below. To register, email [email protected] or go to:http://www4.uwm.edu/sce/certificates.cfm?source marathonProfessional certificates are an affordable and convenient way to increase your value in the workplace. Frequentlyattained as a supplement or a stepping stone to a degree, certificates are earned through noncredit, hands-onprofessional development in a specific career discipline. These are some of the online offerings.BusinessProject Management Certificate: Online TrackThe Project Management Online Certificate – IntensiveTrack is a full certificate program earned by completing sixconsecutive online courses in just over six months. Eachcourse runs four to five weeks.Fee: 3,900Social Media ManagerThe Social Media Manager Certificate is for individualsresponsible for the strategic planning, alignment andintegration of social media within their organization. Courseelements and curriculum are focused on: *Identifying businessopportunities that social media can support. *Aligningsocial media efforts to organizational goals. *Deliveringa social media strategy. *Creating content roadmaps andmeasurement frameworks that integrate social media into thebusiness. Six courses over 12 weeks.Fee; 2,499Solution-Focused BusinessProfessionalconfusing? Where analysis is futile or failed, where thingsseem stuck and progress is vital? Then you need SolutionFocus (SF).The powerful and pragmatic SF approach,originally developed for therapy, is now being used byorganizations around the world to build progress rapidly intough situations - through coaching, team development,organizational change, and even business strategy. Now theworld’s leading SF consultant, Mark McKergow, is working withUWM to present his SF Business Professional program online.Fee: 1,795NEW!Digital Marketing CertificateDigitize your marketing skills with a Certificate fromthe UWM School of Continuing Education! Learn digitalmarketing strategy from industry experts and createdeliverables that can be packaged for presentation to uppermanagement. This certificate can be customized to meet yourneeds.Fee will vary depending upon the electives chosen.For more information, contact: Pam Nellen, Program Manager,[email protected], 414-227-3208Facing a situation that’s messy, complex, interconnected,If your company would like to have any of these or other programs from the UWM School ofContinuing Education offered onsite and face-to-face, please contact Vickie Richmond Hawkins.4

#CF15-F6073 sessions, TuesdaysOctober 21 & 28, November 44:30 – 6 PMRoom UW CCE 216Instructor: Brad Schmicker0.4 CEUFee: 49, includes a flashdriveAdmit it. You have a Smart Board and you know the basics.But you mainly use it to show those great educational YouTubevideos to your class. You’ve attended school sponsoredworkshops and still do not feel comfortable. In this course, you’llremember it’s called SMART Interactive Technologies. We’llstart with a review your basic skills then step forward. Practicefinding SMART Exchange files and “tweaking” them for yourclassroom needs. Expand your comfort zone by creating yourown files that will amaze your students. Learn new tips andtricks while you take the time to expand and solidify your skills.Participants will leave the class with a file of links to interactivewebsites organized by subject and grade level. Participantsshould come with a laptop with Smart Notebook softwareinstalled.Survival Kit for New TeachersFee: 99Start on the 3rd Wednesday of the monthFeel a little trepidation before entering your classroom? You’renot alone! Whether you’re already teaching, a newly credentialedgraduate, or a substitute looking to transition to full-time, thiscourse will provide you with proven tools, tips, and tricks to makeyour early years in the classroom a breeze.Teaching is a balancing act, and it requires a blend of subjectexpertise and classroom skills to reach all of your diverselearners. In this informational and interactive six-week course,you’ll learn the particulars of running a motivational classroomthat will feel like home to your students.You’ll find out how to write winning lesson plans, reach diverselearners through differentiated instruction, communicate clearly,plan memorable events, and most important, keep stress at bayso you can feel good about going to work every morning.Much like a virtual mentoring program, Survival Kit for NewTeachers will provide you with benefits gained through manyyears of firsthand classroom experience.Professional Development for TeachersSMART BOARD:Beyond the White ScreenCreating the Inclusive Classroom:Strategies for SuccessFee: 99Start on the 3rd Wednesday of the monthIn this professional development course for teachers, you’ll getthe training you need to reach the diverse mix of students youface every day—learning proven strategies for inclusion thatturn diversity into opportunity. With a mix of students who havelearning disabilities, neurobiological disorders, and physicalchallenges, the modern classroom requires an efficient andeffective teacher who can prioritize under tight deadlines and becreative on demand. Over the next six weeks, you’ll learn howto be the kind of super teacher who can guide every studenttoward academic success. And do you know what the best partis? You don’t have to tear your hair out in order to adapt eachlesson so that it makes sense for all your students!Over the course of 12 lessons, you’ll discover creative,low-budget strategies for turning your inclusive classroom intoa nurturing, supportive learning environment that helps everystudent. If you’re looking for the right way to get all your studentsexcited about coming to school, this is the course for you!“The content was practical and useful. I found manyideas I’d like to use in my own teaching . What apractical way to develop as a teacher without takinglarge amounts of time away from actual teaching inorder to participate.”How to get started with the abovelisted Ed2Go ONLINE Courses1 Go to: www.ed2go.com/uwmcconed2. Click the Courses link, choose thedepartment and course title you are interestedin and select the Enroll Now button. Follow theinstructions to enroll and pay for your course.Here you will enter your e-mail address and choose a passwordthat will grant you access to the Classroom.3. When your course starts, return to our Online InstructionCenter and click the Classroom link. To begin your studies,simply log in with your e-mail and the password you selectedduring enrollment.“Thanks for a great course. We’ve placed a few morepieces into the jigsaw puzzle of my knowledge base.The picture is getting clearer. On to the next course!”5

FILES, FOLDERS ANDFINDING THINGS#CF15-F6021 session, TuesdayOctober 75:30 – 7:30 PMRoom 300Instructor: Mike TheissFee: 190.2 CEUMaterials: Bring a flash driveHave you ever saved your files only to find you have no ideawhere they were saved? In this class you will learn how to makefolders, copy/paste files or digital images into these folders, andhow to find them later. You will also learn how to save files to theUSB jump or flash drive.This course is recommended before takingdigital camera courses.BEGINNING EXCEL #CF15-F6032 sessions, SaturdaysOctober 4 & 118:30 AM – 12:30 PMRoom 300Instructor: Mike TheissFee: 89 includes flash drive0.8 CEUThe Excel spreadsheet program is one of the most widelyused desktop business tools. At the end of this course you willbe able to do basic spreadsheet data entry, formatting, formulawriting and printing.DON’T JUST SEARCH –FIND SOMETHING!#CF15-F6101 session, TuesdayOctober 215:30 – 7:30 PMRoom 146Instructor: Renee WallinFee: 190.2 CEUThis presentation will identify key differences between the“public” Internet and the “private” Internet and reveal searchstrategies to be successful in both realms. A detailed overviewof the public Internet using the search engine Google (and thevarious filters that Google provides for more precise searchingand more relevant results) will be a focus of the session. Othersearch engines and Internet tools will also be discussed, suchas meta-search engines, directories, and specific websites.You will also be introduced to some of the UWMC Library’sarticle databases that contain full text scholarly content. Thesedatabases include topics dealing with medical issues, art, thesciences and newspapers. Students in the class will have freeaccess to these resources during the two-hour session.There will also be time devoted to question and answer,as well as hands-on time for experimentation in the UWMCcomputer lab. Note that the private resources demonstrated areavailable for free to community users at the UWMC Library.6BASICS OF ONLINESOCIAL NETWORKING#CF15-F604MORE . . .ABOUT TABLETS & iPADS #CF15-F613PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS v11#CF15-F6062 sessions, Tuesday & ThursdayNovember 11 & 135:30 - 7 PMRoom 300Instructor: Mike TheissFee: 290.4 CEUMuch like going to a party or joining a book club, socialnetworking can be a lot of fun. And, like getting involved in awriter’s group or going to a business conference, it can also bevery productive for your career. Social networking can be manythings to many people, but you won’t ever know what it couldmean to you until you try it out for yourself. Learn about manyof the social networks available, the focus for each and safetyissues.1 session, ThursdayOctober 305:30 – 7:30 PMRoom 243Instructor: Mike TheissFee: 190.2 CEURemember when a tablet was a pad of paper? In the digitalworld, a tablet is a device that becomes a virtual pad of paper,map, dictionary, game room, photo album, camera, library, andso much more. Take the next step in using your tablet and getthe most out of your mobile digital device. You will leave the classknowing how to use apps, gesturing, customizing home screens,typing, adding content, using settings as well as troubleshootingcommon device issues and setting up security.6 sessions, Mondays & WednesdaysNovember 3, 5, 10, 12, 17 & 196:30 – 8:30 PMRoom 145Instructor: Brad SchmickerFee: 89 includes flashdrive1.2 CEULearn the basic tools of Photoshop . Create artwork fromsample images using layers and filters. Learn how theenhancing tools can improve your photos. Bring your photos intothe last session to practice repairing or improving their final printform.You’ll use Photoshop Elements version 11. You will gainenough confidence to explore on your own and make this photoediting program a favorite on your desktop.Prerequisite: Computer Basics or equivalent experience.

Mike Theiss is an experienced computer software consultantand former lecturer in computer science at UWMC.Renee Wallin is the reference librarian for UWMC.Brad Schmicker was a teacher and technology specialist in theWausau School District. He also teaches Photoshop classesfor College for Kids.Digital SLR Photography Part 1Section A#PE15-F1283 sessions, TuesdaysSeptember 23, 30 & October 76:30 – 9 PMORSection BRoom 195#PE15-F1303 sessions, WednesdaysOctober 15, 22 & 296:30 – 9 PMRoom 195Instructor: Scott SavageFee: 690.8 CEUThis course is designed for the digital SLR camera user whowould like to take the camera off “auto” and learn to get themost from the camera’s features. Through hands-on and visualinstruction you will learn many key functions of the digital SLRcamera, including camera functions and digital lingo, f-stopsand shutter speeds, lens selection and perspective, equipmentrecommendations, camera settings, and lots more.Materials: A digital SLR camera or digital camera with manualoverrides and its manual.Ed2Go ONLINEIndividual Courses·········Go to: www.ed2go.com/uwmcconedDigital SLRPhotography Part 2#PE15-F129MacroDigital Photography#PE15-F131Technology, PhotographyOUR TECHNOLOGY INSTRUCTORS3 sessions, TuesdaysNovember 4, 11 & 186:30 – 9 PMRoom 195Instructor: Scott SavageFee: 690.8 CEUThis course is designed for the digital SLR camera user whowould like to “put it all together.” Using your knowledge ofSLR camera controls and the introduction of image craftingtechniques you will learn to create truly exceptional digitalimages. Through hands-on and visual instruction you will learncomposition, use of graphic elements, lighting for mood andimpact, depth of field and scenery photography, use of camerafilters, portrait tips, and pitfalls.Prerequisite: Digital SLR Photography Part 1 or comparableexperience.Materials: A digital SLR camera or digital camera with manualoverrides and its manual.1 session, WednesdayNovember 196:30 - 9 PMRoom 195Instructor: Scott SavageFee: 29Learn how to make macro/close-up photographs with yourcamera. You will also learn about your equipment and gain manytips for macro photography. This workshop will include a slideshow, a hands-on photo session and review of student work.Bring your digital camera with a close-up mode and thecamera instruction book.Scott Savage has an associate degree in photography fromMATC. For 18 years he was the staff photographer for theMarshfield Clinic and has taught photography classes inMarshfield. He currently is a freelance photographer and artist.Creating Web PagesIntroduction to QuickBooks Introduction to InDesign CS6Search Engine MarketingAdvanced Microsoft Excel 2013Advanced PC SecurityBusiness and Marketing WritingCreating a Successful Business PlanEmployment Law FundamentalsAnd many more!7

Earn Your UW Business DegreeWithout the Expense of Leaving WausauWelcoming New Students and Returning Adults!Enroll in courses at UWMC that lead toyour Bachelor of Science inBusiness Administration. Maximum Flexibility:Live/Hybrid/Online Classes Maintain Current Employment Shorten Your CommuteContact Lori Brandtat 715-261-6229 Live at Home Stay Close to Family and FriendsUWSP Business at UWMCwww.uwsp.edu/uwmcCollege of the EmeritiCOLLEGE OF THE EMERITIThe College of the Emeriti, started in 1987, is an economical plan withseveral benefits to meet the educational needs of adults age 50 and over.We are proud to pledge the university’s resources to this program thatsupports the concept of learning as a lifelong pursuit. As a member youhave the opportunity to enhance your personal growth in a stimulating,intellectual and friendly campus atmosphere.MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS!Free admission to one continuing educationclass per year (certain courses are excluded)and reduced rates on several other courses.Free admission to the “Soapbox Series,” facultylectures held monthly throughout the school year.Reduced admission to all UWMC Lecture & FineArts events.Free use of the UWMC pool and library duringscheduled hours and access to the cafeteria.UWMC Fitness Center for a small fee and ifprerequisites are met.Annual membership fee - 69Soapbox Lectures are scheduled at the beginning ofeach month during the academic year. Days and times may vary.This year all lectures will be in Sonnentag Hall, UW Center forCivic EngagementWednesday, October 110 AMThe David R. Obey Resource Center: How it MattersEric GiordanoWednesday, November 510 AMWPR: 100 Years of Wisconsin LifeRick ReyerThursday, December 2Epidemics in EducationJeffrey Amundson8KickoffThursday, September 256 – 6:45 PM, Sonnentag Hall7 pm, Speaker-James F. Veninga TheaterFraming/Reframing:The Five “Media Pillars” of Islamwith Munir Jiwa10 AM

The Robert W. Monk Gardens has received a DNR Urban Forestry Grant to provide educational classes ona wide variety of topics. The upcoming series of classes will be split into an indoorlecture and outdoor hands-on experience:When It Rains It Pours(Storm Water Management)Tuesday, September 96 – 7 PMSonnentag Hall, UW Center for CivicEngagementThursday, September 116 – 7 PMRobert W. Monk GardensWater runoff from developed land can help createpollution and flooding problems in downstreamwaters, but methods exist to reduce or eliminatethese problems. Participants will learn how thesemethods are being applied in the Marathon Countyarea and what options individual homeowners haveto help reduce the problems of runoff from their ownproperties.One of the challenges in developing the MonkGardens is how to control runoff as the gardens aredeveloped. Discover what we are doing about stormwater management as we prepare the grounds forour new Meditation Garden. You’ll learn how someof these concepts can be applied to your own yard.Stop the Invasive SpeciesTuesday, September 166 – 7:30 PMSonnentag Hall, UW Center for Civic EngagementThursday, September 186 – 7 PMRobert W. Monk GardensMarathon County and other North Central Wisconsin areashave been invaded by a number of invasive woody plantspecies. Learn what the most common invaders are and whythey are considered a problem. In the hands-on session learnhow to control such species on your own property.What a Difference a Tree Makes(Tree Canopy)Tuesday, September 236 – 7:30 PMSonnentag Hall, UW Center for Civic EngagementThursday, September 256 – 7:30 PMRobert W. Monk GardensLearn the role trees play in creating the urban forest we livein. How do we go about selecting the appropriate species oftrees, where do we plant them, and what care do they need togrow up into healthy trees?www.rwmonkgardens.orgEvening Fall credit classes at UW-Marathon CountyWorking adults can get started or keep working on a college degree with UWMC’s fall semester evening courses.All classes start at 4 p.m. or later and are 3-credit courses unless otherwise noted. Contact the Student Affairs Office to register.ART 154/254/255: Introduction to Ceramics,Intermediate Ceramics, Ceramics II – 6:30 - 9:20 p.m.,Mondays and Wednesdays.BIO 105: Greek and Latin Origins or Medical andScientific Technology – 5:30 - 8 p.m., Tuesdays.BUS 204: Managerial Accounting – 4 - 5:15 p.m., Mondaysand Wednesdays. Prerequisite: BUS 201.BUS 242/PHI 243: Business Ethics – 5:30 - 8:15 p.m.,Mondays.CTA 103: Introduction to Public Speaking – 4 - 6:30 p.m.,Wednesdays.CTA 131: Theatre Laboratory, Acting/TechnicalProduction/Theatre Management – 4 - 6:30 p.m., days to beannounced. It is possible to enroll in more than one of these1-credit sections, (Acting, Technical Production or TheatreManagement), with permission of the instructor.CTA 150: Introduction to Film – 4 - 6:45 p. m., Wednesdays.EDU 220: Education in a Pluralistic Society – 5:30 - 8 p.m.,Tuesdays. (The knowledge base and rationale for this courseis specified by the DPI and meets requirements for teachereducation and licensing.)HES 031: Ballroom Dance – 6:45 - 9:15 p.m., Mondays.(1 credit).MAT 105: Introduction to College Algebra – 5:30 - 6:45 p.m.,Mondays and Wednesdays.PHI 205: Philosophy of Love, Sex and Friendship –5:30 - 8:15 p.m., Tuesdays.SPA 101: First Semester Spanish – 4 - 5:10 p.m. , Mondays,Wednesdays and Thursdays. (4 credits).9College of the Emeriti, UWMC Classes, Monk GardensFREE classes from the Robert W. Monk Gardens

Strength Training BasicsFor Those 50 #PE15-F1918 sessions, Tuesdays & ThursdaysSeptember 23, 25, 30, October 2, 7, 9, 14 & 169:30 – 10:45 AMRoom: Fitness CenterInstructor: Paula IngerFee: 79Limited enrollmentRecommended Text: The Great Dumbbell Handbook, ISBN:0-9696773-1-6 available online at www.productivefitness.comExpand your fitness horizons. Strength training past 50 yearsof age makes you realize how valuable this training is for theaging human body. You’ll learn about specific strength tests, ninesafety essentials, many age-appropriate exercises and how todevelop a workout plan that works for you.Those who complete this course will receive a temporarypass to the UWMC Fitness Center for the remainder of thesemester and be eligible for future use of the Fitness Center.Paula Inger is a lecturer in health & exercise science at UWMC.Tapping for Health#PE15-F1931 session, WednesdaySeptember 245:30 – 7 PMRoom 193Instructor: Sandra GrassFee: 15This experiential class will allow you to practice a safe, gentlefinger tapping sequence to settle the central nervous systemand reduce tension and some pain.Keep It Moving#PE15-F1941 session, WednesdayOctober 15:30 – 6:30 PMSonnentag HallInstructor: Sandra GrassFee: 12Learn simple physical exercises to music and performed in achair. These exercises involve memory recall, strategic planning,kinesthetic learning, and expanded creativity.Sandra Grass is state certified as a mental health counselor.She has done post-graduate work in neurobiology, psychology,kinesiology and natural health.Classes with this symbolare available to theCollege of the Emeritias a free course.10Tribal StyleBelly Dancing#PE15-F1976 sessions,September 23 - October 7, 14, November 4, 18 & 255:30 – 6:30

UWM to present his SF Business Professional program online. Fee: 1,795 NEW! Digital Marketing Certificate Digitize your marketing skills with a Certificate from the UWM School of Continuing Education! Learn digital marketing strategy from industry experts and create deliverables t