IBMApplication Performance ManagementMeeting the new demands of Hybrid ApplicationsAngus Jamieson - Hybrid Cloud Management ArchitectMarch 30, 2017

Today’s Hybrid ApplicationsCloud-nativeCloud-enabledSeamless portability across any ITlandscape using containersenables growth in hybridapplicationsHybrid ApplicationOn Premises WorkloadsCloud WorkloadsMiddlewareApplication ResourcesEnd usersDevices2on IaaS, PaaS (VMs,containers, Cloud Foundryruntimes, etc)Web Servers,App Servers, BackendDataBases, ZBackends,

APM today needs to provide.Cognitive insights to drive DevOps in a Hybrid environmentBuildManageLearn, predict and adjust before itbecomes a problemRecommend solutions &self-heal with automated actions3RunIntegrated tightly with Build and Runaspects of DevOps lifecyclefor continuous deliveryOne place to manage workloadslocated in cloud or on-premisesDiscover and analyze the impactof application dependenciesacross environments

Application Performance Management (APM)Meeting the new DemandsReducing & Preventing Outages and Slowdowns for the 24/7 Hybrid Application WorldToday’s Hybrid Application3rd Party ServicesOn Premises WorkloadsCloud WorkloadsBackendMiddlewareApplication ResourcesEnd usersWeb Servers,App Servers, on IaaS, PaaS (VMs,DevicesDataBases, ZBackends, containers, Cloud Foundryruntimes, etc)Application Performance Management can help14Identifyperformanceissues beforehandReduce outages by 50% or more2Isolate wherethe problem isoccurringAPM Video on YouTubeImprove availability by 60-90%3Diagnose forquicker problemresolutionDiagnose problems 90% faster

APM Capabilities OverviewAPM UIResource Monitoring:Collects Metrics,Propagates statusTopology:Tracks and displaysdependenciesTransaction Tracking:Applications: Cloud, mobile, TraditionalEnd User Monitoring:(Synthetic & Real)Measures availability &response time fromthe user perspective,across geographicallocationsMiddleware, Databases, ServicesReporting/Analytics:Metric history and trendingMetrics and logs analysisDynamic baselinesPredictive analysis5Systems & Hypervisors, Network, StorageGathers /displaysresponse time acrosscomponents so end-toend timing isunderstoodDiagnostics:(Deep Dive):Traces/displays methodsand timing to get toline of code causingdelays

IBM APM PortfolioSingle Platform available as SaaS, On-Premises, HybridIBM Application Performance Management AdvancedThe best option for managing your critical applications in productionIBM MonitoringApplication-Aware InfrastructureMonitoring for huge array ofinfrastructure & resourcesAdd-onsAdditionalAdd-ons6IBM Application Performance ManagementIBM Application DiagnosticsEnd user experience, end-to-end transactiontracking and application resource monitoringFind performance bottlenecks inapplication codeExtension PacksIBM Operations Analytics Predictive InsightsIBM Website Monitoring on CloudFor specialized domainsAutomatic thresholding and anomaly identificationwith multi-variate analyticsApplication availability from around theworld with syntheticsBluemix AvailabilityMonitoringEnsure your Bluemix applicationsare available & identify rootcause with synthetic monitoring,IBM RunbookAutomationCreate and execute runbooksand automated tasksIBM Customer ExperienceAnalyticsBusiness insights on omnichannel customer behaviorMobileFirst QualityAssuranceMobile crash Analytics, MobileTesting and sentimentanalytics

IBM APM for IBM MiddlewareWidest and deepest coverage in the industryIBM‘s Application Performance Management (APM) is the only APM solution to supportthe full IBM Middleware stack including IBM MQ, IBM Integration Bus (IIB), WebsphereApplication Server (WAS), IBM DataPower and more.Monitor the performance and availability of your critical IBM Middleware applications toidentify problems before they affect users, visualize performance bottlenecks, and more 7

Why Deploy IBM APM with WebSphere ApplicationServer1. Monitor all WAS servers in the enterprise with one integratedAPM dashboard– Comprehensive WAS monitoring – from PMI resource metricsto application code level visibility– Automated detection of problems– Automated corrective actions2. Application Server Resource Monitoring & Diagnostics– Thread/Connection pools– Garbage Collection & Heap metrics– Application & transaction response time3. WebSphere XD monitoring via Deployment Manager– Status of application servers, clusters,number of servers running in the cluster8

Why Deploy IBM APM with IBM MQ1. Proactively prevent issues– What issues are occurring on my Queue Managers? Automated detection of Queue Manager problems with automatedand ad hoc corrective actions2. Ensure Availability– What is the configuration of my Queue Managers? Discovers all MQ objects Discovers all the MQ subsystems and track versions and changes– What queues and channels are having issues and affecting my applications? Monitoring of queue depth, dead letter queue, and queues not being read by an app Monitoring of message rates and oldest message age Uses MQ log files to provide details on root cause of queue related problems, helping to reduceMTTR93. Identify and resolve performance issues– Are my channels affecting my applications ability to communicate properly? Monitoring of channel status and throughput Notification of issues with apps trying to utilize MQ channels Monitoring of Transmission Queueperformance Predict and alert on expected time to Queue full

Why Deploy IBM APM with IBM Integration Bus1. Proactively prevent issues– How is the Integration Bus (IIB) affecting my applications? Discovers IIB environments to determine configurations and compliance Automated detection of problems Automated and ad hoc corrective actions Monitoring of the status of integration brokers & servers, message flows2. Ensure Availability– Am I meeting Service Level requirements with my application integration solution? Monitoring and alerting on:Quantity & speed of messages flowsElapsed & cpu timing (average, max, min) of flows and processing nodesError counts Uses IIB log files to provide details on root cause of integration server problems3. Identify and resolve performance issues– Are my integration servers getting the appropriate resources to ensure applications aregetting the appropriate service? Monitoring and alerting on JVM statistics and other resource statistics Check for connectivity to the queue manager (for MB v7/v8, IIB v9 – not needed for v10) Uses IIB log files to provide details on root cause of message flow problems, helping to reduce MTTR10

Why Deploy IBM APM with IBM DataPower1. Monitor all DataPower appliances in the enterprise withone integrated APM dashboard Automated detection of problems DataPower managed as part of overall application environment2. Ensure Availability of each DataPower appliance Appliance resource utilization & performance statusCPU/Memory/Filesystem usageInactive objectsEthernet Interfaces throughputService StatusTransaction throughputHTTP/MQ/SQL active connections Appliance latency log monitoring113. Performance of DataPower services Transaction tracking isolates application level performance bottlenecks Drill down to appliance detail for diagnosis of performance issues

End to End Transaction Tracking for IBM MiddlewareWASMQIIBDataPowerIsolate bottlenecks across the IBM Middleware stack byvisualizing the relationships and transaction flows betweencomponents and identifying hot spots12

APM Adoption ModelWith clear path to deeper insights for IT Ops, LOBs, DevelopersIT eticMonitoringResourceMonitoringEventing &AlertingTransactionTrackingEnd UserExperienceMonitoringIsolateCorrelation of Data and AnalyticsCapabilities and insights13SaaS, On-Premises, or Hybrid deploymentsDeep DiveDiagnosticsLogSearchDiagnose

Application Performance Management on IBM XPLORETRYBUYEXTENDScreenshots, videos, blogs,customer testimonials, andother content to enable yourbuying decision and to helpyou once you get startedInteractive Live Demodriven by scenariosFree 30-day trial. Zeroto running solution inless than 30 minutesBuy the package thatsuits your needs.Choose from personabased offeringsExtend and integratequickly with variousservices, like event andticket management

Additional InformationIBM Application Performance Management

Synthetic Monitoring – OverviewIBM Website Monitoring on Cloud is a pure SaaS offering for monitoring theavailability of your public Internet facing websites from multiple geographicallydistributed points-of-presence.Script RecordingScript agementReporting17 Record your synthetic transactions visually using a Firefox browser plugin Built upon industry leading Selenium technology Uses real browsers which download and run all content, including AJAX Geographically distributed points-of-presence hosted in IBM SoftLayer data centers Modern web UI Rapidly diagnose the root cause of an issue Get notified of availability or performance issues via email Integrate with on-premise Omnibus Upload synthetic transaction scripts Configure playback schedules, locations, thresholds and variable Long term historical reporting built upon Cognos

IBM Operations Analytics – Predictive InsightsPredictChallenge: Reacting to performance thresholds is notenough. IT Staffs must become proactive to ensuremission critical applications never go down.Cognitive IntelligenceDynamically learns application and infrastructurebehavior; manages thresholds dynamicallyAnomaly DetectionAlerting before potential issues become serviceimpacting, enabling IT to shift from reactive to proactiveForecastingForecast anomalies and metrics to identify potential criticalissuesMultivariate AnalysisDiscover related KPIs for deeper insight and faster meantime to repair18IBM Watson Inside

IBM OperationsAnalytics – Log AnalysisPredictSearchChallenge: To diagnose service problems in applications, and theinfrastructure supporting them, requires quickly analyzingincredible amounts of both structured and unstructured dataBreadth of Searchable DataSearch across all of your IT operational data toquickly resolve issuesExpert AdviceAny competitor can isolate problems.IBM helps clients quickly resolve themBig Data PlatformBuilt on top of the IBM Big Data Platform;industry-leading text analytics includedMainframe SupportIngest data from both distributedand z sources19

Functionality & Agents in each offering – On-prem & SaaSIBM Monitoring Application-Aware InfrastructureMonitoring for huge array ofinfrastructure & resources Agent BuilderIBM Application Diagnostics Find performance bottlenecks inapplication code IBM Monitoring featuresBreadth of coverage– Link to SaaS basedcoverage– Link to on-prem basedcoverageIBM Application PerformanceManagement Transaction tracking End User Experience IBM Monitoring featuresIBM Application Performance ManagementAdvancedAll features - The best option for managing yourcritical applications in production

APM Portfolio – v8.1.3 - Available now across SaaS and on-premKey enhancements include:– One hybrid view for Bluemix and non-Bluemix workloadsVisualize Bluemix and non Bluemix workloads in the APM UI– Extensive improvements in real and synthetic end user monitoringGeo location views of users/sessionsReporting on HTTP errors in synthetic monitoring– Pathway for 1000’s of existing customers to upgrade with full co-existence ofagentsOne visualization of old and new agentsOne reporting interface for old and new agentsGradual upgrade without rip and replace– Introducing new monitoring forSAP HANAHadoopCitrix VDI21

Hybrid Application MonitoringAPM 8.1.3 - Bluemix IntegrationBluemixDeveloperEnable the monitoring of the Bluemix applicationto be fed into the on-premises APM Server– Data fed via IBM Secure GatewayApplicationApplication DCSecureGWIntegrates Monitoring and Deep Dive DataAPM 8.1.3IT OpsAPM(On-Premise)Agent22AgentAPM BMSupportSecureGW

Key Capabilities Bluemix Availability Monitoring(Public only, Syndicated in Dedicated)Find and fix application problems BEFORE your users are impacted23Detect performance problems of applications using SyntheticMonitoring of web pages, REST APIs and user interactions onweb pages using SeleniumMonitor from 15 geographic locations worldwide (Sao Paulo,Tokyo, Chennai, Frankfurt, Paris, Queretaro, London, San Jose,Dallas, Washington, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong,Melbourne, and Toronto)Be alerted proactively by emails , Slack, SMS, pushnotificationAlert filters, content checking and policies to get relevant alertsIsolate if the problem is caused by an application update byviewing auto- correlated Metrics, Events and DeploymentActivitiesDrill down to exact step of failure with waterfall breakdown andscreenshot on failureUp to 12 months of history (paid accounts), historical report andstatistics for troubleshootingIntegrated with DevOps toolchain to allow users to set upmonitoring from first deploymentSeamless integration with IBM Alert Notification, Cloud Foundryand DevOps toolchainREST APIs for managing the lifecycle of synthetic tests and gettest status

Continuous AvailabilityEnsure your applications are always up and users always satisfiedDetect problemsIsolate & Diagnose problemsAlert NotificationAvailability MonitoringGet early notification of application orservice issues before they affect your usersvia email, Slack, SMS, voicemailOn-call and on-duty scheduling, escalationpolicies and policies to alert the right peopleat the right time with the right information24Fix problems & Automate SolutionsRunbook AutomationMonitor uptime, end user response time ofyour applications and microservices aroundthe world, around the clockBuild and execute runbooks that can helpsolve common and repetitive operationalproblemsZero setup, automated monitoring from veryfirst deployment. Correlated view ofdeployment activities, alerts & metrics forfaster diagnosisConsolidate fragmented Ops knowledgeby centralizing the information containedin wikis, procedures, documents, andscripts held on operator workstations

APM 8.1.3 - Bluemix Integration 22 Enable the monitoring of the Bluemix application to be fed into the on-premises APM Server – Data fed via IBM Secure Gateway Integrates Monitoring and Deep Dive Data Agent Agent IT Ops Bluemix Developer Application Application APM 8.1